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Our modern urban centers offer convenience, variety and endless diversion, but they tend to concentrate threats, such as violent crime and pollution. Urban centers are also saturated with artificial electromagnetic fields, electronic surveillance and mechanization. Access to nature, fresh air and clean water may also be severely restricted. Cities are the targets of organized crime syndicates: such as human traffickers, drug cartels, smugglers and fraud rings. And lastly, urban centers are the favorite targets of both terrorists and foreign missile strikes. 

In more recent times, they are the epicenters of disease, civil unrest and tyranny. Put simply, the individual or family who lives in a rural area is probably outside of the urban threat zone. If they have selected a more self-reliant lifestyle, they may also be less affected by food shortages, pathogens and loss of basic services.

The Great Awakening has been a catalyst to concentrate like minded persons. Large cultural sub-groups have leveraged social media from 2010-2020 to network, communicate and share ideas. The largest and most influential among them are:

Constitutionalists Focused on freedom, rights, sovereignty and independence

Survivalists Focused on safety, capabilities, security and preparedness

Spiritualists Focused on creativity, spiritual unity, love and peacefulness

Naturalists Focused on health, nature, personal strength and purity

In some cases, the common ground among these sub-groups is not always obvious. In some circles, there is even open conflict among them as each one asserts their primacy, while marginalizing or even attacking the others for perceived failure to correctly prioritize. On several fronts, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 leveled the playing field. Regardless of personal priority, all were affected to some degree by quarantine rules, access to basic items, restricted travel and the overall stress of uncertainty. For a period of time, all were affected to some degree by political overreach, conflicting media reports, fear of illness and economic distress. 

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 was a harsh reminder to nearly all that many things you take for granted can taken from you at the drop of a hat, regardless of what you call yourself – be you Anon, Starseed, Gun Advocate, Plant-Based, Anti-Vaxxer, Prepper or even just Conservative. Whether you believe that Epstein killed himself – or not – your life was changed, perhaps dramatically, by the pandemic and the subsequent civil unrest. In this moment, the “red pill” mindset became a liability, as it offered mostly increased agitation and sometimes despair. 

The Green Pill concept was born of the necessity to look for ways to mitigate stress and uncertainty – while offering a common-ground perspective that emphasizes unity over fragmentation and shared purpose over competing ideologies. The Green Pill is the next logical step beyond the “red pill”. The Green Pill is a lifestyle concept that integrates the fundamental needs of all four major sub-groups. The Green Pill is what we call: FREEDOM PROTOCOL 2020.

The map contains ideas where all can find resonance and necessity. The Green Pill is about long-term solutions to many of our most pressing problems – without reliance on government or society to “fix” things. We become the agents of restoration and wholeness in our lives. We take responsibility for our own safety, health, divinity and freedom. And as a result, we can still partake in the positive aspects of our society on our terms. 

The Green Pill is simple, logical, comprehensive and human-centric – not a life by consensus of others.

The Green Pill Map was created by New Templars | @newtemplars

IG: @veilremoved | @dsmp.official | @deeptime17




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We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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