Cosmic Goody Bag

The co-founders of The Great Awakening Report were recently interviewed on The Cosmic Goody Bag with host Carla Cherry.


They describe themselves as quote “A community of cultural creatives and like-minded people seeking truth, awakening and disclosure.”

Their website,, covers topics like: Geo-political, Global Weather, Health Watch, Hidden Truths, Awakening and more.

In this episode we discuss: – false flags – fire-starting weaponry – Joe Biden’s shenanigans (and his son benefitting from shady practices) – Hillary Clinton’s dirty dealings – Hollywood sex parties – sealed indictments (thousands of them) – what’s going on with the moon? – the ancient builder race and much more.

Join host Carla Cherry as she interviews the Game changers: authors, ufologists, scientists, mediums, channelers, light workers, sacred site junkies, psychedelic enthusiasts and more. Take a journey into the “Awakened” rabbit hole or just listen as Carla tries to figure out what the heck’s going on. Strap in.

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