Published Date: January 14th, 2019




Rumored Secret Military Tribunals, Government Shutdown Distraction, Potential National Emergency, Global Financial Reset, & Poll Shift News

We’re anticipating further Awakening and Disclosure in 2019 as the continued systematic arrests and defeat of the Deep State moves forward.  New insider briefings have revealed secret military tribunals were established in late 2018 and will be expanding in 2019.  Select reporters will be invited to witness these high profile military tribunals.  We also have confirmation of the arrival of two prison barges at GITMO as the military base and prison gear up for high numbers of new prisoners.  

The ongoing government shut-down could lead to a national emergency where martial law will be instituted, followed by a system-wide shutdown of banks, the food industry, transportation and the power grid.  This is not confirmed but the length of this shutdown raises more questions than it provides answers.  It’s always good to have two weeks worth of food and water on hand should something of this nature ever happen.      

Extra Terrestrials and their technologies remain a hot topic in the awakening world.  Will there be a disclosure event which will reveal a UFO and its technology to the world?  Why was Paradise, CA targeted by DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) during the deadliest wildfires in California’s history?  Sources say Paradise was an extraterrestrial community inhabited by ETs who have been living on earth for quite some time.  These people were ready to come forward and disclose their story but the Deep State countered with the decimation of their town.  The Alliance then responded by neutralizing the Deep State’s DEWs and therefore preventing any future attacks.    

Q and the Alliance responded to these attacks on 11/11/18 with a worldwide rolling seismic earthquake, accompanied with a tone frequency which caused massive destruction to the remaining Deep State DUMB bases.  Based on this event, the increased chances of a potential poll shift has now entered the mainstream media’s narrative.  We have more information on the Global Conscious Awakening via mainstream reports of the Event / Dimensional Shift / Solar Flash now being referred to as a Micro-Nova of our Sun.   Ancient prophecies, including 35 religious texts are expanding the confirmation of a universal cycle of an Ascension/Spiritual Event.

Although we do our best to bring you this information, we encourage all readers and subscribers to do your own research and formulate your opinions too.      

– The Great Awakening Team

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