Topic Descriptions

Topic Descriptions


Monthly Themes

Each monthly theme is driven by repeating news cycles, consistency of topics, the frequency of events, and the total number of articles posted on any given subject.  Several of our key sources might even coin the phrase for their videos each week.


All Weekly Briefings will have a special highlight paragraph or narrative description of the week’s Hot Topics and Featured Articles under our primary headings.  This will allow our readers to quickly scan all content for that week in order to focus their attention on items of interest.

Hot Topics

A quick look at each week’s events and highlighted issues from around the globe. We look for the 7 to 10 topics attracting the most media attention or interest.

Big Picture

Our model is designed to allow our subscribers to connect the dots at their own pace based on topics of interest.  Awakening is a personal journey that requires a combination of discovery, deprogramming and moments of revelation as layers of truth come to light.  Our belief is that this is all leading up to multiple spiritual events.  Awakening will be available to all human beings living on planet Earth.

Global Awakening

The world is Awakening to the truth regarding the Deep State’s manipulation of the financial system through a network of Reserve Banks.  The Federal Reserve is privately owned, through a partnership, and managed by 13 elite global families.  The Deep State has the controlling interest over the US Government, Military Industrial Complex, Main Stream Media, Big Pharma, Food Industry, Public Education System, and Global Engineered Weather. The Shadow Government is made up of all the Global Government 3 letter agencies; CIA, NSA, NRO, DIA, MI6, MI5, Mossad, (negative factions of the FBI, DOJ, DOS)


The Global Deep State’s agents extend into every country around the globe.  Using proxies, paid agents/lobbyists, and blackmail to achieve their goals and objectives.  There is a Global Alliance lead by BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) along with 175 third world countries now aligned against the Deep State.  We are witnessing a Global War between these 2 factions and the crumbling from within our institutions including the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and the Democratic Party.

Other sub-topics defining the Geopolitical category: Deep State vs. Global Alliance News, Global Economic, and International Monetary System

Global Weather

There are many factors affecting Climate Change.  Our solar system has entered an energy cloud impacting the weather on all planets.  The Sun is getting larger and brighter.  Up until the 1980s, the sun was yellow. Subsequently, it has become hotter and whiter. The Shadow Government is using advanced technologies to control the weather, causing major disruption of our seasons, extreme temperatures, droughts, flooding, earthquakes, and now expanding volcanic activity.

Other sub-topics within the Global Weather category: Geophysical, Earth Changes, and Climate Change.

Health Watch

The Federal Reserve Families control Big Pharma/CDC/AMA. It is no secret that cures for most diseases are being withheld or suppressed.  There is a silent war against big pharma between alternative health doctors, vitamin and supplement companies, as well as wellness clinics.  Hundreds of awakened doctors and alternative practitioners are being subjected to successfully staged suicide attempts or dying in early, untimely “accidental” deaths.

Other sub-topics within the Health Watch category: FDA & Big Pharma, Food Industry, and Alternative Health.

True History

The suppression of ancient history has been part of human history for hundreds of years.  Archeologists are paid off and threatened to remain silent while being forced to stick with a scripted narrative.  The internet has allowed researchers and archeologists to communicate directly and share information creating a whole new picture of human history.  There is evidence revealing humanity’s history on Earth goes back as far as 500,000 years. Our Solar System has had a biological human and alien presence of over 2.2 billion years.

Other sub-topics within the True History category: Archeology, Ancient Text, and Real US History

Cosmic Disclosure

Disclosure has many faces and disguises to be revealed.  The most difficult thing to comprehend is that everything we’ve been taught is a lie.  Since the 1950s the Secret Space Program has been seeding over 100 colonies in our solar system and beyond. There currently exists a breakaway civilization estimated to be over 300 million people.  These outposts function as military-industrial complexes trading technology with other undisclosed civilizations.  Our human DNA exists throughout the Universe.  We are currently at the end of a 25,960-year cycle.  Disclosure is key to the changes humanity is experiencing in consciousness as we approach The Event.

Hidden Truths

This will be one of our hottest and most rapidly expanding topics.  There are highly classified secrets that have been intentionally hidden and suppressed from humanity.  New disclosures regarding all our sciences, mathematics, physics, and astronomy are being revealed. The DOD has over 6,000 advanced technological patents classified as Top Secret.  Soft disclosure which includes fictional works such as movies and books, as well as subtle marketing and advertising, has been in progress since July 2015.  As of September 2017, Washington D.C. has been embroiled over Partial Disclosure vs. Full Disclosure.

Other sub-topics within the Hidden Truths category; New Sciences, Advanced Technologies, and Secret Space Programs

The Event

Our Solar System is part of a binary Dark Star system that orbits around our Sun every 25,960 Earth years (a Grand Cycle). There is evidence, based on core samples from Antarctica, that our sun produces flashes (known as a CMEs) 1000 times brighter than normal at the end of every grand cycle.  This is known as a galactic flash.  New sources are documenting and describing this as a planetary changing event. This topic is tied to the Big Picture connecting the dots and is experiencing exponential growth.

Other sub-topics within The Event category: Galactic Energy Cloud, Galactic Flash/Wave, and Ascension


Humanity is now face to face with an evil faction of elites controlling our planet.  The battle is for power, money and the elimination of free will. The movement towards transhumanism is a fight for our biological survival and spiritual way of life.  The challenges ahead will require all of humanity to come together and unite.  Our sentient Earth’s fundamental survival is directly linked to our collective conscious experiential connection with Prime/Source/Creator/God our higher selves. This is the Journey we’ve all come here to experience.

We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For / The Time is Now, the Hero is You!

Other sub-topics within the Spirituality category: Consciousness, Manifestation, Creation

Path of Awakening

There are now hundreds of millions of people Awakening across this planet.  The truth movement is our understanding of where we came from, who we really are, and us taking our rightful place in the galaxy.  Our collective personal vibration and frequency are paramount to expanding awareness and knowledge. A successful thriving civilization must be in harmony to advance.

Other sub-topics within the Path of Awakening category: Meditation Practice, Healing Practice, and Fitness Practice

Watch List

There are a number of topics and issues that we will continue to observe, track, and take a special interest in with regards to our planetary awakening.  The key to any Awakening process is connecting the dots and grasping the Big Picture.