The Feeling of Truth

The Feeling of Truth
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What a time to be alive!

In the Northern hemisphere, we live and breathe through the Summer of Change, the time of Great Awakening and a Great Revealing of Truths, within ourselves and collectively.

For me, it is also a time of profound observation and reflection. When the Fauci emails came out a few weeks ago, I felt validated, righteous even; seemingly long-awaited truth and justice were about to be served. But deeper still, there was something else.

I remember what being asleep, as we call it now, felt like; it was easy.

I had and took little responsibility for myself and the world. There was always an available external authority figure telling me what to do and a scapegoat when things went wrong. During this time, rebellion was the highest form of freedom.

Anyone who reads these words knows that awakening isn’t an achievement; rather, it feels like a somewhat eternal process of unfurling inwards and outwards. We have all had those moments of instant reactions and tightness in the gut, where we know some past drama or trauma has its hooks within us, and then, through our own loving awareness and lots of digging, we reclaim the moment, undo the hook and breathe in relief because we are free – in that moment at least.

Recently though, I asked myself, ‘What does truth actually feel like now?” It used to feel uncomfortable and scary, but that hasn’t been the case for a while now. Resonance is the quick answer.

When words are spoken or shared, I know deep down to be true, often without knowing the full context or even thinking about it, which is wonderful. I still find myself overwhelmed these days as well, with many truths and lies intertwined in every aspect of life, from each person and all nations.

There is an impatience within me, even a tiredness in awaiting the reveal.

Like the actual process of waking up every morning, Awakening is just that, a process. While we are standing in love, sovereignty and truth, we are also learning to do so in acceptance, allowance, and grace. Whether you are a mystic or a lawyer, a person at a protest, or someone at the world’s most tense family dinner through all this – we are all in our perfect journey.

Duality tells us that we can recognize what is true in the living or knowing of a lie.

Creation reminds us that our truths may evolve, and life weaves these experiences for us, nudging us towards infinity.

Evolving truths, by their extended definition, ask us to love and live without attachment. So, as I got deeper in my exploring with the Fauci emails, I came to a place of understanding that these truths rising are also about allowing myself to expand so that I can offer and be the love that I don’t always see in my world. I was reminded that I’m here to create love.

While you and I are on our own journeys of truth, separately and together, we watch our world change, meander – moving forwards, backward, and sideways. We observe our loved ones in varying degrees of wakefulness. We feel wide ranges of emotion amplified into single moments. We do all this, and we remember that while we may see, hear, know, feel things that others don’t (or don’t want to), we are all here holding and deepening love, acceptance, and inclusion, the likes of which have not been seen.

Thank you for being here.


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