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Published Date; March 4th, 2024


GREAT AWAKENING REPORT • March 2024 • Volume VI • Chapter III


“In the midst of economic turbulence, the hard landing becomes a crucible for resilience, where innovation thrives, and the seeds of future growth are sown.”


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“We Will Have A Hard Landing At Some Point. I Guarantee You That.”

Can you guess who the quote in the article title is from?  I will give you a hint.  It wasn’t me.  I know that it sounds like it could have come from me, but it actually comes from a very big name on Wall Street.  Ellen Zentner is Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. economist, and she is the one that said it.  During an interview with CNBC she warned that “the tightening impacts from monetary policy” will have enormous consequences for the U.S. economy in the months ahead…

“We will have a hard landing at some point. I guarantee you that. We’re all wondering: When does that come?” she said. “The point that Dimon makes is that there are these cumulative impacts that build over time, and we are in the camp that we haven’t yet seen all of the tightening impacts from monetary policy,” she added, referring to the impact of Fed rate hikes.

She makes a really great point.

The consequences of interest rate hikes are felt over time.

Higher interest rates have certainly started to cause a lot of problems, but if rates are not brought down soon the level of pain that we are experiencing will begin to go up dramatically.

Unfortunately, the Fed is not likely to reduce interest rates any time soon because inflation continues to run hotter than expected

Inflation increased by the largest amount in almost a year, according to the Fed’s preferred measure – confirming expectations interest rates will not be cut until around June.

The so-called core personal consumption expenditures (PCE) index – which excludes volatile food and energy prices – increased 0.4 percent between December and January.

Marko Kolanovic, the chief market strategist for JPMorgan Chase, believes that the U.S. economy could be headed into “something like 1970s stagflation”

In an analyst note to clients, the bank’s chief market strategist Marko Kolanovic warned that the economy may turn away from a “Goldilocks” scenario – in which it is not expanding or contracting by too much – and enter a period of stagflation similar to that experienced in the 1970s.

“Going back to the question of market macro regime, we believe that there is a risk of the narrative turning back from Goldilocks towards something like 1970s stagflation, with significant implications for asset allocation,” Kolanovic wrote.

I would argue that we have already been in a period of stagflation.

The economy has certainly been stagnating, and inflation has been unacceptably high.

But now conditions have taken a dramatic turn for the worse in early 2024, and we are seeing some very troubling signs.

For example, I was stunned to learn that a Canadian pension fund has just sold a stake in a Manhattan office tower for just one dollar

Canadian pension funds have been among the world’s most prolific buyers of real estate, starting a revolution that inspired retirement plans around the globe to emulate them. Now the largest of them is taking steps to limit its exposure to the most-beleaguered property type — office buildings.

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has done three deals at discounted prices, selling its interests in a pair of Vancouver towers, a business park in Southern California and a redevelopment project in Manhattan, with the New York stake offloaded for the eyebrow-raising price of just $1. The worry is those deals may set an example for other major investors seeking a way out of the turmoil too.

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board had a 29 percent stake in Manhattan’s 360 Park Avenue South.

The plan was to redevelop that property, but at this point the outlook for office buildings is so bad that the pension fund just wanted out.

And so the entire 29 percent stake was sold off for just one dollar.

Do you remember when I warned that we were heading into the worst commercial real estate crash in history?

Well, this is what a crash looks like.

Meanwhile, large employers all over America continue to conduct mass layoffs.

Today, I was saddened to learn that Electronic Arts is laying off approximately 700 workers

Another day, another round of mass layoffs in the games industry. Electronic Arts (EA) has announced it will cut around five percent of its employees, putting almost 700 people out of a job. It’s also cancelling games and shutting down at least one development studio.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced the layoffs in an email to employees, which was subsequently posted to the company’s blog on Wednesday.

And we just learned more details about the layoffs that Citigroup is conducting

Citigroup is cutting nearly 300 workers in New York as it continues its massive layoff spree in an effort to rein in expenses, according to filings with the State Labor Department.

About 239 workers in the primary banking subsidiary, 44 from its broker-dealer unit and three from its technology arm are getting cut, according to Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notices filed this week.

In early January, the company announced that it was cutting 20,000 roles “over the medium-term,” as part of a reorganization effort. The cuts are slated to save the company between $2 billion and 2.5 billion.

We have not seen anything like this since the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009.

On Thursday, Zero Hedge published a list of 50 different mass layoffs that we have seen recently…

1. Everybuddy: 100% of workforce
2. Wisense: 100% of workforce
3. CodeSee: 100% of workforce
4. Twig: 100% of workforce
5. Twitch: 35% of workforce
6. Roomba: 31% of workforce
7. Bumble: 30% of workforce
8. Farfetch: 25% of workforce
9. Away: 25% of workforce
10. Hasbro: 20% of workforce
11. LA Times: 20% of workforce
12. Wint Wealth: 20% of workforce
13. Finder: 17% of workforce
14. Spotify: 17% of workforce
15. Buzzfeed: 16% of workforce
16. Levi’s: 15% of workforce
17. Xerox: 15% of workforce
18. Qualtrics: 14% of workforce
19. Wayfair: 13% of workforce
20. Duolingo: 10% of workforce
21. Rivian: 10% of workforce
22. Washington Post: 10% of workforce
23. Snap: 10% of workforce
24. eBay: 9% of workforce
25. Sony Interactive: 8% of workforce
26. Expedia: 8% of workforce
27. Business Insider: 8% of workforce
28. Instacart: 7% of workforce
29. Paypal: 7% of workforce
30. Okta: 7% of workforce
31. Charles Schwab: 6% of workforce
32. Docusign: 6% of workforce
33. Riskified: 6% of workforce
34. EA: 5% of workforce
35. Motional: 5% of workforce
36. Mozilla: 5% of workforce
37. Vacasa: 5% of workforce
38. CISCO: 5% of workforce
39. UPS: 2% of workforce
40. Nike: 2% of workforce
41. Blackrock: 3% of workforce
42. Paramount: 3% of workforce
43. Citigroup: 20,000 employees
44. ThyssenKrupp: 5,000 employees
45. Best Buy: 3,500 employees
46. Barry Callebaut: 2,500 employees
47. Outback Steakhouse: 1,000
48. Northrop Grumman: 1,000 employees
49. Pixar: 1,300 employees
50. Perrigo: 500 employees

Just look at that list.

That is nuts!

Anyone that thinks that the U.S. economy is heading in the right direction is simply being delusional.

Greg Hunter just interviewed economic analyst David Morgan, and he is warning that we are actually “entering into a global depression the likes of which the world has never seen”

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan has gone against the majority in the past with predictions that seemed unbelievable at the time. One prediction last year is the Fed not cutting interest rates in 2023. The Fed didn’t, and Morgan is still predicting there will be no Fed interest rate cut anytime soon. Now, with a record high stock market, Morgan is predicting “We are entering into a global depression the likes of which the world has never seen.”

Global central banks were able to delay the inevitable by flooding the system with colossal mountains of money.

But that just created a tremendous amount of inflation and now a horrifying economic crisis is coming anyway.

So I would encourage everyone to brace themselves for the “hard landing” that is rapidly approaching, because it is going to be exceedingly painful for the unprepared.

Just How BIG Is This Bubble?


Never before have so many… owed so much… to so few. We refer not to Mr. Churchill’s hosannas to the Royal Air Force — concerning 1940’s Battle of Britain. We refer instead to the 2024 Battle of Bulls and Bears… to the stock market.

Never have so many investors owed so much of their money to so few stocks. That is because a mere spoonful of stocks are hauling stocks to record heights. These stocks are: Nvidia. Alphabet. Amazon. Apple. Meta. Microsoft. And Tesla — collectively, the “Magnificent Seven.” These sweethearts boast a combined market capitalization of $12 trillion.

That is the combined market capitalization of the next 42 leaders of the S&P 500. That is, a mere seven stocks haul the equal load of the next 42. Investors have piled into them and fattened upon them. Investors have also inflated a gorgeous bubble.

Bubble: “a good or fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last.”

Precisely how gorgeous is this bubble?

Mr. Torsten Slok, chief economist for Apollo:

The top 10 companies in the S&P 500 today are more overvalued than the top 10 companies were during the tech bubble in the mid-1990s.

Kind heaven — can it be?

Recall: The 1990s technology boom shamed all others. Yet today’s leading wagon-pullers exceed the valuations of the technology boom’s leading wagon-pullers. Thus we stagger. Thus we reel.

Thus we collapse upon the floor… in a heap… dizzied beyond all description. Here is the picture that talks its thousand words:

image 1

Source: Apollo

In reminder: A low price-earnings ratio indicates stocks are bargains. A high price-earnings ratio indicates stocks are snares. A price-earnings ratio of 17 is approximately par — as history runs. What is Nvidia’s present price-earnings ratio? It is not stratospheric. It is not even galactic. It is instead a cosmic… 186.


That is, investors in this magnificento are offering to ladle out $186 for each $1 of earnings. In all, the seven magnificent stocks — the market’s wagon-pullers — post a price-earnings ratio of 50.

Meantime, the price-earnings ratio of the S&P 500… as a whole… runs presently to 27. Thus the market is fabulously “top heavy.” A top heavy market is a lopsided market. And a lopsided market is a vulnerable market.

Far too many chicken eggs bunch in one lone basket. Shall we consider Mr. Robert Shiller and his famous CAPE ratio? We will spare you CAPE’s inner wizardry. Know merely that it is a valuation metric. It is a more exotic and nuanced price-earnings ratio.

Its historic average — stretching to 1871 — comes in at 17.

CAPE scaled 31 in July 1929… 44 in November 1999… 38 in July 2021. What does CAPE presently register? Thirty-four. That is, the third-highest ratio on record. It exceeds even July 1929’s.

That is, the stock market is luxuriantly “out of whack.” And that which is out of whack falls ultimately into whack. We are therefore in for what mathematical men term “regression to the mean.”

When the S&P 500 regresses to its historical mean, we do not pretend to know. The answer — as always — is on the knees of the gods.

Yet as the great Buddha never ever said: “The cost of every pleasure is the pain that succeeds it.”

We hazard investors are in for one mighty migraine…

The Record-Breaking Natural Disasters That We Are Witnessing In Texas And California Right Now Are Truly Historic

If you think that what we are witnessing is “normal”, I honestly don’t know what to say.  Over the past few years, the United States has been getting pummeled by one major natural disaster after another.  The number of billion dollar natural disasters in 2023 established a new all-time record high for a single year, and 2024 is certainly off to a roaring start.  It seems like each new week brings multiple new disasters, and right now we are watching a couple of whoppers.  The blizzard that has started to hammer the state of California is so immense that it is difficult to believe that it is actually real, and the Stonehouse Creek Fire in the panhandle of Texas has officially become the largest fire in the entire history of that state

The Smokehouse Creek Fire is officially the largest and most devastating fire in Texas’ history – with the killer inferno burning through over 1.1 million acres of land.

As of Thursday, the record-breaking wildfire has scorched through 1,075,000 acres and is three percent contained, with thousands of people evacuating their homes.

Ghastly winds coupled with the raging flames have charred huge swathes of the Panhandle – and the wildfire is now the equivalent size of the whole of Rhode Island.

This fire has already burned more than a million acres, but it still only 3 percent contained.

How is that even possible?

According to CBS News, throughout the region “lampposts are now melted, power line posts are split in half and homes and properties have been reduced to charred remains”.  It is already the second largest fire in the entire history of our country, and even if the fire was put out now the recovery would take many years because there has been so much devastation.

The Turkey Track Ranch is one of the oldest and most historic ranches in the state of Texas, and it has been almost completely obliterated

The fire also destroyed most of the historic $180 million Turkey Track Ranch, which was home to “one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the Great Plains” near the end of the Civil War, and the site of the Red River War that started in 1874. The property, one of the oldest ranches in the state that covers roughly 80,000 acres, has seen an estimated 80% of its pastures, plains and creek bottom burned in the fire, CBS affiliate KHOU-TV reports.

“The loss of livestock, crops and wildlife, as well as ranch fencing and other infrastructure throughout our property as well as other ranches and homes across the region is, we believe, unparalleled in our history,” the owners said in a statement. “…We are all completely devastated and personally heartbroken by the magnitude of this horrific event.”

I cannot even comprehend what the owners are going through right now.

Just try to imagine what it must be like to have your life’s work burned to the ground in a single day.

And this fire is going to have a huge impact on all the rest of us too.

85 percent of the cattle in the state of Texas are in the panhandle.  Video footage of cattle that have been burned to death is being shared all over social media, and Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is estimating that “tens of thousands” have already been killed…

Reuters spoke with state Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who warned the wildfire has likely killed tens of thousands of livestock and destroyed grain in storage bins.

“It’s almost like gasoline when it goes up,” Miller said, adding, “We have now lost over a million acres.

Beef prices have already risen to absolutely insane levels all over the country.

So what is going to happen now?

Miller is also warning that for the cattle that survive there won’t be anything left to eat

“Feed supplies are scarce for surviving cattle because the fire destroyed grazing lands and bins holding crops like wheat and corn,” he said.

Miller continued: “There’s absolutely zero vegetation. The cattle that do survive, they have absolutely nothing to eat.”

If you love beef, stock up now, because prices are about to go a lot higher.

Meanwhile, the state of California is being hit by yet another historic storm.

A “crippling blizzard” has already begun, and by the time the weekend is over some areas will literally be buried under 10 feet of snow

A crippling blizzard is expected to pummel the mountains in California and Nevada late this week and into the weekend, dumping the biggest snow of the season so far. By the time it’s all over, the highest elevations could be buried under 10-plus feet of snow.

The worst of the storm will be felt across the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The event is now getting underway Thursday but will hit its peak starting Friday and last through the weekend. With a major winter storm like this, wind gusts over the Sierra ridges will easily exceed 100 mph, creating intense blizzard conditions that could last for days.

“It’s just all weekend,” FOX Weather Meteorologist Britta Merwin said. “That’s all you need to know. It is literally all weekend.”

It is being reported that a wind gust of 120 mph was recorded on Ward Mountain on Thursday, and extremely powerful winds will continue throughout the weekend as snow falls at a staggering pace.

If you can believe it, it is being projected that “snowfall rates of up to 5 inches an hour are possible”

Extremely heavy snowfall rates of up to 5 inches an hour are possible, said Brittany Whitlam, a forecaster with the weather service’s Reno office. Snowfall accumulations across three days will generally range from 50 to 100 inches across the Sierra, with locally higher amounts at higher elevations, UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said in a forecast discussion on YouTube on Thursday

“This will be another snowstorm probably for the record books in some places,” Swain said.

I can’t even imagine what a storm of that magnitude would be like, because I have never experienced anything like it.

Local residents are being told that some communities may be isolated for an extended period of time, and snowfall totals in the worst hit locations could actually reach “15 feet or 180 inches”

AccuWeather is projecting that 6-10 feet of snow will fall at Donner Pass or up to 120 inches, spanning several days. Similar snowfall is likely at many of the ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada, with an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ snowfall of 15 feet or 180 inches. Drifts from the storm will reach as high as several stories.

Now that is a storm!

For years, I have been warning in my books that we would see natural disasters increase in frequency and intensity.

And actually what we are experiencing right now is just the beginning.

Much more is on the horizon, and most people in the general population have no idea…


Intelligence News Update

EDITORS NOTE: Captured Operations & Counter – CounterIntelligence Ops 

⚠️ |  Over the past three years the landscape of political figures, x military advisors, and internet influencers have redefined Information and Counter-Intelligence Warfare. With >90% operating as captured operations or double agents on both sides of this global war against the Deep State / Khazarian Mafia. The foundation of which is to capture and control the MSM narrative.

In the last several weeks we’ve identified new challenges to Trump’s secret conversion to Judaism in 2017 and the identification of over 40 Ashkenazi Zionist Jews working in his Administration, Campaign Finance Committees, and as Presidential Advisors. The “Q” movement has been identified and compared to “Operation Trust” Counter-Intelligence Operation implemented by the Bolsheviks run by the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews in 1921 – 1926. This operation was used to identify and exterminate members of the Russian Opposition Party Movement. We’ve received several new reports on RFK Jr. running for President having potentially compromising relationships and affiliations.

After the Biden Administration election in November 2020, a vacuum was left by the shut-down of the “Q Operation” shortly following. Filling this void was the emerging Influencer Movement that began it’s takeover the whole of Alternative Media News. Thereby compromising the Truth Movement, Patriot Movement, Awakening Movement, Consciousness Movement, UFO vs SSP Movements, and the Full Disclosure Movement. We must now wait, watch and learn, and then let time determine the veracity and validity of these reports.

There has been a systemic compromise of known influencers, yet to be known or discovered captured influencer operations. The Great Awakening Report has implemented stricter guidelines for purpose of posting and publishing all new content. GAR advises all subscribers to use caution and discernment with any alternative news media sources as we traverse the next phase of global information warfare.

Here’s a Look Back at our Weekly Briefings from the Month:

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– The Great Awakening Team –


“Who Will be Valiant for Justice Sake? That is Our Prayer and Our Battle Cry.”

“When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.”  NAS: Mark 13:7-8

– Meditation & Prayer For All Humanity –

“May I be a guard for those who need protection, a guide for those on the path, a boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood. May I be a lamp in the darkness, a resting place for the weary, a healing medicine for all who are sick, a vase of plenty, a tree of miracles. And for the boundless multitudes of living beings, may I bring sustenance and awakening, enduring like the earth and sky until all beings are freed from sorrow and all are awakened.” Bodhisattva Prayer for All Humanity 700 AD


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Starving nations do not just quietly lay down and die. Starving nations go to war.
Starving people will fight over the remaining available resources, inevitably destroying much of the resources that they are fighting over.

Biden Mandates & Debacles

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2024 Pre-Election Battle Ground

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Global Wars & Revolutions

Iran may already have five nuclear bombs and may have as many as a dozen by May. Some intelligence estimates, as early as this past October, asserted that Iran could have enough enriched weapons-grade uranium for one bomb within a week and enough for five nuclear bombs within six weeks. It has been more than three months since those estimates were made.

If Iran does have a bomb, why is there little mention of it in the press? The Iranians will probably not want to claim to have the bomb until they have a dozen or so operational ones at diverse locations. It would be foolish to announce one bomb, because the U.S. and Israel would expend considerable effort to find and destroy it — but more bombs in more locations makes this “destroy” effort increasingly complex, if not almost impossible.

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Discernment and Deprogramming Allows the Awakened to know Truth from the Lies.

Is it a coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used them for energy, and controlled their minds? Sound familiar? I wonder where they derived that idea from.  Now comes the ‘conspiracy’ label; the deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.  The end won’t be for everyone. That choice, to know, will be yours.

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The escalation of events continues to expose the hidden hand of the Global Deep State / Shadow Government.  The MSM (mainstream media) continues to propagandize their reporting by normalizing the socialist-communist radical left.  We see continued resignation from global CEOs & board members of the top Fortune 500 companies.  Hollywood is no stranger to bad behavior as we learn of their elites’ sexual abuse of women, sex trafficking, and pedophilia which are now reported on a weekly basis.  The increase this month of over 220,540 sealed indictments, the continued early retirement or resignation of Congressmen, Senators, CEO’s, high up board members, and Hollywood “A” list actors all reveal the scope and magnitude of a global network of corruption. Q posts inform the world from behind the scenes as a US military counterintelligence operation for The Earth Alliance.   Yet, the battle is not over and the fight continues to intensify at all levels.  Our posted articles, videos, and documentaries will provide a deeper historical and current understanding of the crimes and atrocities committed against humanity.

“When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil. – Thomas Jefferson

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• Operation Mockingbird Media | Programming

Operation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. Wikipedia

Operation Mockingbird never officially ended and has continued since the early 1950s. Our media has been a propaganda machine for roughly 70 years.

• Human Trafficking | Satanic Corruption

The numbers for Global Human Trafficking are estimated to be in excess of 8 million children a year. The US numbers are estimated to be somewhere between 800k and 1 million trafficked children. Child & Female Slavery is now the most profitable industry, more profitable than global illegal drug trafficking.

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• Global Economic

This map shows inflation projections around the world in 2024.

There are now 2 U.S. Economies in play, first is the old Federal Reserve Fiat Currency (13 Deep State Family Partnership created in 1913) in its final death spiral. The competing financial system ready to launch is the U.S. Treasury Gold-Backed Currency Economy Trump was/is building.  All U.S Debt is based on corruption and can be written off against the existing Federal Reserve Banks which is currently run by 13 of the world’s wealthiest elite.

• International Monetary System

Is a new Global Earth Alliance monetary system ready for activation?  We explore the news reports on the potential of  NESARA/GESARA‘s replacement of the SWIFT global trading platform, new gold-backed currencies, the possibility of a global debt jubilee, and banishment of the IRS.


Global Weather

The growing daily evidence for Global Geophysical, Earth, & Climate Change, plus the weaponization of global weather has never been more evident than in recent months.  NASA satellite photos have revealed that our Solar System has entered into a cosmic solar cloud that has affected the weather on all planets within our solar system.  This plasma energy cloud is activating our sun which burns bright white today as opposed to yellow 30 years ago. These energies from the cloud and sun are heating up the core of our planet and expanding Earth’s crust.  This has caused the increased activations of volcanic activity and earthquakes by 100 to 500 times normal, respectively.  In one 24 hour period Dutchsinse reported more than 200 earthquakes registering 5.0 or higher on the Richter scale.  Our weather patterns include extreme hurricanes with high wind speeds along with an increase in storm surges, tsunamis, hot and cold temperature extremes, droughts, flooding, forest fires, and 10,000 to 30,000 lightning strikes in one 24 hour period.  We look to track the evidence of both historical and present-day occurrences of these events.  Our tertiary topics Geophysical, Earth Changes and Climate Changes track together and support the evidence for dramatic changes within our Solar System Sun (Star). What’s missing is the knowledge of the Deep State/Cabal’s use of scalar weather modification weapons (lasers/HAARP) to accelerate the cyclical events and their agendas.  This is all part of a bigger plan connecting the dots leading us towards The Event.

There’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent threat of climate change.”

• Global Weather Wars

We examine and investigate the unreported truth regarding the increase in the number and volume of solar events, new volcanoes, and earthquakes driving galactic forces behind climate changes.

• Geophysical Earth Changes

Is Earth’s crust expanding?  Are the poles shifting? Is there a planetary end of times cycle approaching?  We’re witnessing the destruction of our planetary ecosystems and atmosphere. We report on scientific evidence confirming Earth is now undergoing dramatic changes, directing us towards cataclysmic conclusions.

Worldwide earthquakes above magnitude 5.5 during February 2024 | Jump to daily reports for Feb 2024: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29

Summary: 7 quakes 6.0+, 113 quakes 5.0+, 1065 quakes 4.0+, 3506 quakes 3.0+, 8529 quakes 2.0+ (13220 total) Read all

• Weather & Climate Change

Global wildfires, heavy rains, and extreme drought continue.  Record-setting winds, scorching heat, and beyond freezing cold storms are now the new normal.  The climate is undoubtedly changing and we’re learning more about these changes daily.

A map and ranking of the fastest sinking coastal cities in the world by local land subsidence.



Health Watch

We continue to research and find definitive evidence of pharmaceutical toxins creating side effects, extending diseases, and causing new secondary health-related issues.  The battle for truth regarding our health has never more evident than it has with recent disclosures regarding the FDA, Big Pharma, and the Corporate Food Industry versus the Alternative Health, Vitamins & Supplements, and Organic Farming industries.  The key is the link between the heads of government agencies making policies and laws favoring Big Pharma and the Corporate Food Industry.  We seek to post articles, videos, and documentaries making the case for purposeful toxification, pollution, and poisoning of the pharmaceutical drug industry and our food system.

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others. The Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”    – Benjamin Rush

All Healing is Essentially the Release from Fears”  CM 2.IV.1.7




• Viruses & Vaccine News

It would seem that a vaccine passport is imminent, but is it? Would it just be easier to use that as a tactic? What is the real reason for them to want to vaccinate the planet? It’s quite undeniable there is a larger agenda at play, with no claims about helping reduce transmission or uptake of the virus and so much misinformation. Generally, when something is free, you are the product.

• COVID Fraud Disclosures


• Vaccination Injuries

The Largest Covid Vaxx Study Just Found
💉 6.9x more Pericarditis
💉 6.1x more Myocarditis
💉 3.8x more Encephalomyelitis
💉 3.2x more Blood Clots
💉 2.5x more Guillain-Barre
It’s now finally being admitted in the mainstream media that these mRNA shots increase your risk of heart, brain and blood disorders. Those who pushed these shots, and those who kept this info from going public, have blood on their hands.
This thing was forced on people who faced almost no risk from Covid
It is completely unacceptable

• Vaccination Deaths

• Vaccinations Recovery Protocols

• FDA & Big Pharma

Should the government be in control of our health?  What is the gross annual revenue for Big Pharma?  Are vaccines safe?  Are cures suppressed?  When you follow the money it is clear to see the motives behind big pharma. It is exponentially more financially beneficial for the industry to keep us ill and ill-informed of our healing potential and the risks of our foods, supplements, and medications to consume. With less than one-quarter of all Americans trusting in our healthcare system, it is time for a massive overhaul. We’re looking for answers.

• Food Industry

What foods can you trust?  Are we being intentionally poisoned?  Can we trust the labels on processed foods? Are any diets worth pursuing?  Why are GMOs so common?  You are what you eat!

 With news like Bill Gates becoming the largest private farmland owner in the U.S it’s more important than ever to figure out how to take control of your health and well-being. The growing percentage of people buying organic foods proves awareness of the horrific “foods” that are available to us and the massive amount of misinformation and censorship behind natural health practices. We cast our vote for what we want to see in stores every time we check out. 

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals and our Immune Systems - Legal Levels do not Equal Safe when it comes to the Water we Drink, Bathe or Shower in; or Cook our Food With

• Alternative Health

Why are alternative and holistic health practitioners dying?  Can we heal ourselves?  What foods, remedies, and practices can benefit us?  We’re asking the tough questions and looking for real answers.

Since the Flexner Report in 1910, we have been sold a model of healthcare that has one primary goal; profit. There have been so many fantastic practitioners that have seen past their “education” and helped to get people away from illness and disease and on the right path to a healthy life. Unfortunately, a lot of these practitioners are being silenced and having their licenses revoked for telling the truth, and practicing natural methods. There is an immeasurable amount of information out there to weed through on how to be healthy.  We’re asking the tough questions and looking for real answers.

• Holographic Plasma Medbeds 



True History

The true history of our planet and the solar system is now being revealed.  The internet has created an opportunity for archeologists, historians, scholars, and authors to collaborate on all topics related to our collective history.  They’re mapping artifacts and hieroglyphics of ancient ruins from all over the world. That paints an entirely different picture of our history.  We see continued evidence in newly posted YouTube videos and cable programming confirming ancient, advanced technological civilizations going back thousands of years.  Top US scientists have confirmed original records dating back 500,000 years hidden away deep inside the Vatican Library.  The History Channel represents the most popular cable channel for controlled history disclosure, with Ancient Aliens being one of their most-viewed programs. Gaia TV is the most popular internet channel with over 10,000 archived videos.

People Without the True Knowledge of their Ancient History, Origins,and Culture is Like a Tree Without Roots. – Marcus Garvey 

History Merely Repeats Itself. It Has All Been Done Before. Nothing Under The Sun Is Truly New. – Ecclesiastes 1:9 

Is the House of History is Built on Sand!

In George Orwell’s “1984” he wrote that “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. History has stopped.”

• Archaeology | Erich von Daniken

We’re looking at the ancient world and how civilizations were living thousands of years ago.  The truth about our ancestors is hidden in forbidden archeology.  We look to reveal evidence of ancient aliens visiting and inhabiting our planet for eons.

• Ancient Text | Erich von Daniken

Things keep getting older by tens of thousands of years. Luckily the ancients documented the past, and these truths are finding their way into the public domain. Our understanding of the power of these writings keeps growing daily. There are many fascinating secrets, codes, and mathematics integrated into much more than we ever thought. These ancient texts were meant to be read once we reached an age when we could comprehend these texts. Once we entered the age of information, truth, and oneness, the Age Of Aquarius.

• Real US History | Ancient Giants Ruled America

Were the history books where we learned from as accurate as we could’ve hoped for?  Likely not. Stunning new evidence and research are revealing a new understanding of our almost 250 year US History.


Cosmic Disclosure


Hidden Truths

We are committed to full disclosure and the release of all hidden science and technologies.  There is a planetary cosmic battle currently underway but is yet to be fully understood.  With everything at risk, the Deep State is in the fight for its very existence, making this the most challenging, critical, and difficult topic to understand and comprehend.

Our collective future and understanding of the universe are based on full disclosure of sciences, advanced technologies, and the Secret Space Program.  The underlying civil war in Washington DC is based on Full Disclosure (Global Alliance) vs Partial Disclosure (Deep State).  We have been in soft disclosure since July 2015, with the whistleblower testimony by Secret Space Program (SSP) military personnel.  The Deep State goes back 70 years to the early 1940s with billions of dollars spent to protect their secrets valued in the trillions.  The massive amounts of public and private funds stolen from the earth’s populations are beyond comprehension.  The investment in people and monies to build an off-planet military-industrial complex ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) is in the tens of trillions.  This is where the saying; “Everything we’ve been taught is a lie” comes into play.  They’ve had to cover up the truth for a long time.

There are no secrets that time does not reveal, and the time for full disclosure of our planet’s Secret Space Program and hidden technologies is Now.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla

Underground Military Bases

• New Sciences Discoveries

We’re examining new physics, plasma biology, quantum physics, astronomy, astrophysics, universal theory, antigravity, zero-point energy, human frequency, and other scientific truths and theories.

• Advanced Technologies Disclosures

The revelation of hidden technologies, 6,000 plus patents suppressed by the Department of Defense, and inventors from all over the world withholding new technologies that would greatly advance the human race.  We’re witnessing a true realization and awakening of the coming Golden Age.

• Secret Space Program | Abductions

How long has the Secret Space Program existed and how many programs are there?  Are they meant to do good or are there bad intentions?  Which UFOs are earth-based and which are from other worlds? We look into David Wilcock’s analysis along with whistleblower testimonies from Corey Goode, Emery Smith, William Tompkins, and Pete Peterson.

• Antarctica Worlds Beyond the Ice Wall


The Event

The Event is described as a 26,000-year grand cycle “Event” based on our solar system being part of a binary, or two-star system.  Current evidence, research, and information on The Event is limited to ancient texts, SSP scientists, military disclosures, whistle-blower testimony, NASA satellite data reports, and scientific observatory papers documenting specific galactic events within our solar system. Solar flares (release of photons, electrons, and carbon dioxide gases), solar winds, coronal mass ejections (further solar particles of radiation), co-interaction regions where fast and slow solar winds converge and send out vibrationally strong shock waves throughout the cosmos which will, of course, affect this planet. All of the occurrences mentioned above will cause the inner core and the outer arena (magnetic and geomagnetic fields) of Earth/Gaia to tremendously thrash, surge, and shift and vibrate faster and elevate higher, and receive enormous pulsations of SOURCE LIGHT. We anticipate the expansion and dramatic increase of new evidentiary information on The Event.  This topic is key to understanding the Big Picture for our planet, race, and ascension of every soul on this planet.

“The Discovery of a 26,000 Year Cycle that Ends with a Galactic Flash Ushering in a New Era of Higher Consciousness and The Golden Age.

For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”   Matthew 27:24

Suspicious Observer 25 Video Series / The Earths Catastrophic Cycle

• Galactic Energy Cloud

Galactic energy cloud, solar waves, and cosmic rays from outside of this solar system, super-novas (ancient exploding stars), comets (whose tails filled with chemicals will plunge to Earth/Gaia before the comet melts as it moves directly into the Sun), CME’s and many other heavenly events we seek to post in our reports.

• Galactic Flash / MicroNova

This is a universal 26,000-year recurring galactic event that is tied to the ascension of the human souls to higher dimensions of consciousness.  The Galactic Flash originates from the galactic central sun in our universe and transverses through our sun, a flash or MicroNova 1000 times brighter than the brightest X Class CME on record.

• Ascension Frequency Waves & Reset

The Ascension is the graduation opportunity of a soul’s journey through incarnations of experiencing polarity in the 3rd dimension reality of Free Will.  The key to Ascension is based on each individual’s frequency and vibration.

Ascension Papers 

An invitation to step into the power of your divine, limitless self! To move into the right relationship with all that you truly are, and therefore into the right relationship with all of life. If you accept this invitation, then you’ll be able to join in the co-creation of the most wondrous future reality imaginable… a whole new life in a whole new world in a grand, golden age! An age in which we all know that we are One with each other, One with Life, One with the planet, and One with the Divine. An age in which we are all awakened to our true Creator-Nature.   Author; Arn Allingham
Free PDF Link Here!



In Oneness, Unity, & Equality

There are numerous topics and extensive research documenting a new understanding of Spirituality. Our first focus is in the area of Consciousness and the new scientific discoveries and studies ongoing within the scientific community.  Next, is the historical research and the distinctions between Religion vs Spirituality.  Religion has its roots in Sumerian culture taught as a controlling practice tied to monetary, governmental, and military systems and practices.  The truth about religion will be one of the biggest challenges to understand and comprehend with full disclosure.  The last topic is the cosmic battle between good and evil which is now being disclosed and revealed.  This quite possibly carries the most resistance and negative response by programmed and conditioned global populations.  It is important to note that advanced human DNA has existed in our universe for billions of years.  The questions of who we are, where we come from, and how we got here will rock religion to its very core.

Spirituality is a Brave Search for the Truth about Existence, Fearlessly Peering into the Mysterious Nature of Life. Elizabeth Lesser

Spirituality cannot be Defined but can be Described as a Journey to the Center of the Soul. Peter Kemmsies

• Consciousness

The last frontier of discovery & exploration.  Prime/Source/Creator/God’s connection to the Universe and our Collective Consciousness.

• Manifestation

Manifestation is based on the Law of Attraction, and the power of thought sustained and visualized with the emotions of the heart.  These are the keys to manifestation in the 3rd/4th-dimensional realities.

• Forgiveness | Releasing

The creative powers of the human spirit have been suppressed for thousands of years.  With the increase in global consciousness and revelations through ancient texts were just beginning to understand the full extent of human potential. All human spiritual advancement begins with a daily Forgiveness practice.

Forgiveness is an integral aspect of the awakening process. It is a crucial step in releasing past trauma and a necessary component of the healing process.  Forgiving others is not to condone or accept unforgivable actions but rather to let yourself be free of the burden these feelings have on you. You don’t need to forgive others so that they feel okay about their actions. You must do it for yourself to move forward towards healing and connecting with your spirit.  Forgiving yourself is just as if not more important than forgiving others. In order to forgive yourself, it is necessary to learn and appreciate each so-called mistake you are holding over yourself.  Gain gratitude for every trauma, every mistake, and every wrongdoing that was afflicted to or by you. Forgiveness and gratitude are keys to the doors of healing and awakening.

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9


Path of Awakening

There are three essential Awakening components to continued elevation and maintaining our higher vibration and frequency: The daily practice of meditation, healing, and living a healthy lifestyle.  These are vital to learning and knowing your individual truth.  The path to higher consciousness and making better choices are part of the awakening to our hidden destiny and an understanding of who we really are.  The balance and the daily practice of Mind, Body, and Spirit are essential.

Your Life, All of Your Life, is Your Path of Awakening.  By Resisting or Not Dealing with its Challenges, You Stay Asleep to Reality. Pay Attention to What Life is Trying to Reveal to You.  Say Yes to Its Fierce, Ruthless, and Loving Grace.

• Meditation Practice

The benefits of spiritual meditation are vast and encompass reduced reactivity, inner peace, and a strong, genuine connection with your soul’s true essence. You will feel joyfully confident knowing that you are living your life’s purpose. By focusing on connecting with a higher power, this practice becomes rooted in spirituality. Meditation also strengthens the connection between the mind and body, leading to more intentional, mindful actions in all aspects of daily life. Consistent meditation practice allows you to listen to what your body needs, leading to a more mindful existence. The techniques involved in meditation create profound shifts, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually within you, providing lasting benefits for all who practice.
“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” ― Bill Keane

• Healing Practice | Energy Healing

Healing energy, deeply ingrained in global cultures, posits a subtle force fostering physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Despite variations in interpretation, it revolves around the interconnectedness of body and mind with an energy field for healing. Traditional practices like acupuncture, Reiki, and Qigong aim to restore balance in this system.

Today, healing energy garners attention in both alternative and mainstream healthcare. While scientific validation may be incomplete, research explores mind-body interventions and holistic health. Practices such as meditation and energy healing reflect a societal shift towards recognizing the unity of mind, body, and spirit.

In essence, healing energy underscores innate self-healing potential. By fostering awareness of energy flow and embracing balancing practices, individuals can access this healing reservoir for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

• Healthy Lifestyle | Mindful Eating

Living a healthy lifestyle involves following a consistent routine of eating well, limiting processed, unhealthy food, maintaining a routine exercise program and practicing mindful techniques. Through a disciplined approach, we can live a healthy, well-intentioned life.Mindful eating is a practice rooted in the principles of mindfulness, encouraging individuals to cultivate a heightened awareness and attention to their eating experiences. It involves being fully present in the moment while eating, paying close attention to the sensory aspects of food such as its taste, texture, and smell, as well as acknowledging the thoughts and emotions that arise during the eating process. By slowing down and savoring each bite, individuals can develop a deeper connection with their food and a greater appreciation for the nourishment it provides, leading to a more satisfying and enjoyable eating experience.

Moreover, mindful eating extends beyond the act of consuming food itself, encompassing a holistic approach to health and well-being. It involves tuning into hunger and satiety cues, eating with intention and without judgment, and fostering a non-reactive awareness of one’s relationship with food. By practicing mindful eating, individuals can develop a healthier and more balanced relationship with food, promoting better digestion, improved nutritional intake, and a greater sense of overall wellness.

The 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances, and Changes,

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.  – Zig Ziglar 

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – CS Lewis


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