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Published Date: August 6th, 2018



“August, When the World Learned the Truth”

Who We Are


Welcome to our first Monthly Report, we thought it would be best to spend some time to explain how to read and review our Reports.  We believe those who have already awakened will find us.  We don’t seek to awaken anyone if it’s not their time, hence, our mission is to be in service to others working through their process of awakening.  Our purpose is to help those already awakened transition through the coming tsunami of new information, global and galactic shifts.  We start with an overview for each month, identifying articles, videos, and documentaries that fall under our two primary topic headings, Global Awakening and Cosmic Disclosure.  We use a 3 step process of 8 topic headings, with 24 subtopic headings and a series of embedded hot-links to identify reliable news sources.  Many of our topic headings will have past, present and future timelines with real science and factual evidence to verify information selected.  Each primary topic heading breaks down into 4 subtopic headings; Geopolitical, Global Weather, Health Watch, Real History, Hidden Truths, The Event, Spirituality, and The Path to Awakening.  Our research, investigations, and content posted all align and assist our subscribers in connecting the dots.  The format is intuitive and based on each individual subscriber’s own unique journey.  All topic headings help focus our subscribers’ attention to the articles supporting the Awakening and Disclosure.  We take great care to create individual pathways for the discernment of truth, expansion of consciousness, and to unify with our growing community.

July 2018 Report

Geopolitical news highlighted the continued public exposure of the corruption in our government’s institutions including the CIA, FBI, DOJ,  and State Department.  New gold-backed currency is replacing the fiat federal reserve dollar and the petrodollars as the world’s reserve currency are no longer being traded for oil.  Trade Wars dominated several news cycles with China and Europe mid-month.  We heard the first rumblings regarding a real estate bubble burst with 50% declines in values projected. 

In Global Weather news we saw increased evidence for real climate change dominate the news, Hawaii’s Big Island Volcano continues to increase in size and destruction with the burning of over 600 residential homes.  There’s a new report of both ice caps melting at faster rates than estimated.  Northern Hemisphere Forest Fires are raging out of control in the Western US, Southern Europe, Greece, Austria, and Switzerland.  The Arctic Circle is on fire in Alaska, Canada, Sweden, and Siberia.  Earth’s climate is moving to the extreme hot or cold temperatures in places not normally found.  


We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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