5 Herbal Antibiotics and Anti-virals that kill superbugs and other pathogens

5 Herbal Antibiotics and Anti-virals that kill superbugs and other pathogens

Great Awakening Team found this article posted by JB Bardot containing great information on herbal antibiotics and anti-virals. The overuse of traditional anti-biotics in mainstream medicine have many concerned to their effects on overall health. However, there are alternatives as you’ll see below.

Recent frightening information regarding the development of new, antibiotic-resistant strains of MRSA and flesh-eating bacteria appearing in hospitals around the country have led to fears concerning the efficacy of antibiotic treatment. Findings indicate that even the last-stand antibiotic Vancomycin is no longer effective against the ravages of deadly MRSA and other flesh-eating infections. Below are fivepowerful natural treatments that protect against MRSA, flesh-eating bacteria, and other superbugs.

First, a two-fold approach to prevention

There are two methods of prevention for using natural medicines to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. One of the best ways to lower susceptibility is to strengthen your system by eating alkaline foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. The most effective way to obtain medicinal benefits from your food is through juicing. If you’re scheduled for elective surgery, start juicing immediately to strengthen your immune system beforehand by creating an alkaline environment where no bacteria, fungus or virus can survive.

Additionally, use colloidal silver prophylactically to protect yourself before a hospital stay. Start taking it daily in small doses as soon as you find out when you’ll be admitted. If you end up in the hospital in an emergency situation, start taking colloidal silver as soon as possible; and in both cases, continue it through the duration of your stay, and for at least two weeks thereafter.

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