SPECIAL REPORT: 2023 Trends, Predictions & Divine Intervention

2023 Predictions - Special Report
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Publish Date; December 27th, 2022 | Updated Weekly 💢




Spiritual Warfare | Compression Break Through | The Event

2020 Great Lockdowns | 2021 Great Isolations | 2022 Great Shutdowns | 2023 Great Collapse

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This Special Report is our Annual 2023 year in review and looking forward into all aspects of our immediate future. 2023 Trends, Predictions & Divine Intervention looks at the potential changes and transformations for the coming year. It starts with a breakdown and review the events of 2022, identifying the top news stories, most influential people, and powerful images from pivotal moments of the year.
We then examine the predictions and trends for 2023. What can we expect in the food industry, energy & financial markets, the housing industry, and general trends in business? How can we prepare for the coming planetary shifts and life changing events ahead? Will the New Year bring civil unrest, war and new pandemics? How will weather and climate be affected by the geophysical shifts?
We also have predictions from researchers, analysts, intuitives, thought leaders, astrologers, ancient seers, Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, CS Lewis, Gearld Celeste, David Dubyne, Abraham Hicks, Bart Simpsons, Ralph Smart, Jim Rogers, Mathew Gardner, Redfin Reports, Lee Harris, Eckhart Tolle, Daniel Scranton, HOPI Prophecy, Gregg Braden, Jonathan Cahn, and Apostle Joel. 

We all recognize we are living through a time of immense transformation for humanity and while we contribute individually the collective is awakening as we seek manifestation of divine intervention.
GAR Team

Compression Break Through | Divine Intervention | The Event

Compression Break Through | Divine Intervention | The Event

“The End of  Times, Trials, Testing & Purge”

There are two one-sided perspectives on this planet. One is that we need to do everything on our own. And the other one, we are helpless, and we are powerless and need external help. Actually, what is necessary here is partnership. Partnership between the surface population and the Galactic races. And this is the way it is done all over the galaxy, and this is the way it has to be done here to be successful. We have one necessary essential element to the liberation, and they have the other one, and only together we can make this possible. So this is why this partnership is necessary to empower each other and to make this liberation possible. We are creating a bridge between the surface of the planet and the heaven, and this bridge will trigger the Event. It will assist in that process, and it will defeat the darkness.

People sometimes have expectations that are not based in reality. People are expecting a few minutes of one strong meditation can transmute all darkness on planet Earth which was accumulating here for thousands and thousands of years. That of course is not possible. Real physical change that will be visible, evident, and what people are expecting, will only happen the last few weeks before the Event. Nothing will be really visible months before the Event. The only time when people will really begin to notice changes is a few weeks before the Event. So no matter how many meditations we do before that particular moment, there’ll be no really strongly visible external changes. What does change with every meditation is we empower the positive timeline, and we prevent many negative things from happening. Without our meditations, we would not be having this conversation right now, maybe this surface of the planet would already have been destroyed.

So we have averted so many negative scenarios. We have averted so many wars. They have attempted to create a war in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in Israel, in Ukraine, you name it. So many times over and never succeeded. The only time they succeeded was with this pandemic, and the only reason why they succeeded with this pandemic, I would say the main reason why they succeeded with this pandemic, was that the key Lightworkers on the planet have made crucial, stupid, and egoistic mistakes in 2020, 2021 and in 2022. That could all be prevented; it was not necessary, this pandemic. It’s completely unnecessary, this whole drama could be avoided. But I would say that many other things have been avoided with our meditations and it helped a lot.

Many things could have been much worse than they are now. It’s a complete miracle that we are not living in a completely totalitarian New World Order regime right now. There are elements of it, yes, but we are not there, we are not living in concentration camps. So it’s a complete miracle that we are not there. If we compare what the dark forces are doing, how much energy they put into this and the state of humanity of the surface of the planet, we have been extremely successful if we see how these things could have turned out.

There are two factors involved here. The first one is there is simply more darkness than anybody expected, I expected, the Resistance Movement expected, or the Light Forces expected. And the second factor is there is less cooperation and more egoism and more stupidity among the Lightworkers than anybody expected. So those two factors combined have resulted in this process being less pleasant and more challenging than I initially expected. So it is hard to determine how this will play out, but I would say the more people hold the Light, the more people cooperate in a positive way, the more people develop and manifest common sense together with a spirit of cooperation, the more, the easier our roles will be.

Of course, the dark forces will try to challenge that, this is their nature, this is a war, and of course they want to win when they’re in the war, and they will do whatever they can to win. They will not win, but they will do whatever they can to disturb this process. But if we manifest more unity, that will be a very powerful protection against that. So it’s a matter of two forces interacting. On the positive side, we have those Lightworkers who are cooperating and who are manifesting common sense. And on the other side, we have the dark forces that are already cooperating and that are using their strategy in a way that is much more efficient than I have seen among most of the Lightworkers. And then we have the Light Forces clearing the exotic technologies, and they cannot intervene directly before the threat of exotic technologies is removed. So this is the situation now. We have much power in our hands to make the rest of this journey easier.

Yet most people will not take me seriously and they will still not cooperate, and we will have more mandates, more of the same until the breakthrough happens. This is most likely what would happen. I’m not very hopeful again, I have seen enough of human nature to see how people behave. But there’ll be a point when enough of the negative, exotic technologies will be removed and the Light Forces will make the breakthrough, and then of course, this war will be over, it will not matter anymore, this will be a total game changer.

We are NOT heading towards disaster; we are in a Tug of War. We are now in a situation where both sides are equally powerful and are opposing the other. So the good guys are opposing all this and the bad guys want to manifest this. On one hand, we have a slow collapse of the society, on the other hand, we have a big awakening happening. People who haven’t seen what’s going on even a few months ago now are opening their eyes, and they see, and there is a massive positive non-compliance happening also at the same time. So we have a dynamic equilibrium between both dark and the Light agendas here. Both sides are quite powerful, and I expect this tension to continue until the breakthrough happens. At some point, there will be more of the dark appearing to win, at some point there will be more of the Light appearing to win, and this equilibrium, these strong opposing forces in my expectations will continue like this until the breakthrough. And, of course, we are not going back into the old normal, this is not going to happen, this went too far. The old society has reached a point of no return in the summer of 2019 already, and this cannot be reversed, the only way is up, the only way is towards the Event.

If people get oppressed, they need to resist that oppression. I mean, peacefully, coherently, massively. If people say nothing, if people just comply, then it’s easier for the dark forces to implement those measures.

2022 Trends & Forecast

We can see more people coming to a realization that something is not right, something is going on, people are beginning to question things. Of course, the alternative media has been poisoned with so much disinformation and when people begin to read all those articles and look at all of those videos, they get more confused, but at least they begin to question the official narrative, they begin to think, they begin to want to make their own choices, which is a very positive occurrence. It hasn’t ever happened on such a massive scale before, this is the first time in human history we have hundreds of millions, if not billions of people for the first time questioning the official story. This has never happened before.

We are in the last phase before the breakthrough, before the maximum terminal flux, which is the Event. So we are in that last phase, and the thermal flux is accelerating, which you can actually experience. All that tension that is felt is actually more and more energies flowing, more and more, I would say in terms of physics, more and more thermal flux occurring in the system. And it’s increasing and it will keep increasing until the Event. So there will be more tension, more dynamic forces in play, until something breaks and that will be the moment of the Event.

We seem to be approaching the boiling point? And as you say, “Hold on a little longer and withstand the siege”? No. I would say the best, if you are in a situation like this, the common strategic sense would be to keep holding the Light, no matter how long it takes. Because if you let it go right now, if you surrender right now to this chaos, then it’s not going to be fine. You need to keep your focus, you need to keep your light ongoing, holding that tension, holding that consciousness, that focus, until the breakthrough happens.

There is no Plan B. This is now the Gamma timeline, which calls for direct intervention. Since a few years ago, we were on Gamma timeline and this needs to happen, so there is no Plan B. It just needs to unravel until its final resolution. We are in this Gamma timeline; we need to keep on going until the intervention happens.

People are waiting passively for the Event; this is not what I’m saying. I’m saying that you need to do whatever you can to make your life better, too manifest as good a life as possible, and in the circumstances that they are right now. But the Event is the final goal. We have been born for something greater. We have this higher purpose in mind as well. So both. This moment, live as good as possible, do your mission, and live your life in a way that is aligned with your divine plans.

There are protests taking place all over the world to counteract the mandates and lockdowns. The politicians are aware of all those demonstrations. Of course, they will ignore them. Of course, they will do nothing. They will pretend nothing is happening because they want to keep their positions, they want to keep their power. But energetically speaking, the coherence of the field is rising, the power of human consciousness against this New World Order takeover is rising, its increasing in power until the breakthrough. So this is the counter force which prevents all  those negative scenarios, like concentration camps, etcetera, from actually manifesting. It keeps them at bay.

Is it likely that we’ll get to a point where there’s a global revolution on such a grand scale that it would bring some of the negative elites to their knees before the Event? It is a possibility, as I said, it’s a dynamic scenario with many rips and undercurrents and anything is possible. There was one possibility for a major revolution and an occurrence breaking through in September, which did not manifest, which is better because it was more peaceful. It could be quite violent, and we could not be having this conversation right now if it manifested. So if this revolutionary timeline manifests, it will be quite drastic, dynamic. It can have various outcomes. Some of them are pleasant, some of them are less pleasant. So we will see, it’s impossible to predict, there are too many variables in this situation right now.

Common sense is very much needed. Everybody’s so emotionally polarized and so easily swept with this current negativity in one way or the other. So common sense is very much needed. And a spirit of cooperation, which has been almost completely lost. The surface population never really understood how it is to cooperate. That is something that is completely natural in the rest of the universe. We are going to learn to cooperate. That’s very important.

We cannot, you cannot open the eyes of others. They need to do this for themselves. And you will be labelled “conspiracy theorists” if you try to open the eyes of another person who is not ready for it. So I would say you can share this, but share it only with those who are ready. You don’t force this upon anybody because many are simply not ready. People can get frustrated, it’s most important to maintain our focus keeping our own vibration high and find our own joy in whatever way works for us. People will feel that you have a different vibration, that you are somehow different. They will go to you with their questions, and then you can explain to them what’s going on.

GAR Edited Version: by Cobra

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2022 Year in Review

2023 Trends & Predictions Documentaries

2023 trends

2023 Trends & Forecast

Business Trends

Consumer, Arts & Fashion

Consumer, Arts & Fashion

2023 Food trends

Food, Wellness & Lifestyle Trends

global inflation

Global 2023 Forecast

2023 Forecast Future Events

2023 Forecast Future Events

Happy New Year! The covid narrative is gloriously collapsing, and right on schedule, as predicted. The alternative media is disclosing all the following:

1. Cloth Masks and Social Distancing fake science (Leanna Wen, CNN)
2. The Vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission, no clinical trial proof or evidence
3. The Adult Sudden Death Syndrome is on the rise and can no longer be hidden
4. Many people are entering hospitals with all kinds of issues. Cancers have risen 3000%
5. Hospitals, knows as Kill Zones, with whistleblowers coming forward to tell their stories of routine patient deaths
6. Global Supply Chain is grinding to a stop. This will cripple the economy for years.
7. Global War has it flash points set to trigger at any moment. January – March 2023 is the window
8. Global Economy is on the verge of collapsing
9. US Children majority are now homeschooled
10. New Series of Virus Plandemics or a series of Hemorrhagic Viruses to cause panic, forcing new killer vaccines
11. New Disclosures; Twitter unlawful censorship practices, Kennedy CIA Assassination document release, Kari Lake lawsuit AZ Governors fraudulent election, etc.

by GAR Team


2023 Global Climate Forecast

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2023 Predictions

There are those who are skeptics. There are those who are doubters. And there are those who prefer to don rose-colored glasses. To these, I have no words; for they have made their choice, though the signs have been many. There are those who know, and within their tender hearts, have seen, felt, and recognized what is coming. In the coming critical times, listen to and heed the directive of your spirits that retain the high wisdom you are now perceiving.

Internationally renowned Psychic Betsey Lewis peers into 2022 and Beyond to provide a brighter future for humanity…that’s if humanity awakens in time from their deep slumber. But first, a spiritual war must be fought against the Family of Dark. It’s a war that was first fought in Atlantis 10,000 years ago before its final destruction, and we are repeating those times again. 2022 is also known as YEAR ZERO, a term used by the New World Order on their most audacious move on humanity yet.

Will COVID eventually disappear or will humanity be forced with never-ending vaccines, was our DNA alters with the vaccines, will Republicans reclaim the Senate in 2022, will Russian invade Ukraine and will this start World War III, will China move on Taiwan, who will become the next President of the United States in 2024, will Prince Charles become King of England in the next few years, will the Earth changes get worse with stronger earthquakes, increased volcanic activity, extreme weather and will crime escalate with the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants flooding our borders from many countries? Will inflation get worse? Has Planet X returned to our Solar System to create larger Earth changes and a possible shift of the Earth’s axis?

Timelines can be changed if we become the Butterflies creating the Hurricane instead of being tossed about by the turbulent winds. The choice is ours! A bright new world awaits us!

“Prophecy Now” new release; As symbiotic beings we are deeply connected to Mother Earth, but due to our own imbalance, our planet is also out of balance. Until we learn that we have a mystical relationship to all life and learn to respect all life, our planet will continue to become more erratic with volcanic eruptions, huge earthquakes, extreme weather–heat and floods, and wildfires. We are divided as humans, and we have allowed this disparity to happen by those who care less about us. We have lost our compassion as humans and we have lost our spirituality.

In PROPHECY NOW, Lewis points out that we are the Atlanteans returned who continue to repeat the past. Thousands of years ago, the Atlanteans reached the pinnacle of science and technology, but there too were great divisions among the people. There were those who were spiritually balanced and those who were consumed in greed to control the world through their advanced sciences. Sadly, we still haven’t learned the lessons of balance, love, kindness, and compassion.

Read more about Betsey’s incredible predictions on world leaders, satanism, Earth changes, economy, inflation, World War III, the Mid-term elections in the U.S. on November 8, Trump in 2024, Biden’s future, Governor DeSantis in 2024, Governor Newsom’s future, COVID vaccines, the weather, new inventions, AI technology, UFOs, aliens, and more…

By Betsy Lewis | 2022 – 2024 Predictions New Book Link 

time is an illusion

Ralph Smart Awakening 2023 

  1. Humans will begin merging with AI artificial intelligence, becoming HUMAN 2.0/Humanoid
  2. More people will be seduced by and ultimately live in the metaverse. The awakened will reject it
  3. Smart cities will become more commonplace in many countries
  4. Global civil unrest will continue and escalate to riots, similar to what’s happening in China.
  5. The HIDDEN is coming to light. People will realize that “the truth is a lie” and “the lie is the truth”. Life in reverse – l-i-v-e it becomes evil e-v-i-l . . .
  6. The threat of a total economic collapse
  7. A Great War will emerge – the Russia/Ukraine war is going to escalate where other countries will get involved. Think rationing . . .
  8. There will be Mass Exodus to the new Earth
  9. The Great Divide will become apparent between 3D and 5D
  10. Homeschooling children will increase
  11. People will detach from mainstream society, causing a collapse of traditions
  12. Lightworkers will rise up and come forward
  13. Realization that UNITY is our greatest power
  14. Humanity will see Earth’s true, hidden origins
  15. Another virus/plandemic begins, originating in China then spreading globally
  16. Alternative websites that allow people the freedom of speech will surpass YouTube (Rumble/Bitchute for example)
  17. Humans marrying robots. Expect the weird, the bizarre, the crazy
  18. Men and women are going to start to see themselves as complementary and harmony will be restored
  19. More people are going to opt out of their normal, societal life and instead begin to live their best life in truth
  20. 2023 is the YEAR OF LIBERATION – the hidden comes to light . . .

Earths Disaster Cycle: First, combine Chan Thomas, Charles Hapgood, Major White, August Dunning, Robert Felix, Robert Shoch, Albert Einstein, Randall Carlson and Douglas Vogt. Then, combine mythology, religion, 4 fields of astrophysics, 8 fields of geophysics, archeology and paleontology. Then add on the signs of the disaster unfolding now on earth, the other planets, the sun, nearby stars… and realize that the cycle timing is perfectly due again now. It’s coming. Are you ready?

Nostradamus’ Major Prophecies For 2023 

  1. Great War Caused by America
  2. Destruction of the Large Empire
  3. European Countries May Have to Deal With Depopulation
  4. Vladimir Putin Will Be Assassinated, and Biden Will Suffer From a Mysterious Disease
  5. Huge Financial Crisis!
  6. In 2023, England Will Have a New King
  7. A New Pope in the Catholic Church
  8. Unprecedented Migration
  9. Light on Mars Falling
  10. New World Order or Celestial Fire

 Baba Vanga’s Five Predictions for 2023:

  1. A big country will carry out research and testing activities of biological weapons on people
  2. In 2023, a solar storm, a ‘solar tsunami,’ will occur as the world has never seen before!
  3. Planet Earth will pass into the fifth dimension – the aliens will attack the earth
  4. Nuclear power plant explosion
  5. Human reproduction will become an artificial process, performed only in labs with the aid of an artificial uterus

Dmitry Medvedev 2023 Predictions | 💢  

Many come up with futuristic hypotheses, as if competing to single out the wildest, and even the most absurd ones.

Here’s our humble contribution. What can happen in 2023:

1. Oil price will rise to $150 a barrel, and gas price will top $5.000 per 1.000 cubic meters

2. The UK will rejoin the EU

3. The EU will collapse after the UK’s return; Euro will drop out of use as the former EU currency

4. Poland and Hungary will occupy western regions of the formerly existing Ukraine

5. The Fourth Reich will be created, encompassing the territory of Germany and its satellites, i.e., Poland, the Baltic states, Czechia, Slovakia, the Kiev Republic, and other outcasts

6. War will break out between France and the Fourth Reich. Europe will be divided, Poland repartitioned in the process

7. Northern Ireland will separate from the UK and join the Republic of Ireland

8. Civil war will break out in the US, California. and Texas becoming independent states as a result. Texas and Mexico will form an allied state. Elon Musk’ll win the presidential election in a number of states which, after the new Civil War’s end, will have been given to the GOP

9. All the largest stock markets and financial activity will leave the US and Europe and move to Asia

10. The Bretton Woods system of monetary management will collapse, leading to the IMF and World Bank crash. Euro and Dollar will stop circulating as the global reserve currencies. Digital fiat currencies will be actively used instead


Global Markets & Financial Predictions

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2022 Awakening Masses

The 2023 Awakening & Divine Intervention

Be still and know that God will come through for you. He has not forgotten about you. In any storm He will show Himself active on your behalf and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest. Trust the Lord in all times even when nothing makes sense. God is well able to take care of you.


The Event 2023

Dates & Timing Unknown

‘People will be shaken to their core by it…It feels like an earthquake, not necessarily a big one but a GLOBAL one…It happens all over the world at the same time…I do feel it’s in the 1st Quarter 2022…It’s not about fatalities but it will be something that has never happened before…It’s enough to simultaneously affect every human…I feel like the shake AWAKENS more people. It stops people focusing on Covid – enough to question what on Earth is happening, and then that will awaken more people. I think this Event is orchestrated by off-planet beings…It’s part of the plan. This is the first domino because it’s something that no one can explain, so people start to question their reality. They will stop listening to the news because it’s (the Event) inexplicable. Light workers just need to be prepared and not be afraid. It is nothing for us to be afraid of but other people will be afraid. Light workers will know. It’s the only thing that can globally stop everything being about Covid…This is a start. It’s a distraction.

Everything needs to have a shakeup before it can be resettled…There will be crashes in the financial markets. Things have to be destroyed first. It will appear terrifying to some people but we can’t go on this way. There’s nothing that can stop the (world) leaders regarding Covid unless it’s something physically outside of their control.

Before the peace and prosperity comes in, first everything has to all come down, which takes time. Questioning the reality, the narrative, the control. And people will be angry that they’ve been separated for so long from other people. We’ve felt for so long that it’s only our country but because this event affects the WHOLE globe, people will become very angry that they can’t see people in other countries…And it makes them realize how we ARE our world and not just an insular country. So people will really want to see the borders open because their loved ones were affected too…Covid was a last ditch effort (by the dark forces) to get control…The biggest thing we can do (regarding the Event) is not fear, and hold the Light for everybody else.

I feel like it (the Event) will be a snapping inside people’s brains, like a cracker going off. Like the shake literally snaps something back into place – like coming out of a fog. I feel this shake happening in a matter of days. I got it as soon as December 2021. It is such a shift in timeline that there’s no going back to before.

People will understand the truth at the level they need to learn it. Some people will have to start at the beginning, and understand the truth of the world and what’s been happening for millions of years – the control, the darkness. That’s why those people are scared because it’s like a remembrance that comes over everybody. Some people, like light workers, don’t need to remember much – but for others it’s overwhelming. And that’s why people could be yelling in the streets and other people are afraid in their homes – because suddenly the world is different and they are processing it. But it will be people like us who understand what’s going on that can calm others – they will listen to and follow us.

Everything falls away. Every part of society that has been constructed to destroy humans – their health, their spirituality, their connectedness – will be shaken up. Things like fast food – people will just leave the industry. No one will work there anymore. It will slowly all fall away, like dominos, in all aspects.

Everyone has had their chance to get to this point on their own. The people who are left are GOING to be shaken, with no choice in the matter. But everyone will get there eventually. It’s an ego death for a lot of people. And money won’t matter anymore – the rich and the people with big houses will realize that nothing matters.

People will have to let go, let it ALL go – the ego around their jobs. And they will need to learn self-love – not to rely on it from other people. That will come – with remembering who they are, they will remember what is good for them, good for their health. And they won’t be able to go back. It’s almost like it will be physically impossible to eat and drink how it was before. Things like meat will become repulsive. Over time. I’m not saying this happens in one day. But everything falls away.

Something will happen before April 1 2022. Because of the shake – or whatever happens, if it’s a metaphor, whatever event happens before Spring 2021. Suddenly it will be about PEOPLE. Because of what everyone had been through before the end of 2021, people will come together but the point of the day is that we are just grateful to have each other. People will reach out to long-lost people. It’s like a day of reconnection and celebrating being a human.

The vaccine and 5G – I think there’s something in it (the vaccine) that is activated. It gets activated but there’s an override from the Light and the activation (planned by the dark forces) goes wrong. I feel instead of whatever the activation was meant to do, it’s more of an upgrade. So the people who GOT the vaccine NEEDED it TO upgrade. They are the ones who needed to be awakened. And when they (dark forces) flip the switch, it doesn’t go the way they intended. It actually UPGRADES people’s DNA. People can ‘see’ again. So it backfires (for the dark forces). The people that took it (the jab) NEEDED it. The dark forces plan was hijacked. Because of the high vibration of other people on the planet – and them (light workers) doing the work right now – it can transmute it all. It can change it. The people who were so scared and turned on the unvaccinated, they are the ones that needed this upgrade. The ones who DIDN’T take it (jab), didn’t need it. Or they knew there’s nothing to fear.

I’m getting the sense that when the earthquake type event – or whatever it is – hits, people suddenly think about the people that matter to them. That will happen around the world. It’s like a global near-death experience – your life flashing before your eyes and you realize what’s important. The message gets through in that moment. Everything else falls away. The jobs, the money – NOTHING matters after this thing happens. It’s like the feeling of a close call for everybody on the planet.’

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


Living in end times

Biblical End Times Warnings


Lee Harris’s Annual Energy Update for 2023.

Here are the six key focus areas for 2023 which came through as six words. Additionally, this will be the year of higher consciousness. It’s more about finding your way of allowing this light and consciousness to come from inside your body out into the world.

  1. ALLOW – Allow the changes and create the future as they happen in AND around you – allow yourself to recognize your place in creating the future rather than being immobilized by events around you.
  2. CREATE – Be a protector of joy and love on the planet by being a creator of it.
  3. RELEASE – Waves of change and low vibration control will continue to rear its head – it will not be able to fully take hold on the planet and limit human consciousness and sovereignty, but it will continue to try.
  4. DISCERN – Know which fight is true, and which fight is reaction. This is how wisdom becomes embodied. Old reactions will feel like ‘action replays’ of old wounds or events from your life. There is a difference between embodying wisdom and embodying a wounded reaction. Wisdom wins in this new consciousness.
  5. LOVE – Love this incredible, moment to moment life we get to live and commit to creating love through your FOCUS.
  6. OPEN – We often fear becoming the next level or version of ourselves and our consciousness – now is no longer the time for that. We are ALL becoming new at a planetary level.
  7. What are you scared to allow in?
  8. What new thing, state of being, or element can come into my life and bring change to it in a really powerful, desirable way?

4 Keys To Provoke Divine Intervention

4 Keys To Provoke Divine Intervention (2021 – 2022 Guide)

There are four keys to provoke divine intervention. Anytime you need the quick intervention of heaven over a matter, do these four things and your life will change in a way that will surprise you:


It was the prayer of the saints that brought Peter out of prison. Paul and Silas prayed and sang and the chains broke and doors opened.Prayer can open doors and breaks chains. Regardless of what the situation is, please pray especially in the Spirit.
Prayer brings strange intervention.


Praise as an instrument of warfare blessing him in advance. Praise can work wonders. Praise him with a dance. You can cry but please still praise. Praise is one of the powerful ways to disgrace the devil. He expects you to be depressed and broken but you disgrace him by praise. You don’t praise God when things are going well, you praise him to make things go well. Ignore the thoughts of disappointment that come to your mind when you praise..Praise God and create your testimony.

3. ENGAGE THE MYSTERY OF SEED FAITH: (Seeds of Faith Quotes) 

Brothers and sisters, Every time you are in a situation that only God can step in, having prayed, package a seed and speak to it.Give it an instruction and sow it. Do it with revelation and connect your faith on it as a sacrifice to provoke God’s intervention.

4. THE POWER OF PROPHECY (2Kings 7:1-8, Hosea 12:13):

Brothers and sisters, God still has anointed men he uses by the election of grace that he has put ancient possibilities in them. They may not look like it but Your own price is just to believe. When prophecies come, please just believe it. #ApostleJoshauSelman

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2022 Prophecy 

2023 Prophecy  

Global Transition 2023

The Global Transition | The End Is Near

We come to the end of that long road. The solstice of December 21 in short, is a framework for the entry of the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Love, Peace and Abundance for all the inhabitants of that planet.

It also marks the end of darkness on the planet. And it is time for everyone who wants to rebuild the Earth to step forward.

The Black Hats have looted, burned vegetation, destroyed the economy, poisoned the air, polluted the water …

Knowing that they were losing the war, they have destroyed everything they could. They didn’t leave without doing it. If they lost control over humanity, they weren’t going to allow the Human Being to enjoy his home either.

But all that is past. It already happened. Now we need the brave who have not only survived the war, but are also willing to rebuild that home.

Rebuild it on other basis. In another dimension. Because the Earth, in short, is completing its entry into 5D. There is no turning back.

Humanitarians, especially bonus holders, are being called to action.

They will always be guided by all of us from the Company of Heaven. And helped by the galactics, whose existence is to be disclosed just around the corner.

For humanitarians who want to develop projects Zero Point Energy, Hydroponic Farms, and MedBeds, they will be drawn to them. There will be demand for human development, manufacturing and distributions on a global basis. There is work for everyone. No one gets left behind or on the side of this road we all must travel.

The information that there will be Healing Centers that you yourself will create is correct, leaving out the old and archaic hospital system. Hospital will be closed, even boarded up, and doctors will be rejected on a mass scale because of the professional connection to the plandemic.

Little by little, slowly but surely, the 10,000 suppressed patents will come to light. Bringing replicators, free, free energy, and clean water to all corners of the planet.

The quantum Internet will soon be a reality. The new single currency, backed by gold and real wealth will already be launched.

It is the beginning of a full-fledged Galactic society on Earth. Enjoy, friends, everything that comes to you from now on, on that wonderful planet. Gaia is counting on all of you to definitively ascend to 5D.

And we pride ourselves on your impeccable service to humanity and restoration of planet earth/Gaia. You have our eternal gratitude for having brought Heaven to Earth.

Infinite gratitude dear sister María Cecilia Ngari

GAR Edited Version


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