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Published Date: June 15th, 2020




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Why We Should All be THANKING Cops, Not Denouncing Them

Image: Why we should all be THANKING cops, not denouncing them

(Natural News) As the lunatic Left devolves into an actual obedient cult run by violent warlords celebrated by snowflake whites, the overriding narrative of the progressives is that “black” lives matter, but cops and whites should all be hunted down and killed.

Of course, it’s all just part of the same globalist game of divide and conquer. They can never allow peace to prevail, since peace doesn’t hand more power to the globalists, so they stir up dissent and hatred as their tool of oppression for all.

As part of this divide-and-conquer narrative, they’ve declared war on cops. It’s all part of the chaos plan (see the podcast below) to collapse America’s cities into uncontrolled chaos and lawlessness.

Yet men and women in blue are the only thing standing between us and anarchy.

We would all do well to remember that cops are poorly paid, poorly equipped and yet put their lives at risk every day to try to keep the worst criminal elements of society under control. Now, on top of all that, they are unfairly condemned by society and violently attacked by protesters.

I know a lot of cops. I’ve trained with cops, both on the mat and at the range. And I’m here to tell you nearly all cops are good people. A few bad apples exist, yes, but the very idea that all cops should be condemned just because a few rogue cops are bad people is just as stupid as claiming that all black people are criminals just because some of them commit violent crimes.

Ever notice how the left-wing media says you should never condemn “an entire race” of people just because of the actions of a few individuals? Yet that’s exactly what they do when condemning cops: They blame every person who wear the uniform rather than limiting their blame to the very tiny minority of cops who break the rules or make a mistake.

That just tells you how intellectually dishonest and irrational the entire argument of the radical Left has actually become: They don’t believe in logic; only HATRED. They HATE cops and they hate white people. They seek to destroy that which they hate, and that’s the entire push behind the anti-police movement.

How To Stay Present & Calm Throughout The Day

  • The Facts: A simple process to bring you back to presence and freedom throughout the day.
  • Reflect On: Can we expect our world to change if we don’t change our inner states of everyday being?w

Do you notice yourself feeling tense shoulders? A cleansed jaw? Perhaps you’re holding your breath in some ways and you don’t even know it? Maybe you feel a clenched tummy from time to time and have tricky digestion. You might notice yourself rushing through life, tasks, wanting to get to the next thing. You may not be paying full attention to your life and everything feels like autopilot.

This is a very calm state of being for most people in highly developed countries who are living the ‘average everyday life.’ You wake up, go to your job, work all day, come home and then either veg out or spend time with family and go to sleep. This is the ‘modern life’ that we have accepted as ‘ a good life’ and yet almost every aspect of it presents a challenge to our health and well being. But, at this time, money is required to live our lives, and so we must play within this system in some way or another as we actively change it.

The good news is, you have ultimate freedom within yourself to perceive your reality as you wish to perceive it. When we are unconscious, or allowing our programmed states of being to run our lives, we typically move through life on autopilot, moving from one habit to another.  However, when we begin to gain presence, and pull ourselves out of all these unconscious habits, we begin to gain some freedom back. This builds over time.


Kingsley L. Dennis,

‘And the Old Ones say: look outward seriously, look inward intently, look outward carefully, look inward diligently, look outward respectfully, look inward humbly’

Jack Forbes

As human beings we seek the beautiful, and this gives us joy. But our lives have made everything complicated. We make ourselves complicated – life is being played around us like a game. This may not sound comfortable, or even correct, to some people. If it’s a game, then why is there so much sorrow and pain? This is the perennial question. Yet like a game, we have choices, and we make our moves. And there are players and gameplays going on all around us. And it seems that the game is rigged. One person who knew this well was Alan Watts. He often spoke about how life should not be lived as a fast journey and that existence in the universe should be recognized as being basically playful. Life is more like music, Watts used to say. And we play music – we don’t ‘work’ music. And in music, the end of the composition is not the point of the composition; otherwise, all conductors would play fast; or some composers would choose only to write the finales. We don’t go to concerts just to hear the final chord being played. We don’t engage in a dance in order to end it (unless we got tricked into it!). And yet, as Alan Watts was so keen in observing, our social systems condition us into grading our lives. Our schooling compels us into chasing grades and making our quotas and then paying our bills. And we keep believing, hoping, wishing, for the ‘great thing’ in life to come whilst we are rushing through our lives with hardly a notice of what we’re leaving behind in our rear-view mirrors. We end up living to retire. And when we retire, we imagine we have ‘finally arrived.’ And yet to where? Do we feel any different? We have a small pot of savings and almost no energy. And then we are told to wait it out. Until what? When? The final curtain? Perhaps only when it is too late do we realize that we were cheated down the whole line. And yet we followed it. We kept racing along in order to keep up or to hold onto what we were told was success. And yet – was it ever ‘our’ success? Did we miss the whole point?

Being human is about trying to create meaning for ourselves – and to enjoy it as much as possible along the way. The life we have is where we have arrived by ourselves and the steps and choices we made. We should not let ‘another mind’ make those choices for us. And most of all, we should not allow ourselves to be played for victims. We may be under the sway of other forces, yet only to the point that we are ignorant of them. Our power comes through recognizing and identifying those other forces that seek to influence and control our thoughts and actions. We need to optimize our lives by optimizing our perspective and understanding. Ignorance may seem to be a social requirement yet knowledge, understanding, creativity, and wisdom are the truer imperatives. Despite what may appear to the contrary at times, there is incredible capacity for goodness within the human race.


The majority of people in the world are good people. They wish for peace and to not do harm to others. There are many sympathetic, caring, and courageous people in the world. Unfortunately, our systems are run by the minority, and these systems are largely corrupt; and the decent people within these systems become corrupted by association or exposure. The main issue is that most of us do not look after our minds. We don’t think it is necessary. We are not aware of the malicious impacts that infiltrate and influence us on an almost daily basis. This unawareness – or ignorance – leaves people open and vulnerable. Many people have become alienated from their own minds. This is where manipulations creep in, such as mob mentality and crowd behavior. Only a large body of people with ‘alienated minds’ can become so influenced by political propaganda, consumerist advertising, and social management. Mass psychosis is only possible through a collective mindset that has become alienated from a transcendental source. In this state, we are prisoners to the impulses that steer our unconscious. We are susceptible to neuroses and psychic illness. We may believe we have freedom when we do not. The forces of bondage are subtle and often insidious. It is a necessity that human civilization returns to the fundamental recognition of the person as a human being.

This Week’s Global News At a Glance

How does the Seattle mayor and police chief allow their city to be held hostage?
How does said mayor swear to an oath and then allow “protestors” to take over a police precinct?
How is it not widely known that a donation to Black Lives Matter funnels directly to the Democratic Party?
How is Defund The Police even worth a mention?
How is it OK that police officers and their families are being threatened on social media in the US?
How is it that having a pro-police bumper sticker on your car is grounds to thrash the vehicle?
How is it that a thrice-wrong virus “expert” is allowed to scare the public and the economy with another dire prediction that probably won’t be realized? I have so many questions and unfortunately no answers at this time. It’s Jabberwocky.
Hertz just won bankruptcy court approval to sell (or at least try) up to $1 billion in worthless stock to maniac daytraders. Not even Enron tried this. Judge Mary Walrath ruled that Hertz can go ahead with the offering and could take in as much as $1 billion. With the company set to receive 3% on the offering, if the bank finds enough Robinhood teenagers to sell the full billion, it will make $30 million from selling worthless garbage to idiots.
Media outlets in the US and UK have been conducting mental gymnastics worthy of Cirque du Soleil to portray rioters as virtuous, non-violent freedom fighters even as they film them starting fires and ripping down statues. You may have noticed the word “peaceful” being bandied about on your TV screens and appearing in headlines all over the internet a lot recently. “Peaceful” is an interesting adjective, because in most cases if something is peaceful, it is self-evident. For example, you’d only have to look at a photograph of a yoga retreat or a calm lake on a warm summer’s day and your brain would instantly think, “peaceful”. Likewise, with its opposite “violent”; normally if something is violent it is perfectly obvious: baying mobs, cage fighting, Quentin Tarantino movies – they’re violent and you don’t need to be told they are. Which is why it is rather interesting that “peaceful” has crept into the headlines of countless stories about the recent protests following the tragic death of George Floyd. Virtually every news outlet, from CNN to MSNBC to the BBC and Sky News, even the Daily Mail, have insisted that all the demonstrations in his name have been mainly placid, well-mannered affairs. They seem to have forgotten, however, that the cameras are rolling. The first widely memed incident of this sort of coverage was footage from MSNBC. This showed reporter Ali Velshi standing outside a building in Minneapolis that was literally on fire as looting took place all around him, insisting that what was going on was “mostly a protest” and “was not generally speaking unruly”.
Many goods imported from the EU into Vietnam will enjoy zero percent tax according to the tax reduction roadmap over the next seven to 10 years. Imported cars and spare parts are the most anticipated items. Currently, imported cars from the EU to Vietnam face taxes of 70%. The most expensive are cars imported from Germany, France and Italy. According to commitments, vehicles with engines above 2,500 cc would enjoy a zero tax after nine years while those of less than 2,500 cc would have a zero tax after 10 years. The Ministry of Finance’s Department of International Co-operation said the ministry had built a tax cut plan for cars and other items to submit to the government. It would include regulations, timeframe and process and directives for ministries, departments and local authorities. If the government cut tax by 7-9% each year, the prices of imported cars from the EU would significantly fall. More people would be able to afford imported cars. In another case, if the government cut tax by 15-30% a year in just two or three years, customers could see a huge price drop by VND300m or more in August if the market becomes more diverse and no trade protection measures are applied. The majority of imported cars into Vietnam are Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen. Each car costs about VND2bn.
Samoan citizens stuck in New Zealand can now return to Samoa as the first of a series of repatriation flights departed Auckland to Apia today, 29 May. The repatriation flights between the two countries are expected to be operating on a fortnightly basis (once every two weeks) in accordance with the Travel Advice issued by the Government of Samoa. All passengers on the repatriation flights will need to take a CoViD-19 test three days before travel, and carry proof of a negative result. Passengers are also required to hold a medical certificate advising fitness to fly (no symptoms of illness).
An opportunity for some Tongans to return home amid the struggle to keep Tonga free from the novel coronavirus, was announced by the Prime Minister, Hon. Dr Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa, this afternoon 12 June. Fifty Tongans who have been stranded overseas, will be repatriated from New Zealand next week on an Air New Zealand cargo plane. He also said that three days ago, the body of a Tongan who passed away in Fiji had been repatriated by His Majesty’s Armed Forces to Nuku’alofa.
Until recently, the only opportunity that Wataru, a 17-year-old high school student in Japan, had to play a hero was when he immersed himself in online role-playing games. But after the government of Kagawa prefecture on the island of Shikoku moved to limit the amount of time young people could spend playing video games or using the internet, he donned the mantle of crusader for the rights of families to decide for themselves how much gaming is too much. He has enlisted the help of one of the country’s premier lawyers to sue the government. If everything goes according to plan, he could become one of the very few people in Japan to have won a constitutional challenge to the nation’s laws. “I thought, rather than waiting for someone to take action on my behalf, if I took action for myself, that could have a powerful impact on society,” Wataru, whose last name is being withheld because he is a minor, said during a recent video interview (which used up part of his daily allotment online). In April, Kagawa became the first jurisdiction in Japan to enact regulations intended to address addiction to video gaming by asking parents to set time limits — no more than 60 minutes on school nights and 90 minutes on weekends. The rules apply to anyone under 20 years old, the age of majority in Japan, and while they carry no enforcement mechanism, there is heavy social pressure to follow official suggestions.
A 24-year-old painter turned on her Nintendo DS for the first time in 15 years and, to her surprise, discovered a message she wrote to herself at the age of 9. “Dear future Haruka, are you working as a painter? I hope you are. It’s all right if you are doing something else … but be yourself and try your best, from Haruka,” it read. Haruka is now working mainly as an oil painter based in Sapporo and gives live performances of watercolor and acrylic painting. On June 4, she stopped by her parents’ home and turned on her Nintendo DS to play “Animal Crossing: Wild World.” She wanted to check how it differed from the latest game in the series, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” which she plays on her Nintendo Switch. Then the letter appeared. She did not even remember writing it. For Haruka, who has struggled to make a living as a painter, the letter melted away all her stress and tension. “(Seeing it), I could let my stress go away,” she said. “I felt I could express myself through painting more than ever.”
Some arrests with the ‘Promise land’ operation were carried out in Italy against a criminal group specializing in the lucrative human trafficking activity. The investigations were initiated by the police after the landing of migrants in Sicily on April 7, 2017 by the NGO Sos Mediteranee’s ship Aquarius and “allowed to shed light on numerous cases of trafficking against young Nigerian girls”. They were recruited by a compatriot named Osas, who proposed to undertake the journey to Italy, with the promise of a job. But in Italy the young women had to prostitute themselves to repay what was called the “engagement debt”, which ranged between 25 and 30 thousand euros. The police have identified “Osas” Osazee Obaswon, the Italian contact person. The transnational criminal group connections have been rebuilt, with operational cells in Nigeria, Libya, Italy and other European countries, specialized in the ‘human trafficking’ activity and connections with human traffickers in Libya, in charge of taking care of the final and most dangerous phase of the journey: the crossing by sea from the Libyan coasts to Italy. After their arrival in Italy, the victims were threatened and sorted into different cities.
Driverless Buses have now been made accessible for all passengers in Helsinki starting today, as part of the EU-funded FABULOS project which seeks to bring automated public transport to cities across the continent. The new routes will be in place until the beginning of July. The fully-automated GACHA buses were first rolled out in the Pasila neighborhood, taking passengers between Pasila Station, the Exhibition Centre, and Kellosilta. While the journeys will be fully automated, there will be a qualified driver in attendance to make sure that everything runs safely.The GACHA buses, which were already rolled out in Espoo last year, have a top speed of 30 km/h. It is hoped that, if this trial period is successful, driverless buses could be used to extend public transport services out into less densely-populated areas of the country.
California-based startup Hoversurf had one of its Hoverbikes crash in Dubai this week, and the footage was uploaded to YouTube (now taken down), shows the rider of the bike falling out of the sky. Hoversurf is an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle that Dubai Police have expressed a lot of interest in adding a fleet of these vehicles. The police department received its first Hoverbikes in 2019 and has started training officers to fly it.
The mayor of Chicago is pleading for retailers not to leave the city. During a recent interview, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she hoped Walmart and other major retailers that had recently been looted or damaged would not abandon the city. This came after a number of stores and businesses were trashed amid the social unrest over the death of George Floyd. Demonstrations were seen not only in Chicago, but nationwide. Mayor Lightfoot went on to say she was confident in a number of businesses returning, but ultimately she said she’s unsure of one of the biggest ones… Beetle juice @chicagosmayor could have prevented their businesses from been destroyed.
In the wake of nationwide social unrest against law enforcement agencies, spurred mostly by the death of George Floyd (one could also argue that extreme wealth inequality and high unemployment were triggers as well), several major television networks have pulled the plug on any future airings of Cops, reported TV Guide. Last week, A&E Network canceled episodes of Live PD and Cops amid ongoing protests across the country against police brutality following the death of Floyd. Cops was set to debut its 33rd season on Monday (June 8) but was quickly dropped because the network wanted to avoid public backlash, which could’ve led to sponsors pulling ads and viewership boycotts.
Over the past months of COVID-19 lockdowns across nearly all states, and as many counties and cities observed and enforced strict social distancing policies, America has seen a rise in public urination. The reality is that whether walking in downtown urban spaces, or on long distance travel, people are facing a dilemma of either encountering no available public restrooms given businesses and restaurants were closed – or alternately not feeling comfortable enough going into places like gas station given pandemic fears. The New York Post this week describes this rising phenomenon in the city aptly with the title: With no public bathrooms, the Big Apple is now ‘the Big Toilet’.
Late into Wednesday night local time, multiple rockets were fired at the high secured Green Zone in Baghdad, with at least one rocket appearing to score a direct hit on the front of the US Embassy, according to initial reports. Video confirmation of the incident is now circulating on social media and shows a building or possibly multiple buildings on fire at the American embassy compound.
Kurdistan 24 journalist Barzan Sadiq uploaded footage of the attack aftermath, which shows fires raging, and described it as the result of Katyusha rocket impact.
A far-right Norwegian man was jailed for 21 years on Thursday for the racially motivated murder of his Chinese-born stepsister and attempting to kill worshippers in a mosque shooting spree. Philip Manshaus expressed strong anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim views before last year’s attack and was unrepentant at trial. Manshaus, now 22 years old, shot and killed Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen in their family home, later explaining he believed the adopted daughter of his father’s spouse posed a risk to the family because of her Asian origin.
Hundreds of Russian polling station officials, citing the risk of spreading the coronavirus, say they won’t help organize a nationwide vote on reforms that could extend President Vladimir Putin’s rule until 2036. In the July 1 ballot, Russians will vote to approve or reject constitutional reforms including a change that would allow Putin to serve two more six-year terms, if re-elected, instead of stepping down in 2024. But around 350 election officials across the country say taking part is too dangerous at a time when authorities are still reporting thousands of new infections each day despite a drop in cases in the capital Moscow.


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