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What is the Great Awakening?

The global awakening is a truth movement to expose the elite global syndicate that controls the planet.  People in never before seen numbers are waking up to issues that affect their daily lives that have been hidden for hundreds of years.  Disclosure of truths ranges from government corruption and purposefully created wars to monetary system enslavement and geoengineering.  

What is the Deep State / Shadow Government?

The Deep State and Shadow Government are often interchangeable terms describing the families, government employees, corporations and overall powerful decision-makers of the world who control virtually anything and everything imaginable.    The Deep State’s primary system of control is the monetary system with its flagship operation being the privately owned Federal Reserve.  There is a partnership between 13 original elite banking families who own all Military Industrial Complex companies, the Senate, both houses of Congress, Big Pharma, US Military, Education, and Main Stream Media.  The Global Shadow Government is all 3 letter alphabet institutions including CIA, FBI, NSA, NRO, and the DOJ.  MI6, Masad, Vatican Jesuits and others fall under their rule as well.

What are the keys to breaking free from conditioning and programming?

There is a 2-step process, first, you need to be aware of the fact you were programmed by parents, families, friends, religious institutions, and media outlets including the news, music industry and Hollywood.  There is continued programming through education, government, military, monetary systems, and corporations.  Second, is deprogramming oneself by discovering the truth about methods, tools, and strategies used to program you.  Once you know their tactics and their relentless effort to program you then you’re able to deprogram yourself.  

What is the Federal Reserve?

Contrary to popular belief the Federal Reserve is NOT a Federal or Government Institution, but a privately owned operation.  The history of banking originates with the Rothschild’s in Europe in the late 1600s with a gold backed currency.  Fractional Banking allowed these depositories or bankers to extend more notes of credit than they could back with their on-hand gold supply.  Interest rates on these loans insured the banks would get richer and richer.  The Federal Reserve controls the printing of US currency and the amount of total circulation of the US dollar.  The US Federal Reserve is a partnership held by 13 banking families, mostly European elites based on the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. 

What are Monetary Systems?

Systems to pay and get paid or loan and borrow created for the purpose of government commerce and population control.  The Sumerians were the first civilization to implement a monetary system whereas before bartering was the preferred choice of commerce and industry.  The desire of elites and their banks to control governments, commerce, and its population are key principals behind any monetary system.  

How do recessions occur?

Cycles, bubbles & recessions are mathematically engineered.  All recessions are controlled by the number of dollars allowed into circulation.  If the Federal Reserve constricts credit while increasing the discount rate and circulation of currency with its member banks, then the economy will slow or decline to create a recession.  If the Federal Reserve expands credit, reduces the discount rate, and increases the flow of currency into the markets it’s referred to an increase in the economy, bubble or expansion of the markets.

What are the primary causes of earth changes?

The current earth changes are caused by the NASA confirmed fact that our solar system has moved into a higher energetic cloud or section of our Galaxy.  This cloud is charged with more particles and energy that is hitting and affecting our sun.  The sun is expanding and releasing neutrino particles that are penetrating and heating up the Earth’s core.  The heating of Earth’s core and atmosphere from this cloud is expanding our planet’s crust causing more volcanic and earthquake activity, increased droughts, forest fires, hurricanes, flooding, and extreme high and low temperatures.  Other planets in our solar system are currently experiencing similar conditions.      

Is their corruption in the health industry?

The health industry is controlled by Big Pharma and the FDA and CDC.  All pharmaceuticals are contaminated and designed to keep you sick or create additional health problems.  The current use of vaccines is the most critical health threat to the global population.  The evidence points to elite plans to reduce the global population.  Alternative and natural medicines have proven to be beneficial to many sick patients but alternative health practitioners have been involved in a high number of mysterious deaths over the last few years.   

How long have intelligent civilizations been on Earth?

The new or hidden discoveries are now dating back hundreds of thousands of years in Earth’s history. We have the keys to unlock the hieroglyphs of Egypt and Asia.  The giants of Earth, whose remains have been hidden by the Smithsonian and other organizations are telling a completely different story of Earth’s origins.  Advanced technology has been found in archeological sites and ancient cities including Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which dates back more than 12,000 years.   

What are the Secret Space Programs?

A cosmic game changer, the evidence is mounting that points to at least 5 secret space programs that have been in operations and existence since the 1930s.  There have been recent revelations of a breakaway civilization of millions of people in over 100 colonies, working for an off-planet military style industrial complex known as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate or ICC.  These programs have bartered technologies and developed treaties with over 900 off-planet races. 

What is the Event?

Based on the discovery that we are part of a binary star system and our solar system orbits around another dark star which we can’t see.  This rotation takes 26,000 years.  36 ancient spiritual text including The Bible tells the story of a Galactic Flash, preceded and followed by energy waves leading up to an ascension event.  The Galactic Flash will have a direct effect on the consciousness of all humanity, and dramatically change the very nature of life on earth. 

What is the key to spirituality?

Consciousness is the key to spirituality and the last frontier is the study of consciousness.  Scientists are finding that all life is created and maintained through consciousness and that consciousness is the universe.  As humans, we’re so accustomed to looking for answers on the outside and we think we need romance or a new car or a vacation or whatever it may be to make you happy.  The fact of the matter is you are made of love and if you look inside yourself you will find the answers.  

What is the Path of Awakening?

Frequency and vibration are the keys to understanding the awakening process.  The experience of awakening can manifest differently for everyone and it is a very personal experience. The primary combination of factors is a faith-based daily meditation and prayer practice.  A healing practice based on forgiveness, releasing energy blocks, and 50% positive thought and mental atmosphere.  The path also includes a daily exercise program and a diet based on greens, liquids, and organic foods.