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Published Date: April 27th, 2020




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Wikileaks Data Dump

Updated — Link to Wikileaks Database Discovered — Clinton Emails, The Finders, Weapons Patents, and more

  • WikiLeaks dump includes information on quasi satanic rituals of one of the international sororities based in Indiana.
  • Classified information pertaining to communication between the US and Canada regarding murderer Omar Khadr.
  • It is clear the timing of the dump to aid China and Russia.

WikiLeaks just did another dump of documents on April 22. Julian Assange founded WikiLeaks and is wanted in more than one country. Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in 2012, where he officially received political asylum. He was held there until April 11, 2019, when the Ecuadorean authorities denied Assange asylum and he was arrested by the London police.

Julian Assange, Wiki Leaks Founder.

He also managed to father two children with his then-attorney, while in refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy.  The reason Assange is wanted is that to put it in lament terms, he’s a hacker. He leaked classified information pertaining to US military operations in Iraq and many more. He received such information via criminal operations. He also seems to favor Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was not ever seen directly communicating or being visited by Putin. However, the Kremlin utilizes cyber warfare on a regular basis and many Russian nationals have been indicted for hacking.

WikiLeaks’ description indicates that the site specializes in analyzing and publishing data from censored or otherwise restricted official materials related to war, espionage, and corruption. To date, more than 10 million documents and related analyses have been published on WikiLeaks.

The first Wikileaks publications told about how a Somali Sheikh signed a decision to execute government officials, corruption in the family of a former Kenyan leader, and how us prison in Guantanamo hides prisoners from Red Cross organization checks. Assange became widely known after posting a video of US soldiers in Iraq, which was classified of course, and that he obtained due to illegal activity.

The new leak includes a Joint Chief of Staff  Memo and documentation dated 2001. Even thou the information is close to 20 years old, it is still pertaining to US military operations.  There is an unclassified document dubbed official US pertaining to the Potential Terrorist Exploitation of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems.

What is disturbing to me is publishing classified information pertaining to communications between the US and Canada and relating to Omar Khadr who murdered US soldiers. His whole family are known terrorist supporters and unfortunately, justice has not been served and Khadr is free in Canada. There are many documents relating to Canada.

One of the interesting ones is information pertaining to, of all things, Alpha Gamma Delta (also known as Alpha Gam), an international women’s fraternity and social organization (a sorority). It has been established since 1904 and includes rituals some would classify as one step away from the practice of Satanism. Interestingly it is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. That is the home state of current US Vice President Mike Pence, who is extremely conservative. The US does allow freedom of speech and expression but the rituals leaked are disturbing.

The other information is about the last Chinese virus and how it impacted the world previously.

Overall, the timing of the release of information seems to be an attempt to put the West in the negative light to aid China and Russia during the coronavirus pandemic. The leak is despicable and again only shows Assange’s favoritism to the East. It seems, while the world is battling the COVID 19 pandemic, Assange’s team is again favoring Russia and now China to try to stain the image of the West.

The Art of War / SUN TZU

There can be no doubt about it… Planet Earth is in the middle of a Slave Revolt!

We are living through times that will be written about spoken about for thousands of years and go down in the history of the world as the greatest event in ALL of Human history on Earth.  We are witnessing the overthrow of an ancient control system involving murder, lies, bribery, treachery, treason, Satanic ritual abuse, sacrifice and horrors of evil that surpass the imagination of all but the most wicked beings to ever exist.  The inbred family groups controlling this system of Babylonian debt slavery call themselves the Olympians, the Illuminati or The Wise Men of Scion.  More simply they are a Cabal of evil that worships a false God known as Lucifer or Satan.  The epicenter of humanity’s revolt against this evil cabal began in the United States of America.

Although there are huge clouds of disinformation being spewed out by all sides, it is important to understand and summarize what is happening.  What has become known as THE Plan or The Plan to Save the world;

was planned was in the planning for decades.  What started out in the early 1900s as a 3-inch binder formulated to overthrow the cabal by Nikola Tesla, Robert J. Van de Graaff the Trump brothers (Donald’s Uncle John and Father Frederick) and Howard Hughes; developed and added to by the most patriotic General and Admirals of the US Military into a 12-inch binder.  The design and execution of The Plan will forever be seen as the greatest feat of strategic military, political and economic warfare ever accomplished.  The Plan has a series of (well executed) trigger events as well as instant and brilliant adaptation to enemy countermoves based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War based on every possible countermove and contingency.

The First Heroes of The Plan to Save the World


Robert J. Van de Graaf               Nikola Tesla                                       Howard Hughes



Frederick & John Trump (Donald’s Father & Uncle)

The Plan to Save The World began with The Great Awakening of the Human Race.  The Literal Awakening of Humanity to THE One True God of ALL Creation.

The first planned event of this brilliant plan was the greatest dissemination of truth and intelligence to the world that had ever been done.  This began with what was first known on 4 chan as Mega Q in early 2014 to be followed on 28 October 2017 with the first post 8 chan and the Q board by Qanon.

The second event was the Election of a Champion and most likely the most brilliant general and what will be known as the Greatest President and leader the world has ever seen; Donald J. Trump on 16 November 2016 by the People and formerly by the Electoral College on 19 December 2016 followed with his inauguration on 20 January 2017.

The third brilliant move was to begin to remove the cabal’s financial power.  This first began behind the scenes when Mr. Donald Trump met with King Salman

and the cabal countered with an assassination attempt on both of these men covered by a mass FF on1 October 2017.

Las Vegas Shooting: 59 Killed and More Than 500 Hurt Near Mandalay Bay

This meeting caused the Ruler of the House Saudi to be changed to one that opposed their Satanic influence and largest supply for human trafficking on Earth as well as the largest financial system of the satanic evil cabal to be removed.  Forever changing the economic structure of the world and greatly dropping the cabal’s world power.

The Next very important move (4th) was the freeing of the Government of NK in 2018 so that the cabal Clowns in America could no longer threaten nuclear attack and hold the countries of the World Hostage.  As well as the beginning of cutting U.N. Funding by President Trump on 2 October 2018:

Trump Stealthily Seeks to Choke Off Funding to U.N. Programs

Trump administration mulls $4.3B in foreign aid cuts

The 5th move continued with the removal of the cabal’s financial power over The United States of America when Trump took over the Corporate United States of America when he signed The legal Ledger of the Virginia Corporation and was consecrated as the CEO of the Virginia Company Inc. in West Minister Abby on 3 June 2019  (Blessed To Teach decode; Click Here; and Trump, Melania Pay Respects at Grave of Unknown British Warrior at Westminster Abbey

The 6th phase of The Plan was the bankruptcy of the Cabal owned UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. On 16 February 2020, a date that will live on in history.  This continued with the transfer of The Federal Reserve into the Treasury of The United States for America with the appointment of Steven Mnuchin as the Secretary of the Treasury on 13 February 2017 and final transfer taking place on 13 April 2020 when Q pointed to a tweet with an article that stated “Meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump” (Tweets:

Meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-03-27/federal-reserve-s-financial-cure-risks-being-worse-than-disease?sref=9gvDE4SS  via @bopinion

The Fed’s Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease

Our brave and true President Trump to continued cutting the financial power of the satanic cabal the very next day by withdrawing funds to the W.H.O. (14 April 2020)

The Chinese responded by informing the Cabal they would no longer accept their debt certificates.  The Chinese branch of the Cabal believing they had attained superiority and autonomy told the rest of the cabal that from now on payment would be required in gold or other things that really exist.

The Ancient Black Nobility Cabal of the lineage of Cain Under the House of Wettin (Wettin-Dynasty) of The Antichrist Merovingian line (Merovingian-Dynasty) anticipating this event, tried to bow the Chinese into submission with a failed biological weapons attack that was meant to be first released in America and second to destroy the US economy, removal or possibility of Donald Trump getting re-elected and secondly to bring down the Li Cabal family in China and remove them as a threat to the Ancient Black nobility.  The COVID 19 virus was to cause millions of casualties in Wuhan and throughout China when its lethality was vastly amplified by a coordinated electromagnetic attack using 5G and satellites.  This attack caused well over 21 million casualties in Wuhan and throughout China (sources inside China and media reports)

The China evil CCP continues to lie stating that there are no more COVID cases or fatalities.  But this is only due to how they have adjusted their policy towards anyone showing any signs of illness (People burned alive in China)

Wuhan virus patients being burned alive

Coronavirus Death Smog

Report: Wuhan Funeral Homes Burned Coronavirus Victims Alive

Meanwhile, the bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation triggered an undeclared civil war in the United States that is still raging on.  (Click Here)

The restoration of the First Federal Republic over the second secret (Masonic) illegal constitution (The Constitution of the United States of America).  The CEO of the Colony Corporation of the District of Columbia and the Virginia Corporation (Donald J. Trump) has been sworn in through the true constitution (The Constitution for these United States for America).   The American military now in full operation in Western Europe as shown during Blessed To Teach decode on 21 March 2020, (Click Here).

Sources have stated that the quarantine/martial law is complete as all 50 states are under disaster declarations as per the signing of the Stafford Act on 13 January 2020 and its invocation on 13 March 2020.  With these steps, the US military was put on high alert.  Trump then called up and mobilized one million reserve troops on 26 March 2020 (Click Here).  Coordinating with joint special operations command (JSOC) being given increased alert orders as Trump declared himself a wartime president as per the Stafford Act.

This is why U.S. President Donald Trump no longer uses the Presidential seal and Presidential flag as he has assumed the position of Commander and Chief of the Combined might of ALL of the U.S. military, U.S. Marshall services and local police.

The Truth about Ongoing Underground Military Operations

The Truth about Ongoing Underground Military Operations

Operation Disclosure | By Mark A. Baughman, Guest Writer April 24, 2020 This is about the battles and secret war updates in the D.U.M.B…

Operation Disclosure | By Mark A. Baughman, Guest Writer

April 24, 2020

This is about the battles and secret war updates in the D.U.M.B. bases and tunnels underground to rescue children worldwide. The Marines are leading the charge, will Navy Seals have imbedded in the operations. A national journalist who has the only direct access from the Pentagon to cover the now known 10,000 troop “Child Trafficking” task force. His name is Timothy Charles Holmseth and one article he published is: https://timothycharlesholmseth.com/cps-harvesting-children/

My source was on a conference call and knows several Marines in these operations, who knows details and numbers. We need to report this to the general public to let them know “how big and horrific” and the truth about the worldwide satanic pedophiles who sacrifice children and also practice cannibalism. I reported the menu cover a such a restaurant in Los Angeles area, there was one in New York area I knew about last year. I know the New York one was shut down last year.

They do this evil against children in mostly underground secret ritual rooms, in these bases, tunnels or even the elites’ homes that have reported to have mass rooms and tunnels connecting to other houses or secret outlets. The elites like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, Bill Gates and wife, Senior Bush & most of family, Warren Buffet, Barrack Obama and male wife. This is big in Hollywood and many royal families in Europe. The elites and many Hollywood stars, scare children extremely, then kill them for their blood for the adrenaline & stem cells that make a blood cocktail the elites pay high dollars for, to keep them looking young. This is called adrenochrome. The white hats and militaries worldwide created task forces to take care of this underground and secret evil societies, by arrests and destroying these underground havens.

In a separate operation, in November and December 2019, the White Hats employed a secret agent to work at the level # 4 lab in Wuhan, China. They did process adrenochrome there. From my intelligence, operations worldwide closed most of the adrenochrome processing plants, so the Wuhan one would be the last one, or close to the last one. The talented and educated agent contaminated these total batches with the L-Strain of the CV-19 virus. Now, this version, it cannot be pasted on to other people. The S-Strain is curable, and is what is sweeping the planet. The adrenochrome is sold a website and shipped directly to the “blood-drinkers” homes or businesses. All 1.2 to 1.5 million drinkers will die of this strain of the virus. This is to make sure all adrenochrome drinkers are brought to justice in one swoop. This is from very high intelligence sources.

Please know that over twenty countries in Europe area have joined in on our 37,000 more troops that went to Europe in the cover of “training exercises”. Steward did let us know that in Italy, Spain and France, the operations are going on, and success has been at every turn. But you know, these troops have been purposely trained for underground and tunnel operations. I was finally informed of a Chinese similar operation under their capital; Beijing, China. That is the extent of the information abroad.

In the United States, operations have been in the major cities with the first to last listed as hot spots: New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Washington D.C., Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

Please, big note; Some Marines and Navy Seals have lost their lives in these operations. I was not told the number. Please pray and honor their operations and their ultimate sacrifice. From his description of a normal operation, before the children can be removed, they need to battle-trained protectors and operation people for these underground processing and holding areas. These security guards have the weapons to battle our Navy Seals and Marines. Once the battle is over, the Marines have to wear HAZMAT suits because the horrific smell, stench and toxic air in some places. Under the Clinton Foundation in Manhattan, they found 2.5-milelong tunnels going the piers to unload and load the children. The location outlet to the pier is at Terminal # 5, near 5th Avenue. The Marines found about 100,000 bodies in this area! Yes, you read that right. The tunnels or underground bases are then blown up with a 6.7 Richter scale earthquake reading, followed by a 6.4 Richter scale aftershock. Now, for New York, I did not know they could have used these high-powered explosives. I do know they have used different kind of explosions to seal these evil deed tunnels; they are sonic bombs and neutron bombs. There is an option to us I was informed that there were tunnels and underground bases from Utah to Denver area; close to the famous Denver airport and the known transportation underground hub for the D.U.M.B bases. These bases could easily be blown up without affecting the top buildings like Manhattan. These are controlled bombs or Direct Energy Weapons to seal the places to never be opened again. This is what the Earth Alliance used from space or an anti-gravity ship to stop “child sacrifices” by the Catholic Church at Notre Dame in Paris, France on April 15, 2019. This fire was a centered destruction of the old church were a result of a Direct Energy Weapon. The Earth Alliance then told the Vatican, if you did any more sacrifices, that the Vatican would see the same faith as Norte Dame. To the uninformed, the Catholic Church is a part of the worldwide satanic cult and is involved in child trafficking and most other “crimes against humanity”. This is why 87 Bishops and 60 priests magically came down with the coronavirus and died, recently. This was not the virus; they took the suicide pills to save face. The Catholic Church crimes against humanity will still be released to the public, but I just do not know to what extent. I was told that there will be no more Popes in the future to oversee these lies to their congregation.

These child sacrifices and cannibal feast would be scheduled once a month with Beyoncé as the lead “Spirit Cooker”. Hillary Clinton was part of this with many other famous people. All I can say, these people are sick and will be brought to justice. From what I was told, they can keep their reputation in tack, only with a suicide pills, or they can go to trail at GITMO with a military tribunal, with a “recorded hanging” after their conviction. These confessions or capital punishment recordings could be used to go public at general disclosure time. Most of these criminals, from what I was told, would choose the suicide pills. Planned Parenthood was a part of this worldwide organization who sold body parts on the open black market. I researched that all 5,600 or so around the world has been shut down because of coronavirus, we hope they will be closed forever. These are the highest “crimes against humanity” is what they have or will be charged with. Justice will be served worldwide to these unspeakable crimes against children.

After Steward spoke of these horrific crimes and about our military hero’s worldwide, Zorro stated the information was “very accurate” on the conference call too. In these type of conference calls, last names and probably fake first names are usually given. Below is a video of operations of White Hat Progress:

White Hat Takeover of Underground Tunnel Network (DUMBS): https://youtu.be/l5cUsNTr4Yw

This Week’s Global News At a Glance

An archived episode of CNN’s “Larry King Live” featuring a call from an anonymous caller later identified as the mother of Biden accuser Tara Reid appears to have been scrubbed from the Google Play catalog.

The “potentially hazardous” Apollo category space rocks, dubbed 2009 XO or 438908, are believed to be the most dangerous intruders as they intersect our planet’s orbit with theirs, prompting NASA’s tracking system to closely monitor their movements. An almost 500-metre asteroid is currently hurling towards our planet, and will come particularly close on 7 May. [2016 HP6 2020-May-07 Passage at 4.3 Lunar Distance (1 LD = 384,401 km) Velocity 5.7 km/s Diameter 31 m. — 388945 2020-May-10 7.3 LD 8.8 km/s Diameter 295 m. — 438908 (2009 XO) 2020-May-07 8.8 LD 13 km/s Diameter 350 m.]

US President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron agreed on the need to reform the World Health Organization, White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said after the phone call of the presidents. The two leaders expressed hopes to convene the five permanent members of the UN Security Council soon to discuss the response to the coronavirus pandemic. Besides, Trump and Macron talked about “critical regional and bilateral issues”, Deer noted. The sides also discussed “positive developments in combating the coronavirus pandemic and progress toward reopening world economies”.

A medical team sent from a prestigious hospital in China to North Korea has raised questions over the reason for the visit, as speculation simmers over the health of leader Kim Jong Un. The Chinese Communist Party dispatched the team of about 50 experts on or before April 23, but it is unclear if it is related to Kim’s health, sources in the party said on April 25.

Hong Kong riot police armed with shields dispersed a crowd of 300 pro-democracy activists holding a singing protest in an upmarket shopping mall on Sunday, despite a ban on public gatherings of more than four people. Chanting popular protest slogans, mostly young activists clad in black swarmed the Cityplaza mall shouting “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times!” while others called for the release of pro-democracy activists. The protest was the first sizable gathering since the government imposed the ban on public meetings at the end of March to curb a spike in coronavirus infections.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump have released a rare joint statement, marking the 75th anniversary of the historic meeting between Soviet and American troops on the Elbe River. The meeting that occurred on April 25, 1945 “heralded the decisive defeat of the Nazi regime,” which was ultimately destroyed a couple weeks after. But most importantly, it clearly showed how the two nations can cooperate, the statement reads. “The ‘Spirit of the Elbe’ is an example of how our countries can put aside differences, build trust, and cooperate in pursuit of a greater cause.”

Anime News! Gundam fans brace for impact. Japan’s very first official cafe devoted to the anime is about to get a whole lot bigger. Ten years after it debuted in the capital’s sanctuary for anime fans, Gundam Cafe Akihabara is undergoing a major facelift that will leave it four times larger when it reopens in July.

All the latest talk is centered on testing. Besides this being another obstacle to getting the country open, what testing are these pundits talking about? Are we testing people who we believe currently have the virus or administering the antibody test to find out who has had the virus? The more antibody tests we do, the lower the mortality rate will decline towards levels usually seen during a severe flu season. Dr. Anthony Fauci was publishing a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine dated Mar. 26, 2020 that suggested this would be the case. However at the same time he was telling Trump to shut down the US economy. For instance, in New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Thursday that a 3,000 person study showed 14% had tested positive for antibodies with higher levels in New York City. This study translates to a mortality rate of 0.5%, which is much lower than previously believed. Another important point on the antibody test results. Who is receiving these results? Are the test results anonymous or are they tied to you personally? What will happen a year from now when insurance companies use this antibody test data to say you are uninsurable because its discovered that a certain percentage of the infected have long-term organ damage? I would like to hear that the social tracing programs will comply with Hipaa laws. However by using social tracing tools like your smartphone, it appears many agencies will need your identity to track the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This is uncharted territory and safeguards should be put in to protect people against future harm.

Ukrainian police have raided a private reproductive clinic that has been allegedly “selling babies” to China. While the suspects are accused of “human trafficking,” surrogate motherhood is a legal gray area in Ukraine. The scandalous case was brought to light by the country’s interior ministry late on Saturday. The police broke up a “human-trafficking” ring that was centered at a private reproductive clinic in Kiev. Further details on the case were shared by the Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashenko on his Facebook page. The ring involved the head of the clinic, her son, as well as two other Ukrainian and three Chinese nationals. They were charged with human trafficking that may lead to 12 years in prison with property confiscation.

Airlines are turning to governments for rescue money – but bailing out the massive capitalist ventures makes about as much sense as leaving the middle row empty to avoid the virus. With the world in a tailspin from the China Virus, airlines are in for a bumpy ride – and some of them are inevitably going to crash and burn. Everything may be up in the air but one thing is for certain: flying will never be the same again. Air travel will be a much different beast when this lockdown nightmare is over. Some airlines and EU states now want to introduce in-flight social distancing with the middle seats left vacant, as part of a set of new rules to be announced next month. There’s also talk about airlines cancelling or reducing their in-flight food and beverages service to reduce interaction.

Sun Activity

Just south of the sun’s equator, a sunspot is growing: AR2760. Its magnetic polarity identifies it as a member of old Solar Cycle 24. This is probably one of the last old-cycle sunspots we will see as the sun continues tipping toward Solar Cycle 25.

News Burst 27 April 2020 - Sunspot AR2760


Active Weather

The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Tropical
Depression One-E, located over the central portion of the eastern North Pacific basin. Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 5 days.

Strongest EQ in Europe M4.3 Crete, Greece
Strongest EQ in North America M3.2 Oklahoma
Strongest EQ on the Planet 5.2 Papua New Guinea
Deepest EQ M4.6 616 km Ndoi Island, Fiji


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