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Published Date: July 29th, 2019




Global Elite Sex Trafficking, Epstein Suicide Attempt, 2019 – The Year of Boomerang, New Global Crop Failure Reports, New Financial Transition, Royal Secrets

Mueller Hearing Disaster

Robert Mueller testified last week and it did not go well for the Deep State or the Democrats. They tried to push obstruction but this failed, they tried to use this show to push the impeachment agenda. Mueller was getting caught up in the questions, and never really deviated from the report.  And as with Cohen, this turned out to be a giant nothing burger.  Now the people are asking questions, what was this all about? Q dropped more bread, this is the Year of Boomerang, the truth is a force of nature, the people are waking up, the people are sheep no more.

Current Happenings

The MSM is at it again with their faulty poll numbers, and Trump calls them on it.  The Government has brought back the death penalty and panic is setting in. Durham is moving forward with the investigations, it’s happening. Trump is looking into Google as Barr moves forward against big tech. Clandestine explains who the stealth bomber might be while Q reminds us that nothing will stop what is coming, nothing.  Nunes is going to receive a special package, Barr is in full control, and the Manchurian candidate is in the news.

Record Global Heat Wave

Fueled by record-breaking warmth in Europe, the U.S., and the Arctic and supercharged by global warming, scientists say July 2019 will be the hottest month for the Earth since records began in 1880. In other words, of the past 1,675 months since January 1880 – during the administration of President Rutherford B. Hayes – July 2019 will likely be the hottest.

Such extreme heat is a calling card of planetary climate change: “Climate change made such a record hot month ‘far more likely,'” Penn State University climate scientist Michael Mann said in an email to USA TODAY. Though final official data won’t be available until early August, numerous scientists have weighed in with their predictions on Twitter:

“July is going to be the warmest month on record globally,” University of Oklahoma meteorologist Jason Furtado said. “That is a big deal.” BAM Weather meteorologist Ryan Maue said, “July 2019 will be *hottest* month on record … up my odds to 90% likely.”

“Earth … (is) on track for (its) warmest July,” said Stefan Rahmstorf, head of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. According to data from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), nine of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000.

World Agricultural Highlights, researchers from Australia, Germany, and the US have quantified the effect of climate extremes, such as droughts or heatwaves, on the yield variability of staple crops around the world. Overall, year-to-year changes in climate factors during the growing season of maize, rice, soy and spring wheat accounted for 20%-49% of yield fluctuations, according to research published in Environmental Research Letters.

Climate extremes, such as hot and cold temperature extremes, drought and heavy precipitation, by themselves, accounted for 18%-43% of these interannual variations in crop yield.

To get to the bottom of the impacts of climate extremes on agricultural yields, the researchers used a global agricultural database at the  and near-global coverage climate and climate extremes datasets. They applied a machine-learning algorithm, Random Forests, to tease out which climate factors played the greatest role in influencing .

“Interestingly, we found that the most important climate factors for yield anomalies were related to temperature, not precipitation, as one could expect, with the average growing season temperature and temperature extremes playing a dominant role in predicting crop yields,” said lead author Dr. Elisabeth Vogel from the Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes and Climate & Energy College at the University of Melbourne.

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