Cultural Creatives can be identified as three separate movements Consciousness, Global Great Awakening, and Cosmic Disclosure. Roughly 37% or 120 million people (75 million awakened and 45 million in the early stages or process of awakening) within the US population who are part of a culturally aware, awakened, and consciousness movement that has been in the making for over 60 years.  These market segments are just now beginning to come together, find their voice and create a new reality for our planet. We value ecology, beyond environmentalism.  We are concerned for and aware of our planet, Mother Earth (Gaia).  We believe in authenticity and helping others in our personal and business relationships while working towards personal growth and spirituality.  In politics, we’re neither left nor right, we’re in front.  We’re advocates of oneness, unity, and equality and we never put ourselves before others.  We’re able to absorb and retain a vast spectrum of information from new and varying sources, see the whole system and discern the truth.  We try to read more and watch less TV.  We support the arts and creative communities and attend workshops, crafts fairs, concerts, seminars, readings, and showings.  We trust that our inner experience is valid.

The following is quoted from The Potential for a New, Emerging Culture in the U.S. By Paul H. Ray, Ph.D.

“Their most important values include: ecological sustainability and concern for the planet (not just environmentalism); liking what is foreign and exotic in other cultures; what are often called ‘women’s issues’ by politicians and the media (i.e., concern about the condition of women and children both at home and around the world, concern for better health care and education, desire to rebuild neighborhoods and community, desire to improve caring relationships and family life); social conscience, a demand for authenticity in social life and a guarded social optimism; and giving importance to altruism, self-actualization and spirituality as a single complex of values.

In fact, the Cultural Creatives are simply the best-informed people.  They take in more of every kind of information through all the media and are more discriminating about it as a result.  Many successfully blend their personal experience with new views about how the world works, and why—their new values and commitments have rather organically grown out of their synthesis of all the information.”

Cultural Creatives cover a very wide range of social class positions, from the working class to the elite.  They may be middle class on average, but the range is so wide that it is almost meaningless to describe them in terms of occupation, education or income.  The key identifiers are values, worldview, and lifestyle, not demographics.  People with identical values can be of very different social classes, and people of the same social class can live in totally different cultural worlds.”