The Big Picture

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a bird’s eye, all encompassing view of the Awakening of humanity.  It entails a series of escalating occurrences leading up to a singular moment known as The Event.  This looming event will change the very essence of what it means to be human.  NASA has confirmed our solar system entered a galactic energy cloud in the 1950’s that is increasing consciousness, upgrading our DNA and shifting humanity into a positive polarity.  This shift has a destabilizing effect and is currently exposing man’s hidden origins and centuries of ancient history, government and religious corruptions, and advanced beings residing in our universe.     

Our solar system is at the end of a grand cycle, completing a 25,920 year binary orbit around our dark star.  Many ancient and religious texts reference the end of this cycle climaxing with a series of galactic flashes and energy waves culminating in man’s soul ascension.  This is now known as a constant or cosmic law throughout the universe with all planets and human civilizations moving through ascension. 

Our solar system is currently undergoing extreme climate change.  We are now experiencing the maximum effects as earth passes through the center of the galactic energy cloud, where energy is strongest.  The sun has increased in size and brightness from a bright yellow in the 1980s to a bright white today.  Its increased heat and energy is effecting the core of all planets in our Solar System.  NASA has recorded climate change on all planets causing an increase of global volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, movement in the poles, hurricanes, droughts, flooding, wild fires, record extreme temperatures and severe weather patterns.  

The Great Awakening is based on the expansion in global consciousness and the truth embargo, truth movement.  There are clear signs of corrupted institutions crumbling including the deep state and shadow government which include the global reserve banking system, US Federal Reserve, US dollar international standard currency, western governments CFR, Trilateral Group, City of London Financial District, The Vatican, Jesuits, P2 Lodge, Western Religions, US MIC (Military Industrial Complex).  Our education system, Smithsonian, big pharma, and mainstream media all contribute to this global deception.  The three letter agencies CIA, DOJ, FBI, NSA, MI6, Mosad, CDC, AMA are all corrupt and controlled.

Civil War over disclosure has come to a head.  We now know about partial and controlled disclosure since the 1950’s in movies, science fiction books, limited technology releases, transistors, computer chips, fiber optic cables, kevlar, and night vision.  Then, soft disclosure began in July 2015 with whistle blowers coming forward disclosing the Secret Space Program or SSP.   These revelations brought to light billions of advanced ET’s, a number of inner earth civilizations, new sciences, deep underground military bases or D.U.M.B. bases and advanced technologies disclosures.  As of September 2017, the Civil War in Washington D.C. over partial disclosure vs. full disclosure has taken a front stage in the global fight for exposing the truth. Full disclosure is required for humanity to experience ascension.      

Looking at the big picture is about connecting the dots, seeing the relationships between people and organizations, and power and bloodlines and understanding there are no coincidences when it comes to our history and life as we’ve grown to know it.  We’re living in a time where a series of never before seen events are coalescing to create the maximum planetary consciousness, awareness, and preparedness for humanity.  The Great Awakening Report looks to help those in all stages of their Awakening Experience.  With our own research, aggregation of information and creation of original content we look to provide a genuine understanding of these events for all readers and subscribers.