User Guide

User Guide
User Guide
Welcome to The Great Awakening Report’s Users Guide!  We celebrate your arrival and thank you for discovering our website.  Your journey is most certainly a shared synchronicity.  Our purpose is to provide you with authentic content, scientific evidence, vetted experts and thought leaders using intuitive tools to construct your own pathway of awakening.  We look to help you connect the dots and see the Big Picture.  Seeking the truth dissolves our shared conditioning and programming and makes way for the discovery of a hidden reality.  Only then, are we free to connect to a global collective consciousness creating and manifesting a new future for all of humanity.


Our Communities
Our intention is to create an online eco-system of tools which are used to support this dynamic group we all belong to.  We have our Contributors’ Community for researchers, writers, authors, and editors who all share an interest in our topic headings and commitment to be in ‘service to others’.  We also have our Experts and Thought Leader Community, providing original articles, radio interviews, webinars, and event speakers.  Both of these communities support our community of viewers, followers, and subscribers,


Path of Awakening 
First, is a practice of personal meditation and global meditation which unites the world on critical issues affecting our planet. 
Second, is a broad range of healing practices from forgiveness and healing thought reprogramming to bodywork with energy healers. 
Third, is the practice of physical and mental health with the focus on diet and exercise.


Simple Guidelines
The process of Awakening starts with the discovery or realization of one or more of these simple truths:
  • Existence and Reality of the Deep State, Shadow Government, Cabal, Illuminati, and Syndicate
  • Global government corruption
  • Programming by religions and educational institutions 
  • Main Stream Media’s (MSM) deception and manipulation
  • Federal Reserve, IMF/BIS, reserve banking system & global banking and currency fraud
  • US military-industrial complex’s war-based economics
  • Health control through big pharma and GMOs 
  • Intentional dumbing down at all levels of education


Please review our topic headings for areas of interest or concern.  Our model breaks-down into 2 primary categories; Global Awakening and Cosmic Disclosure, and 8 topic headings; Geopolitical, Global Weather, Health Watch, True History, Hidden Truths, The Event, Spirituality and Path of Awakening.  Review what appeals to you first, then search other categories of interest.  Stay open minded and your intuition will guide you along your own journey.


We suggest taking a moment to review the following links provided below, these are specifically designed tools for your discernment, comprehension, and understanding of the content presented on this site.



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