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Published Date: July 27th, 2020




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Government Contractor Briefs The D.O.D On “Off-World Vehicles Not Made On This Earth” (Department of Defense)


  • The Facts:Eric W. Davis, a renowned astrophysicist who worked with the Pentagon UFO program stated that he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department Agency, as recently as March, about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.”
  • Reflect On:Why is the mainstream suddenly acknowledging this information after a long campaign of ridicule, secrecy, disinformation and censorship? What do these revelations mean for an expanding human consciousness?

What Happened: Eric W. Davis, a renowned astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon UFO program since 2007, recently stated that, in some cases, the examination of the material retrieved from some UFOs has, according to the New York Times, “failed to determine their source” which has led Davis to conclude that “We couldn’t make it ourselves.” The New York times went on to explain “Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corp, a defense contractor, said he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department Agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.”

How cool would it have been to have been at that briefing? The New York Times is claiming, or was told, that the government could not identify the source, but according to Davis, they clearly know that these materials are not made from Earth.

As a side note, the picture you see at the top of this article comes from NASA/Lockheed senior scientist Norman Bergrun,  taken from the Voyager mission in 1980. It’s an unidentified craft that is extremely and unimaginably large. Norman believes these are “extraterrestrial vehicles.”  The Voyager mission was tasked with photographing Saturn, its rings and its moons. You can read more about that specific story and the picture here.

When someone like Eric Davis speaks, it’s hard not to take notice of what he is saying and explore it with an open mind. For many years he was a member of the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS)(Owned by Robert Bigelow), the Chief Science Officer of EarthTech Int’l, Inc. and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin in Austin, Texas. He is the Owner/Chief Executive/Chief Scientist of Warp Drive Metrics who consults and contracts for the Department of Defense. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Early Universe, Cosmology and Strings Group at the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics & Engineering Research at Baylor University in Waco, TX.

Davis has hinted to the idea that he himself is aware of the source of these objects, just as many others have as well. The New York Times doesn’t touch on that in their reporting however. We’ll explore the potential reason why the NYT left that out in a moment.

Why This Matters

We now have testimony from hundreds of “high ranking individuals,” not to mention actual video footage, pictures, radar tracking and other electro-optical data that has been released into the public domain. Yet there still remains such a high level of secrecy and such a limited story that is told to the public, all while a slow campaign to reveal this information is beginning.

The statement below fromVictor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, doesn’t seem to hold so true anymore, at least the last part.

“We have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.”
(Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979)

This is confusing for many who are paying attention, because for so long the human race has been subjected to an “official campaign of ridicule and secrecy” about UFOs and ETs. (Ex-CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter) So why all of the disclosure all of the sudden? When mainstream media covers big topics, based on my observations, there is usually a staggering amount of manipulation and disinformation involved. Is this what we will see, or are seeing with the UFO topic now that it is becoming popular in the mainstream? I don’t know, is it a possibility? Yes. You can read more about that specific topic in the article linked below, if interested.

Do UFOs represent some sort of threat? Or Is This Idea Just Government Propaganda

Or are they simply preparing humanity for the inevitable?

Navigating the UFO topic, and deciphering between credible information and misinformation can be difficult. Note the Roscoe Hillenkoetter quote above, but also note others have come forward claiming that it was their job to spread misinformation within the field, like former a retired Air Force Special investigations officer (AFSIO) Richard Doty. You can read more about that here.

Scientist and renowned UFO research Jacques Valle has also come across documents that show, in his words, conclusively, that the CIA was conducting fake alien abductions in South America as part of their psychological warfare program. You can read more about that here.

Has there been misinformation spread into the field of UFOs, which represents a very real phenomenon? Why? Based on what I’ve come across, it’s simply to create a divide amongst the UFO community, as well as make it harder to determine what is real, what is not, what is true, and what is not true, thus making it hard to arrive at any kind of real truth that people can unite behind.

What The New York Times Didn’t Tell You

When it comes to Eric Davis, there is a very important story to be told and it deals with one of the biggest and most significant leaks in UFO history when it comes to documentation. The document in question goes into detail about a meeting that was had between Dr. Eric Davis, and Vice Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson.

Since the leak of this document, there has been no denial publicly by Davis regarding the authenticity of these documents, and the focal point of the document is about a meeting (and what happened after that meeting) that took place in 1997 between UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer, Admiral Wilson, Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut) and other high ranking individuals within the military. This meeting was spoken about by Dr. Greer and Dr. Mitchell nearly four years prior to the leak of these documents, so it’s all very interesting

In the  CETV episode below, we actually play footage of Mitchell confirming and talking about this meeting as well as Greer.  You can sign up for your free trial here to watch the full episode.

CETV is our inner circle at Collective Evolution. The members-only platform has been created to give people credible information to explore topics like this in-depth, as well as help support our work in times when independent media is being demonetized. At CETV, we also provide guides and course for exploring consciousness and personal transformation.

The Takeaway

The topic of UFOs leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. It has huge implications for human consciousness, and opens up new understandings about the nature of reality, history, science, technology, metaphysics, and much more.  At the end of the day, change ultimately doesn’t come from new discoveries and technology, it comes from the consciousness behind these new discoveries and technology. People say there are technologies out there that can drastically change the world and help us all thrive, but again, it’s not the technology, it’s our level of consciousness that determines how this technology will be used, or not used.

What are we going to do with the information that we learn? Why would we use our most advanced technology for weaponry and population control? Why would we not use it to create a world that will help everyone thrive? Perhaps looking out into the unknown provides a message of looking at ourselves within, and questioning what exactly it is we are doing on this planet, and why we are doing it. The primary reason humanity uses these techs for war instead of peace and a thriving world is because we are simply in a state of unconsciousness and are tied to a story of separation. As we expand our awareness into who we truly are, our connection to oneness, the fabric of our reality, begins to change how we operate and use technology on this planet.

Human beings have the potential to create an experience where everyone can thrive. The expansion and evolution of consciousness is vital, and the reality that we are not alone and have likely been visited many times is truly a global paradigm-shifting reality.

SATURDAY: Antifa Cells Announce Day Of Retribution Across US After Feds Quell Riots In Portland

Antifa splinter cells are planning a day of terrorism across the country in retaliation for the feds doing the job that Portland police won’t do after they took control of the rioting mobs. Tomorrow, Saturday, July 25th, is being dubbed J25, and actions are planned in several cities.

The central group appears to be Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, which is organizing the main event in Portland. From the Facebook event page:

Happening anywhere and everywhere, organize an action if there isn’t one in your area!

July 25th: Call for a Day of action in solidarity with Portland & against the Federal invasion.

TRENDING: SATURDAY: Antifa Cells Announce Day Of Retribution Across US After Feds Quell Riots In Portland

Youth abolitionists are calling for a national and global march against the institution of policing. We are demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Stephon Clark, Philando Castille, Eric Garner, Quanice Hayes, Patrick Kimmons, Sean Monterrosa and the thousands more taken by the hands of racist police. Time and time again, the neo-liberal state has offered promises of “reform” with no real action ever taken. The time for discussing reform is over, we need full abolition for our communities to be safe and free from rampant police terror.

We are calling on all abolitionists, youth or non youth, to coordinate mass protests on July 25th to show the world that the fire of this uprising is still burning strong, and that flames will just keep getting bigger until the police state has been dismantled once and for all.

This call to action comes right after Trump has announced he will be sending the federal troops that have been occupying Portland, Oregon, all across the nation. The Federal Government has already waged war against Portland, which has been protesting everyday for 50 days straight, and now feds are going to war against protesters everywhere in an attempt to take control and snuff out the fire of this uprising. We must become more powerful than them.

Form an affinity group.

Coordinate an action.

Get tactical.

Mask up.

Bring a friend.

Show up.

-PNW Youth Liberation Front.
-Marin Youth Liberation Front.
​​​​​​​-Tennessee Youth Liberation Front.
​​​​​​​-Direct Action Alliance.
-Maryland Youth Liberation Front.
-Olympia Youth Liberation Front

•Oakland action: 7:30pm, Grant Oscar Plaza.
•Tacoma action: July 24th, 2pm, tollefson plaza.
•Seattle: July 25th, 1pm, Pine and Broadway.
•Portland: July 25th, 8pm, Alberta Park.
•Salem: 6pm, Oregon State Capitol.
•New Jersey: at Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 12, 6pm.
•Washington DC: DuPoint circle, 6pm.
•Eugene, OR: 8:00pm, federal courthouse.
•Los Angeles: 4:30pm, LA city hall.
•Richmond, VA: July, 25th, location TBD.
•Las Vegas: Bellagio fountains, 7pm.

Click image to enlarge

Their call has since grown to many other cities across the country. It’s Going Down reports:

Since the end of May, demonstrators opposing police violence and white supremacy have thronged the streets of Portland, Oregon, clashing with law enforcement officers. Last week, aspiring autocrat Donald Trump escalated the situation by announcing that he would be sending federal agents around the country to assert his authority through acts of violence against protesters. The past few days have seen thousands sweep into the streets of Portland to defend those who were already protesting and demand the departure of Trump’s federal agents from their city.

Now participants in the movement in Portland are calling for solidarity actions starting this Saturday, on July 25. The following statement from several Portland organizations—including (Pop)ular (Mob)ilization, Portland Rising Tide, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Group, Colectivo X, and Symbiosis PDX—entreats everyone who has been inspired by the determination and endurance of demonstrators in that city to spread the struggle countrywide, just as Donald Trump hopes to deploy federal forces everywhere.

CrimethInc. @crimethinc
From Portland to the World cwc.im/PortlandtotheW A call from @PopMobPDX, @pdxrisingtide, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Group, Colectivo X, and @Symbiosis_PDX for countrywide solidarity against the federal occupation of Portland. #Portlandprotests #FedsGoHome #PDXProtest

PopMob (Popular Mobilization)
July 25th CALLING ALL UNION MEMBERS! Salmon Street Springs Fountain 9:30pm Walk to the JC at 10pm together! Form a “solidarity wall” between BLM demonstrators and the police + fed goons. #AbolishThePPA

CALLING ALL UNION MEMBERS! Salmon Street Springs Fountain 9:30pm Walk to the JC at 10pm together! Form a "solidarity wall" between BLM demonstrators and the police/feds July 25th, Aug 1st and Aug 8th

August 2020 Economic Reversal

The Recovery Has Reversed: What Goldman’s Real-Time Indicators Reveal About The State Of The US Economy

In its latest weekly activity update, Goldman – which on Friday saw tentative signs on hope in the spread of the covid pandemic finding “downward pressure on case growth” – looked at real-time economy indicator focusing on consumer and export activity, the labor market and inflation, and found that while the overall state of the economy is far stronger than where it was in March, the upward momentum has reversed and worse, signs of permanent scarring are beginning to emerge.

Here are the details:

Consumer activity: Consumer spending measures rose by 0.2pp to 94.5% of the pre-virus level over the last week, up from an April bottom of 80%.

Of the highly-impacted consumer services industries, the hotel industry recovered the most in July, with foot traffic increasing by 13pp to 55% of the pre-virus level…

… while the transportation industry remains the most depressed, now only back to 25% of the pre-virus level.

Export activity: Goldman’s export tracker indicates that manufacturing exports (ex-aircraft) partially rebounded over the early summer after declining sharply in the spring. Hinting at a possible reversal in activity, over the last four weeks, the tracker declined 5% year-over-year to 90% of the pre-virus level.

Labor market: High frequency data suggest that the labor market recovery is stalling due to the worsening virus situation. Workplace activity measures have declined in the states hit hardest with virus spread and moved sideways in others since late June.

Goldman’s trackers suggest that current household employment is roughly unchanged from the June survey, and that as of July 7 the unemployment rate had risen back up to 10.8% after falling to 10.5% in late June (vs. 11.1% in the June survey).

Virus spread: As we noted on Friday, when Goldman published a report discussing that the number of new covid cases is starting to flatten, the average number of the four gating criteria the federal government recommends for proceeding with reopening that states are meeting has risen over the past few days….

… as prevalence of COVID-like illness symptoms has declined in several states, potentially suggesting downward pressure on case growth.

But with the level of new cases already very high in several states and on average nationally, state government officials may remain reluctant to push forward with reopening. Please see our State-Level Coronavirus Tracker for greater detail.

Scarring effects: Signs of long-term damage to the economy are mixed. As of June, 83% of job losses since February are deemed temporary, though only 33% of new layoffs in California in July were temporary.

Large-company bankruptcies remain elevated so far in July.

Inflation: Prices of virus-affected services such as hotels and airfares retrenched over the last two weeks and are now down 20% from pre-virus levels but remain well above the bottom of -48% from the beginning of April.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, perhaps confirming the recent negative reversal in upward trends, consumer sentiment edged lower over the last week, with negative sentiment tweets stubbornly high.

Failed Economic Recovery

The Numbers Tell Us The “Economic Recovery” Is Dead And Businesses Are Failing At A Staggering Pace

Authored by Michael Snyder via TheMostImportantNews.com,

Even though economic conditions were absolutely awful, during the month of June the mainstream media kept insisting that the U.S. economy was “recovering” and the stock market kept surging on every hint of good news.

But now the “economic recovery” narrative is completely dead, because the numbers clearly show that the U.S. economy is rapidly moving in the wrong direction.  On Thursday, the Labor Department announced that another 1.416 million Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week.  Prior to this year, the all-time record for a single week was just 695,000, and so we are talking about a level of unemployment that is absolutely catastrophic.  But what is really alarming many analysts is that the number for last week was quite a bit higher than the number for the week before.

Many states are rolling out new restrictions as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to surge, and this is having a huge impact on economic activity.  For months I have been warning that fear of COVID-19 would prevent economic activity from returning to normal levels for the foreseeable future, and that is precisely what has happened.

Overall, more than 52 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits over the past 18 weeks, and that makes this the biggest spike in unemployment in U.S. history by a very wide margin.

In fact, this dwarfs all previous spikes by so much that the others are not even worth mentioning.

Of course it isn’t just the employment numbers that are depressingly bad.  According to Jefferies, in late June 19 percent of all U.S. small businesses were closed, but now that number has risen to 24.5 percent

As of Sunday, 24.5% of small businesses in the United States were closed, according to Jefferies. That is worse than late June, when only 19% were closed. Jefferies pointed to “particular weakness in COVID hot spots” and noted that small business employment had dropped to levels unseen since the end of May.

Just think about that number for a minute.

Nearly a quarter of all small businesses in the entire country are closed.

And the really bad news is that many of them will never end up reopening.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I received a lot of criticism for stating that many of the small businesses that were shutting down at that time would never open again, but over the long-term the numbers have shown that I was correct.

In fact, Yelp says that a whopping 60 percent of the restaurants that were initially listed as “temporarily closed” on their site are now classified as permanently closed…

It’s tough out there for restaurants and other small businesses.

Yelp’s Economic Average report out Wednesday shows exactly how tough: 60 percent of the 26,160 temporarily closed restaurants on the business review site as of July are now permanently shut. Temporary closures are dropping, and permanent shutdowns are increasing.

Fear of COVID-19 is going to cause a large portion of the population to continue to avoid restaurants for as long as this pandemic persists, and it is becoming clear that it is likely to persist for a long time to come.

We are going to lose so many small and independent places to eat.  Many of the big corporate chains that have very deep pockets will survive, at least for a while, but there is simply no replacing what small and independent restaurants mean to our communities.

Bars and clubs are being hit extremely hard as well.  According to Yelp, 44 percent of the bars and clubs on their site that were initially listed as “temporarily closed” have now been shut down on a permanent basis…

Bars and clubs are also closing forever at high rates: 44 percent (as of July) of 5,454 temporarily shuttered bars and other nightlife establishments are shut for good.

Other sectors of the economy are doing relatively better, but the overall outlook for small businesses in America is exceedingly bleak.

In New York City, it is being projected that one-third of all small businesses will never be able to open again…

As many as 76,000 small businesses in New York City – a third of the 230,000 citywide – may never reopen after forced to close during the COVID-19 lockdown, business leaders have warned.

The Partnership for New York City, a not-for-profit organization that connects business leaders with local government, predicted that 76,000 small businesses will never be able to reopen in a report produced by 14 consulting firms.

I know that number is hard to believe, but this is actually happening.

Our politicians want to encourage people “to go back to work”, but for millions upon millions of Americans the jobs that they once had are gone forever.

Air travel is another industry that is being absolutely devastated by this pandemic.  After a modest bounce in June, the number of air passengers is starting to fall again

The resurgence of coronavirus infections is derailing the travel industry’s modest recovery. The number of air passengers processed through TSA security lines fell during the week ended July 20, compared with the prior week, according to Bank of America. This metric is down more than 70% from a year ago.

United (UAL) CEO Scott Kirby told CNBC on Wednesday that the airline doesn’t “expect to get anywhere close to normal until there’s a vaccine that’s been widely distributed to a large portion of the population.”

All of the numbers that I have shared in this article tell us that we are in an economic depression.

Many had hoped that this economic downturn would be short-lived and that a “V-shaped recovery” would commence once the coronavirus lockdowns were lifted.

But instead a resurgence of cases has caused new restrictions to be implemented, and economic activity is slowing down again.

The bottom line is that all of us need to get prepared to weather a long-term economic storm that is going to be incredibly painful.

The last recession was bad, but it isn’t even worth comparing to the times that we are entering now.  All of our lives are being turned upside down, and a lot of people are not going to be able to handle what comes next.

This Week’s Global News At a Glance

  • While Ghislaine Maxwell hasn’t disclosed which banks managed tens of millions of dollars for the British socialite, Bloomberg reports that one of them was JPMorgan. Not only that, the bank run by Jamie “That’s why I’m richer than you” Dimon continued to do business with Maxwell after they kicked Jeffrey Epstein to the curb in 2013 – despite her well-known affiliation as the dead pedophile’s ‘madam.’ Epstein played a pivotal role in the rise of Barclays CEO Paul Staley, while Staley ran JP Morgan’s private bank – referring wealthy clients to the banker and helping to arrange the bank’s 2004 acquisition of Highbridge Capital Management. Staley left JPMorgan in 2013 – the same year the bank severed ties with Epstein. Going back about two decades, Epstein regularly brought Staley business when he ran JPMorgan’s private bank and the two were close professionally, according to a person familiar with the matter. One of those introductions Epstein made was to hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin, the New York Times reported. Maxwell, meanwhile, had at least $10 million under management at JPMorgan private bank, according to Bloomberg, citing two people with direct knowledge of the matter – one of whom said she was a client on or before 2009. Her money there was handled by a team that included several dozen relationship managers, advisers and others who specialize in closely held businesses. The bank continued to work with her after Epstein moved funds to Deutsche Bank AG in 2013.


  • European nations, France included, have been pressed by the United States to ban Huawei from building their 5G networks. Washington has claimed Beijing uses the firm’s equipment for spying. China has repeatedly denied the accusations. French authorities will be unable to renew licences for Huawei’s equipment after their expiry, which will pave the way for the Chinese tech giant to be phased out of French 5G networks by 2028, Reuters reported citing three sources familiar with the matter. According to the report, the government notified firms planning to acquire Huawei 5G gear about the non-renewable licences. The sources said that the majority of licences for Huawei spanned from three to five years, while its European competitors, namely Nokia and Ericsson, were granted eight-year authorisations.


  • 90 people in the state of Connecticut were found to actually have been negative for coronavirus after receiving positive tests. The state’s Department of Public Health said that its state laboratory found a “flaw” in one of its testing systems and that 90 of 144 people who were tested for the virus between June 15 and June 17 received false positive tests. 161 specimens were collected and a total of 91 of those showed false positives. Many of those who received the false tests were nursing home residents. The state said that it reported the flaw to the test manufacturer and the FDA. It has taken “immediate steps” to make sure patients have been notified.


  • US President Donald Trump revealed during a Wednesday afternoon news conference that he will “immediately surge federal law enforcement” to Chicago, Illinois, following the recent uptick in gun violence in the city. “No mother should ever have to cradle her dead child in her arms just because politicians refuse to do what is necessary to secure their neighborhood and to secure their city,” the US president said while delivering remarks on “Operation Legend: Combating Violent Crime in American Cities” in the White House East Room on July 22. Trump expressed that a number of other cities in the US need federal intervention in addition to Chicago, such as Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot took to Twitter Tuesday night to publicly announce that “Donald Trump’s troops” are not permitted to come to the city and “terrorize our residents.”


  • The United States gave China 72 hours to close its consulate in Houston amid accusations of spying, marking a dramatic deterioration in relations between the world’s two biggest economies. The State Department said the Chinese mission in Houston was closed “to protect American intellectual property and Americans’ private information”.


  • Indonesia: A 23m whale briefly washed up near a beach in Indonesia but it was unclear how the enormous marine mammal died, a conservation official said Wednesday (Jul 22). Curious onlookers crowded the shore of coastal Kupang city as officials scrambled to figure out what to do with the bloated carcass, which was first spotted on Tuesday. But the giant creature was washed back to sea on Wednesday before it could be brought to shore for an examination. “We think that it’s a blue whale but we don’t know what caused its death,” said local conservation official. “It looks like it didn’t die here and may have been deceased for some time,” she added. Blue whales are the largest animals in existence, weighing up to 200 tons and growing as long as 32m. The creature, whose tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant, has an average lifespan of 80 to 90 years, according to National Geographic. Seven pilot whales were found dead near Kupang last October.


  • In a rare revelation, Beijing has admitted that its 2.4-kilometer Three Gorges Dam spanning the Yangtze River in Hubei province “deformed slightly” after record flooding. The official Xinhua News Agency quoted the operator of the the world’s largest hydroelectric gravity dam as saying that some nonstructural, peripheral parts of the dam had buckled. The dam was a pet project of the late Premier Li Peng and a monumental pride of the nation when it blocked and diverted Asia’s largest river in 1997. The deformation occurred last Saturday when the flood from western provinces including Sichuan and Chongqing along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River peaked at a record-setting 61,000 cubic meters per second, according to China Three Gorges Corporation, a state-owned enterprise that manages the dam and the sprawling power plant underneath it. The company noted that parts of the dam had “deformed slightly,” displacing some external structures, and seepage into the main outlet walls had also been reported throughout the 18 hours on Saturday and Sunday when water was discharged though its outlets.


  • Twenty-three children have been rescued after being abducted and forced to sell handicrafts in a tourist town in southern Mexico. The children were released from a house in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, according to a statement published by the state’s attorney general Monday. Three women were arrested on human trafficking and forced labor charges. The children, ranging in age from three months to 15 years,some were abducted from their families and forced to work selling handicrafts under threat of “physical and psychological violence,” according to the statement. The rescue mission began after the attorney general’s office launched a search for Dylan Esaú Gómez Pérez, a toddler who went missing on June 30 while at a public market with his mother, according to an earlier statement from the attorney general. Chiapas is the southernmost state in Mexico and sits on the border with Guatemala. Home to some of the most impressive Maya archeological sites and a large indigenous population, it is one of Mexico’s most diverse regions both in culture and nature. It is also the most impoverished state in the country, and was hit hard by an 8.1-magnitude earthquake in 2017.


  • Tech celebrity Steve Wozniak has announced a lawsuit against YouTube and Google, stating that they failed to remove videos that used his likeness to trick innocent users into giving away cryptocurrency. Steve Wozniak, one of the two computer whizzes behind Apple, has set his lawyers upon Google and YouTube after they failed to take down videos that were using his image to scam people. The lawsuit alleges that videos scammed users into sending bitcoin to fake accounts and used images of tech magnates such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Wozniak to gain credibility. In a statement cited by media, Wozniak stated that “The allegations paint a picture of an algorithm-driven tech giant that does not respond to victims,” and that YouTube used him in scamming innocent people.


  • Facebook is preparing to join Twitter in taking action against accounts promulgating information tied to the “QAnon” conspiracy theories, the NYT says. The social media giant has been working with Twitter and other social media companies on the issue, and will be making an announcement in the coming month, according to the report. Facebook had previously removed a cluster (of five pages, 20 accounts and six groups) affiliated with QAnon, in May, due to violations of its policy against “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”


  • The Bolsonaro government has no interest in shielding Brazilian Indians from COVID-19, on the contrary, it has long sought to open indigenous lands for mining and agribusiness, considering native peoples to be only a stumbling block, notes indigenous leader Weibe Tapeba and Brazilian scholar Gustavo Guerreiro. Mortality rates among Brazilian Indians are almost twice the national rate (12.6% versus 6.4%), as Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), an advocacy group, found in June.


  • Dr. Harvey Risch, an epidemiology professor at Yale School of Public Health, said on Tuesday that he thinks hydroxychloroquine could save 75,000 to 100,000 lives if the drug is widely used to treat coronavirus. “There are many doctors that I’ve gotten hostile remarks about saying that all the evidence is bad for it and, in fact, that is not true at all,” Risch told “Ingraham Angle,” adding that he believes the drug can be used as a “prophylactic” for front-line workers, as other countries like India have done. Risch lamented that a “propaganda war” is being waged against the use of the drug for political purposes, not based on “medical facts.”


  • Proponents of a hydropower plant to be built in the only known habitat of a critically endangered orangutan species say it’s important for meeting the future energy needs of northern Sumatra. But a new report says this region of Indonesia is already almost fully electrified, and that the new plant will do virtually nothing to improve that. The report from energy consultancy Brown Brothers Energy and Environment (B2E2) was commissioned by various NGOs, including environmental advocacy group Mighty Earth, which has been a vocal opponent of the dam. It cites official data to show that North Sumatra province, home to the Batang Toru forest where the dam and power plant are to be built, already has one of the highest electrification rates in Indonesia: nearly 96% of the population had basic and stable access to electricity in 2016, compared to the more developed major provinces of East Java (89%) and Bali (92%).


  • A new lawsuit accuses former cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, of managing a “sex cabal” among seminarians, altar boys and priests at a New Jersey beach house in the 1980s. The 30-page lawsuit was filed late Tuesday in the Superior Court of New Jersey in Middlesex County by attorney Jeff Anderson on behalf of an unnamed plaintiff. It alleges one count of sexual battery and six counts of negligence against Mr. McCarrick, the Archdiocese of Newark, the Diocese of Metuchen, and several former or retired priests. At the center of the allegations is a beach house in Sea Girt, New Jersey, that was purchased with diocesan funds by Mr. McCarrick when he was the bishop of Metuchen. Mr. McCarrick served as the bishop of Metuchen from 1981 to 1986 and as the archbishop of Newark from 1986 to 2000.


  • A judge today has ordered the unsealing of a vast tranche of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, which could shed light on his friendship with powerful men accused of having sex with his victims. Judge Loretta Preska said that 80 documents – which will run to hundreds of pages – should be made public within a week. The documents will include depositions from Ghislaine Maxwell, which could explain her alleged role in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation. They could include details about Maxwell’s sex life that her lawyers have previously tried to stop from being released, relating to a seven-hour, 418-page deposition Maxwell gave which her legal team said was ‘extremely personal, confidential’. In filings Maxwell’s lawyers have called the depositions a ‘series of (efforts) to compel Maxwell to answer intrusive questions about her sex life’. The documents will also include communications between Maxwell and Epstein from January 2015 when Virginia Roberts made explosive allegations about them in court papers. In the papers Roberts claimed she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times when she was just 17 at Epstein’s command.


Crop Circle – Scrubbs Lane – Bishops Sutton – Reported 22/07/2020

Power of the universe ❤️
5th elements, 5th dimensions.
Been informing the planet earth for so many years ?
Lotus ? the symbols of love, compassion, and enlightenment, Awakening…
We are now is in transition period
We will enter into age of Aquarius on the 21st December 2020
5th dimension, and onwards.
Times is running out!!
Are we ready??

With three colors. With details. And almost in 3D. The spiral drawn in the central circle, which turns to the left, is out of this world. It seems as if they had blown it with a draft of air directed towards that area of the floor. The 3 different colors, attracts a lot of attention how this is done. And how it looks.

You are the blossom of the 5 elements,awaiting the realization,that all is one and one is in all… Love Wisdom Sovereignty.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska

Evolving Thread


25/7 14:00 UTC

Looking at this image seems like the seismic wave went down along the west coast of North America than found a fault line where to cross over the Caribbean and following the next “crack” on the earth plate reached the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. At the same time from the other side of the Planet an M6 was pushing the wave through China and Europe pressuring the other side… interesting times.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - 26 July 2020 -Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Peculiar shape, at the borrom of both these finger traces there is a ring of volcanoes and islands.


24/7 20:30 UTC

This is the situation at 23:30 UTC on July 24, the oldest Earthquakes are with the dark red circles and occurred on july 22. The push from the Kamchatka Peninsula is continuous and we see a strong swarm up to M5.5 at the Aleutian Islands, in Central America an M5.1 struck little south of Cuba. The silent area is again Mexico to Baja California, we shall see.

News Burst 24 July 2020 - Silent Area


24/7 10:30 UTC

Here we can see the earthquakes of approximately the last 12 hours, starting from north west, the Aleutian Islands were struck by a new deep earthquake, M4.4 at 234 km. This movement pushed the shallow M5.0 few hours later, we can probably expect a new M4 in the area of Vancouver Island.

More south we can see that the initial wave from the M7.8 apparently reached Mexico with a shock twin of the one in Canada on the 22nd. The US West Coast in hammered by M3s, like it has been for quite some time already, no great difference here.

From all the movements we can also see a new silent midpoint in Baja California, probably here the magnitude could be high M3 to mid M4.

From the development seems like there won’t be any other large movement as the pressure is released in a large number of lesser shocks instead of few larger ones.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska 24 July 2020


24/7 9:00 UTC – Watch the waves from the M7.8 Alaska earthquake roll across seismic stations in North America. This animation, called a Ground Motion Visualization (GMV), shows the motion of the ground as detected on seismometers across North America – each dot is a seismic station and when the ground moves up it turns red and when it moves down it turns blue.

Waves generated by an earthquake travel around and through the earth, but they get smaller (attenuate) as they move away from the earthquake location, just like ripples in a pond.

Once the earthquake waves are far enough away from the location where the earthquake occurred they can no longer be felt by people, BUT they can still be detected by sensitive seismic instruments. That’s what this animation is showing – the waves from the M7.8 earthquake traveling both through the earth and across earth’s surface – in the contintal US the earthquake the waves are much too small to feel but not too small to measure.

The star shows the location of the earthquake. The green triangle is the station recording the seismogram shown along the bottom. The red line between the 2 is the “great circle path”.

*Some of the instruments look like they are experiencing shaking before the seismic waves arrive. This is due to the setting of the animation and the calibration of the seismic instrument.
**The video is not reflecting the actual speed of the waves; the actual wave speed is slower. The time is shown along the bottom.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska-Canada-USA


23/7 20:00 UTC – All the earthquakes above M3 occurred in North America since the M7.8, we can see an M5 off Vancouver Island and an M4 in Nevada and M3 in Texas, the force is decreasing while it travels, but still early to say there is no danger for a lager one.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska - Canada M5


22/7 12:00 UTC – As expected after the M7.8 a new m5.4 earthquake struck off the coast of Canada at 11:33 UTC.

The M7.8 Earthquake – July 22 2020

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska

A massive M7.8 earthquake struck Aleutian Island area in Alaska at 6:12 UTC today, if you remember few days ago we were talking about these islands for a possible strong shallow movement after the deep Earthquakes in the West Pacific.

Tsunami Warning Alaska 22-7-2020

This movement triggered a tsunami warning, seems like the wave height reached less than a meter at the maximum.

This shock was followed by several other movements ranging from the M4 to the M6.

It is possible that we will see this week the transfer of the seismic force toward south along the North American coast with the most prone areas like Utah, Idaho, Nevada, struck by an earthquake up to M6.

News Burst 20 July 2020 - Earthquake Eurasia 19 July 2020

The origin of this shock is likely the M4.1 in the Kamchatka Peninsula, at a depth of 490 km, happened on July 19; previously on July 16 southern Japan saw a M5.0 at 500 km depth; both these movement can add up to a full unit of magnitude to a shallow shock, they were practically able to cause a shallow M6. Probably all the following deep event since the Japanese and Russian ones have increased even more the push from below.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska

As we can see the push from under the tectonic plates is continous with this new M6.0 in Fiji Islands, happended at 21 UTC on July 21, about 9 hours before the M7.8, at a depth of 602 km.

M7.8 Earthquake Alaska

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