A December to Release, Let Go, & Walk Forward

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A December to Release, Let Go, & Walk Forward

December is often synonymous with the holiday season across most cultures around the world.
This December of 2021, we bid farewell to a year that unearthed long-buried truths –  we have lost much; we have felt crazy, overwhelmed, and terrified; we have been ostracized, isolated and distracted.
We have also met something within ourselves – a voice, a power, a knowing we didn’t know we had; we also recognize it in each other, even if we cannot name it.
You may be someone who cannot be with your loved ones in the coming weeks. You may feel pain around this, anger and frustration, or even relief from obligation; you may feel all of these things.
These days of December are an incredibly powerful time to take stock of what has transpired in our lives, the lives of those around us, and the planet as a whole, as none of these are actually separate.
None of us are who we were when we started this year.
We will not be the same again.
An important thing to remember right now is that everything happening in the world is not happening to us – though it certainly looks and feels this way.
This is Humanity Rising.
We are being called to something unknowably massive, and it takes every one of us reclaiming whatever power means (and feels like) to us.
Every small act, every choice, every conversation you have had and will have is powered by our intention.
If we intend a fight, we will get it.
If we intend peace, we may still get a fight because the true Peace-walker knows their path, at all costs, regardless of what the road brings.
This is the call.
We get to see who we really are, what we are capable of, and walk that fully, immovable from our centre.
We are our own heroes, our own saviours, and our own lovers in this time. This journey is an incredible adventure full of uncertainty, terrors, joys, and support in the most surprising ways.
As we move through 2022, we will likely see even more truths make their way into mass consciousness and on MSM. They may still manipulate it, but it will get harder and harder for many people to function in denial and disempowerment.
Again, this is our call to Compassion.
When we wake up, we are held in the deepest love, and that love is now what we can offer to those who harmed, hurt, and shoved us towards their beliefs.
It is essential to know that compassion doesn’t always mean turning the other cheek and not expressing our hurts and anger.
‘How’ we live and flow in compassion with different people, in different situations and different moments is something we all ponder and meditate on. Having healthy channels for our pain and anger has never been more essential because we are more than just helping people see the truths about governments and diseases; we are showing them (by being living examples) how to reclaim Being Human – how to celebrate differences, how to discern truths, and how to return to sovereignty.

A December Activity:

As you take stock of 2021, think of it as making sure you have what you need in your bags for the journey ahead.
Do you need all that baggage? All that hate, that shame, that pain?
Are there still lessons for you?
What relationships or boundaries need redefining?
These aren’t questions we ask our mind.
We must ask them of our hearts to know our deepest truth.
These questions are hard, especially when we come to realize that the relationships with the people we think we love do not serve us because they do not feel safe, honouring, or even true. We all avoid realizing what we know until we can no longer avoid it.
Know that there is a power in taking charge and looking inward, rather than ‘when life forces you to look.’
Breaking away from our spouses, parents, jobs, co-workers, homes, and cities absolutely feels like a loss. There is despair, grief, and anger; there is also what is waiting for you – new experiences, new people, new opportunities, and spaciousness.
Leaving isn’t always the answer or the right choice. Sometimes we have to stay; in which case, it is helpful to look around you – at the places, the interactions, the things in your space – are they adding love to your life, or are they taking from it.
Sometimes, when everything feels chaotic and out of control, purging your closet or tool shed can be the greatest blessing.
Small acts like this are profound. You may not realize it in the moment, but you are also purging yourself of emotions, repetitive thoughts, belief systems, and, best of all, obligations.
Take time within yourself this month, especially before the bustle of the holidays.
The deeper you go, the lighter you will come out on the other side.

The Other Side:

The awakening, the revealing, the great reset – most of us are tired of waiting for this. The desire for truths to strike like lightning is intense for anyone who sees the world as it truly is.
There is a tremendous love in the timeline of how things are being revealed. I call this the Earth’s timetable, where giant oak trees don’t come to stand overnight. It takes centuries, strong winds, and lowered underground water for the tree to dig deeper into hard dark soil and soar higher than it had ever gone before and held into nourishment.
With all our systems collapsing, it is essential that the vacuum of power not be usurped by something else less than ideal. The only way forward is the power within the people – within the self, within the community, within the nation.
Once we recognize and realize our power, it will not be easily taken again.
One of my favourite books is the Fourth Turning. The authors speak of a time in the world economy where all institutions will get rebuilt from the ground up – states, money, politics, culture, economics, education, justice, and even consumerism. They explain it as the natural and inevitable cycle of all things.
This applies to the individual and family unit as well, as we are all getting rebuilt.

New Foundations:

Anyone who has lived in a home during major renovations – the dust, noise, and chaos becomes the norm; things are ripping off for weeks. Every morning, we wake up wishing to any God who is listening for all this to be over. Not too different from the weeks of now.
We go through the jack-hammering renovations because we are stripping all that doesn’t serve us down to the studs in every part of our life.
We get to re-evaluate what we are made of and our building blocks (whether that is food, friends, or emotions), and from there, we make more choices.
There are delays and unpleasant surprises, but we know it will get better.
We end up then with a home that is truly ours. It isn’t a home we inherited or got stuck with; it was built by our intention, and the building process reflects our freedom and choice.
This is home (that space within the self) where we are safe in our being. A place where others can benefit from our strength, authenticity, and our overflow because the world has primarily only known fear, deceit, and lack.
We show up as medicines, and all we have to do is renovate this December so that we can carry our most essential and whole selves into 2022.
Then, the real fun begins. Because once we know that we have strong foundations – when we know we are loved and supported –  when we know that we are safe and received, we can now build the world we want to live in – piece by piece.
That will be a different adventure. 🙂

We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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