What’s so great about meditation?

What's so great about meditation?
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There is a saying that prayer is talking to God/Universe/Source and meditation is listening.
Believe it or not, being in a meditative state is not complicated and you probably already do this every day.
Consider these scenarios.
Can you remember being absorbed by music?
Do you feel tuned into nature as you walk?
Do you love to linger in that delicious state between sleep and waking?
Have ever been soothed by the hum of an air conditioning unit?
Do you find peace sitting in silence?
Those moments when you allowed yourself to transcend the relentless chatter of your mind and just be, are meditation.
You feel peace, clarity or inspiration. Somehow you know what needs to be said or done.
Meditation is a tonic that can help to reduce stress, physical pain and over time strengthen your spirituality.
It is a practice. A lifelong journey of self-discovery. Challenges arise when we berate ourselves for not adhering to rigid rules and regulations in order to reach a state of ease.
Ultimately no one way is right or wrong.
If you choose to be more deliberate about your meditation. Here are a few frequently answered questions that may help.
What is the best time to meditate?
The choice is yours. Meditation as part of your morning routine is an especially powerful way to start your day. Many practitioners wake up during the ambrosial hours – the two and half hours before sunrise – to capitalise on this powerful energy.
However, start with a time that is comfortable for you to commit to.
Where should I meditate?
Again, wherever is comfortable for you.
You can just sit up in bed and meditate from there. Lying down is an option too although you may find yourself drifting off to sleep.
Some people find a peaceful room/space at home or outside. You can sit in a comfortable chair or cross-legged on the floor.
Burning incense is a ritual some like to use as the aromas help to calm the senses.
How long should I meditate for?
If you are just starting an intentional practice, begin with 5 minutes. This may not seem like any great length of time however, being still and consciously focused is a cultivated skill.
As you feel more confident increase your time by increments of 2 minutes until you reach the maximum time you are able to commit to.
I keep getting distracted. How can I stop this?
We are all surrounded by sounds that will grab our attention and your own internal thoughts can distract you. The objective is to allow the sounds and thoughts to arise, notice them and let them go.
You will also be more aware of the minute twitches in your body. They will seem more overwhelming than before but they do not have to disrupt your practice.
For example, if your nose itches let the itch subside because seconds later it will.
Try using your breath by counting your inhalation and exhalation in rounds of 10.
Choose a focal point on your body that you return to if your attention drifts away.
How do I know what type of meditation is right for me?
The only way to know if a specific practice works for you is to try it. There are many different modalities and even after trying a few, you may find that creating a personal practice is more effective.
Whatever method you choose the act of honouring yourself with meditation will bring rewards.
If you would like to try a guided meditation please use the recording below.
It is called Expansion, created for you to experience your vastness and know how great you really are!

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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