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Published Date: May 11th, 2020




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Who is Judy Mikovits, and what does she have to do with Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus?



Dr. Judy Mikovits appears in a controversial video titled “The Plandemic.” YouTube, which has been cracking down on coronavirus misinformation, says it removed the clip for violating community guidelines.

A nearly 30-minute clip from a movie called ‘The Plandemic’ has taken over social media and was taken down by YouTube, over the last few days.

It’s the latest coronavirus-related topic that has sent the Internet into a divided rage.

The film features Dr. Judy Mikovits, and in it, she is identified as a molecular biologist and medical researcher. Multiple media reports have also described her as an anti-vaccination advocate, but she says in the film that she is not one, RepublicWorld reports.

“The Plandemic,” a 25-minute clip from an upcoming documentary, was taken off of YouTube this week for violating the Google-owned video site’s community guidelines. The video centered on Dr. Judy Mikovits, a former chronic fatigue researcher who claims the federal government is behind a “plague of corruption” to inflate profits from a potential vaccine even as COVID-19 threatens lives.

What is ‘The Plandemic’ all about?

It’s actually not all about the coronavirus, but also vaccinations and Mikovits’ life. A PRWire release promoting the film that was distributed by The Associated Press describes it as follows (references to ‘she’ refer to Mikovits):

“When she was part of the research community that turned HIV-AIDS from a fatal disease into a manageable one, she saw science at its best. But when her investigations questioned whether the use of animal tissue in medical research were unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases, such as autism and chronic fatigue syndrome, she saw science at its worst.

“If her suspicions are correct, we are looking at a complete realignment of scientific practices, including how we study and treat human disease. Recounting her nearly four decades in science, including her collaboration of more than thirty-five years with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, one of the founders of the field of human retrovirology, this is a behind the scenes look at the issues and egos which will determine the future health of humanity.”

Why is Judy Mikovits’ called a controversial researcher?

According to Science, Mikovits reportedly detected an ‘Infectious Retrovirus, XMRV, in Blood Cells of Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,’ but by 2011, no other lab or scientist could replicate the findings.

Science published online a nine-lab study widely seen as the final blow to the theorychampioned by Mikovits and colleagues in an October 2009 Science paper, that a recently detected mouse retrovirus might play a causal role in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),” the outlet wrote in 2011.

“A letter in the same issue of Science from one of the contributing labs to the 2009 report revealed that a contamination had marred its contribution—PCR detection and sequencing of the mouse virus, dubbed XMRV. Mikovits and colleagues defended the validity of the rest of the study, known as Lombardi et al., which detected the virus by several other methods, so Science issued a rare partial retraction of the original paper.”

What does Anthony Fauci have to do with it?

According to Snopes, Mikovits claims that Fauci, who currently is part of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and continues to be the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, once threatened her with arrest if she visited the National Institutes of Health to participate in a study to validate her chronic fatigue research. Fauci denies ever saying such a thing, as he told Snopes:

“I have no idea what she is talking about. I can categorically state that I have never sent such an e-mail to Dr. Ruscetti. I had my IT people here at NIH search all my e-mails and no such e-mail exists. Having said that, I would never make such a statement in an e-mail that anyone “would be immediately arrested” if they stepped foot on NIH property.”

Was Judy Mikovits arrested?

“Lois Hart, one of Mikovits’s attorneys, says her client is being held for extradition to Reno, Nevada, in relation to a civil lawsuit against her filed by the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease (WPI). Mikovits worked as the research director at WPI, a nonprofit in Reno, for 2 years until she was fired by its president, Annette Whittemore, on 29 September. On 4 November, WPI filed suit against Mikovits, alleging that she had wrongfully kept her laboratory notebooks and other information about her work for the fledgling institute on her laptop, in flash drives, and in a personal e-mail account. A preliminary injunction in the case is set to be held by Nevada’s Second District Judicial Court on 22 November. On that same day, Mikovits has a hearing in Ventura County, California, where she can contest extradition, Hart says.”

According to MyNews4.com, Mikovits turned herself into authorities in late November 2011 and was released the same day. The charges were dropped in 2012, per Science, which wrote the following at the time:

“Assistant District Attorney John Helzer, who filed the dismissal, says Whittemore’s legal troubles factored into his decision. “There’s a lot going on with the federal government and different levels that wasn’t occurring when we first became involved with prosecuting this case,” says Helzer. “And we have witness issues that have arisen.””

Why are people sharing ‘The Plandemic’ clip?

Clearly, some people find it to be truthful and thus are sharing it for that reason, while others are sharing it to dispute parts or all of the clip.

“Anti-vaccine activists are particularly good at gaining views on virtually any social app, says Renee DiResta, a researcher at the Stanford Internet Observatory who works to combat this type of misinformation. “They are on every single social platform—even TikTok,” she says. “If they can create content people will find if they search for a specific term, they’ll invest the time.”

‘The Plandemic’: Facebook and YouTube race to squash viral video full of coronavirus lies


Dr. Judy Mikovits appears in a controversial video titled “The Plandemic.” YouTube, which has been cracking down on coronavirus misinformation, says it removed the clip for violating community guidelines.

Earlier this week, a Southern California filmmaker posted his newest production on Facebook and YouTube and let the social media platforms do what they’ve been built for: make his video go viral.

Within days, the 26-minute video had spread like wildfire, racking up millions of views and attracting legions of new fans. The video, called “Plandemic,” looks like a serious documentary, with well-shot interviews intercut with news footage and ominous music. But it propagates coronavirus conspiracy theories, which could encourage viewers to ignore public health recommendations or attempt ineffective or dangerous treatments for the viral infection.

By Thursday, the social media companies where the video proliferated pledged to stop the video’s spread. They’re now struggling to stop new copies from emerging. As of the time of this article’s publication, links to or versions of the video were still available on Facebook and YouTube.

Medical misinformation has proliferated on the major social media platforms for years, especially around the topic of vaccine safety. The platforms have pledged to more strongly enforce misinformation policies, but the task has proven difficult for companies whose services are designed to allow users to reach large audiences with little oversight. But the coronavirus crisis has been especially fertile ground for conspiracy theorizing, inspiring viral videos spinning tales of international intrigue and profiteering cabals since nearly its inception.

The “Plandemic” video centers on interviews with a researcher named Judy Milkovits, whose false claims include the allegation that wealthy people are intentionally spreading the novel coronavirus to increase vaccination rates in the population at large and that wearing a mask can actually worsen viral symptoms.

In a statement, a Facebook representative said that the company was removing the video from Facebook and Instagram and rejecting ads that include the video, as part of their policy to take down COVID-19 related misinformation that could lead to imminent harm. The company wrote in a blog post in mid-April that it had directed more than 2 billion people to fact-checking information from the World Health Organization to try and combat misinformation about the pandemic.

“Suggesting that wearing a mask can make you sick could lead to imminent harm,” a Facebook representative said when asked about the “Plandemic” video response, “so we’ve removed the video.”

YouTube has posted notices on the uploads of the video that read: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” The video platform Vimeo has also said that it is working to remove the video, and Twitter has been blocking hashtags and search related to the video.

Mikki Willis, the filmmaker behind the video, is listed as founder and chief executive on the website of Elevate, an Ojai, Calif.,-based production company. Willis has a large following on Facebook. In recent weeks, he asked his followers to vote on a name for his newest video (other candidates included “The Oath” and “The Invisible Enemy”), and published long posts claiming to connect the WHO with conspiracy theories surrounding the Council on Foreign Relations and the recent death of Jeffrey Epstein.

The video’s virality was boosted by online anti-vaccine conspiracy theory activists, according to coverage in the MIT Technology Review. When YouTube began removing copies of the video on Thursday, supporters took to Twitter with their outrage, making the video’s title a trending topic, fueling further attention and media coverage.

House Intelligence Committee releases transcripts from Russia investigation

The House Intelligence Committee on Thursday released transcripts of interviews conducted by the panel during its Russia probe in 2017 and 2018 — amid demands by Republicans to make them public after being cleared by the intelligence community.

The committee, led by California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, publicly released 57 transcripts, as well as additional material, from the committee’s investigation.


In a statement, Schiff did not back down from his contention — fiercely disputed by Republicans — that President Trump and his campaign “invited illicit Russian help” to win the 2016 election.

“Despite the many barriers put in our way by the then-Republican Majority, and attempts by some key witnesses to lie to us and obstruct our investigation, the transcripts that we are releasing today show precisely what Special Counsel Robert Mueller also revealed: That the Trump campaign, and Donald Trump himself, invited illicit Russian help, made full use of that help, and then lied and obstructed the investigations in order to cover up this misconduct,” Schiff said in a statement.

But the transcripts are full of testimony from officials who said they were unaware of evidence showing coordination between the Trump team and the Russians.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen – who later had a falling out with the president and was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to several crimes – repeatedly told the House panel that he had no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russian government

“Do you have any evidence or information of coordination between then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump to interfere with or influence the 2016 primary or general election?” then-South Carolina GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy asked Cohen.

“No, sir,” Cohen replied.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, in the transcripts, discussed how the Russians believed Trump would be “easier to deal with” than Hillary Clinton as president.

“I do think, though, they thought that…President Trump would be easier to deal with,” Clapper said. “He is a businessman. He’d be more willing to negotiate and make deals. And I don’t think it was anything more sophisticated than that sort of guided their objectives.”

But he also said: “I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting/conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.”

The 53 transcripts include interviews with associates of the president, including Donald Trump Jr., Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Hope Hicks, Corey Lewandowski, Cohen, Roger Stone, Brad Parscale, Michael Caputo and Rick Dearborn.

It also includes transcripts for interviews with officials from former President Barack Obama’s administration, such as  Clapper; former Attorney General Loretta Lynch; former Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power; former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe; former National Security Adviser Susan Rice; former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates; former Obama adviser Benjamin Rhodes; and former Obama counselor and Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta.

Also in the transcripts, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe acknowledged that a dossier of claims compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele about Trump’s relationship with Russia had not been determined by the FBI to be accurate.

“There is a lot of information in the Steele reporting,” McCabe said. “We have not been able to prove the accuracy of all the information.”

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said on Thursday it was “long past time” that the transcripts were released.

“At the bipartisan request of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Intelligence Community reviewed all transcripts for classification and made appropriate redactions,” Grenell said in a statement. “HPSCI voted unanimously in 2018 to publicly release these transcripts, and it is long past time that these are released.”

BREAKING: House Intel Committee Releases 57 Transcripts from Mueller Investigation — Linked Here — Including: Bannon, Don Jr, Kushner, Lewandowski, Podesta, Hicks, etc.

Chairman Adam Schiff released the documents after DNI Rick Grenell threatened to release the documents earlier this week.

The committee voted in 2018 to release the damning documents that show NO RUSSIA COLLUSION between the Trump Campaign and Russia.


Interview Transcripts


CROOKED OBAMA PANICS! Deep State Reporter Isikoff Releases His “Leaked” Call – Former President’s Fingerprints All Over Attempted Coup and More Documents Are Coming!

There are rumblings that former members of his FBI (e.g. FBI General Counsel James Baker) have flipped and are working with Durham. 
Obama’s Deep State henchmen who set up General Flynn and the crooked politicians and media hacks who supported them are terrified.

An audio of former President Barack Obama, whose Administration spied on the Trump team and Administration, was released by deep state reporter Michael Isikoff at Yahoo News on Friday night.

Obama is completely panicked.
He knows he was caught.
Obama hopes these “leaked” comments will help him save face.

President Trump was on FOX and Friends on Friday morning and he shared the following (at the 5:40 mark) regarding the crooked actions taken by the Obama Administration:

It’s a very, very sad thing for our country.  That’s why Schiff, Shifty Schiff, that’s why he didn’t want to release any of those documents.  And there’s more to come, from what I understand and they’re going to be far greater than what you’ve seen so far.  And what you’ve seen so far is incredible, especially as it relates to President Obama.  Because if anyone thinks that he and sleepy Joe Biden didn’t know what was going on they have another thing coming.  

Why did [Hussein, Barry] choose ‘RENEGADE’ as USSS codename?
Define ‘Renegade’.
[Hussein, Barry] parents both fluent in Russian?
Is Russian a common language to learn?
Public ‘career’ history mom-dad?
Public ‘career’ history require Russian language as prerequisite?
Farm work takes special skills.
Why did [Hussein] shadow POTUS re: [F] trips?
Why did [Kerry] shadow POTUS re: Iran?
Why did [Kerry] shadow POTUS re: [CLAS 1-99]?
Why did [McMaster] target and remove loyal intel operatives inside WH?
Why did [McMaster] prevent declas-disclose to Congress?
Why did [Coats] prevent declas-disclose to Congress?
Why did [Bolton] prevent decals-disclose to Congress?
Why did [Ryan] prevent subpoena power of (R) Congress?
Why did [Rosenstein] work to entrap and install blockade [SC]?
Why did [Rosenstein] install [Mueller] knowing zero evidence of Russia collusion?
Why did [Mueller] attempt to retake FBI DIR position?
Why did [Mueller][Rosenstein] drag out SC investigation if known no Russia collusion pre + start?
Why did select members of [NSC][Vindman] actively leak to MSM?
Why did select members of [NSC][Vindman] orchestrate fake whistleblower report w/ [Schiff][Atkinson][CLAS 1-9] to sabotage and initiate impeachment?
Why did [Pelosi] rush impeachment investigation?
Why did [Pelosi] then hold impeachment article(s) until Jan 15?
Why did [Schiff] push false ‘Russia evidence’ narrative post closed door interviews [no evidence of collusion]?
Why did [Schiff] coordinate w/ WH NSC [through proxy] to arrange for Ukraine whistleblower?
Why did [Schiff] actively leak knowingly false statements during-post classified sessions to MSM?
Why did [Schiff] illegally surveil [phone] members of WH legal team, media, and Congress?
What Pentagon officials [CLAS 1-99 _subject] tendered resignation within a 2 week period?
Why did [Omarosa Manigault Newman] attempt to entrap POTUS through secret and illegal recordings?
Why did [Soros] finance anti-POTUS events and organizations across US?
Why did [CLAS 1-99] organize and push propaganda [smear] campaign through use of MSM & Hollywood?
[CLAS 1-99][F]
[CLAS 1-99][F]
[CLAS 1-99][F]
[CLAS 1-99][F]
[CLAS 1-99]
[CLAS 1-99]
[CLAS 1-99]
[CLAS 1-99]
[CLAS 1-99] x 49
What are they trying to prevent?
Who are they trying to protect?

This Week’s Report At a Glance

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a major toll on the American food supply chain, with some companies reducing slaughter capacity. However, many of these companies are owned by foreign investors. According to a May 2019 NPR report, “nearly 30 million acres of U.S. farmland are held by foreign investors. That number has doubled in the past two decades.” Smithfield Foods, Inc., owns more than 500 farms on 146,000 acres of U.S. soil. Smithfield was purchased by the Chinese company WH Group (then known as Shuanghui Group/Shineway Group), China’s largest meat producer, for $4.72 billion in 2013. Meanwhile, German investors own 71,000 acres of farmland in Ohio, according to that same NPR report. Out of all foreign investors, Canadians own the most farmland in the U.S. American farmers and corporations also invest in foreign agriculture, owning billions of dollars of farmland across the globe.

An advanced group of Chinese hackers has recently been spotted to be behind a sustained cyber espionage campaign targeting government entities in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Brunei—which went undetected for at least five years and is still an ongoing threat. The group, named ‘Naikon APT,’ once known as one of the most active APTs in Asia until 2015, carried out a string of cyberattacks in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in search of geopolitical intelligence. According to the latest investigation report Check Point researchers shared, the Naikon APT group had not gone silent for the last 5 years, as initially suspected; instead, it was using a new backdoor, called “Aria-body,” to operate stealthily.

In a new report on Thursday, the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) announced that the inflation rate in the 12-month period ending March 20, 2020 in for foodstuff, drinking water, beverages and tobacco products passed the 42 percent mark. The new overall inflation rate is up from 34 to 37 percent in comparison with the previous year for various subcategories according to the report. The SCI report also set the rate of inflation in the non-food and services categories at 31.4 percent during the same period.

Shortly after Brandon Van Grack, chief of the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Act division, filed a notice of his withdrawal in federal court in Washington, The Justice Department has this morning filed a motion to drop the criminal case against President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, abandoning the critical leg of many leftists’ belief in the Russia collusion bullshit.

Texas salon owner Shelley Luther has been ordered released from jail after the governor and attorney general protested her imprisonment over violating the state’s lockdown and modified the shutdown orders to exclude imprisonment. Luther, who became a symbol of the movement to end Texas’ lockdown when she was arrested for refusing to shutter her Dallas salon despite a district judge’s restraining order, was ordered released from jail on Thursday by the Texas Supreme Court after serving two days of a seven-day sentence.

A gas leak at a chemical plant in India has killed several people and put hundreds in hospital with breathing difficulties. Chilling images have emerged showing victims lying motionless on the ground in the wake of the tragedy. The gas, believed to be Styrene, is highly toxic when inhaled in high enough concentrations.

US President Donald Trump told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a phone call on Thursday that the US was ready to provide assistance to any country amid the coronavirus pandemic, including Russia, White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said.

Indian-origin identical twin brothers, who were stranded at the Dubai airport for nearly 50 days due to the Covid-19 lockdown, finally boarded their flight to Kozhikode in Kerala today.The twins – Jackson and Benson Andrews – were among the 177 Indian passengers who were stranded at the Dubai International Airport’s terminal 3 since March 19 while they were returning from Lisbon, Portugal. They were among the 19 Indian passengers who were stuck inside the airport for over a month.

The sale of used clothing is a billion-dollar global industry. According to some estimates, almost 70% of garments that are donated globally end up on the African continent. Donated items that cannot be sold in thrift shops in high-income countries are resold in bulk to commercial textile recyclers. The garments are then sent to sorting centers, often located in the Middle East or Eastern Europe. These are then graded and sorted into bales. The bales are in turn resold to wholesalers on the African continent. East Africa alone imports over $150 million worth of used clothes and shoes, largely from the US and Europe. In 2017, USAID estimated that the industry employed 355,000 people and generated $230 million in government revenue. It also supported the livelihoods of an additional 1.4 million in the East Africa Community bloc. In Malawi, where used clothes are known as “kaunjika” (meaning “clothes sold in a heap”). It is a popular and resilient business. A recent report predicts that the global second-hand clothing market is set to double to $51 billion in the next five years, exceeding fast fashion within a decade.

Uganda’s Finance Minister Matia Kasaija has said the EU grants, totalling U.S.$50 million, will support three projects and programs that are meant to improve the standards of local products. It will include the funding of the inclusive green economy uptake program, which involves developing innovative products and projects that reduce environmental risks – a key benchmark for gaining access to the EU market.

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