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Published Date: December 10th, 2018




Clinton Foundation Hearings, George H.W. Funeral, Declassification Trigger Event for Unsealing Indictments

The mass marches in Europe have grown well beyond Paris and have now reached Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.  French President Macron is forced to resend the new gas tax as pressure mounts for more action.  Here is a translated list of the demands that the yellow jackets have, we have to figure those of their neighbors are similar.  Check out this video of a first-hand account from a journalist who has been in Paris.  Additional reports of 30,000 marchers in London chanting “Make England Great Again”, marks the adoption of Brexit coming in March of 2019.

While the MSM focused on the funeral services and glorified the controversial life of former president George H.W. Bush there was news breaking with another Clinton Foundation whistleblower.  The Clinton Foundation has been surrounded by controversy for years, but will we will soon see developing repercussions now taking hold in Congress?

We heard plenty of chatter regarding December 5th news drops so the Deep State conveniently planned Bush Senior’s funeral on that very same day to outweigh any breaking news that’d be damaging to their operation.  Remember how much the media hated George H.W. Bush when he was in office?  Why are they such big fans of his now?  Maybe because they’re all playing for the same team now – The Deep State.  Q, and the alliance saw their move and threatened with a counter move which is playing out as we speak.

Sealed indictments have now reached a staggering number of just under 69,000.  With FISA documents still withheld from the public, how long will we have to wait to learn what’s been hidden?  Declassification is now being touted as the fast approaching trigger event.  Times are changing and it’s very apparent each and every passing day.

In Geopolitical we’re looking further into the Clinton Foundation corruption.  Ex Clinton Foundation CFO has provided over 6,000 pages of documents to the FBI and DOJ.  Secret investigations have been ongoing for over a year.  Trump’s retweet of the treason image, and the values of the US dollar and silver.  The escalation of disappearing Chinese senior executives in global technology firms.

In Global Weather, we bring you a look at solar flares and strange planetary seismic waves circling the globe several times have experts wondering exactly what they are.  Sun activity continues to astound scientists as we enter a solar minimum.  Evidence of a real mini Ice Age is gathering more attention but yet to be proven.

In Health Watch, we’re reporting on alternative cancer treatments, CDC flu shot dis-info and humanity’s revolt against altering the atmosphere.  The Food Industry revelations of toxic ingredients and substitutes continue to enter public awareness.  Our health is under attack from all levels in the food chain.  Vitamin B17 continues to be suppressed as a cure for cancer.

In True History, we learn of advanced ancient relics, a 290 million-year-old footprint and a 1.7 million-year-old bridge. Archeologists continue to discover new evidence of ancient artifacts dating beyond 6,000 years of known recorded history.  Dates looking back 10,000 to 2.2 billion into our human history on the planet.

In Hidden Truths, we’re looking at ET disclosure and the KGB’s involvement with a UFO.  Whistleblowers continue to come forward to confirm the 70-year history of at least 5 to 10 Secret Space Programs.  The MSM continues to doubt the validity of a new military Space Force.

It’s difficult to find information on The Event but we have two links this week.  One relates to the FAA’s preparation for solar flares and the other explores multiple dimensions.

In Spirituality, we hear about the meaning of life and how to be the best version of yourself.  We continue to move through an energy cloud increasing the energy of the entire Solar System.  You can expect struggles with health issues, emotional stress, and relationships as those vibrating at the higher frequencies burn off the final vestiges of individual karma.

In Path of Awakening, we confirm the impact of meditation on our planet, weather, and humanity with Jared Rand and fix our core health issues with Dr. Gundry’s new book “The Planet Paradox”.


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We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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