Special Report

Programming & Indoctrination / Mind Control Technologies / Deprogramming


The global denial of programming at all levels of the human experience is now being exposed. Our collective programming begins at birth, with parent fear based conditioning, technology, and religion. Next is our educational phase of programming, government educational conditioning/indoctrination grades 1 – 12, tv series/movies, (subliminal suggestion) family traditions, and friends. Then comes the early adult indoctrination/adoption base on political bias, military service training, college/university professors, and corporate training programs. The last being the transition to adulthood (age 25 to 65) defining one’s place in society, job market restrictions, technology, and social economic status. All these programming strategies are based on controlling the population via guilt, shame, and fear of rejection/bankruptcy/failure and self & group – policing cultures. The key to deprogramming is first discovering the truth regarding all aspects of deliberate programming and then the acceptance of forgiveness of others, self, and releasing providing a protective shield against new threats. The following articles and videos will help you understand the reality of programming and the tools to help us all through the process of self-deprogramming.

Programming / The Problem

Background / Documentaries / Articles & Videos

Deprogramming / Solution

Free from Denial / Everything We’ve Been Taught is a Lie / Prison of the Mind / Breaking Free from Mind Control

Human Cycle of Life

New Borns/Babies (newborns – 5 yrs old)

Vaccines / Doctors / Testing


Primary Personality Development

Children (K – 12)

Generational Curse / Cycle of Abuse

Religion / Guilt, Shame, & Fear / Religions Self/Group Policing Culture

Education / Testing Protocols

Subliminal; Movies / Technology / Television / Computers / Games / Ipads / Apps

Young Adults (18 – 24 yrs of age)

Political Influence & Indoctrination

Higher Education; Tech Schools / College Undergraduate / Graduate Degrees / Professional Credentials

Empolyment; Military / MIC / Federal Government / Corporate

Adult (25 – 65 yrs of age)

Corporate / Marriage / Family / Friends / Clubs / Associations

Social Normals / Social Economic / Status Rules / Institution Identificati0ns

Retirement (65 –  )

Mind Freeze Conditioning

Cultural Obsolescence

Age Resistance

Declining Health / Big Pharma Matrix / Memory Loss