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Published Date: April 22nd, 2019




Seattle is Dying Documentary, 5G Health Concerns, Global Migration Increase, Chemtrails on Steroids, Brexit’s New Leadership, Tariff Hangover, NXIVM Clinton Connections, Sol Pais

After two years of suspense, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released into Washington’s partisan scrum Thursday showing investigators did not find evidence of collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia – as Attorney General Bill Barr declared last month – but revealing an array of controversial actions by the president that were examined as part of the investigation’s obstruction inquiry.  The mainstream media has doubled down on the false narrative and reporting and clearly do not care about America nor its people.

Attorney General Bill Barr held a news conference Thursday morning to discuss special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on Russian meddling in the 2016 election.  Barr said special counsel Robert Mueller examined 10 episodes involving President Donald Trump when trying to determine whether Trump obstructed justice.  Barr also said he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein disagreed with some of Mueller’s “legal theories” involving potential obstruction and that the “publicly released report will allow every American to understand” the conclusions of the investigation.

The famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was engulfed in flames on Monday leading to the collapse of the structure’s main spire. The intense flames leaped out from two of its bell towers minutes before the spire collapsed, and later spread to one of the cathedral’s iconic rectangular towers.  However, the main structure of the cathedral remained intact, the Paris fire chief said, adding that the blaze was stopped from spreading to the northern belfry.

Yellow Vest protestors in Paris battled police during violent clashes Saturday — newly enraged at the more than one billion dollars that have been pledged to rebuild fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral, overshadowing their anti-wealth cause.  Black-hooded demonstrators set fire to trash cans, scooters and a car, and pelted police with rocks to draw attention to their 23rd weekend of protest.  Many protesters are frustrated that the international effort to help Notre Dame has drawn more attention than their five-month-old Yellow Vest movement against wealth inequality.

On Sunday, April 21st a series of coordinated bombings took place in the island nation of Sri Lanka. The explosions targeted Christians at Easter Sunday church services in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa, and tourists staying in luxury hotels in the capital. With the death toll at 290 and more than 500 injured, no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks but Sri Lankan officials have said religious extremists are to blame.

This Week’s Briefing At a Glance

Our Featured Documentary is Seattle is Dying, a look at drugs and homelessness in the Emerald City.

In our Arts section we reference 7 of the best quotes from Psychologist Carl Rogers, retirement in Ecuador, where retirees are retiring, and 24 of the most powerful press photos of the year.  

In Journey of Awakening we examine the blissfully oblivious in a land of turmoil, Q’s plan to save the world video, and two Great Awakening documentaries.  

Our “Hot Topics” cover X 22 Report’s analysis, the Mueller report, the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, Julian Assange’s prosecution, the Clinton Campaign’s connection to the NXIVM sex cult, Lori Loughlin’s daughter under criminal investigation, the number of Germans attacked by illegal immigrants, the Brexit party, record crime numbers in Mexico, the dangers of Glyphosate, the Yellow Vests struggle to reinvent democracy, 5G and the dominoes starting to fall, the transformation of 3 of America’s biggest west coast cities, chemtrails on steroids, and Sol Pais’ strange story.  

In Geopolitical, we have Trump’s declination of executive privilege, how a song by Rise Against captures the feeling of angst and uncertainty, what freedom of the press means, manipulation of the gold price, a tariff hangover at the ports, a look at the DuPont dynasty, retail shops closing doors, the disappearance of people at national parks, the 5G criminal conspiracy, Guatemala’s president and his drug ties, and AIPAC exposed.  

In Global Weather, we’re keeping an eye on solar storms, the poles flipping, increased activity at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, geo-engineering and deadly weather, a 4.6 quake off of northern California, and Dutchsinse’s look at earthquake activity.  

In Health Watch we explore the mystery of blood types, a TEDx talk on diabetes, a CBD infused burger by Carl’s Jr., African swine fever outbreak, the best cancer fighting foods, and symptoms and signs of adrenal fatigue.  

In True History, we learn of ancient secret discoveries, DNA results of the Paracas elongated skulls, nine ton slab of glass found in a cave, 6 impossible fossils that could rewrite history, historical lies that will make you rethink your entire education. 

In Hidden Truths, we cover the possibility of the next major war being won or lost in space, the real secrets hidden in Antarctica, exposing Solar Warden, a message from inner earth, and an army remote viewer reveals details about the ET presence on Earth. 

For The Event, we look further into Wilcock’s ascension mystery school, The End, Episode II: Solar Cataclysm, essential self work in preparation for the shift, and the shift into 5D.

In Spirituality, we reclaim the sovereignty of our minds, 9 signs of synchronicity and what they mean, and how to stop self sabotage and get out of your own way.  

In Path of Awakening we find Jared Rand’s meditations, 1 hour of zen music, 528Hz and and its benefits, and biofield tuning with vibrational sound therapy.   

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