Weekly Briefing – Kavanaugh Confirmed, Social Media Purge, Hurricane Michael

Facebook Thumbs Down

Published Date: October 15th, 2018





The Week of October 8th saw Kavanaugh confirmed by the Senate, voting 50 to 48 in the most controversial nomination to the US Supreme Court. Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle with category level 4 winds and flooding across 5 states.  Rod Rosenstein continues to obstruct the release of 300 redacted pages from the Page FISA report.  Stock Market drops over 1,000 points in 2 days, the largest single-day drop ever recorded. Contradiction surrounds the future of the Global Economy as Global Trade War between the US and China escalates. Facebook expanded its censorship of over 800 pages of alternative news and rounding out the week Hillary Clinton surrendered her TOP Secret security clearance.  Jamie Dimon sounds the alarm to prepare for global market downturns this week as the Senate continues to expose corruption and treasonous activities.  New subpoenas and testimonies continue as witnesses turn on each other.  Sealed indictments reached 60,000 this week, with the MSM now beginning to report on the probabilities of mass arrests in the coming months.


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  • Release DOJ & FBI, Senior Management Firings and Releases, New Explosive Testimony from Bruce Orr and James Baker rolling over on Russiagate Conspirators.
  • FISA Report Presidential Order to release 300 supplemental pages of redactions released to the public.
  • Mass Arrest 55,000 + Sealed Indictments, 35 US Judicial Districts (increases in indictments averaging 5,000 a month)
  • Mass Resignations/Early Retirement; Government Senators & Congressmen, Fortune 500 CEO’s, and Banking Exec.
  • Global Peace Initiatives; North Korea, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, and Israel/SA/Middle East is the last Crisis State.
  • Exposure & Defeat of The Deep State/Shadow Government/Cabal/Illuminati/Syndicate
  • Global Deflationary Markets Crisis / Global Currency Reset/return to the Gold Backed Standard Currency / RV / Replacement of NESARA/GESARA for SWIFT Trading System / Global Debt Jubilee / Refund of 21 to 71 trillion in confiscated Deep State/Cabal funds
  • Global Trade Agreements Naturalized tariffs with EU, Stalled Talks with China, Russian, Canada, and Mexico agree to neutralize all trade in a new agreement.
  • Trade War with China exposing more than just Trade, Technology Theft, Political Tampering with US Elections and US Congressmen and Senator’s payoffs.
  • Congress Approves Legislation to release sealed 911 documents, exposing the Deep State inside job.
  • Remaining Sealed CIA Kennedy Assassination Papers to be released, along with 911 Saudi Arabia collusion docs & Pear Harbor papers WWII
  • Rouge Planetary System moving through our Solar System, bringing CME, Meteorite Showers, EMP, Closings of Planetary Observatories, questions regarding New Mexico’s Observatory?
  • Increasing Global Geophysical Volcanic & Earthquake Activity, Hawaii, Pacific Rim, Antarctica (Sun’s activity)
  • Geomagnetic Storms increase in larger magnitude CME’s from Sun (The 1000x Galactic Flash in the nearest star system Alpha Centauri was recorded by NASA)
  • Global Weather; Droughts, Hurricanes, Sahara Sand Storm, Heat Waves, Rising Oceans Levels, Flooding, Solar System Climate Change, Chemtrails / Terraforming, Haarp Weather Wars.
  • Health & Wellness; Truth About Cancer, The Plant Paradox, Truth About Vaccines, Big Pharma Industrial Complex.
  • Earth History; 3,000 Global Pyramids, the cover-up of Ancient Giant skeletons by the Smithsonian Institute, Ancient Civilizations Ruins discovered between 1,000′ to 6,000′ below Sea Level.
  • Antarctica continues to reveal anomalies and evidence of advanced civilizations. Disclosure of Preadamites going back 55,000 to 65,000 years ago. Testimony suggests well-preserved cities and advanced technologies.
  • Disclosure; Secret Space Programs, 10# Programs, DOD $6.5 – $21 trillion missing. Partial vs Full Disclosure, Alliance agreement as to Solar Warden partial disclosure.
  • Science/Technology; Department of Defense suppression of 6,000 patients, Reversed Technology, Antigravity, Warp Drive, Zero Point Energy, Cures for all Diseases, Age Regression, Replicators (all foods/clothing/metals, etc.)
  • NASA; Plasma Energy Cloud, Energy Waves, Galactic Flash, 26,000 Grand Year Cycle
  • The path to Awakening; Global Mass Meditation, Jared Rand participant count now over 400,000 worldwide.
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