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The Event: Galactic Energy Cloud • Galactic Flash • Ascension

Our Solar System is part of a binary Dark Star that our sun orbits around every 25,960 Earth years (a Grand Cycle). There is evidence, based on core samples from Antarctica, that our sun produces a CME (known as a MicroNova) which are 1000 times brighter than normal at the end of every grand cycle. This is known as a Galactic Flash. New sources are documenting and describing this as a planetary changing event. This topic is tied to the Big Picture connecting the dots and our planetary Ascension. Subscribe Today for full report access!

Old Earth New Earth

By Lehonani McEchaidh With so much despair and destruction having occurred and still occurring of both man and planet Earth on a mass scale over the centuries, it came as no surprise to the Galactic’s that humanity on Earth desperately needed assistance, so the Prime Creator came up with a plan.  It involved sending out …