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Agendas and counter agendas at play. A rich history of biowarfare that most people are completely oblivious to. More international medical organizations and NGOs than anyone can count! The COV1D-5.G Map includes it all! Do not be fooled by the simplistic assumption that the title of this map indicates that we are claiming the entire COV1D pandemic is wholly the result of 5G. There are many layers to this stinky onion. The connection of 5G to Wuhan, the similarities between Microwave Sickness and COV1D itself, and the sheer timing of all these events is beyond reason to wonder if there may be some kind of connection.
Here at D.S.M.P. we leave room to wonder. We don’t censor logical connections because they may hurt the profits of the telecom & infrastructure giants betting to win big on 5-G.
I hope this map will be both informative and readily understandable to you all. It should make sense intuitively without much explanation. I have not included a “how to read the map” as part of this flyer, because, like the Q-WEB, it is a top-to-bottom timeline, which should be made apparent by the dotted side bars. The lower portion represents multiple timelines and agendas at play. Generally positive on the left, and negative on the right. These timelines may play out in different ways, in different places, at different times. Hopefully, the more people who come to understand this situation in the level of detail presented here, will push us as a collective more towards the OPTIMAL timeline.
I do see a potential path forward leading us to a New Golden Age, but it’s going to take a lot more of us manifesting positivity in order to get there!
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We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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