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Published Date: September 30, 2019




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“Impeachment Without Conviction”: Here Are The 5 Scenarios For Trump’s Presidency

  • The Democrats in the House of Representatives have decided to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump. While impeachment is possible as the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, a conviction is unlikely as long as the Republicans in the Senate continue to support their President. In this case, the removal of President Trump from office is unlikely, neither by conviction nor by the 25th Amendment.
  • What’s more, history suggests that it will be a challenge for the Democrats to complete the process of impeachment & conviction before Election Day 2020. And then there is – at least as things stand now – virtually no chance of conviction. Consequently, it is unlikely to affect who is on the Republican ticket for the presidential elections in 2020.
  • However, it will set the tone for the election campaign. In fact, it could even backfire on the Democrats as it may energize Trump voters to go to the polls. Meanwhile, the impeachment theme may overshadow any political message that the Democrats might want to sell to the electorate. What’s more, Democratic candidate Joe Biden may not come out of this process unscathed. This would strengthen the position of the remaining leading candidates in the Democratic primaries, which are far more left-wing than Biden. While this strengthens the position of the left-wing in the Democratic Party, it may scare away centrist voters on Election Day. Since impeachability is a political decision rather than a legal matter, history will tell whether starting an impeachment inquiry was the right decision for the Democrats.
  • Impeachment proceedings and the related further deterioration of the US domestic political climate add to the range of factors that are creating uncertainty for the economic outlook that the Fed is monitoring closely. What’s more, they reduce the chance of meaningful fiscal policy legislation. Therefore, third insurance cut before the end of the year – which is already in our baseline forecast – has become more likely. It also makes our forecast of a recession in 2020 and the Fed cutting all the way back to zero before the end of next year more likely

The White House released a memorandum of the 30-minute telephone conversation between President Trump and President Zelenskyy – as spelled in the memorandum – on July 25. According to the memorandum President Trump said: ‘The other thing, There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it… It sounds horrible to me.’ Both the Senate and the House adopted resolutions calling on President Trump to release the whistleblower complaint to Congress. Earlier, the House Intelligence Committee set a Friday deadline for the Justice Department to release the whistleblower’s account of this event.

Financial Storm Clouds

The financial storm clouds are gathering, and no, I’m not talking about impeachment or the Fed and repo troubles–I’m talking about much more serious structural issues, issues that cannot possibly be fixed within the existing financial system.

Yes, I’m talking about the cost structure of our society: earned income has stagnated while costs have soared, and households have filled the widening gap with debt they cannot afford to service once the long-delayed recession grabs the economy by the throat.

Everywhere we look, we find households, enterprises and local governments barely able to keep their heads above water–in the longest expansion in recent history. This is as good as it gets, and we’re only able to pay our bills by borrowing more, draining rainy-day funds or playing accounting tricks.

So what happens when earned income and tax revenues sag? Households, enterprises, and local governments will be unable to pay their bills, and borrowing more will become difficult as the financial markets awaken to the re-emergence of risk: as shocking as it may be in the era of Central Bank Omnipotence, borrowers can still default and lenders can be destroyed by the resulting losses.

The era of Central Bank Omnipotence has been characterized by two things:

This has never returned less than 400% over 4 years

1. A disconnect between risk and return. Since “central banks have our backs,” risk has been vanquished, and since central banks socialize losses by bailing out corporations and banks who gambled and lost, then the financial Oligarchs have been free to ignore risk since the Federal Reserve has implicitly guaranteed returns will always be secured by Fed backstops, market interventions, etc.

2. Costs have been ignored because “we’re all getting richer” via asset bubbles. Your healthcare insurance just doubled in a couple of years? Forget it, Pal, that’s chump change compared to the big-time gains in the value of your house and 401K stock holdings. This is the wealth effect: even as rising costs consume earned income, we ignore this financial erosion and borrow and spend more because we feel richer when we look at our home and stock valuations.

In other words, the wealth effect has been deployed to paper over the enormous structural gap between income and expenses. The wealth effect doesn’t just affect households: rising real estate valuations have boosted local government tax revenues, and small businesses have been buoyed by the spending of the top 20% who own 93% of the stocks owned by households and who have seen their homes soar in value. (Note that the top 5% own 71% of the stocks; the top 10% own 84%.)

But asset bubbles always pop, and once they do, the wealth effect reverses and people feel poorer as the value of their homes and portfolios decline. They borrow and spend less, and all the capital gains that boosted local tax revenues dry up, too.

Here’s reality: wages haven’t kept up with expenses. This chart displays healthcare costs, but rent, higher education, childcare, etc. have similar asymmetries.

War on Consciousness

The War on Consciousness extremely compelling. He starts by touching upon cave art and the emergence of humanity as “fully symbolic creatures” who express themselves with language and drawings.  He talks about his experience with ayahuasca and how, when he finally decided to listen to the lessons it impressed upon him, it transformed his life.

But my favorite part is the last six minutes, where Hancock describes the fundamental human right to sovereign consciousness and the war being waged against it. He concisely exposes the hypocrisy of a society that sanctions some drugs, such as pharmaceuticals, nicotine, and alcohol, while prohibiting plants that have been used in sacred traditions to unite with ourselves, each other, and the divine for many centuries.

I stand here invoking the hard-won right of freedom of speech to call for and demand another right to be recognized, and that is the right of adult sovereignty over consciousness. There’s a war on consciousness in our society, and if we as adults are not allowed to make sovereign decisions about what to experience with our own consciousness while doing no harm to others, including the decision to use responsibly ancient and sacred visionary plants, then we cannot claim to be free in any way. …It’s useless for our society to go around the world imposing our form of democracy on others while we nourish this rot at the heart of society and we do not allow individual freedom over consciousness.

Well said, Graham Hancock!

The talk has garnered some recent attention because, after TED’s “scientific advisors” reviewed the content of the talk, they removed it from the main TED page and relegated it to its own page with a caution about its controversial content. In fact, they’ve started a very lively and interesting debate about whether Hancock’s video deserved to be removed from TED Talks, and to what extent TED should be promoting such unorthodox and arguably unscientific material.

Personally, I think Hancock showed great restraint in the way he presented his views and find his talk laudable rather than objectionable. I can sympathize with the organization’s desire to remain rooted in verified sciences and technologies, but they’ve hosted talks that go much further afield than this one. Hancock’s talk clearly meets TED’s criterion of “Ideas Worth Spreading.” I am a hardened skeptic when it comes to pseudoscience and conspiracy theories, and even I was left impressed and inspired. What do you think?

This Week’s Report At a Glance

Only now we’re discussing what Aaron Swartz might have REALLY discovered at MIT.

8Chan in the final stages, launch Date TBA.

Hi-end Cat 4 Hurricane Lorenzo makes a turn towards Europe but no threat to land.

Twenty Years of the Central Bank Gold Agreement ended on Sep 26th, 2019.

The Dollar Index closed at 99.22 points yesterday, 100 rumored to be a marker.

Zimbabwe has the 2nd largest gold reserves per km² in the whole world.

Stopping Brexit is about saving the European Union

Darknet Cybercrime hub with 200 servers seized in ex-NATO bunker in Germany.

AG Bill Barr is in Italy on official business – One of the countries involved in Spygate scandal.

Former DIA officer from Utah that sold intel to China sentenced 10 in prison.

China police searched the house of Zhang Qi, former mayor of Danzhou and found 13.5 tons of gold in ingots.

Hurricane Lorenzo forecasted to hit the Azores Island on Wed 2nd with 60 knots winds.

Joshua Wong, 22 yo figurehead of the protests in HKG is planning to run in the local election.

Record cold in the Rocky Mountains, USA.

Record Snow in Montana, Rocky Mountains, USA.

Hong Kong protesters trap Carrie Lam in the stadium after ‘open dialogue’.

Spanish security firm spied Assange in Ecuadorian Emb for US Intelligence.

Sweden’s schools plan to delete Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages from teaching.

Chernobyl’s reactor no. 4 still gives off 40,000 times higher level of radiation than normal.

Food delivery service DoorDash hit by a data breach, hackers grab info on 5 mil users.

U.S. National Cancer Institute: Marijuana’s -9-THC kills cancer cells.

Some Finnish swimming pools have introduced ladies-only shifts.

D-Wave announces a new quantum computer that can break even military encryption.

Watch Clinton’s health start to deteriorate – Q 1 yo.

iOS 13 bug lets 3rd-party keyboards gain ‘full-access’.

Brexit scaremongers in full swing.

German basketball club axes cheerleaders, ‘No longer appropriate’.

Iran was promised ‘all’ sanctions lifted in return for talks, Rouhani claims.

Strongest EQ in Europe M4.1 Madera Islands PT
Strongest EQ in US M3.5 Oklahoma
Strongest EQ on the Planet M6.0 Raoul Island NZ

Strongest EQ in Europe M3.3 Portugal/Albania
Strongest EQ in US M3.6 Alaska
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.2 Tonga

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30 BIG Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans

Confused by what’s real and what’s a hoax or a flat-out lie? The magnitude of hoaxes and lies being perpetrated by Deep State is so expansive, they had to cover their tracks by having Google/YouTube conceal search results for “hoax,” “hoax crisis actors,” and “false flags.” Chew on that for a moment, then kick back with a cup of coffee and expand your consciousness with just how many hoaxes and lies have been perpetrated on the American people. Since the exposure of Google/YouTube, they have reversed their Blacklist, but make no mistake, they are owned.

They have a narrative to fulfill, and power-hungry allegiances to serve. Tempted by money and control, feeding desires of wickedness and evil, they care not who they harm in the process. They care not who they steamroll, whose lives are shattered, and those who are raped or murdered along the way. They. Care. Not.

Who Are “They”?

• Deep State, which stems from family bloodlines going back hundreds of years, has operated as a shadow government and has maintained power over everything in this report
• Factions within government departments
• Select groups within the CIA, FBI, and other 3-letter agencies
• Portions of Hollywood and the music industry
• Numerous philanthropists, billionaires, and operators of NGOs
• Many leaders and decision-makers in big universities
• Players in big pharma, the health industry, and scientists going along for the ride
• Representatives in political positions of power
• Many in law enforcement, military, the courts, all the way up to judges

YES, “they” are many. We have been infiltrated, and what wasn’t infiltrated, was established for these purposes right out the gate.

What is it “They” Want?

• To perpetuate propaganda on the world to feed their agendas
• To control your mind, thoughts, desires, behavior, and beliefs
• To control your finances and your function in the world
• To strip you of your right to bear arms so they have greater control
• To reduce the population. “They,” all say so themselves
• To one day replace you and your job with artificial intelligence (AI)
• To produce mass-scale hoaxes of great proportion to produce a stream of money to line all their pockets
• To own and control everything they can on God’s green earth
• A new world order with a single global governance

THEY want it all. And, they want you to be the sheep that serves them, keeps their businesses rolling, be forced to give up a huge percentage of your taxes that flows through the government and into their hands. All the while, they keep you living paycheck to paycheck so you don’t have time to see the truth, nor the energy to dig for it. They were very creative in their endeavors. It’s served them quite well – until now.

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