Content Classification

Truth, Awakening, Disclosure

Every day at The Awakening Report we strive to bring information, articles, videos, and photographs to our subscribers that are informative, interesting, truthful and consciousness expanding.  Although we do our best to screen false and disinformation, there are times when we want to share stories that are not 100% verifiable in their truthfulness and accuracy.  To this effect, we’ve developed a color-coded Content Classification System to label every one of our posts based on these characteristics.

Content Classification System

GREENAuthenticated, Documented Evidence, Verified Science

This post is fully authenticated, verified by science, or hard evidence and is proven to be complete truth with no speculation.  Fully documented and disclosed material.

YELLOWTestimony Only, Unverified Evidence, Probable, Limited Science 

This post can contain expert testimony,  eyewitnesses, unverified evidence, limited science, and partial disclosure.  These posts have high probability and are most likely true.

REDWhistleblower Testimony, Hidden Science, May Need More Research

This post can contain whistleblower testimony, top secret classifications, hidden science, ancient text, archeological discoveries, and theoretical science.  These articles and links could contain predictions and theories which do not have hard evidence.  Likely true but may need more research or harder evidence.



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