The Great Awakening Weekly and Monthly Reports are based on truth in whatever form that takes.  The centuries of crimes against humanity by the Deep State are among the most heinous, and evil acts known to man.  CIA programming and brainwashing operations (codename Project Mockingbird) implemented through the Main Stream Media have been institutionalized since the 1940s.  Humanity must know the truth in order to learn, grow and create new safeguards for its’ future. 

We look to reveal and report on all the positive, hidden aspects and unreported evidence revealing a promising outlook for all of humanity and our planet.  Most of the clear-cut factual evidence is being suppressed and restricted from public view.  The balance of our Weekly and Monthly Reports with news, evidence, and expert interviews gives an expansive range of absolute change awaiting our planet and each one of us.  The future we’re moving towards and the vision of what is possible will be manifesting in the very near future.

Global Awakening: The Great Awakening is now reaching over 1 Billion people worldwide in varying stages of the awakening process.  The revelation of several triggers may set someone on the path of awakening such as; government lies, corporate deception, negative effects of pharmaceuticals, ancient history discoveries, secret space programs, realities of ascension, and the truth about all religions.

Geopolitical: We see evidence that the silent War against the Deep State is being won.  The Global Alliance through the National Economic Act has readied a new gold-backed currency to replace the US Fiat Dollar.  Big events on the horizon are the revocation of the Federal Reserve licenses, the release of sealed indictments and mass arrests of close to 100,000 Deep State criminals, global debt jubilee, a release of free energy technologies, and the financial hydration of wealth for every human on the planet.  We will see mass funding of projects restoring all the oceans, forests, top soils, water supplies, and air quality.

Global Weather: There will be continued escalation of climate change as we move into the center of the Galactic Plasma Energy Cloud.  Reports of these events, showing direct evidence that a dramatic event is coming, help us to prepare for these changes. documents that our forests are actually growing and getting healthier based on the rising CO2 levels.  This actually helps tree growth and the environment by converting and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere.  While weather conditions continue to become more severe these changes are clear indicators leading up to The Event.

Health Watch: This is one of the most difficult areas of the awakening; there is a decline in humanity’s health and we’re seeing global suffering caused by the systemic suppression of cures.  The positive is that the Alternative Health Industry, Homeopathic Remedies, and Natural Health Solutions sectors have grown, due in part to people’s access to the internet in the 1990s.  We see both ancient herbs and natural treatments being brought to the forefront.  Numbers of Practitioners and Homeopathic Health professional are growing, and many doctors are accepting alternative health solutions or converting entirely to alternative health solutions.

True History: The hidden history of our planet has been one of the best-kept secrets, the people of the world have been denied the truth about our origins.  We will continue to reveal ancient archeological evidence detailing a 500,000-year human history and the existence of 7 advanced civilizations that have come and gone from the surface of the planet.  These civilizations fall every 25,960-years in cycles that cause global destruction, ice ages, and pole shifts.  Compelling evidence of advanced beings from other planets and galaxies visiting and living on our planet is making its way into Main Stream Media.  Understanding our origins and who we really are, is key to transitioning into a new reality and future.

Cosmic Disclosure: The Deep State, US MIC, and Government Corporations spend tens of billions of dollars each year to suppress Cosmic Disclosure.  The CIA invented the term Conspiracy Theory in the 1960s to cover up the Kennedy assassination and his involvement in wanting to disclose ET information, their programming of humanity, and to take attention away from their cosmic activities.  We will report and disclose as many topics and sources as we can that we deem to be credible and reliable.

Hidden Truths: The world’s governments have held secrets of a breakaway civilization since the 1930s.  Contact with extraterrestrials, knowledge of the real sciences, and access to ancient technologies that far exceed our current scientific knowledge have been kept above top secret clearances.  The current Civil War in Washington DC is over partial disclosure vs. full disclosure.  The goal is to release suppressed information on new sciences, secret technologies and 70 years of secret space programs in development.  We have now reached a critical point as the masses are awakening and the truth is being revealed.  It’s an exciting time for the future of humanity.

The Event: The coming Event is very difficult to document through past history and physical evidence.  Yet, both ancient texts and military whistleblowers point to preparations for The Event in hundreds of deep underground bases worldwide.  The main sources for this information include spiritual masters, shamans, and metaphysical contacts.  There are NASA reports confirming we’ve entered a massive cosmic energy cloud, and this is the primary reason for climate and earth changes.  Then, through ancient texts, we learn of a Galactic Flash and series of Energy Waves hitting the earth creating a higher state of consciousness followed by a profound spiritual experience known as Ascension.

Spirituality: There are 2 major issues that humanity will face as we move through disclosure.  First, learning of our extraterrestrial origins and ancient ancestors.  Second, all religions were man-made based on a system of programming (Guilt/Shame/Fear) for the purpose of control.  Humanity is now awakening to a higher state of consciousness, manifestation, and the knowledge of who we really are.  Spiritual awareness is key to our awakening and recognition of the truth.

Path of Awakening: Numerous thought leaders and spiritual teachings indicate that awareness requires 3 simple daily practices.  First, personal meditation or prayer connecting with Prime Source Creator God and being part of a global meditation.  Second, the personal healing practice of forgiveness along with energy work.  Lastly, a healthy lifestyle practice that involves a clean diet and exercise. 

The GAR Team is committed to being in “Service to Others” and helping those who are awakened through the coming transition.