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Published Date: March 19th, 2019




Weissmann Steps Down, Strozk Testimony Released, Boeing 737 Max 8 Grounded, Winter Boom Cyclone, 5G Cancer Concerns, Increase in US Earthquakes, Israel Under Attack

The terrorist attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand have left 50 dead as all signs point to a calculated false flag attack carried out by multiple shooters.  Soon after the shootings, the press announced one of the shooters posted his nearly 80-page manifesto and other postings to anonymous message board 8chan.  There was then a call to ban 8chan from the internet, the same board QAnon uses to make drops.  The primary suspect recorded the shootings live to Facebook, if the video of the killings was posted to a subreddit, that subreddit would be immediately shut down…for good!  There were warnings on Reddit’s r/conspiracy to not post the video.  If it were posted, the sub with 828K followers could have been banned.  The NZ government has threatened 10 years in prison and 200K in fines to anyone who possesses the video.  The video must reveal facts that go against the official narrative.

Mixed reports are being spread about locations, the number of shooters, detained, and victims.  This is the first false flag we’ve seen to create more censorship and a ban on guns. The New Zealand government immediately called for a ban on guns and citizens are handing them over, another Deep State goal.  Is it a coincidence that John Podesta was in Christchurch during the time of the shooting?  In a photo posted by Q Podesta has the same markings on his hands as the shooter has on his assault rifle.  Q says “there are no coincidences” , and “symbolism will be their downfall”.    

This video from the SGT Report gives a different perspective of the NZ shootings and also touches on NXIVM, and cell towers in CA causing cancer in children.

Twelve HUGE, damning bombshells dropped this week, spinning this storm into high gear.  From the Lisa Page transcripts to McCain’s connection to the dossier, a grand jury investigation into Facebook, massive NXIVM updates, Jeffrey Epstein back on the chopping block, and Andrew Weissmann leaving special counsel. And, while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was preparing her audition for her role as a congresswoman for New York, Paul Ryan was sabotaging democrat subpoenas.  Meanwhile, Hollywood is being sliced and diced for paying off colleges and Ivy League Schools to get their children admitted.  Of course, this is only the beginning of investigations into nefarious actions taking place in the upper echelons of colleges, and it’s safe to say, politicians will surely make the list.

Who could forget the terrorist training camp discovered in New Mexico last year, where they had loads of guns and ammunition, along with a deceased child?  The court dismissed three of the five suspects, creating one hell of a stir in this country.  Now, there is a superseding indictment charging all five with conspiracy to attack and kill officers and employees of the United States, along with multiple other charges.

While Congressman Jim Jordan was busy calling out Adam Schiff in a Twitter frenzy this week, the Democrats, along with 12 Republicans voted to block the President’s emergency at the southern border, which Trump immediately vetoed the following day, in his first veto as President.

New details have emerged on how prosecutors helped uncover what is being called the “Largest College Admissions Scam Ever.  In addition, new celebrity names, including golfer Phil Mickelson, are being added to the list of those who used the service involved in brokering bribes to prestigious universities like Yale and Stanford.

The scam was uncovered due to a tip that was given to the SEC by Morrie Tobin, a Los Angeles financial executive who was being charged for a financial pump and dump scheme at the time. Tobin “was being investigated in a securities fraud case,” when he tipped off the government, seeking leniency, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal.

Tobin is a Yale alumnus, who said that the school’s women’s soccer coach had sought out a bribe ($400,000) in order to get his daughter into the school.  As a result of the tip, regulators were able to uncover the massive scandal. Tobin is awaiting sentencing in his securities fraud case that he signed a plea deal for last November.

Q Count Down, at 6 Days: 

The unsealing of the first several indictments will bring about ‘unity’ and ‘change’ – ‘change’ that ‘we’ can believe in.
Returning ‘POWER’ to the PEOPLE.
Returning ‘THE RULE OF LAW’ to OUR LAND.

Social Media Shutdown: Federal prosecutors are conducting a criminal investigation into data deals Facebook struck with some of the world’s largest technology companies, intensifying scrutiny of the social media giant’s business practices as it seeks to rebound from a year of scandal and setbacks.

A grand jury in New York has subpoenaed records from at least two prominent makers of smartphones and other devices, according to two people who were familiar with the requests and who insisted on anonymity to discuss confidential legal matters. Both companies had entered into partnerships with Facebook, gaining broad access to the personal information of hundreds of millions of its users.

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We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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