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Published Date: November 12th, 2018



Midterm Elections & Voter Fraud, Sessions Resigns, California Fires, Signs Of Inflation


As daylight saving time ended and confused our physical and mental clocks we’re left feeling…weird, off, and maybe a little more tired.  Interestingly enough California passed a measure on their ballot to keep daylight savings time year round.  Tuesday’s midterm elections lead to Democrats winning the House and Republicans retaining control of the Senate.  The Alliance’s main strategy was to win the Senate, as all control resides in the Senate.  There are new allegations of voter fraud in key Senate races in Florida, Arizona, and California.  The MSM’s Voter Fraud coverage dominated the news cycles all week but were silenced with California fires.  On Wednesday, another mass shooting occurred in the US, this time at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA.  12 people were killed in the attack.  What made this shooting even more strange is the fact that a good number of the patrons at Borderline were also at the Las Vegas shooting a little over a year ago.  More evidence tracking with a False Flag event.  What are the odds of that, one in a few hundred million or more?

To add to the coincidences, wildfires broke out in Southern California just miles away from the Borderline Bar and Grill as two blazes are burning in Southern California and a third burns in Northern California in a town called Paradise, which is far from paradise at the moment.  6,700 structures have been destroyed and the death toll has reached 31 with hundreds more missing or feared dead.  Unfortunately, wildfires in California are turning into a common occurrence with no apparent fix to the problem in sight.     

There is a global war currently waging between the Alliance and the Deep State (not Republicans vs. Democrats in an advanced version of Wrestle-Mania); this war is fought at all levels but it’s magnified when it comes to politics where both the Alliance and Deep Sate have many faces and players.  This is why we have to report on political issues in the world.  Look at it as a geopolitical chess match with each side countering the other and trying to plan many moves ahead.  There are a number of factors that are playing into this game this week including the Jeff Sessions Resignation, the alleged voter fraud, and the constant battle between democrats and republicans and Trump’s cabinet and the MSM.

We’re tracking Q’s cryptic posts and believe to be inching towards more disclosure and the full release of the redacted FISA docs, 3,000 Senate request documents held up by the DOJ Sessions/Rosenstein, the exposure of fraud and treason by past administration officials, and the execution of now more than 63,330 sealed indictments.  The much anticipated Trump and Putin meeting was canceled (intelligence reports a meeting was held in private/secrecy) with hopes of reconvening in Buenos Aires at the end of the month.

Intelligence Reports (Insider & Military Intelligence Sources) are claiming all coms have been silenced for the past 2 weeks signaling direct action in effect and allied forces in the final stages of completing the Alliance’s plan to take-down the Deep State.  There are 46 countries reporting the arrest of Deep State/Cabal assets and operators in their countries. We continue to report on all aspects of crumbling government and financial institutions within the US and around the world.  The main Alliance concern is how to awaken a sleeping (programmed) public to the truth, corruption, and pure evil of the Deep State’s control of humanity.  Alerting our followers and subscribers to prepare for several dramatic, yet key trigger events that will usher in a Golden Era of wealth and prosperity.

We have a ton of information in this week’s briefing so please click around and if you have a minute we’d love to hear what you think or any suggestions you may have regarding GAR.

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We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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