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GREAT AWAKENING REPORT • July 2020 • Volume III  • Chapter VII



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Trump Gives History Lesson, Slams ‘Left-Wing Cultural Revolution’ In Mount Rushmore Address

President Trump kicked off Independence Day weekend on Friday by delivering a fiery address in front of Mount Rushmore – a site undoubtedly chosen as left-wing protesters shift focus from removing confederate statues to destroying monuments of US presidents.

Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities,” said Trump – who added “There is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished. Not gonna happen to us.”

Make no mistake, this left wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American revolution,” Trump told the crowd of more than 7,000. “Our children are taught in school to hate their own country.”

Trump then announced that under an Executive Order signed last week, “people who damage or deface federal statues or monuments will get a minimum of 10 years in prison.”

Trump then vowed that Mount Rushmore will “never be defaced.”

History Lesson

Trump then slammed those who would teach children “to believe that the men and women who built [America] were villains.”

The radical view of American history is a web of lies, all perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition. This movement is openly attacking the legacies of every person on Mount Rushmore. They defiled the memory of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Today we will set history and history’s record straight.

The president then delivered highlights of the accomplishments of all four presidents on Mount Rushmore – describing why they represent the “best of America.”

“They were American giants in full flesh and blood. Gallant men, whose intrepid deeds unleashed the greatest leap of human advancement the world has ever known,” said Trump, adding “Tonight, I will tell you — and most importantly, the youth of our nation — the true stories of these great men” (via Breitbart).


George Washington:

From head to toe, George Washington represented the strength, grace, and dignity of the American people. From a small volunteer force of citizen farmers, he created the Continental Army out of nothing and rallied them to stand against the most powerful military on earth through eight long years. … After forcing the surrender of the most powerful empire on the planet at Yorktown, General Washington did not claim power, but simply returned to Mount Vernon as a private citizen. When called upon again, he presided over the constitutional convention in Philadelphia and was unanimously elected our first president. … When he stepped down after two terms, his former adversary King George called him the greatest man of the age. He remains first in our hearts to this day. For as long as Americans love this land, we will honor and cherish the father of our country, George Washington

Thomas Jefferson:

Thomas Jefferson, the great Thomas Jefferson was 33 years old when he traveled north to Pennsylvania and brilliantly authored one of the greatest treasures of human history, the Declaration of Independence. He also drafted Virginia’s constitution and conceived and wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, a model for our cherished First Amendment. After serving as the first secretary of state and then vice president, he was elected to the presidency. He ordered American warriors to crush Barbary pirates. He doubled the size of our nation with the Louisiana purchase, and he sent the famous explorers Lewis and Clark into the West on a daring expedition to the Pacific Ocean. He was an architect, an inventor, a diplomat, a scholar, the founder of one of the world’s great universities, and an ardent defender of liberty. Americans will forever admire the author of American freedom.

Abraham Lincoln:

The savior of our union was a self-taught country lawyer who grew up in a log cabin on the American frontier. The first Republican president, he rose to high office from obscurity based on the force and clarity of his anti-slavery convictions. He signed the law that built the transcontinental railroad. He signed the Homestead Act, given to some … ordinary citizens, free land to settle anywhere in the American West. And he led the country through the darkest hours of American history, giving every ounce of strength that he had to ensure that government of the people, by the people, and for the people did not perish from this earth. He served as commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces during our bloodiest war. … Ultimately his determination to preserve our nation, and our union cost him his life. For as long as we live, Americans will uphold and revere the immortal memory of President Abraham Lincoln.

Teddy Roosevelt:

Teddy Roosevelt exemplified the unbridled confidence of our national culture and identity. He saw the grandeur of America’s mission in the world, and he pursued it with overwhelming energy and zeal. As a lieutenant colonel during the Spanish American War, he led the famous rough riders to defeat the enemy at San Juan Hill. He cleaned up corruption as police commissioner of New York City then served as the governor of New York, vice president, and at 42 years old, became the youngest ever president of the United States. He sent our great new naval fleet around that world to announce America’s arrival as a world power. He gave us many of our national parks, including the Grand Canyon. He oversaw the construction of the all inspiring, Panama Canal, and he is the only person ever awarded both the Nobel Peace Prize and the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was American freedom personified. And for that the American people will never relinquish the bold, beautiful and untamed spirit of Theodore Roosevelt.

Trump also announced on Friday that he would sign an executive order for a new monument which pays tribute to “giants of our past,” and will establish a “National Garden of American Heroes” described as “a vast outdoor park that will feature statues of the greatest Americans who ever lived.”

Watch Trump’s entire speech below:

We Have a Choice, Defend The Nation Now or Live With Insurgent Civil War and Mandatory Vaccinations Under the New World Order (NWO) 

Humanity Faces 2 Timelines, We Now Must Choose! 

We are not going back to the way things were. We are in uncharted territory now and no one knows what the new America will look like a year from now. With many states and cities going back to using masks and shutting down businesses and public gatherings, any recovery can’t happen this year, and this economic malaise will last another year after that.

Many of the states are pushing the brainwashing of more deaths and infections of the virus, which is causing the continuation of fear in the public. This control of the people, while at the same time the same states are promoting and allowing riots and the burning of businesses, is preventing the country from going back to normal. In fact, the combination of the virus scare and the riots is producing a revolutionary outcome that is anti-American.

All of this is beneficial for the democrats in the upcoming November elections. We are also seeing people starting to move out of states where the regulations are astringent and totalitarian in nature. The state and city demands of wearing masks at all times is starting to exhaust the public’s patience and make them feel like muzzled animals.

You add that fact along with public gatherings being banned along with church services made illegal by federal law – and beaches and other outdoor venues being banned, we have a situation where the public has reached a breaking point. Something is drastically out of kilter here. The fact that many hospitals are empty and the numbers of sick or dead from the Chinese virus are exaggerated or falsified, we are facing an obvious and massive manipulation of the public.

There may be several motives for this control of the people, but the main motive is the destruction of the economy so the democrats will have a better chance to win the election. In addition to that, the racial strife, protests, riots, and destruction of statues are all pro- liberal, democratic and socialist platforms. This appears then, to be a continuation of the impeachment process that was brought against Trump. This is an unprecedented and relentless campaign to get rid of Trump and eradicate the conservative policies he was promoting. What is ironic about this, is the fact that Trump actually hasn’t made any conservative progress or stands except for the start of the border wall construction. He has talked conservative, but his actual decisions have been nearly indistinguishable from Obama’s decisions.

And while Trump is talking about how great the economy is, he has promoted and defended gays in government, applauded the communist Chinese leader on the building of more concentration camps for dissenters, and allowed countries like Venezuela and North Korea to build up communist power that will threaten western nations.

The failure of Trump stopping North Korea from building nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, may go down as the greatest blunder in world history. No stone should go unturned in stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. That is not a left or right issue, it is a human issue. This is the single greatest threat to our nation and the world.

If one of those bombs from Communist North Korea was available to the radical mobs in the US that was burning our cities, they would not hesitate to use it to destroy a city, to punish what they consider a white controlled government. And if and when that happens, how are the authorities going to find the ones that did it? With a complicit news media, and the police and military sympathetic with the protesters, how do we even know if such an act would be considered a bad thing to them?

As divided as the nation has become, it is highly likely the majority of the people will just shrug their shoulders and say, “Well it’s too bad it had to happen, but change was needed and perhaps this was the only way to get the point across.” How do you deal with that kind of attitude? You don’t. If things continue as they are right now, you will be forced to accept the dictates of these revolutionaries’ dogma and get in line with their programs or be targeted for concentration camps – or what they call “re-education centers”.

There is a time for war when defending against brutal and aggressive nations and internal anti-American terrorists. If our politicians don’t get their act together soon, we will continue to be destroyed from within and from without, while we sit in our homes with folded hands, wearing masks and watching TV programs filled with gays, transgenders and minorities telling us how bad white people are and how they must be replaced. George Eaton.

Ghislaine Maxwell “Knows Everything” And “Will Be Naming Names”, Former Epstein Associate Says

Assuming that Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t wind up with the means to kill herself in her jail cell, and assuming those who are supposed to be watching her 24 hours a day won’t be taking any well-timed coffee breaks, Maxwell will be “naming names” and “fully cooperating” with the FBI according to a former associate of Jeffrey Epstein, according The Daily Mail.

Epstein’s former employer Steven Hoffenberg said that Maxwell “knows everything” and will “totally co-operate”. 

In addition, Prince Andrew, who has been nudged further and further toward the center of the Epstein/Maxwell controversy, is “among those very worried” about what she might reveal, the report says. “She’s going to cooperate and be very important. Andrew is definitely, definitely concerned,” Hoffenberg said.

Maxwell’s arrest has put increased pressure on Prince Andrew to testify about his relationship with Epstein. Maxwell is facing 35 years behind bars as a maximum sentence and may be looking to cut a deal, the report suggests.

In terms of Maxwell’s current whereabouts, we noted yesterday that she could wind up being housed at MCC in New York – the same jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

“We will be seeking detention,” Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss in Manhattan said in a press conference announcing charges. Prosecutors said Maxwell helped Epstein entice girls as young as 14 into sex from 1994 through 1997, then lied about it under oath in 2016.

Yesterday, we reported that Maxwell had been arrested in New Hampshire by the FBI and charged by federal prosecutors.

The long-time friend and confidante of Jeffrey Epstein was alleged to have helped Epstein groom teen girls for sex with the rich and powerful.

Maxwell’s indictment reads that she: “…assisted, facilitated and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of minor girls by, among other things, helping Epstein to recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse victims…” and that “The victims were as young as 14.”

Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010/Daily Mail

Ghislaine has been accused by three women of procuring and training young girls to perform massage and sexual acts on Epstein and his associates.

Virginia Giuffre (previously named Virginia Roberts), one of Epstein’s alleged victims, claimed in a civil lawsuit that Maxwell “recruited” her into Epstein’s orbit, where she was forced to have sex with Epstein and his powerful friends, including Prince Andrew.

Giuffre asserts in her complaint that Maxwell, the sole defendant in the suit and the daughter of late publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, routinely recruited underaged girls for Epstein and was doing so when she approached the $9-an-hour locker room attendant at Mar-a-Lago in 1999 about giving massages to the wealthy investment banker.

Giuffre alleges that Maxwell ultimately trained her in how to give “massages” to Epstein that involved sex acts and, essentially, prostitution. When Maxwell publicly denied the allegations and called Giuffre a liar in 2015, that gave her the opening to head to federal court and file the defamation suit now headed for trial. –Politico

Assuming Maxwell has her day in court (or her chance to cooperate with Federal Authorities), it could certainly make for some interesting bombshells about who else spent time with Epstein. We can’t wait to hear who she makes mention of.


The Global News Report – At a Glance

  • The support for a shark fin soup ban has skyrocketed in China thanks to NBA Hall of Famer and GOAT of Chinese basketball, Yao Ming. Back in 2011, Ming became the face of an awareness campaign on shark fin consumption that has been effective in raising awareness about an issue many thought was untouchable within Chinese tradition and cuisine. As a result of this campaign, most recent government surveys have shown that shark fin consumption in China has fallen by up to 80%! As many as 73 million sharks end up in the global shark fin trade every year according to Oceana.org. In many cases, when sharks are caught, their fins are removed and then they’re thrown back into the ocean to die as they’re unable to swim. In 2006, as many as 75% of Chinese citizens were unaware that shark fins were actually used in shark fin soup. After awareness increased due to campaigns like the one Yao Ming participated in, public education has shifted the perception on shark fin soup.


  • Russia’s Norilsk Nickel ran into trouble earlier this month when one of its subsidiaries accidentally spilled 21,000 tons of diesel that ended up polluting a pristine Arctic lake. Now the company admits that it has been dumping wastewater into the Arctic tundra. The metallurgical giant said on Sunday that it had taken steps to suspend the workers who dumped the wastewater, saying that their actions were in “flagrant violation of operating rules.” [Who believes it?]


  • Even though America is expected to experience a much quieter Fourth of July this year, it still imported 40,700 tons of fireworks worth $100 million through April of this year, and as Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, most of the bottle rockets, roman candles and other fireworks arriving into the country trace their origin to China. Last year, China accounted for 94 percent of total U.S. fireworks imports, amounting to approximately $336 million, according to website World City. Interestingly, one man drives fireworks trade across the Pacific and his name is Ding Yan Zhong, a Chinese businessman. Also known as “Mr. Ding”, his companies account for about 70 percent of the pyrotechnics entering the U.S. and on average, 72 of his containers enter the country every single day. Even though China accounts for the bulk of the fireworks trade by far, the U.S. does count on several other countries for imports. Spain comes second in terms of import value with nearly $5 million, a miniscule amount compared to China.


  • Yamato, a city in Japan, became the first municipality in the country to ban people from using smartphones while walking in public areas, reported RT News. The passage of the new ordinance is to prevent ‘smartphone zombies’ from endangering themselves and others as they walk down the street with their heads buried in a screen. The city’s assembly in Kanagawa Prefecture passed the new rule last week and will go into effect this Wednesday. Violaters will not be fined or imprisoned. The ordinance makes clear smartphone users should come to a complete stop while in public areas and not obstruct sidewalk traffic before checking emails or text messages. Earlier this year, city officials launched a study in several high trafficked areas, observing roughly 6,000 people, and found 12% of people were actively using their smartphones while walking down the street.


  • Italian police say they have broken up a child abuse ring used to share illicit material, including photos of newborns, via an instant messaging platform. Police said on Saturday that the crackdown involved dozens of search warrants and led to the arrest of three people for allegedly possessing what was described in a statement as “huge quantities of pornographic material depicting minors”. About 50 people are under investigation. The police statement said investigators had discovered photos of nude minors and other “horrifying content, depicting actual sexual violence where the victims were often newborns”. Police said some of the images had been produced at home. Material was exchanged on an instant messaging platform that investigators did not identify except to say it was well-known.


  • Jeffrey Epstein’s “pimp” Ghislaine Maxwell will “never sell out” Prince Andrew, one of her close confidantes Laura Goldman has revealed to The Telegraph. The New York stockbroker, who has known Maxwell for several years suggested that the elusive socialite, who was finally nabbed on Thursday at her New Hampshire property, would be more likely to discuss Epstein dealings with former US President Bill Clinton and current POTUS Donald Trump than with Andrew. The confidante expressed a belief that Maxwell, Epstein’s friend and former partner, must be very “appreciative” of Andrew’s support, citing her newbie experience in New York’s high society and the way Andrew helped to launch her there. “She always talks about what a true friend he is. She doesn’t see any reason to speak about him to the authorities”, Goldman recounted. One lawyer representing Epstein’s alleged victims, Gloria Allred, in turn, contemplated the implications for Andrew: “If Miss Maxwell decides that she is going to cooperate and talk about Prince Andrew… Prince Andrew might want to get to the prosecutors first”, she pondered.


  • Shankar Kurade, a resident of India’s Maharashtra state who has turned heads after wearing a solid gold face mask worth nearly $4,000 amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, said that he was continuing to observe social distancing guidelines despite his eye-catching new creation. “The idea to make a gold mask came to my mind when I saw a man wearing a silver mask. As I am fond of gold and love wearing heavy gold chains and rings, I decided why shouldn’t I wear a gold mask? Then I asked my local goldsmith to make a gold mask. The mask is 5.5 lbs. in weight, and it cost me 289,000 rupees [$3,869]”, Kurade remarked.Kurade added that the mask has holes to help with breathing, meaning that he is continuing to observe social distancing protocols despite the purchase.


  • Tesla and Space X founder, Elon Musk, has pushed back against a picture that recently emerged on social media where he is seen at a Vanity Fair party in 2014 in the company of Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The entrepreneur tweeted that he was not acquainted with Maxwell and was not aware she was in the shot. He raised the question of why she had been invited to the Vanity Fair event in the first place. ​Photos of public figures accompanied by Epstein’s “madam” have recently stirred social media after Eric Trump shared – and then deleted – pictures from Chelsea Clinton’s wedding where Maxwell was present.


  • More than 50 years ago, British scientist Roger Penrose suggested that lowering an object into a black hole’s ergosphere could help it acquire negative energy. This assumption was later elaborated on by another physicist, Yakov Zel’dovich in 1971. However, there has so far been no way to test this theory. Researchers from the University of Glasgow’s School of Physics and Astronomy have found a way to experimentally verify a 50-year-old theory about an alien civilization’s possible exploitation of a black hole, according to a study published in Nature Physics. According to the scientists, they were “thrilled” to be able to verify a half-century-old theory about the generation of energy through a black hole in their lab in Scotland, which they said also opens up a lot of new opportunities for “scientific exploration”.


  • José Angel Casarrubias Salgado, the presumed leader of the Guerreros Unidos gang that allegedly abducted and killed the Ayotzinapa rural teachers college students on September 26, 2014, was arrested last week after almost six years on the run. But Casarrubias, also known as “El Mochomo,” was released from the Altiplano federal prison in Almoloya de Juárez, México state, on Wednesday due to a lack of evidence. The Attorney General’s Office said Thursday that SEIDO, the organized crime unit of the FGR, had intercepted telephone conversations that indicated that “several individuals close to the accused” offered the presiding judge’s staff millions of pesos in bribes in exchange for his release. The newspaper El Universal obtained audio of an intercepted telephone conversation that indicated that Casarrubias’ mother was one of the people to whom the FGR was referring. Salgado responded that there would be no problem making the payments required to secure the release of her son. The FGR said that it had spoken with Supreme Court Chief Justice Arturo Zaldívar and that he has launched an investigation into the judicial system corruption that allegedly took place. Despite the bribe, Casarrubias was rearrested Wednesday immediately after his release from prison. Speaking at his regular news conference on Thursday, President López Obrador also asserted that corruption was a factor in the suspect’s release. “I can say that the release of this man, alleged perpetrator … of the disappearance of the young men from Ayotzinapa, had to do with an act of corruption in the court where he was granted his freedom,” he said.


  • Felix K. Nesi, who won a literary award from the Jakarta Arts Council in 2018, said on the phone that he had been released from detention on Saturday. He was detained by the Insana Police in Timor Tengah Utara regency, East Nusa Tenggara, on Friday night after allegedly vandalizing a Catholic parish clergy house. He admitted on Saturday that he had damaged the property, claiming to have done so because he was angry that the parish had let a priest, whom he accused of “mistreating a woman”, to remain at the church. “When I heard [a priest] who had just had a problem with a woman in another parish had been moved to a middle school that is full of women, I came to SMK Bitauni,” he said. “I met with [the priest who serves as the principal]. I told him, please, Father principal, move [the accused priest] away from here”. A couple of months later, Felix said he had checked in again and found that the priest, whom he identified as “Romo A”, was still there. “I was disappointed and overwhelmed with emotion. I had a helmet in my hands. In front of me was a window. So, I smashed the window with my helmet. I grabbed the plastic chairs on the verandah and I smashed them to pieces,” he wrote. Catholic priest Vinsen Manek, the principal of the school, said he could not comment on the incident nor the accusations Felix had made.


  • Mobile phones and pharmaceutical products may be the target of future trade actions by India and China as their border row grinds on, analysts say, widening an economic rift that has been growing for years. On Tuesday, India banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok and WeChat. China is the biggest exporter to India and accounted for 14 per cent of imports in 2019. Among the biggest imports from China are electrical machinery, sound equipment, television equipment and components and nuclear reactors, according to the website of the Indian embassy in Beijing.


  • China on Friday vowed to gradually phase out the slaughter and sale of live poultry at food markets. The poultry is traditionally butchered on the spot by stallholders, or buyers can opt to slaughter the live animal at home. Live seafood, amphibians and other creatures are also commonly sold at wet markets. There are more than 4,100 wholesale markets nationwide.


  • A pair of gibbons frequents the neighborhoods around busy Mao Tse Toung Road, in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, moving above the streets of the urban jungle along a network of power lines, balconies and the odd tree. The pair, one black in color, the other a mottled grey, are pileated gibbons. Their natural habitat is in the thick forests of the country’s rural hinterlands. Conservationists estimate there are 48,000 of these specific gibbons left in the wilds of Southeast Asia, which are home to roughly 20 different species of the acrobatic, long-armed ape.


  • The battered bodies of more than 160 jade miners were pulled from a sea of mud after a landslide in northern Myanmar on Thursday, after one of the worst-ever accidents to hit the treacherous industry. Scores die each year while working in the country’s lucrative but poorly regulated jade trade, which uses low-paid migrant workers to scrape out a gem highly coveted in China. The disaster struck after heavy rainfall pounded the open-cast mines, close to the Chinese border in Kachin state, where billions of dollars of jade is believed to be scoured each year from bare hillsides. A slice of mountain collapsed, sending a churning torrent of mud into an aquamarine-colored lake of mine waste water as workers scampered uphill.


  • [Rumor] Everyone is asking when are we going to get to see the video confessions of the arrested and executed, especially GHWB & GWB. The video confessions will start to be released in Jan 2021. There have been public arrests of some of the most important people in the Deep State. You may get to see the video of public arrests of the people you are interested in in Jan. The people you want to see arrested have already been arrested and many executed.


  • Jeffrey Epstein investigators want to speak to a British aristocrat who made 32 flights on the pedophile’s ‘Lolita Express’ plane as the inquiry continues after the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, it has been claimed. Clare Hazelll became the Countess of Iveagh when she married into the Guinness brewing family in 2001. Flight logs show her making 32 trips on Epstein’s Boeing 727 between 1998 and 2000, including trips to his luxury homes in New York, Florida and the Caribbean. It is not suggested that the Countess is suspected of any crime, but lawyers for Epstein’s victims are already thought to have sought her out as a possible witness

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