Published Date: February 25th, 2019




Venezuela, David Icke Australia Ban, Trafficking and Prostitution Arrests, Jussie Smollett Hoax, New Round of Internet Censorships, High Profile Arrests Coming

The Great Awakening Report exhibited at Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton over the weekend.  It was a great way for the GAR team to sign up new subscribers (Welcome!), meet face to face with like-minded individuals, and connect with a number of people within the awakening and disclosure communities.  We met with Emery Smith, Billy Carson, Jimmy Church, Dylan Louis MonroeGaiaThe Human Origin Project, and many other influential people and businesses.  The feedback was very positive and constructive; we look forward to participating in future events so please stay tuned.

Throughout the week Q Anon continued to post drops at an alarming rate, posting 105 times from Monday, February 18th through Sunday, February 24th.  If you didn’t set aside hours of your time to read the drops and click the links then you likely missed something.  Q touched on the following: Lisa Page and Peter Strzok at the Corinthia Hotel, Lara Logan outing the unbalanced MSM, the coup attempt on Trump, every major news network reporting on Q, where war funding really goes, declassification, Hollywood Q references, the Jussie Smollett hoax, California’s corruption, the Mueller Report, Q’s global reach, memes, Bernie Sanders praising Castro, human trafficking and pedophilia, the internet under attack, a list of 200 targeted Twitter accounts, and more.

Here’s a Q post that’s worth reading.

Jordan Sather’s Q Brief

What’s happening in Venezuela?  The Venezuela situation is becoming increasingly difficult to decode as the US is threatening military action to remove Maduro from power and say his days are numbered.  The World court of opinion is now asking/demanding for Maduro’s resignation and pushing for new elections in May 2019.  Guaido’s interim government will assure fair and constitutional elections.  The Plan is for the Global Deep State to place their new puppet President in power by rigging elections and getting control over Venezuela vast oil reserves.  The fight over control of the world’s largest oil reserves is at the heart of Venezuela’s problems.  There are new reports that the Maduro (Deep State Faction) is purposely blocking GESARA global gold backed currency.  Now, force is an option on the table to remove Maduro and implement this new global financial system.

The Mueller report is coming and the Deep State is preparing for it.  First, they put out the narrative that the report won’t be what everyone expects, then they say Mueller won’t release the full report.  There is panic in DC.

Human trafficking and pedophilia are two topics we’ve chosen to delay reporting on in great detail because of the horrible nature of these crimes, committed by sick people.  Due to the growing number of arrests, especially of prominent, known, and wealthy people we’ve chosen to link a couple of articles from this week’s news.  New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and fellow billionaire John Childs have been charged for solicitation of prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, FL.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Kraft is not the biggest name involved, and it’s thought that the spa is tied to darker crimes involving underage victims and human trafficking.  Schefter reports an additional 184 prominent figures will soon be indicted.  In yet another black eye for the Catholic church, Cardinal George Pell, one of the church’s highest ranking cardinals was found guilty of sexual assault.

Our “Hot Topics” cover David Icke’s ban, drafting women, an asteroid’s proximity, mysterious booms, Venezuela, China landing on the far side of the moon, education’s dismantling of the mind, Lara Logan, Ed Buck, genetically modified mosquitos and insight into more hate crime hoaxes from Andy Ngo.

In Geopolitical, we dig further into false flag warnings, recession risk, the border wall and state of emergency.  In Global Weather, we’re keeping an eye on earth’s record-breaking climate report, a dragon aurora, and Yellowstone.  In Health Watch we’re looking at stressing less, plastics, 741 Hz, the truth about vaccines and big Pharma.  In True History, we learn of inner earth, ancient monuments, and ancient Australian hieroglyphs.

In Hidden Truths, we have a Richard Dolan interview with Jimmy Church, images of shadow people, police post possible UFO video.  In Spirituality, we explore the true meaning of “miracle” from a Buddhist monk, how people are capable of superhuman abilities, how to manifest while you sleep.  In Path of Awakening, we find more inspiration through Jared Rand’s meditations.  Our continued collective participation in mass meditation is reaching the critical phase in our struggle to free, heal, and restore the planet.

If you’re asking yourself how you can help the Great Awakening Report, you can do any of these things: sign up for a paid subscription, donate, or buy something from our shop.  Everything is appreciated and helps us continue the work we do to find truth, usher in the awakening, and seek full disclosure.  Thank you to our readers and subscribers for your continued support!

– The Great Awakening Team



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