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Published Date: June 10th, 2019




D-Day’s 75th Anniversary, Julian Assange Letter, Flynn Fires Counsel, Musk Launched 60 5G Satellites, Mexico Yields to Tariff Threats, US Markets Continue Falling, 2 Former Senators Shot Dead, Hong Kong Protests, Trump’s UK Visit, Pedophilia Crackdown

A Fourth of July to Remember
President Trump will give his 4th of July speech from the Lincoln Memorial this year which after all the to do about the fireworks at Mount Rushmore and the symbology thereof, surprised me until I remembered that the Lincoln Memorial has long been known as the Seat of the Executor/Trustee.

This fourth of July is already being touted as the Second American Independence Day in some circles. I saw a report last week that posited that the June 3, 2019 gala was the Queen’s retirement dinner and that Trump was now the head Trustee of the Cestue que vie or the divine/global estate trust.  Now, Trump is addressing the American people on the fourth of July from the Seat of the Executor/Trustee in an address that is touted as the Second American Independence Day?

There is a great deal of whining and crying about the trade ‘wars’ or worse, that Trump is creating with his tariffs and sanctions disrupting the current imbalance status quo in the world. The truth is that Trump has begun the process of bringing the entire world back into balance economically, industrially, technologically,….. and spiritually.

These trade war tariffs and sanctions, as well as the saber rattling between nations, are the process of bringing everything into balance that many may call a ‘reset’ or Global Currency Reset. There is no denying that the world is out of balance. An imbalance intentionally created by the deep state to bring about the chaos and fear on which they feed.

Trump is negotiating a New World Order, Not to be mistaken with a One World Order. A New World Order based in balanced cooperation between the various nations ….. as in a decentralized federation of nation/states where the people decide on a local level the laws and taxes to which all agree to abide. A world where we can live side by side and celebrate our differences of opinions, beliefs, and traditions. A world of balance where true abundance and prosperity is enjoyed by all who pass this way.

A world where the trustees/government are the Public Servants of the beneficiaries, we the people whom they serve.

All events suggest that the 1933 New Deal Public Trust has been, or is about to be, collapsed liberating the people and their property from the central bank cabal. Should be an interesting fourth of July!

For the last several years, the U.S. military has observed an increase in what it calls “unexplained aerial phenomena.” UFO”s The rest of us may know them by their more common name — unidentified flying objects — and we should all strive, as the Navy is doing, to take these reports more seriously.

Sometimes, according to the Washington Post, well-trained military pilots “claimed to observe small spherical objects flying in formation. Others say they’ve seen white, Tic Tac-shaped vehicles. Aside from drones, all engines rely on burning fuel to generate power, but these vehicles all had no air intake, no wind, and no exhaust.” They also appear to exceed all known aircraft in speed and have been described by a former deputy assistant secretary of defense as embodying a “truly radical technology.”

Meanwhile, Avi Loeb, chair of the Harvard astronomy department, recently suggested that a passing object in space, named Oumuamua, might be a light sail from an advanced alien civilization, as evidenced by its apparently strange movements.

The unidentified flying objects look like white Tic Tacs, or spinning tops flying against the wind — and Navy pilots keep reporting their presence over U.S. airspace. In interviews with the New York Times, five more pilots have come forward describing their experiences with UFOs flying off the Eastern seaboard from Virginia to Florida between 2014 and 2015.

One ten-year veteran, Lieutenant Ryan Graves, claimed that he saw UFOs almost daily and that the objects could reach hypersonic speeds and heights of up to 30,000 feet without any visible engine or plumes of infrared exhaust. Graves, who reported his experience to the Pentagon and Congress, said, “These things would be out there all day,” and that, “with the speeds we observed, 12 hours in the air is 11 hours longer than we’d expect.”

As the Times reports, pilot sightings of UFOs have increased since “their 1980s-era radar was upgraded to a more advanced system. As one fighter jet after another got the new radar, pilots began picking up the objects, but ignoring what they thought were false radar tracks.”

D-DAY – This was a turning point in World War II. “Europe would be one big Auschwitz otherwise.”  But winning doesn’t make war easy. And these veterans have been walking around for 75 years after seeing and living things that many of us can’t bear to watch movies like “Saving Private Ryan.”

These former servicemen had wildly different D-Days. Some had a tougher time than others. But the more interviews I put in my notebook the more I realized they shared one abiding characteristic: a sense of duty.

They use walkers and wheelchairs and canes now, these men who once carried guns and drove tanks into battle. They don’t see as well as they once did, and they sometimes struggled to hear my questions. But no matter what, they all felt a responsibility to tell their stories so that those who died were not forgotten and that those who weren’t there could understand the horrors of war.

No matter what one might think of war, it’s impossible to hear someone talk about seeing his friends die “more or less in front of you” and not feel deep respect for a man who, 75 years later, refuses to let his friends down. Not remembering their sacrifice? Now that would be unthinkable.

The Mexican Border Crisis: In its report, the Times acknowledged that Mexico’s pledge to deploy up to 6,000 national guard troops to its southern border with Guatemala “was larger than their previous pledge,” and that Mexico’s “agreement to accelerate the Migrant Protection Protocols could help reduce what Mr. Trump calls ‘catch and release’ of migrants in the United States by giving the country a greater ability to make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico.”

U.S. officials had been working to expand the migrant program, which already has led to the return of about 10,000 people, and said Friday’s agreement was a major push in that direction. Nevertheless, the Times, citing unnamed officials from Mexico and the U.S., reported that the concessions already had been hashed out in a more limited form.

Q Anon has been silent since May 26th.

The Yellow Vest protests reached week 30.

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