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WEEK 9 of 12


The Awakening Journey



“We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” –John F. Kennedy

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

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Hidden Truths

We are committed to full disclosure and the release of all hidden sciences and technologies. There is a planetary, cosmic battle currently underway but is yet to be fully understood. With everything at risk, the Deep State is in the fight for its very existence, making this the most challenging, critical, and complex topic to understand and comprehend.

Our collective future and understanding of the universe are based on full disclosure of sciences, advanced technologies, and the Secret Space Program. The underlying civil war in Washington DC is based on Full Disclosure (Global Alliance) vs. Partial Disclosure (Deep State). We have been in soft disclosure since July 2015, with the whistleblower testimony by Secret Space Program (SSP) military personnel. The Deep State goes back 70 years to the early 1940s with billions of dollars spent to protect their secrets valued in the trillions. The massive amounts of public and private funds stolen from Earth’s population are beyond comprehension. The investment in people and monies to build an off-planet military-industrial complex ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) is in the tens of trillions. This secrecy and endless cover-ups are where the saying, “Everything we’ve been taught is a lie,” comes into play. They’ve had to hide the truth for a long time.

The Hidden Truths category is one of our hottest and most rapidly expanding topics. There are highly classified secrets that have been intentionally hidden and suppressed from humanity. New disclosures regarding all our sciences, mathematics, physics, and astronomy are being revealed. The DOD has over 6,000 advanced technological patents classified as Top Secret. Soft disclosure, including fictional works such as movies and books, subtle marketing, declassified documents, and advertising, has been in progress since July 2015. As of September 2017, Washington DC has been embroiled over Partial Disclosure vs. Full Disclosure.

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations.” – John F. Kennedy

Disclaimer- The information in this section may sound unbelievable and conspiratorial to some. Please note that the information in the section comes from multiple whistleblower” sources, however that does not make it fact. Please use your own discernment when reviewing. Please let this section open your mind to the possibilities, even if you don’t believe anything in it. We understand the complexity of this subject and its many different viewpoints.

• New Sciences

We’re examining new physics, plasma biology, quantum physics, astronomy, astrophysics, universal theory, antigravity, zero-point energy, human frequency, and other scientific truths and theories.

• Advanced Technologies

The revelation of hidden technologies, 6,000 plus patents suppressed by the Department of Defense, and inventors from all over the world are withholding new technologies that would significantly advance the human race. We’re witnessing an actual realization and awakening of the coming Golden Age.

• Secret Space Program

How long has the Secret Space Program existed, and how many programs are there? Are they meant to do good, or are there bad intentions? Which UFOs are earth-based and which are from other worlds? We look into David Wilcock’s analysis and whistleblower testimonies from Emery Smith, William Tompkins, and Pete Peterson.






We look to provide you with a series of quizzes, guides, and keys over the next 12-Weeks Awakening Journey. The following is an example of our Weekly guide that will assist you in your Awakening.

  1. Solar System Cosmic Junkyard – The Ancient Builder Race built out our solar system some 2.4 billion years ago. The secret space programs have documented ancient cities, ruins, and existing structures on every planet and moon in our solar system. Throughout the galaxy, it is well known that there are ancient technologies not yet known to any ET race today well hidden away in what they call a cosmic junkyard.
  2. Ancient Cities & Bases – Advanced races soon discovered that our universe is very violent on the surface of any planet or moon. If they were to survive, they would need to build their cities and communities in underground honeycomb natural caverns. They keep the surface as a garden or place to visit.
  3. Subterranean Planetary Cities & Bases – There are said to be nine advanced civilizations living in the subterranean earth. The oldest of these civilizations, known as the Anshar, have been underground for around 19 million years. These advanced beings are from our future here to ensure their timeline isn’t destroyed. The US Military-Industrial Complex has built 350 bases and cities beneath the surface of the US. There are over 2,000 bases and cities worldwide.

  1. Clear Nano-Carbon Fiberglass Mega Structures – One of the main reasons the MIC was able to move off-planet so quickly was that so many existing cities and bases had reusable glass-like structures, which could be easily repurposed. Colonies could be established and operating within weeks from discovery by sealing, repressurizing, and implementing a portable power source into these structures and bases.
  2. ET Recovery/Hidden Ancient Technology – Our solar system has been explored, mined, and investigated for millions of years by thousands of ET races looking for new and exotic technologies. It is widely known throughout the galaxy that our solar system hides some of the most advanced technology yet to be invented, going back hundreds of millions of years.
  3. Roswell ET Crash SaucersThere were five crash sites within 30 days. The Roswell Incident is the first known event of a crashed craft and recovered advanced extraterrestrial technology. That was soon to be back-engineered into today’s; Kevlar, fiber optics, night vision, lightweight alloys, anti-gravity, and zero-point energy.
  4. Operation Paper Clip – German Nazi scientists were secretly brought to the US under the code name Operation Paper Clip. We brought roughly 1,600 of these German scientists (along with their families) to the United States to work on America’s behalf during the Cold War in a covert affair originally dubbed Operation Overcast but later renamed Operation Paperclip. The newly-formed Joint Intelligence Objectives (JIOA) Agency ran the program, renamed CIA in the 1950s. Their goal was to harness German intellectual resources to help develop America’s arsenal of rockets and other biological and chemical weapons and ensure such coveted information did not fall into the hands of the Soviet Union.
  5. Majestic 12 / MJ 12 – Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by US President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of ET spacecraft. The concept originated in a series of supposedly “leaked” secret government documents first circulated by ufologists in 1984. Confirmation of Majestic 12 continues to surface for new UFO researchers. Original Members; Lloyd Berkner, Detlev BronkVannevar BushJames ForrestalGordon GrayRoscoe H. HillenkoetterJerome Clarke HunsakerDonald H. MenzelRobert M. MontagueSidney SouersNathan F. Twining, and Hoyt Vandenberg.
  6. CIA Original Formation in 1947 – The original intent of the CIA was to maintain operational secrecy of the UFO files, technologies, and abductions. The establishment and its authorization by Harry S. Truman of the CIA as we know it did not appear overnight. It was the product of debates among military, state, and defense leaders, with input from the public, thanks to crucial leaks that took the issue to the newspapers. Coming off World War II (and the defeat of a totalitarian Nazi regime), many Americans feared our government would become what we just had defeated.
  7. Project Brain Drain – During the 1950s and 1960s, the military-industrial complex pulled over 50 million scientists, engineers, doctors, and laborers. This breakaway Earth civilization has grown to over 350 million populating more than a hundred off-planet colonies on most planets and moons in our solar system. There are now said to be a few colonies outside our solar system. Those who were taken off-planet were told that our planet’s surface would be destroyed, and they would be among the only survivors. They now reside in nothing more than slave colonies living under extreme oppression.
  8. President Eisenhower Military Industrial Speech – Perhaps best known for advocating that the nations guard against the potential influence of the military-industrial complex, a term he is credited with coining. The speech also expressed concerns about planning for the future and the dangers of massive spending, especially deficit spending, the prospect of the domination of science through federal funding, and, conversely, the dominance of science-based public policy by what he called a “scientific-technological elite.” Speech Link
  9. Kennedy AssassinationKennedy had to die in order to prevent him from releasing the classified UFO files to the Russians to begin joint US/Soviet space operations amongst many other reasons. These files, ET treaties, and advanced technologies were considered the highest security concerns.
  10. The Cold War was used as a cover to build up a military space industrial complex, using Russia as the false adversary in a 40-year nuclear global stand-off.
  11. DOD Missing Funds – On September 10th, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon was missing 2.3 trillion dollars. In 2008 the Pentagon announced they were now missing 6.5 trillion. Professor Mark Skidmore and a few graduate students went through the government’s finances from 1998 through 2015. They found roughly 21 trillion dollars were unaccounted for. In 2015 the Army alone had spent 6.5 trillion dollars (54 times their annual budget.)
  12. Department of Defense Suppressed Technologies – There is documented evidence that the Department of Defense (DOD) has over 6000 suppressed advanced technologies in their possession. The release of these patents would drastically change the way we live our lives and see our future.  
  13. US Patents Hidden in Plain Sight –  There are an incredible amount of advanced technology patents and patent applications on the Google Patent Database. With some digging, you can find technologies such as free energy, advanced spacecraft, propulsion technologies, wormhole generators, and more. The non-classified nature of these patent documents is part of what is known as soft disclosure.
  14. Zero Point Energy / Fusion Energy- Zero-point energy, also known as ground state energy, could be the greatest gift the quantum world can ever give us. Cold Fusion is the collective label for any apparatus that enables non-toxic and radiation-free nuclear reactions based on low energy. Elements fuse, forming new elements, producing excess heat and energy in the process. These technologies have been created and are used in military projects. These two technologies alone could change Earth overnight, but instead, they are kept mostly a secret, and we remain dependent on Big Energy corporations. 
  15. Everything We’ve Been Told is a Lie – The deception is more extensive than one could imagine, in almost every aspect of what we’ve been taught, the opposite is true.  The people have been kept in the dark about almost everything. We, the taxpayers, have been paying for these projects, operations, and technologies for decades, and all we see from it are lies and deception. The technologies and information we have funded to discover could have advanced our civilization in unimaginable ways. 
  16. New or Suppressed Sciences – These new sciences include areas of study like; Mathematics, Plasma Biology, Astrophysics, Electric Universe, Electric Sun, Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Electromagnetism, New Periodic Table Elements, and more.
  17. Earth’s 10 Secret Space Programs – Six surface military and alliance secret space programs, as well as four or more ET subterranean programs. There could be an additional four to six temporary ET races operating out of sea bases in our oceans.
  18. Solar Warden – US Navy Solar System Police which operates inside the solar system and galaxy with eight fleets in service; one Space Fleet would have a Starship and fifteen support vehicles and ships.
  19. Black Project Scientists – These are the scientists that work behind the scenes on highly advanced technologies, medications, and the manipulation of natural resourcesOccasionally, they will tell their story to the public; one of these US black project scientists is Dr. Pete Peterson. A series of over 20 interview sessions were recorded on Gaia TV’s Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock as the host. In those interviews, Peterson claimed to have visited over 50 off-planet locations. Unfortunately, Pete Peterson died of an “accidental injection” during his stay at a nursing home.
  20. NASA (Not A Space Agency) – NASA is a cover agency to launder US tax dollars to fund and support the NAVY Secret Space Program and the funding of Solar Warden. There are clear ties and symbolism of Masonic influence surrounding almost all of NASA’s missions. 
  21. 20 & Back Secret Space Program Whistleblowers – Emery Smith, Randy Cramer, and David Adair were all presented as Whistleblowers on Gaia TVs Cosmic Disclosure. These were stories about how the US/Nazi Secret Space Programs were developed starting back in the 1940s, running to our current day and timeline.
  22. Think Tank SSP Designers – The US Navy had corporate contractors design kilometer-long antigravity spacecraft in the 1950s to early 1960s, with construction beginning in the 1970s, leading to their deployment in the 1980s. Over a 12 year period starting in 1951, William Tompkins worked for an above Top Secret think tank within the Douglas Aircraft Company, designing these massive antigravity spacecraft covertly requested by the US Navy. Tompkins supports his claims with numerous documents, including two designs he completed for space battle cruisers and space carriers that would decades later become the backbone of US Navy Space Battle Groups.
  23. Black Projects / Programs / Ops – The military-industrial complex created black (hidden or off the books) projects. These projects and programs fund construction and destruction of massive proportions. The US taxpayers unknowingly fund these projects with no congressional oversight or budget constraints; this is fraud and deception on an unimaginable scale.
  24. Deep State Military Industrial Complex The DS / MIC / 3 letter agencies have over 1,000,000 employed and global revenues of $850 billion a year. The MIC must have regional wars to survive. There is much speculation that the next battle to be funded will be a false interplanetary attack. This attack would unite the people of Earth to support and invest in the MIC into building weapons and craft to “defend Earth against future invasions and threats.”
  25. Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate | ICC – The ICC is now an autonomous off-world military complex operation that the US taxpayer funds. There are over 100 industrial manufacturing colonies throughout our solar system. An estimated 150 million human slaves are supporting and working in these manufacturing facilities. The ICC has trading agreements with over 950 ET races and trades freely with 3,000 ET races that travel through a galactic portal right outside our solar system.
  26. Dark Fleet – Antarctic Nazi military treaty going back to 1930s with the Orion Draco’s Reptilians, exchanging advanced technology for German human space force and off-planet manufacturing of new starships and explorer saucer craft to help the Draco conquer other planets and worlds.
  27. Earth’s Planetary Alliance – These are all the G20 Nations and another 175 nations from around the globe who have agreed to keep UFOs, ET presence, and crashed spacecraft technologies secret. They serve more of a science, training, political, and exploration entity in our solar system.

With so much deception, conspiracy, and hidden agendas, it is difficult to clearly imagine what is happening on our planet, let alone the solar system, galaxy, and universe. The Great Awakening team reports on the information we find beneficial to at least open your mind to; there is an information war going on, making it extremely difficult to know what is truth and what is another deception, cover-up, or conspiracy. All of the information we have presented has been covered by multiple sources, government documents, and photographic or video evidence. We understand the unimaginability of this information; the deceit has been happening for so long that it is difficult to wrap your head around the breadth of how far it all goes. This information brings forth a much broader view of our existence and capabilities as humans in the universe.

We are in a time where our lives could completely change overnight. We have the technology and knowledge to be free of many systems that keep us oppressed, in fear, and living as workers and consumers instead of spiritually and technologically advanced beings of our universe. We have the ability and advancement to do what we love, govern ourselves, and be free of corporate consumerism and greed. Free energy alone would completely change how we live our lives and treat Earth and each other.

It is now that this knowledge needs to come to the forefront of our consciousness to begin to manifest the lives that we desire. No longer should we sit on our couches watching our programming, further exacerbating our sleepy robotic existence. Collective humanity is capable of so many great and beautiful things, and it is up to all of us to start to realize that. We were meant to live in freedom; we were meant to create the reality we desire in harmony with nature, God, and fellow man. An untapped genius resides in all of us, and it’s time to discover what your genius is and let it out into the world. Together we can accomplish anything; together, we can achieve everything.

UFO vs. Secret Space Program Civil War – On August 16, a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider released some new intelligence data he received from his sources about competing groups fighting over how, what, and when to disclose information about UFOs and SSPs.

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The Awakening Journey

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Week 1 of 12 | Topic: Red Pill vs. Blue Pill 

Understanding Our Programming Is Your First Step

The programming of our beliefs and thought patterns is so embedded and has functioned so well that we don’t even realize it has happened. This deeply rooted programming leads to the first challenge in the awakening process. Most people will argue the perfection of their beliefs against the imperfections of others. With such strong beliefs, it can be difficult for someone to accept different ideas or belief structures that don’t match their current knowledge or understanding of how the world works. Most will cling onto their current structures for some stability during this ever-changing landscape of information we call The Great Awakening. You must be willing to let go of everything you thought was real and cemented in reality. Re-learn this universe as a child would, but this time leave the programming behind. This will be the first challenge you must face on the road to The Great Awakening.

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Week 2 0f 12 | Topic: Great Awakening & Deep State Maps

A New Reality Awaits, Helping You Create Your Own Journey

Great Awakening Maps, Free Downloads, and Map Creator Interviews

Both the Great Awakening Map and the Deep State Map give the viewer a clear representation of the scope of the topic and a curiosity-evoking experience. Both maps will leave you asking questions and forming hypotheses which is a beautiful thing. As you study, you will connect the dots and see the main concepts at play. You will be able to make a personalized route through the information, which will give you a sense of freedom and a more intuitive learning path on your journey. Let your curiosity and intuition guide you to your sources of information and next topic of study.

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Week 3 of 12 | Topic: Q Anons | Connecting the Dots 

Aha Moments to Discover & Experience Your Truth

This practice of connecting the dots is something you have always done, whether for yourself or others. You certainly have had a conversation with someone where they thought you jumped topics randomly, and you had to explain how you got there–the connection you made that brought you to your point or next subject. This movement from topic to topic is the natural flow of open conversation and learning. Randomness is simply a perception based on not seeing how things are connected. There is only the appearance of randomness; it isn’t truly possible. With that being the case, you can connect the dots of everything; you can see how everything in the universe fits together, one subject at a time.

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Week 4 of 12 | Topic: Global Awakening | Cosmic Disclosure

We Created Your Own Intuitive Content Management System, Free to Follow Your Awareness, Intuition, Interest, Truth, and Conscious Awakening

In week four’s program course, we break down our two primary topic headings and the thinking that went on behind the design and development of our platform! We believe it all starts with those who have already awakened synchronistically finding us. “We don’t seek to awaken anyone if it’s not their time.” Hence, our mission is to be in humble service to others, helping those working through the process of awakening and disclosing the truth. Our purpose and mission are to share, mentor, and coach our subscribers through the coming tsunami of evolving consciousness, undisclosed realities, global earth changes, and the galactic solar shift.

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Week 5 of 12 | Topic: Geopolitical 

Deep State vs. Global Alliance News/Global Economic/International Monetary System

The Global Deep State’s agents extend into every country around the globe. Using proxies, paid agents/lobbyists, and blackmail to achieve their goals and objectives. A Global Alliance led by the Positive US Military, Russian military, and China’s positive military, along with 175 third world countries, now aligned against the Deep State, “NWO.” We witness a Global War between these two factions and the crumbling from within our institutions, including the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and the corrupt political system.

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Week 6 of 12 | Topic: Geophysical | Global Weather

Geophysical/Earth Changes/Planetary Climate

Many factors are affecting climate change. Our solar system has entered an energy cloud impacting the weather on all planets in our system. The Sun is getting larger and brighter. Up until the 1980s, the Sun was yellow; subsequently, it has become hotter and whiter. The Shadow Government uses advanced technologies to control the weather, causing significant disruption of our seasons, extreme temperatures, droughts, flooding, earthquakes, and expanding volcanic activity. We are now entering into a solar minimum which will bring forth more disruption in our lives, including colder weather, reduction in atmospheric CO2, new seasonal patterns causing shorts harvests and late freezes as we have seen this year. We are now using a “deep learning” AI system to predict future solar activities, including solar minimums and maximums.

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Week 7 of 12 | Topic: Health Watch

FDA & Big Pharma/Food Industry/Alternative Health

Since the Flexner Report in 1910, we have been sold a model of healthcare that has one primary goal; profit. Many fantastic practitioners have seen past their “education and helped get people away from illness and disease and on the right path to a healthy life. Unfortunately, many of these practitioners are being silenced and having their licenses revoked for telling the truth and practicing natural methods. There is an immeasurable amount of information out there to weed through on how to be healthy. We’re asking the tough questions and looking for real answers.

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Week 8 of 12  | Topic: True History

Archeology/Ancient Text/Real US History

The Great Awakening Report is dedicated to showing the possibilities and evidence of our history from many sources to connect the dots and show the whole picture. We value all information and remind you to use discernment and your heart to feel and analyze what is being presented. When it comes to relearning our entire history, there can be some hesitance in accepting new ideas, evidence, and interpretations. We find it highly beneficial to look at our ancient texts and spiritual teachings; these hold a vast amount of information that is quite telling and informational when viewed within the scope of all other knowledge and discoveries. The Bible and other religious texts seem to be coming alive in our time, showing off their accurate predictions, revelations, and prophecies. The Great Awakening Report is dedicated to showing the possibilities and evidence of our history from many sources to connect the dots and show the whole picture. We value all information and remind you to use discernment and your heart to feel and analyze what is being presented. When it comes to relearning our entire history, there can be some hesitance in accepting new ideas, evidence, and interpretations. We find it highly beneficial to look at our ancient texts and spiritual teachings; these hold a vast amount of information that is quite telling and informational when viewed within the scope of all other knowledge and discoveries. The Bible and other religious texts seem to be coming alive in our time, showing off their accurate predictions, revelations, and prophecies.

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Week 9 of 12 | Topic: Hidden Truths

UFOs, New Sciences/Advanced Technologies/Secret Space Program)

The Hidden Truths category is one of our hottest and most rapidly expanding topics. There are highly classified secrets that have been intentionally hidden and suppressed from humanity. New disclosures regarding all our sciences, mathematics, physics, and astronomy are being revealed. The DOD has over 6,000 advanced technological patents classified as Top Secret. Soft disclosure, including fictional works such as movies and books, subtle marketing, declassified documents, and advertising, has been in progress since July 2015. As of September 2017, Washington DC has been embroiled over Partial Disclosure vs. Full Disclosure.

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Week 10 of 12 | Topic: The Event

Galactic Energy Cloud/Galactic Flash/Wave, Ascension

The Event is described as a 26,000-year grand cycle based on our solar system being part of a binary or two-star system. Current evidence, research, and information on The Event are limited to ancient texts, SSP scientists, military disclosures, whistle-blower testimony, satellite data reports, and scientific observatory papers documenting specific galactic events within our solar system. Solar flares (release of photons, electrons, and carbon dioxide gases), solar winds, coronal mass ejections (other solar particles of radiation), co-interaction regions where fast and slow solar winds converge and send out vibrationally strong shock waves throughout the cosmos which will greatly affect this planet. All of the occurrences mentioned above will cause the inner core and the outer arena (magnetic and geomagnetic fields) of Earth/Gaia to tremendously thrash, surge, shift and vibrate faster, elevate higher, and receive enormous pulsations of Source light. We anticipate the expansion and dramatic increase of new evidentiary information on The Event. This topic is key to understanding the Big Picture for our planet, race, and the ascension of every soul on this planet.

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Week 11 of 12 | Topic: Spirituality


The meaning of spirituality has developed and expanded over time, and various connotations can be found alongside each other. Traditionally, spirituality referred to a religious process of re-formation that aims to recover the original shape of man, oriented at the image of God, as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the world’s religions. The term was used within early Christianity to refer to a life oriented toward the Holy Spirit and broadened during the Late Middle Ages to include mental aspects of life. In modern times, the term spread to other religious traditions and broadened to refer to a wider range of experiences, including a range of esoteric traditions and religious traditions. Modern usages tend to refer to a subjective experience of a sacred dimension and the deepest values and meanings by which people live, often in a context separate from organized religious institutions, such as a belief in a supernatural realm, personal growth, a quest for an ultimate or sacred meaning, awakening experience, or an encounter with one’s own inner dimensional soul or spirit.

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Week 12 of 12 | Topic: The Path of Awakening

Meditation Practice/Healing Practice/Healthy Lifestyle

There are now hundreds of millions of people Awakening across this planet. The truth movement is our understanding of where we came from and who we really are as we take our rightful place in the galaxy. Our collective personal vibration and frequency are paramount to expanding awareness and knowledge. A successful, thriving civilization must be in harmony to advance.

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