Tuning in to Yourself

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All of our paths in this life look differently, feel differently, and include all sorts of unique experiences that shape us into the people that we are in this moment. All while this moment’s experiences may shape you in a completely new way for the next moment. This beauty lies in living in the present and choosing to experience and gain wisdom, clarity, and self-knowledge from each aspect of your life. Every emotion, presentation of difficulty or ease, and interaction with another or oneself can lead to profound personal changes that lead you closer to your innate frequency of being.

There is nothing this life won’t show you if you are willing to see, no answers will be unanswered if you allow yourself to listen, and no abundance too great if you realize what the abundance you truly seek is. A fantastic dance occurs between destiny and free will; we all get to flow with it if we choose.

With so much seemingly going on in the world, it may seem impossible not to be in a mode of fight or flight, constant worry, and guilt. Just know that it is all planned to make us weak and stop us from realizing our true selves, potential, and connection. We all have the power to realize these truths of our world, ourselves, and each other.

Finding what resonates within your body, soul, and spirit will help guide you into tuning in to yourself. I think we have all experienced a person that seems to live in such harmony within themselves that we may get jealous or wonder how we could ever achieve such a feat. It isn’t easy. If there is one whole truth that has been told to us from a young age, it is that life isn’t easy. While true, life can be whole, exhilarating, full of potential, love, and happiness. Finding the real you within yourself and living that every day and moment can make this journey to earth a truly incredible experience.

Once you are able to find the pieces that resonate and feel wholly authentic throughout your being, you are then able to live in alignment with yourself. This process brings forth gifts that you never thought were possible, love that you thought could only be dreamed of, and a life that could only be from a place of magic, wonder, and god. This process can be full of blunders, “mistakes,” and bumps in the road, but there is nothing more worth it.

If you are seeking something, I urge you to seek yourself in all of your fullness. The only thing stopping you from realizing your greatest potential, your grandest version of yourself, and the fullness this life has to offer, is yourself. You are the only person allowed to stop yourself from this process of self-realization.

We are in a time of transition right now on earth. Now is the most incredible opportunity you could have to dig into and find the true and whole version of yourself that you want to present to the world. A lot is being foisted against this process, but there is also an incredible amount of support for each and every one of you. Once you choose to be the greatest you that you can be, nothing can stop you.

Dig into the pain, the sorrow, the traumas, the laughter, and the love that brought you to the place you are now and find gratitude for all of it as it brought you to the place in life you are now. These things are great teachers in life if you allow yourself to learn. Forgive any thing, person, or event that holds itself in your being. Gratitude and forgiveness are the keys to unlocking your grandest potential, the most incredible version of yourself, and the ability to transform your life into something truly extraordinary. The greatest thing about this is it can happen right now, in the seeming chaos, the worry, and drama. Choose yourself; it is the greatest gift you could give.


We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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