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Published Date: January 28th, 2019




Mueller Calls for Arrest of Roger Stone, Exposure of Google Manipulations, Censorships Expanding, Secret Space Program Intel, Pandemic False Flags Driving Vaccine Alerts

The U.S. Government is back to work after Trump signed a bill to resume Government operations for a temporary three week period.  The U.S. Corporate government, meanwhile, appears to have delayed taxpayer refunds in order to finance a three-week end to its government shutdown, until February 15th.  There is speculation this is the case because the announcement of a temporary return to work by the government coincided with an announcement that tax refunds would be smaller than people might have expected.

Independent sources have a different explanation, saying, “Trump only paused the shutdown until February 15 so he can give the State of the Union speech, expose the Supreme Court corruption, pay grand juries, and confirm judges and Attorney General William Barr, while the FBI can serve more warrants as Tribunals continue in secret and then declare a national emergency.”  All of this happening in Q’s silence – we haven’t heard from him/them since January 13th.

There are claims surfacing that the US Deep State was not just behind the Venezuelan Coup attempt, it’s leading it.  But there’s always more to explore than what we’re being told on the surface.  Venezuela has an enormous amount of oil reserves, largest in the world to be precise so you can bet oil is once again the reason for great turmoil in the world, this time in South America, not the Middle East.  The Deep State could have targeted Venezuela in an effort to control more of the world’s oil and fund their projects.  Here’s another take on the story and more insight into the Venezuelan connection with China and Russia.

After almost 12 weeks the Yellow Vest movement is being countered by the Red Scarves and Blue Vests.  Is this a legitimate counter movement and who’s responsible for setting it up?  Here’s more information on the protests.  A Yellow Vest leader hit in the face by a rubber bullet during a protest has been placed in a coma and is likely to be disabled for life.  Anti-government protesters believe Jerome Rodrigues was deliberately targeted and called for ‘a mass uprising’ against President Emmanuel Macron‘s government following the wounding.  Today Philippe de Veule, Mr Rodrigues’s lawyer, confirmed his client has been ‘placed in an artificial coma’ and was likely to be ‘handicapped for life’.

In “Hot Topics” we’re tracking the awakening going global, the housing market’s recession warning, the shadiness of Amazon and Google, video evidence of geo-engineering, the push for 9/11 truth, and why you can’t trust the CDC when it comes to vaccines.

Our Featured Documentary is Above Majestic which can be purchased on Apple iTunes and Amazon.

In Geopolitical, we dig further into Roger Stone’s arrest, Pelosi’s blocking of the State of the Union, the oligarchy that is the US and censorship.  In Global Weather, we’re keeping an eye on sunspots and climate change.  In Health Watch we’re looking at foods and exercises to maximize your health, how Uncle Sam wants your DNA and how a famous oncologist suddenly died from a vaccine.  In True History, we learn about an underground civilization in Peru, Nasa’s claim of “alien artifacts” on earth, and evidence that the great pyramid blocks may have been cast, not quarried.  In Hidden Truths, we learn more about the Secret Space Program (SSP).  For The Event, we look further into cosmic radiation, the Pole Shift and practical awakening strategies.  In Spirituality, we examine signs of an old soul, signs of synchronicity and forgotten life secrets.

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– The Great Awakening Team

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We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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