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While we are all spiritual beings, the path to light, also known as the spiritual awakening, is not necessarily an easy one, and awareness does not necessarily mean instant happiness or love and light. In fact, the closer you get to the light, the more sensitive you become to the dark. This could result in people suffering from depression and/or anxiety and in no way feeling love or light as others do. They may also be totally unaware as to what is really going on, let alone why. Therefore, everyone’s spiritual journey is different. For some, they will not experience any form of spiritual awakening in this lifetime at all, nor will they ascend to the 5th dimensional plane of existence, and this is okay. For some, it is simply not their time.

So, What is Spiritual Awakening Like?

When referring to an awakening, you think of waking up, right? That is exactly what awakening is, only in this instance, people are waking up to find the world they thought was just, the world they thought was their daily routine, is NOT what they expected it to be. The very things you take for granted, along with work, earning money, taxes, and the very people in charge of nations, even celebrities, are all fake! Everything is merely a projection of mind control under the guise of Reptilian and Satanic leaders, Royal families, banking magnates, and the Hollywood elite. Of course, when you find this out, it will be a shock! It took me two months to grasp the concept that NOTHING was as it appeared. Not only this, but you will also be pulled to look within; that is, to mediate, end toxicity and toxic relationships, and heal childhood and other traumas. You will be compelled into solitude and will begin to understand endless perspectives and pull away from mainstream TV; you will want to envision the collective that you can’t see quite yet, and you will want to be intimately connected to your higher self while yearning for a quiet life and for a home that may not be located on Earth.

Aside from this, the spiritual awakening journey is a magically beautiful thing to occur if you allow it to be and not fear the unknown. Take the following quote from an unknown author below before I delve into my own awakening experience:

“The female being has been chosen by the Prime Creator to be the portal between the spiritual realm and the physical, 3D realm. The only force on Earth powerful enough to navigate unborn spirits onto this planet. Why do we not treat her as such?” ~Unknown

Put simply, the women of the world create and give spirit life; therefore, they are the portals (womb) between the spirit realms that come into the womb and the life that is given when a baby is born. It is such a beautiful experience giving birth to both spirit and baby as I have.

So let us examine this concept further with my spiritual awakening.

My Spiritual Awakening

Growing up in a multicultural area is still an everyday experience in cultural immersion fused with strong community values and togetherness. Everyone has their own cultural take on life, whether spiritual, religious, atheist or pagan, or Wiccan, yet despite the differences, everyone still comes together when it matters.

Having a background rich in diversity was my catalyst into spirituality, as was not having one parent. I remember praying to my father in heaven when I was a small child, so I believed there was a God even then, even if I did not go to church except for baptisms, weddings, and funerals, which at the time confused me as well because everyone in my family grew up attending church every Sunday. As such, I often wondered whether people who attended church become spiritually awoken or simply read from books. I had so many questions that no one really could answer as they had to come from within me. I believe that growing up in the area I did truly helped. Although I know my journey started earlier; I had an invisible friend and was a massive daydreamer in school (math class), it was not until the age of 20 I had my first premonition through lucid sleep, and from there, things escalated with more and more premonitions that came true. I’d already gone through a lot in life and had children within an abusive relationship. I left and began healing, and when at my lowest point, when I was in tears, I saw what looked like Tinkerbell appear before my eyes. I thought I saw things as you would, so I closed my eyes for a minute, opened them, and she was still there. This was when I realized my third eye had opened, and although I had no idea who she was, I knew she was there to comfort me from the warmth I was receiving, which instantly changed my perspective on everything and made me feel better.

I believe this was when I truly opened to the prospect of what spirituality really was about. Yes, it took me a while, and during that time, I studied crystals, star seeds, herbalism, and so much more in the spectrum; however, it wasn’t until 2019 that I truly experienced a spiritual awakening. As the poem from Unknown above mentioned, the female is the portal between the spiritual and physical realms, and I found this to be completely true as I became one of the chosen portals for spiritual beings to enter, grow and become ‘born’ within.

My entire world was turned inside out, and I had no idea what a spiritual portal was until I experienced all the pregnancy symptoms as if I were pregnant. I felt like I was going insane, and every single blood and pregnancy test told me that I wasn’t pregnant. So, I decided that no one would believe me, so I kept it to myself. I even went to have an ultrasound from another doctor’s overzealousness. Despite the ultrasound confirming I was NOT pregnant, the ultrasound showed an image of a baby, the same baby that, for nine months, I felt kick, move, and comfort me. I even looked like I was expecting more than one baby until one day, it was all over, and the spiritual beings I’d felt move, kick, and comfort me had left my portal for someone ready to give birth to an actual baby. I had a spiritual birthing. This is the nature of spiritual portals; the spirit babies move into their new portals, where they are born as humans. I felt sadness but was delighted to be the portal for others who would go on to have their earth children. It also made sense as one day during the spiritual experience, I received a message from GOD in the form of a text message received at midnight on 5 October 2020 that would not go away until I looked at it. Unfortunately, I no longer have the SMS and cannot remember the message conveyed other than a blessing to be received.

Spiritual Awakening in Relation to the NOW

For those who get to experience spiritual awakening as I did, you are truly the chosen one’s embarking on a magical experience where you should not fear, only become, for you will begin to see more, which is so important when you need to clearly understand the world around you. If your spiritual awakening comes through the many DNA activations, simply relax, embrace them, and do not fear again. And if you are yet to experience an awakening, there is one last mass awakening yet to occur. Everyone on this planet at the moment has chosen to come to Earth and fulfill a mission here, which is to raise your vibration and Mother Earth’s vibration with love. Not everything you have previously or currently look at, watch, or listen to is real. Everything around you is an illusion, a weird movie that we have all been participants in our entire lives because the deep state is still in control of it all, until now.

I am sure you will recall the social media blackouts that took place. Or you may have noticed recently that the Schumann’s Resonance that is Mother Earth’s heartbeat went offline, a complete blackout, for 59+ hours. The Galactic Federation had enough of the antics of the deep state and took it upon themselves to remove the ban on freedom of speech from all social media sites, and while at it, also took over the frequency of Mother Earth, meaning the deep state are not allowed and are no longer in charge of the planet.

The current people of Earth and the many children birthed spiritually worldwide are.

For in the New 5D Earth, there will not be any trace of the Old 3D Earth, nor its controlling, mind manipulative deep state. Only peace, love, and unity shall reign.

The way it should be. We are there, in the New 5D Earth. Yet, the separation toward the New Earth may come with heightened ascension symptoms COMBINED with nausea, feeling disconnected to the 3D Matrix, sleep deprivation, breathing difficulties, MAJOR flu-like congestion, and dizziness resulting from solar and other energies coming into the Earth’s atmosphere.

But despite the symptoms, which will escalate as ascension nears, it is all good. Mother Earth is being cleansed as we speak, and ascension is rapidly approaching, so relax, breathe, remember to hydrate and reap the fruits of our labour.

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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