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Government Shutdown – Next One Coming February 15th, Venezuela Turmoil, John of God, RBG Missing, Yellow Vests Press On, New Reports on Secret US Tribunals, Pentagon Releases Military UFO Videos

The New Year is off to a bumpy start as the 35-day government shutdown was the longest in history while the threat looms of a second shutdown on February 15th when temporary funding expires.  The shutdown was a trial run for the incoming comprehensive plan for reorganizing all government agencies.  This Plan has been in place since March 2018 (signed Presidential Order for Gov Reorganization) requesting each branch of the government submit a comprehensive plan for reorganization.  The reorganization maps with NESARA which was approved by the Clinton Administration but never implemented.

The Venezuela situation is getting stickier with each passing day, thankfully comedian Joanna Hausmann got serious and delivered the facts to us in this video.  She’s fighting for the Venezuelan people and says they’ve been held hostage under a dictatorship.  In more news from South America, “John of God”, a self-proclaimed healer and a cult leader was arrested after more than 600 sexual related accusations.  This sicko was harvesting babies to be sold into sex slavery.  To make matters worse, one of the whistleblowers, Sabrina Bittencourt, has supposedly committed suicide but in all likelihood was killed.

Where is the Notorious RBG?  We haven’t heard from Ruth Bader Ginsburg in weeks and there are all kinds of theories swirling around her current condition, be it a medically induced coma, dead, or otherwise.  The MSM’s Newsweek weighs in on it here and mentions Q’s questioning of the situation.  If she was fine, why can’t she give us a sign of life?  This will sort itself out very soon but we have to remember, there’s no telling how far the Deep State will go to prevent Trump from nominating another Supreme Court Justice.

The French Yellow Vest movement is calling for a Nationwide Strike for February 5th with a forced shutdown of all French industries, commerce, and government workers.  Now protesters are even more enraged after many cases of injuries and police brutality, but their numbers look to be dwindling.

From one of our sources: “According to newly published reports, ever since 2016, the West has been in constant chaos and turmoil due to nationalist-populist forces fighting to reclaim their nations from leftist-socialist tyranny—with the national-populists in Britain first winning the decisive Brexit vote to remove their country from the despotic control of the leftist-socialist European Union, who were then joined by nationalist-populist forces in America stunningly putting into power their new leader President Trump—with national-populists in Poland quickly following by taking back their country, the national-populists in Hungary taking back control of their country, the national-populists in the Czech Republic taking back control of their country, the national-populists taking back control of Austria, the national-populists taking back control of Italy—and, just weeks ago, boomeranged back across the Atlantic Ocean when national-populist forces took over control of Brazil.”

Upcoming Events: Release of Special Council Robert Mueller’s Final Report, New Government Shutdown on February 15th, Declaration of a Presidental State of Emergency, February 5th SOTU Address and Key Revelations, Release of Military Tribunals in Progress, Caravan Border War buildup to 25,000 paid Criminals and Drug Runners released from all over Mexico and Central America.

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