One-on-one coaching explores and gives explanations of the background stories to all topics related to the Great Awakening Report.  We start with defining all the terms and definitions used in the conflict between the Global Deep State/Shadow Government/Illuminati/Elite Syndicate and the Global Alliance, BRICS Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South America and 175 Third World Countries.  Next, we review in-depth and highlight all of our sub-topic headings, connecting all the dots back to the Big Picture. Our Coaching model is based on an intuitive platform for students to follow their own path of interest and desired areas of research.


Our executive coaching model starts with our baseline individual coaching protocols (as described above),  then move into the current and future trends effecting businesses and entrepreneurs.  Moving to our Deep State/Great Awakening Map to dive deeper into a study of hundreds of topics and their connections to our Awakening.  There are a lot of bumps on the road ahead and navigation will be more of an informed art and not a science.  Executive Coaching will look to integrate all these topics into lifestyle goals, personal objectives, and business strategies. We see an amazingly bright future with exciting development for all of humanity.


Our business consulting model is tailored exclusively for executive teams and board members, middle and upper management, and entrepreneur partners looking to understand the global transition taking place.  We provide a comprehensive understanding of the geopolitical and geophysical climates, new currency and financial system, ancient history, new science, and newly disclosed technologies.  The GAR Team is experienced in varying business disciplines and market research involving Cultural Creatives’ habits, wants, and desires.  We tailor our presentations to your products and services, along with a positive planet based company culture required by Cultural Creatives.

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