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16 December 2021

by Lehonani McEchaidh

My first article on the Twin Flame Connection touched on what a twin flame was and how twin flames came to be.  This article will discuss the Twin Flame Evolution, that is the deepening connection between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine counterparts, the struggle trauma brings to the relationship dynamic, healing and the divine oneness, or evolution of the merged souls, thereafter.  I also must reiterate that each twin flame connection has its own journey, and not everyone will go through the exact same experiences but will go through the trauma, and the healing each other brings, otherwise they are not a true twin flame.  This article is of course based around my own perspectives and experiences of the twin flame journey being myself, one half of a twin flame connection.  There are so many ideals floating around of what a twin flame connection should look like and I understand that some twin flames may not work out at all in the end for whatever reason, but for those that are still together, all I have to say about that is STOP LISTENING TO EVERYONE ELSE, and instead listen to your twin and your specific circumstances, because no one else knows anything about YOUR relationship except for yourself and your twin flame.

Deepening Connection

There is no denying the connection between twin flames, and if at this stage you try to deny what is happening, you are merely fooling yourself. The connection is undeniably strong and is NOTHING like a regular relationship, it goes far beyond the normal soulmate connection more likened to a life partner, and that is because the soulmate connection does not necessarily connect on a higher frequency; soulmates may connect purely for companionship and yes love, whereas the twin flame connection will ALWAYS connect on a higher vibrational frequency pre-determined from the beginning of time (and Atlantis) before each twin flame seeks out the other half of their soul in this lifetime.

The following written work by Eric Allen perfectly describes what I seemingly lack when describing a Twin Flame connection.

The twin flame connection is a normal relationship as relationships go, you get to know each other and gain commonalities in everything from the colour you like to values and morals and deeper insights like every other non-twin flame relationship does, however, the only difference is twin flame relationships will always BE more of everything; more love, more passion, more intensity, just MORE! With this comes higher vibrational qualities, generational and personal traumas to heal as no other relationship has.  There are no words to truly describe the longing for, nor the immense feelings twin flames will have for each other, except twin flames need to be together, which for most at this stage is problematic due to Covid-19 restrictions.

When each twin flame connects to the other half of their soul and allows; for you need to allow yourselves to completely submit to this way of loving considering most of us have never loved this way before, the twin flame evolution begins.  Even if apart, the connection evolves and becomes more than it originally was when the two souls came back to each other, and this is a beautiful thing.

There is a major trauma for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to deal with INDIVIDUALLY while being there for and supporting your Divine counterpart, all while evolving and merging and more importantly, healing, for this is part of what a twin flame connection is all about as well, and it cannot be swept under a rug, and I will discuss this next. Even though the daily grind life offers, the traumas, the possible tantrums, and tears, the true twin flame will never leave one another, therefore creating a deeper connection of evolutionary love that can never be broken by anyone.

This is a forever love; it is eternal and NO ONE and NOTHING can break through it.

The Struggles and Healing

Aside from the everyday relationship struggles, each twin flame has a series of traumas that MUST be healed.  These relate to childhood extending into adulthood, and generational traumas.   Each one MUST be raised and released before they can be healed and believe me this is not easy.  You WILL bring out these traumas within each other, that is the role each twin plays, and you will become vulnerable in the process.

However, if you do not raise and release these traumas; and everyone has some sort of trauma as twin-flame souls have lived many if not every lifetime before coming together in this one, and not every one of them would have been a bed of roses.  For childhood traumas that would relate to this current lifetime, you raise the trauma; that is bring up what happened in detail and at what point in life it happened. Raising it then releasing it in detail then heals.  Writing is my healing tool, and it is how I heal others. There may be many other methods of raising and releasing, but the idea is to just do it, so you and your twin flame move on together.

Generational traumas will take a little longer, as you are raising, releasing, and healing 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.  You truly must try and connect with your ancestors before releasing the traumas of the past and healing.  I do this again through writing, but also in a dream state, as I am hopeless at meditation, and believe that dream state and writing are my meditation tools. No matter how you do it, the idea is to connect and release the traumas.  You can do this simply by saying:

I release all the traumas, all the struggles of 7 generations past and 7 generations to come so that all future generations thereafter are free

Once this process is complete, you should be completely healed, and the only way to know how is whether your twin flame triggers anything more in you. If there are no further triggers, you are healed.

As a lightworker, I have the additional responsibility of raising the frequency of and healing the awoken, and some who remain unawake but realize there is more to what is happening around them than simply what mainstream media is telling them, along with sleep working for the higher collective and I admit that I signed a soul contract to do these things. The result is clear, it is positive, the Prime Creator, or God as we know, always wins, and has won. The light has defeated the dark, but while still formally living within a 3D matrix, clearing up the last remaining perpetrators, be careful to not lower your frequency. This will in turn affect the frequency between the twin flames.


Divine Oneness

For the twin flame evolution to occur, for divine oneness, both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine need to have worked on the struggles and healing as mentioned above, and then simply BE; BE in the moment of love, BE in love, BE with each other, and live harmoniously.  Manifest what your heart desires, and what you want your future to be like. LIVE the way you were supposed to live when pulled apart from each other all those years ago.

For the twin flame connection to become the twin flame evolution, you must first be at peace with yourselves and with everyone else and continue to live in the light and do the work of the Prime Creator.

We are also approaching the FINAL wave of twin flame awareness and connection.  After this, all twin flames will have awoken, and either found their twin flames or are looking for their twin flames.

GO WITH THE FLOW.  DO NOT resist what is meant to be. Those who have a twin flame, which was predetermined in Atlantis, WILL locate and be with their twin flame in this lifetime at some point.  Enjoy the process, even if apart, for you won’t be apart for long.

Twin flames are meant to be together and will be together.  Nothing and no one will stop this from happening.

NOTHING will stop the twin flame evolution.




We need your help to bypass censorship! Please share with your family, friends, and followers.
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