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GREAT AWAKENING REPORT • October 2020 • Volume III • Chapter X 


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Trump Activates War Fortress Raven Rock, Gives US Army Control Of Doomsday Planes

By: Sorcha

A Report discussing the highly-classified “Of Special Importance” assessment of President Donald Trump grimly notes that the world’s highest-profile coronavirus patient, first expected to stay in hospital “for the next few days”, is now said to be suffering shortness of breath and a fever—thus creating a Major National Security Crisis, as there are massive and highly unique strategic implications of this situation, the likes of which America hasn’t experienced before—which is why intense focus around the globe is being centered on the implications of two intelligence related articles: “It Needs to Be Asked: Is President Trump Safe From The Military Deep State At Walter Reed Hospital?” and “Has World War 3 Begun? The Entry Of Superpowers Almost Certain In The Ongoing Azerbaijan-Armenia War”.

The answers to both of which can be found in the fact that the White House is not a war time headquarters due to its being a first-strike strategic target—and in the days leading up to President Trump making the shock announcement of his being infected with the coronavirus, saw this reality being addressed—that began earlier last week with the stunning historic announcement that the US Army and US Air Force had merged together into a single war time fighting force—that now sees the Army’s Project Convergence artificial intelligence system linking to the Air Force and Space Force’s artificial intelligence system called the Advanced Battlefield Management System—and was followed by the US Army taking control of what are known as the Doomsday Planes, and launching them into flight shortly before President Trump made his announcement.

That’s now been joined by the US Army announcing a few hours ago that it has discontinued its Rapid Equipping Force stood up during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to get urgently needed capabilities into the field in 180-days or less, as well as its saying it has also disbanded its Asymmetric Warfare Group—announcements proving that America has abruptly shifted its long-war strategy to one of lightning war strikes—all coming at the exact same time President Trump entered into the vast Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) military complex located in Bethesda-Maryland.

Thus proving beyond all doubt that President Trump has activated the most secretive military war complex in America known as Raven Rock this military complex is a strategic part of—which is an enormous city within a mountain holding about 5,000 specialized military forces operating 24-hours a day, 365-days a year—and is linked to scores of these massive underground war bunkers that stretch from Pennsylvania on down through Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and then even down into North Carolina—some of which are unhardened nuclear facilities, and which no enemy is able to determine in which part of President Trump is commanding his military forces from. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

President Donald Trump announces he’s infected with the coronavirus and orders Doomsday planes launched (top photo), then he goes to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (middle photo) military complex that’s part of the Raven Rock (bottom photo) series of hardened nuclear bunkers underneath Eastern region of United States.

Buried within this tsunami of vile demonic hatred against President Trump, however, this report notes, was one of true and deadly consequence—that came from the godless Chinese Communist Party saying that coronavirus infected President Trump has now “paid the price”—but whose true intent behind, was to express their fear and terror over President Trump having his US Army combat forces training for the invasion of Communist China displaying on their uniforms shoulder patches of who America’s true enemy is.

US military forces openly wear shoulder patches depicting Communist China (both photos above) so no one will mistake who they’re going to war against.

Largely being forgotten by the masses of the American people, this report concludes, was US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this past May stating that there is “a significant amount of evidence” that the coronavirus emerged from a Chinese laboratory—evidence confirmed a few weeks ago when Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan posted her damning scientific research paper showing that the biological characteristics of the coronavirus are inconsistent with a naturally occurring, zoonotic virus—after which then saw Dr. Li-Meng Yan appearing on the Fox News programme Tucker Carlson Tonight, where she told the American people watching their nation’s most watched news show in history that the Communist Chinese government intentionally manufactured and released the coronavirus—a shocking revelation that immediately saw leftist social media giant Facebook censoring Fox News so other Americans couldn’t know these facts—though even in censoring, doesn’t mitigate the fact that Communist China has committed an act of war against the United States—an act of war President Trump fully intends on responding to with overwhelming military force—but sees him being bitterly opposed in doing so by the Communist Chinese sympathizers within his own nation and government—which predictably has led to this present crisis of which there can only be one of two outcomes—either President Trump crushes Communist China, or he might never leave Raven Rock alive.


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