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Published Date: May 13th, 2019




Planetary Suicide Watch, IG Reports Coming, New SpyGate Revelations, US Earthquake Activity, Q is Back After Silence, Corey Goode Interviews, Midwest Flooding Expands, 5G Cancer Exposure, Rod Rosenstein Resigns

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said on Friday Tehran would not negotiate with the United States and a senior cleric warned that a US Navy fleet could be “destroyed with one missile,” as a U.S aircraft carrier headed towards the Gulf.  The comments by the Guards and by Ayatollah Yousef Tabatabai-Nejad, a hardliner, appeared partly aimed at discouraging President Hassan Rouhani and his moderate allies in Tehran from taking up an offer of talks from Washington.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday urged Iran’s leadership to sit down and talk with him about giving up their nuclear program and said he could not rule out a military confrontation given the heightened tensions.  The carrier Abraham Lincoln, deployed by the Trump administration to the Middle East as a warning to Iran, passed through Egypt’s Suez Canal on Thursday.

China Trade Talks Update; China has invited U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to Beijing to continue trade negotiations, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Sunday.  President Donald Trump on Saturday called for China to act now on trade or risk facing a worse deal if negotiations continue into a possible second term after the 2020 presidential election.

Trump claimed China was ‘beaten so badly’ in recent trade negotiations that Beijing wanted to wait until after the 2020 election in the hope a Democrat would win the White House and offer them a better deal.  Trump, however, said he would prevail in the upcoming election and warned that a trade deal would be ‘much worse’ for China if it was negotiated during his second term.

The three new missiles North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has tested over the past week are eerily familiar to military experts: They look just like a widely copied missile the Russian military has been actively trying to sell abroad for years.  Ending a pause in ballistic missile launches that began in late 2017, Kim supervised the launch of the first missile from the country’s east coast on Saturday and two more from the west on Thursday.

It’s still unclear if the North bought the missiles or built them itself, but experts say they look just like a nuclear-capable ballistic missile that has long been a source of tension in Europe and was behind the Trump administration’s decision to suspend a longstanding arms treaty with Moscow in February.

In one of the most bizzarre stories of the week, thousands of guns were found in an abondoned Beverly Hills mansion.  Cynthia Beck, who has had a relationship with Gordon Getty is the home’s owner.  The story gets even stranger as we learn Ms. Beck owns many other high value, but run down and abondoned LA area properties.

After only one post in the Month of May, Q Anon posted 4 times on the 12th with a forewarning of a BOOM WEEK AHEAD.

This Week’s Briefing At a Glance

Our featured Documentaries are Vaxxed, Magma, Pompeii, and Imperium.

In our Arts & Leisure section we reference Brian Skerry’s underwater photography, 10 destinations to see flower blooms, 12 of the most empowering female music videos, and 9 inspirational graphic design trends.

In Journey of Awakening we examine a scientist’s spiritual awakening, the end game, 9 vital keys to holding space for yourself, the mirror dimension of spiritual fire, the ground rules of life and existence, the third dimension of fire, and chaos before the major transition.

We have hero series on the planet’s species extinction and nature’s decline along with false flag plans to start a war with Iran.

Our “Hot Topics” cover North Korea’s missile test, Trump brings down the tariff hammer, YouTube is in pain after their censorship, the untold story of Rod Rosenstein, another elected official looking for proof that 5G is safe, the psychopathic influence, a six part report on the measles outbreak, how a teenager is revolutionizing nuclear power, NASA declares carbon dioxide is greening the Earth, Britney Spears being held against her will for MK-Ultra, a malicious cyber event in the US, micro-dosing with cannabis, actor James Woods and others have their social media shut down, a pediatrician explains the media’s hysteria about the measles, Denver voters approve measure to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms, the Pope orders clergy to report sex abuse, Jeff Bezos in the space industry. 

We feature three Corey Goode interviews with Ben and Rob from Edge of Wonder.  

In Geopolitical, we have a summary on the looming global reset, X22’s look at bringing power back to the people, a Jordan Sather video, Bill Barr to expose SpyGate, release of congressional transcripts confirms the Epoch Times’ reporting, the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation was formally opened on false pretenses, approaching the end of America’s financial order, global economy teeters on brink of recession, home sales are tanking, german scientist reveals transhuman agenda, Moby claims CIA asked him to post about Trump and Russia  

In Global Weather we have an eye on solar flares and cosmic rays, central US bracing for more severe weather, Mississippi river flooding, a peeling tectonic plate near Portugal, and the scale of a Tsunami’s power.  

In Health Watch we explore the hidden connection between viruses, vaccines and cancer, mandatory vaccines, food crisis in the corn belt, everything you need to know about B12 deficiency, new GMOs flooding the natural market, chocolate is better than fluoride for your teeth, 10 survival crops you can grow without irrigation, and the Irish Government declares climate emergency. 

In True History, we learn of the Law of One, how plague and climate change devastated the Byzantine Empire, the origins of the Deep State in North America, and why orienting maps to the North became the standard.  

In Hidden Truths, we discover the inevitable end of UFO secrecy, the flying craft of the future, NASA preparing for asteroid, a lecturer claims aliens and humans are breeding hybrids, the US Navy’s super fast futuristic aircraft resembles a triangular UFO, alien metal alloys stored by the US government, NASA discovers bizarre ice structure on Titan.

For The Event, we look further into collapsing into the NOW moment, our solar system passing through the galactic axis, ascension energies and past life hearings, and a two part series on a Super Comet.  

In Spirituality, we explore what could be more powerful than positive thinking, intuitive knowing through seven stages, marine phytoplankton benefits, and how scientists now believe the universe itself may be conscious.  

In Path of Awakening we find Jared Rand’s global guided meditations, a May energy update from Lee Harris, 11 life affirming lessons, 432Hz deep healing music, and the top practices, herbs, and foods to encourage a long and vibrant life. 

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Planet Suicide, Species Extinction & Nature’s Decline

Is There a False Flag Being Planned to Start War Betweeen the US and Iran?

“Hot Topics”

Corey Goode on Edge of Wonder


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