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Healing Web

Published Date: April 8th, 2019 WEEKLY BRIEFING TRUTH///AWAKENING///DISCLOSURE THE HEALING WEB RELEASE, IMMIGRATION BORDER CRISIS, 5G WEAPONIZED TECHNOLOGY, VP BIDEN “CREEPY” DISCLOSURES Midwest Flooding Expands,  Global RE Values Decline, US Earthquakes Increase, Signs of Recession Confirmed, False Report on Chinese Military in Venezuela, House Judiciary Authorizes Subpoenas The Great Awakening Report has partnered up with …

Jordan Sather

Today on Edge of Wonder we talk with Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion about what is the SecretSpaceProgram, or the SSP, what it’s mission is, how much something like this would cost, and where the funding of something this monumental would come from qanon. So buckle up as we take a disclosure journey through …