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It is the end of 2021 and the holiday season approaches. Isolation, travel restrictions, and distance are heavily entrenched, while mass confusion, distraction, and awakening are rising.

Many of us find that we are unable to be with the people we love. It is painful. It is also a time of learning and reflection. Unlike in previous times, we have Facetime, Signal, and Zoom that allow us an opportunity to bridge those distances. While technology can connect us, the connection lies with us as sovereign individuals and not with the communication platforms.

Things can feel disconnected, even in moments when we are on the phone with each other, which can point to some truths in relationships and areas to heal. We can ask ourselves: how have we connected to this person, this object, or belief? Are we served at this moment? Have attachments and judgments crept in unknowingly?

If you look at the connections we have made in the past and you think about these as cords going from your body to theirs, we tend to solder these connections in an attempt to make them permanent and lasting. The issue is, when something happens, we either have to de-solder this connection (which takes energy, time, and the possibility of permanent damage), or we have to cut the cord, leaving a part of ourselves there. Leaving unhealed remnants of ourselves with others or theirs on us makes maintaining and rebuilding our wholeness more difficult, time-consuming, and energy-taking.

Leaving that connection there also makes it more difficult for the other person to reconnect with another. They still have part of you with them, and the weight and pain of the previous connection – it’s still attached. And so, they also have to take time and energy to remove that, risking permanent damage, or leaving it there, creating an energetic burden.

If we switch from these soldered connections to plugs, we could join up with someone to create an excellent link; just as powerful, fluid, and transparent. Yet, when that connection stops serving the good of both parties, we can easily disconnect, not leaving a piece, especially a damaged piece, with each other. We’ll still retain the memories and the information shared and gathered, but we won’t have part of our bodies or our connection dangling there, hanging on for dear life. Once disconnected, there is no pain. No energy has to be spent to remove the other person or the other thing you know. This works for objects, and beliefs too, everything in your life – use a plug.

Don’t solder yourself to things.

Don’t solder yourself to people.

Don’t solder yourself to beliefs.

The tricky part of this is that we will use plugs with people who will attempt to make soldered connections with us; it’s all they know.

In this metaphor, if we pull away or if they pull away, they may end up taking our connector with them; this will still leave our cord whole and complete, and it may just allow them to use our plug in a new space. They may be able to take this with them and use it for their own good to try this new type of connection with someone or something else in a healthier manner. This seems the appropriate way to end issues with attachment, relationships, and belief structures in a way that can still create full, vivid, and excellent flowing connections.

It is truly the best of both worlds and the highest possible outcome.

There’s no need to be in mental isolation. There needs to be in absence of attachment or a quick-disconnect capability within us and of these “cords” of connection that we put out to our things, people, animals, and ideas. Let them quickly disconnect, and if we need to reconnect, it is a straightforward process. For beliefs, this is especially important; for things you think you know – use these connectors.

Don’t solder yourself to any thought, idea, or belief. Let yourself break free.

You can always reconnect, but you won’t damage yourself if you pull away and try another idea, another person, another thing.

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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