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By all accounts, we are living through highly pressurized days. As the spiritual battle between the Dark and the Light touches every area of our existence, it takes both seen and unseen forms.
It is one type of hardship to see this. It is another dimension of hardship when it cannot be seen.
Someone asked me recently what I thought about the Police and how they are handling this.
Where I live, a group of retired and currently serving cops came together, calling themselves Police on Guard For Thee. This group works with constitutional lawyers and independent politicians to stand for freedom and sovereignty. They offer almost immediate guidance and support when a member of the public experiences threats by their colleagues, fellow officers of the law.
This feeling of support stands in contrast to what many in Australia, France, and other countries are dealing with in terms of being met with riot police and brutal treatment.
It is one thing to see and hear news from around the world. It is quite another to actually experience it yourself. We are being asked to trust beyond what we can see with our physical eyes.
Both are hard; there is anger, pain, fear, frustration, grief, loss, and all of these emotions rear their heads all at once. The overwhelm is part of the human experience. There is nothing more human to feel these feelings in the face of what we are facing.
I work at a hospital. So a few days ago, when I received an email from our CEO threatening the livelihood of the un-jabbed if we do not immediately comply by a specific date, my first feeling was ice around my heart and its subsequent sinking.
Panic arose.  The type of panic you feel when someone pulls a knife at you. Every part of my felt like it was shrinking as I sat on my couch staring at my laptop, reading the words.
There was a knife.  Not physically, it was virtual, energetic, and emotional.
No matter how far we think we are on the spiritual path, moments of panic are great humblers.
The truth is, I have been preparing for this moment for over a year and a half. I have savings, friends, community, support, and many options, but it did not matter. In those minutes, as I read that email from what I thought was an authority figure, I simply forgot who I am.
My mind raced to counter the panic, and adrenaline kept surging. I broke into cold sweats as my mind defaulted to pulling up scenarios of being caught, imprisoned, left alone, and destitute.  It is the stuff that nightmares are made of. They play like scenes from a movie, and some of them were. We all experience this, and as it has happened to every one of us, at great speed.
I fell deeper into fears, absent breath.
And that’s when I remembered… breath.
Beautiful Sacred Breath.
So I closed my laptop, put down my phone, and I took some deep breathes.
And then some more.
Slowly and steadily, the scenarios of my mind fell away. Memories started to return, replacing the panic. These were the memories of who I am – a whole, vibrant, free human, experiencing a wild and crazy time on planet Earth.
I placed my hands on my adrenals (near where our kidneys are), and then my stomach, and then my heart. I moved them wherever they were needed as I continued to exhale fully and breathe in.
I remembered that I’ve been preparing and that I was enough.
I remembered words and memes and gifs of inspiration of truth and hope.
I remember that I am not alone. That this was not my battle alone and that I have help.
And so, with my eyes closed, I looked up at my ceiling, and I asked Universe for strength, for clarity, for courage.
It is a particular experience to be completely terrified of losing everything you think that makes you who you are in one moment; and then to find the depths of courage, just a few minutes later, that you never thought you had! I call this Magic, for it is a transformation in the most practical way!
Once my breath stabilized, I was able to see more clearly.
I was able to observe the sheer hollowness and darkness behind this email sent from a Globalist-inspired bully.
I saw that the emotions I was feeling got transferred to me because that’s how threats work energetically. They get transferred, and we believe that we are the ones who are scared, weak, and helpless. But we are not.
I also needed help in the physical world, though.
I reached out to my friends and organizations I had heard about for guidance and support. As if everyone was sitting free waiting for my beacon of help, emails and text messages descended upon me like rain upon a desert. Links, files, direction, guidance, and Love poured in, in all types of ways, and it didn’t stop there – because threats of freedom on one is a threat to the freedom of everyone – support kept pouring in.
I saw fires lit in the hearts of my otherwise calm and quiet friends.
I received words of courage from perfect strangers.
Sitting alone on my couch that afternoon, I experienced togetherness and presence, as I have never felt before. This is power. This is love. This is what we are here to experience and much more.
Meeting yourself in a place of panic is bitter work.
It is a practice.
It is also rewarding and transformative, beyond imagination.
It starts with breath.
It feels awful in the body. So it must first be met in the body itself, not the mind.
Allowance, vulnerability, and asking for help are now requirements on the journey to strength, courage, and freedom. They are no longer options.
Making people believe that they are alone is a tactic of those who are well-practiced in the arts of suppression, tyranny, and greed.
It is older than the colonial divide and conquer practice that has torn apart lands, cultures, and peoples through thousands of years. This is important to know because this is what we are up against – 2000 years of programming, belief, and practices that are now available to be broken.
Most of us have shirked from responsibilities and cowered in the face of our own greatness. We are, and we will get pressed. I choose to believe that this pressure allows us a fresh choice in the now moment. We either get swayed by the previous cowering responses to tyranny or breathe; we move from inspired action and make a different choice. Either way, there is no judgment, more of a noticing and observation, as we are in a learning process.
We will be pressed, pressured, and panicked over the next many months. It may come in obvious ways that you expect and as a complete surprise in an unexpected or unseen fashion. We will face shame, loss, anger, and grief. We will panic. We will also know that this is our moment.
Take a breath.
Take another and another.
Remember who you are – Whole, Infinite, Sovereign.
From this place of knowing, remember that no external person, rules, or words have the ability to challenge the freedom you already are inside.
I have never thought of myself as strong.
Sometimes I am, and sometimes I’m not.
But I know one thing for sure – We are strong.

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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