Awakening: Solitude. Separation. Solidarity

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We are on the brink of the best of times and the worst of times. There is a stirring in humanity, a recognition of self, purpose, and power in a few while others, the majority, capitulate and are unconsciously culpable for their demise.

Souls are being wrenched from the darkness of their ignorance, awakening to the light of truth answering the call to be more of who they really are. With such an enticing burgeoning potential then yes, it should be the best of times however,  it is a bittersweet moment because not everybody has this awareness, in fact, the majority have no clue.

The chasm in society is widening. The ones who see, the awakened, are coming to terms that the slumbering masses may never be reached, that it is not their duty to ‘save’ anybody because each soul has made their choice. Those who sleep are deceived by their captors and now believe that the seers are deluded.

Each awakened soul is tested and forged by its ability to weather the trials. Our experiences are unique and we must face them alone and encounter the reality of Self, learning who we really are now,  and not feel obliged to diminish our light to make others accept us.

What feels like a solitary road strewn with loss and misunderstanding is actually the path to Truth and once tasted nothing less will be tolerated. Clarity and definition of purpose are yours forever. Faith and love embed into the fibres of your soul.


This awakening is creeping up through the roots of society and what seemed to be a fallacious, fringe movement has grown exponentially and will only continue to do so. This cannot be ignored.

The attempts to keep us apart and unable to communicate meant that we evolved and found a more robust way and reason to connect. We craved genuine togetherness.

Recent evidence of this took place in London on Saturday 29th May 2021, when a still unconfirmed number of people – my estimate is at least 100,000 – walked through central London.

This was a day when I witnessed the heart of humanity and what truth, love, and connection really means.

For the past 14 months, the mainstream media has been at the helm of the greatest deception ever perpetrated upon society. They have traumatised the minds of the susceptible masses by repeatedly lying to them first about the pandemic more sinisterly about the necessary cure.

While their fraud has been successful it has also triggered the awakening and the days of them being able to suppress it are running out.

People may wonder if these rallies actually do any good. While they may be completely ignored or subject to biased reporting from the mainstream media the people who attend experience something life-changing.

They know that they are not alone in their thinking which galvanizes their spirit and reassures them that what they feel to be true is the truth.

Every so-called conspiracy theory has revealed itself as fact. The people who label others as conspiracy theorists are themselves under the spell of the conspiracy.

The easiest way to gain control of a large number of people is to create division within them so they are more preoccupied with defending their positions than identifying who created the discord.

Everybody at the rally had been ostracised, mocked, and experienced despondency simply for trying to do the right thing and communicate to the ones they cared about the most. To warn them, to wake them up to the reality of the war we are in.

But the trauma-based mind control had been so effective that now they were no strangers to us.

This was my fifth rally. The numbers have increased exponentially since last year and grow with every event. Personally, I know of 5 people who could not make it pledge to attend the next time.  So think if everybody who wanted to be there was there, there would be millions in the streets.

These events do send a message to those who witness them. Whether they are people who think we are ‘covidiots’, people who feel something is wrong and don’t know how to express it and feel isolated, or even the ones driving this whole game.

They see is more people are speaking out, taking action being unafraid.  The people are connecting to their power.

The starting point was Parliament Square outside the Houses of Parliament and as the crowds grew so did the energy. This mood was defiant. All the people had, had enough of the 14 months of deception and tyranny. They could see the agenda unfolding and knew that we could not just allow this to continue anymore. The price was too high our freedom and sovereign rights were slipping away from us. Each of us felt passionate and purpose-driven. This was not just for those who attended but also for the people who could not yet comprehend what is on the horizon for us and especially the children and their rights to move freely, to have control over their bodies, to procreate, and to voice an original opinion.

I spoke to people of all ages and backgrounds. On the tube ride into Central London, I could identify who was going to the rally because I saw their mask-less faces and during our brief encounters we shared our stories,  of incredulity at the situation we found ourselves, the lack of ability to communicate with people closest to us, our concerns for the future and the sense of urgency we felt.

Each time there was an instant connection, people sharing their deepest concerns with strangers who were so familiar because we empathised. It was heartfelt and nothing is stronger.

Interestingly we only asked for each other’s names when we were parting and only spoke about ‘what we did’ if it was relevant. Completely at odds with our current  ‘status society’ where you introduce yourself as your occupation, in order for people to make a quick calculation to assess your importance, we all recognised those structures were dissolving.

The world we want to bring forward is about authenticity and contribution.

Someone told me that the atmosphere reminded him of a Michael Jackson concert. It was certainly jubilant. People carried signs of all sizes. Some homemade and drawn – ironically- on the back of Amazon packages, others huge professionally printed that need two people to hold them up. People handed out flyers, placed stickers on lampposts, benches, and double-decker busses.

There were messages of love and no fear, quotes, sarcasm, and demands for freedom and for the corrupt organisations to know that we saw their game.

Stand up against tyranny!

Freedom over fear!

My body my choice!

Boycott BBC!

Media is the virus!

They are coming for your children!

The only masks that were worn were cutouts of the faces of the instigators of this battle that we are able to name, with the highly appropriate message…’Say no to the pricks!

People spoke to the stunned bystanders from megaphones, relaying statistics,  outlining the description future ahead of us, asking them if they had had enough, and telling them to take off the masks and breathe.

Some brought guitars and sang songs with refashioned lyrics to popular songs, that were both humorous and poignant including rally favourite ‘You can stick your NWO up your arse!’

Music blared all around from Bob Marley to feel-good 90’s dance music.

Shakers, horns, whistles, tambourines, drums beat repetitively in a call and response with the marchers who shouted ‘Freedom!’ at the appropriate moment. Someone had the foresight to light sage, and the scent purified the energy as we moved.

This was an atmosphere of love and it was palpable.

The rally created a major disruption. Which was the point. I calculated that we walked 11 miles through the Centre of London and down through residential areas West London. The mainstream media barely mentioned it. Reporting on only ‘hundreds’ of people attending. If anybody needs further confirmation of the media’s biased reporting here it was. That move will backfire because all the people there will share their personal videos and pictures to their own network who whether they are inspired or appalled will not be able to deny the omission by the media who people look to know what is happening. This will further solidify the case of those who know the machinations of the propaganda and at the very least lay a seed of curiosity in the minds of those who still are entranced by it.

Even though I was floating on the high of walking with the crowd I was saddened by certain reactions I saw from people who were watching. Not because I expected a Damascus moment from anybody but I realised how effective the brainwashing had been. One who stuck out was a woman standing on the pavement covering her mouth with a scarf and frantically giving us all the finger. Clearly, she was convinced that we were the problem. I saw that some people went over to speak to her but it would be fruitless. She is too traumatised.

Another stand-out memory was a group of nuns who cheered us on and even gave out hugs. One of the sisters shared her sobering story of being asked to pray for 50 people who had died since January 2021, remember we are in May.

We are facing bonafide evil. This is not a result of incompetence but a calculated effort to eliminate a great number of people.

This however is only the beginning. Millions of people what been coerced into taking an experimental inoculation and the full effects have not yet shown themselves. The predicted 3rd wave will be when we really see what will happen.

In the meantime, we continue to march and make noise and connections because we know we are going to need each other.

The memory of this day will be imprinted on my heart. I pray that I’m the years to come I am surrounded by family rolling their eyes when I retell this story for the thousandth time because if that happens, it will mean that we won!

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