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Published Date: November 26th, 2018



Caravan Reaches Border, Russia And Ukraine Standoff, D.E.W. Used In California Fires, Comey And Lynch Hearings


With all of last week’s chatter predicting big things this week we’ve yet to see anything truly extraordinary.  However, we remain hopeful that large-scale events will take place leading to full disclosure and the eventual overthrow of the Cabal.   Plenty of action is taking place behind the scenes that we’re not aware of and the timing of everything is obviously out of our control. 

The migrant caravan story wasn’t tracked after the election but now that they’re at the U.S.’s doorstep it’s taking center stage once again.  A good portion of the migrants that broke off towards California weeks ago have made their way to the San Ysidro port of entry where Tijuana meets the southernmost point of San Diego County.  The defense department has claimed that they’ll refrain from using guns but there are reports of tear gas being used in an effort to control the masses.

Russia and Ukraine’s seemingly endless feud and territorial battle over Crimea was refueled and witnessed under the global microscope when Ukranian and Russian vessels had a tense standoff on the Kerch Strait.  We’ll see how the rest of the world weighs on in this story as sides are chosen and lines are drawn.

It is now all but certain that Directed Energy Weapons or DEWs were used to start and fuel the never before seen ferocity of the California wildfires.  Please reference our links below for video evidence of this technology.  Our insider sources claim this was a last-ditch effort by the Cabal to raise hell.  The Alliance has since neutralized these weapons.

Republicans have subpoenaed James Comey and Loretta Lynch over the handling of the Clinton email case and to learn about potential ties between Trump and Russia.  Comey is asking for a public, televised hearing so he can avoid answering questions related to classified information.  He is unable to talk about classified information publicly but absolutely can in a closed-door hearing.

One report states Julian Assange is battling health issues in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and another report has him in Virginia under military protection and is set to testify before Congress as its star witness against the Cabal.  Find the full story in “Hot Topics” below.  More signs of an economic collapse arise as General Motors’ global restructuring plan includes laying off 14,000 workers.  In Global Weather, we’re tracking seismic activity as evidence is pointing towards a major west coast earthquake in the coming months.  In Health Watch we’re looking at how to stop antibiotic resistance, the benefits of carbon dioxide and how different emotions affect your health.  In True History, we’re looking at an ancient artifacts documentary, Sumerian tablets with a different story and how the Illuminati infiltrated religion, secret societies, and government.  In Hidden Truths we see the first plane with no moving parts, the Arecibo message, a new Alien megastructure, and evidence, from an old satellite, giving us more information as to what really lies beneath the ice of Antarctica.  In Spirituality, we share the first video of the animated series Spirit Science.  In Path of Awakening, we look into the world’s current transformation and wrap it all up with a Jared Rand meditation.




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We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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