SPECIAL REPORT: Awakening The Sleeping Giant | The Great Civilization Near Death Event

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Published Date: June 7th, 2023 | 18th Updated, October 27th, 2023  💢




The Great Civilization Near Death Event


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A Call to Patriots

Let these coming days be remembered in our history as the time we fought to recapture the Republic from those evil bad actors who for so long have sacrificed the good people of this land for their own personal gain. Fight the good fight. Let justice be served. Make America Great Again…MAGA



The Great Civilization Near Death Event | NDE

“Be Strong Enough to Stand Alone / Be Yourself Enough to Stand Apart / And When the Time Comes, Be Wise Enough to Stand Together

The Great Reset of Everything

We have entered a window of time where everything we have learned, experienced and known to be true is about to dramatically change. We are Awakening to a great truth, That Everything We Were Taught Is A Lie”. The lives we once knew, lived and experienced prior to January 2020 are now gone forever. We are witnessing the total collapse of not just a few, but all of our statured institutions; The US Government Senate/Congress; through the NSA, DOD, CIA, DIA, ATF, ONI, US Army, US Marine Corp, FEMA and DHS have spent in excess of 12 trillion dollars building the massive, covert infrastructure for the coming One World Government and New World Religion over the past 40 years. Along with other industries; Wall Street Markets & Finance, Banking Industries, Big Tech, Big Insurance, Pharma, Oil, Education, Hollywood Industries, US Military, Medical AMA, Military and Energy Industrial Complexes, all are embroiled in corruption scams and human trafficking.

Given the monolithic corruption and evil encrusted within all these institutions, we are now witnessing in real time a global everything collapse. What has been described and depicted as The Storm! and The Great Civilization Near Death Experience. The fallout of which could last anywhere from 2 to 5 years based on geographic locations.

We will then have a choice and chance for A New Beginning to Reset Everything as We Rebuild America”. 

The following report is a compilation of 7 different sources. We found a number of overlapping and crossover warnings presented by each of our sources. We formatted this Special Report based on a timeline tied to dates and information posted entirely in May 2023. We believe these sources align with each other to create a very rare picture of what is happening behind the scenes. We encourage each of you to use your own discernment and rational, critical, logical thinking in reviewing this information. Preparation going forward is 80% mental and 20% physical, so we hope this will assist you in your education and in being mentally prepared for the coming Storm.

Updates: 💢 We Will be Updating this Report on a Bi-Weekly Basis. We designed this format as a living document so we can update you directly on all breaking news and events. Please keep this link close by, so you can easily return to this Special Report for all the latest alternative uncensored news reports.

“We The People”: If we the people, as a nation, do not work together to restore our founding father’s visions for our Constitutional Republic, our children could be lost and our nation will be destroyed. We all have a part to play in this peaceful,  faithful, informed, prayer-filled participation and with forgiveness in our hearts for the corruption of this nation that we have been a party to, either knowingly or unknowingly.




Intelligence news

Breaking Intelligence News | Monday, October 27th Update

Last Warning: Prepare for something that you never expected to see in your lifetime. The Media will never let you know! The things around us could change very fast.
QAnon Telegram

The following content is a compilation from 7 different sources.

New Updates

October 27th, 2023 

“Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that ye be not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” – Matthew 24:6

💢 JUST IN: PENTAGON SAYS U.S. TROOPS HAVE BEEN DEPLOYED TO MIDDLE EAST. THOUSANDS of US Marines have just landed in Israel. – Peter Novak Update

Friday, October 27th, 2023
Senior Israeli Officials are stating that “Tonight is the Night” and that the Full-Scale Invasion of the Gaza Strip will begin in the coming hours. Saudi officials have issued warnings to the US that Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza could have catastrophic consequences for West Asia.
gaza war
The United States is now preparing for a worst case scenario in the Israel-Hamas war.
This includes plans to evacuate more than 600,000 U.S. citizens from Israel and Lebanon, and the deployment of additional weapons systems to the Middle East.
I suggest we all prepare for a worst-case scenario too.
I consider the upcoming period between Nov 16 – Dec 5 at very high risk for terror attacks, shootings, military attacks, and mass casualty events in or involving the USA.
Especially Nov 16, Nov 22-23, Nov 26-28, and Dec 1-3
During that string of Mars aspects between Nov 2 – 16, there are a few pretty bad times. One would be Nov 4-6, which has five strong Mars aspects in just three days. Another is Nov 8. And another is Nov 12. But the day I am most concerned about is Nov 16, which doesn’t even have any strong Mars aspects. Instead, it has P3 Moon conjoining both Pluto and Node, while also squaring Saturn.
That will be a real rough day for the nation. Very ugly feelings.
These harsh aspects on Nov 16th come very close to a P2 Moon square to Mars/Pluto on Nov 20, and that P2 aspect is certain to bring deadly national violence all through November. Probably on Nov 4-5, Nov 8, Nov 16, and Nov 22-23.
Nov 2-8 look especially violent and warlike for the US, and the Mars/Asc conjunction on Nov 12 should find the nation in full-on war mode. Our police and military are liable to be active and in the news a lot during this period, and most likely they will not be doing too great.
💢  The United States is now preparing for a worst case scenario in the Israel-Hamas war.
This includes plans to evacuate more than 600,000 U.S. citizens from Israel and Lebanon, and the deployment of additional weapons systems to the Middle East.
I suggest we all prepare for a worst-case scenario too.
I consider the upcoming period between Nov 16 – Dec 5 at very high risk for terror attacks, shootings, military attacks, and mass casualty events in or involving the USA. Especially Nov 16, Nov 22-23, Nov 26-28, and Dec 1-3

The Mars/Neptune square on Halloween is a concern. This aspect promotes secret and deceptive acts, and specifically promotes poisons and terror attacks. Often the crazies come out of the woodwork under this aspect and cause all kinds of messes. I will be worried more than usual about our Trick Or Treaters this year.

Nov 2-8 look especially violent and warlike for the US, and the Mars/Asc conjunction on Nov 12 should find the nation in full-on war mode.
Our police and military are liable to be active and in the news a lot during this period, and most likely they will not be doing too great.

THOUSANDS of US Marines have just landed in Israel.

The US Liberty Chart has a P3 Moon/Mercury opposition today, Friday Oct 27, in the afternoon. This is closely followed by a P3 Moon/Saturn conjunction Saturday morning. And then on the 28th, there are three Mars aspects – a transiting Sun/Mars sesquisquare, a transiting Mars/Sun trine, and a P3 Moon sesquisquare to Mars/Asc midpoint.
The news America gets Friday is not good. It comforts no one. It may or may not be economic in nature. The news that comes out on the 27th is not well received but it is taken seriously. But by the next morning, the US is in a very dark, cold,
ugly, but determined mindset. I would certainly not expect the economy to do well on Friday, leading up to that P3 Moon/Saturn conjunction on Saturday. The national mood and outlook are not at all hopeful at this point, and the path ahead looks discouraging and unpleasant. This is no time for compromises, but talks may occur now. Negotiations however fail, and the nation then adopts a very hard, firm, unequivocal position on Sunday the 28th, when the US may have a lot of violence or warlike matters to deal with.
If this is the Israel invasion of Gaza, that P3 Moon/Saturn conjunction will see the US tighten up and get rigid and attentively prepared, but it will hesitate, hold back, and not immediately engage.
BREAKING: Allegedly Mark Meadows worked for the FBI as an informant and wore a wire to record all conversations with President Trump, while he was the Chief of Staff to him.
This is not only unconstitutional, but it’s criminal.
This is worse than Watergate. This is going to be the destruction of the FBI.
UPDATED 8:09 PM EDT -- REPORTS FROM INSIDE GAZA **CLAIM** Coastal areas of Gaza reports that American troops of the Delta Force unit are fighting on the ground inside Gaza

Al Jazeera is reporting utterly massive and continuous bombardment of the northern Gaza Strip; unlike anything seen so far.  They believe a ground offensive has begun.  ALL COMMUNICATIONS CUT OFF.  Phones, Fax, Internet, Cellular all off.


UPDATE 12:28 PM EDT,  Russian Television (RT) reports complete loss of contact with their crew inside Gaza.  Even TV satellite uplinks are not working; possibly being JAMMED.

Sources in and around Gaza are claiming that the Artillery, Tank, and Airstrikes on the Northern Gaza Strip tonight are the Heaviest they have seen since the start of the War.

UPDATE 12:49 PM EDT – Confirming earlier report on communications blackout in Gaza.  Internet connectivity goes to ZERO:

More confirmation:

And more:

UPDATE 3:40 PM EDT – Israeli naval vessels have begun shelling the northern tip of the Gaza Strip.   This is in ADDITION to ongoing air strikes, and artillery shelling.

Reports of General mobilization announced by Palestinian resistance in West Bank.

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says the military has ramped up airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in the last few hours: “The Air Force is striking underground targets very significantly. Ground forces are expanding the ground activity this evening.

Palestinian Red Crescent says it has lost contact with its operations headquarters in Gaza.

IDF Spokesman Hagari announces: “The ground forces are expanding ground operations this evening”

IDF set to expand ground operations in Gaza tonight; Israel considers giving up on hostage deal & fully invading Gaza.

U.S. President Biden has just been Briefed by his National Security Team on Updates regarding the Situation in Israel and Gaza:


Iran Foreign Minister: “They pressed the button.”   (HT remark: I take this to mean the Ground Offensive is a “Go.”  )

Israeli Channel 12: “Israel abandons the prisoner deal and prepares for ground entry.”

Israeli Diplomatic Officials have stated tonight that they believe Hamas has been “Dragging their Feet” on Hostage Negotiations within Qatar in order to Delay or Halt an Israeli Invasion of the Gaza Strip, and that despite the claims made the last few days by U.S, Egyptian, and Qatari Officials there is No Breakthrough that has been seen; further stating that they are Finished with Waiting.

UPDATE 3:48 PM EDT – Columns of Israeli tanks are on the move, approaching the Gaza Border north of Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun:

Hamas official tells the Financial Times the organization ‘did not expect this much of a response from America’ after the 7th of October attack, adding ‘what we are seeing now is the entrance of the US into the battle, and this we didn’t count on’.

3:50 PM EDT –  Hamas: We hold Israel, Washington, and Western capitals responsible for the massacres in Gaza.

Oil prices surge by 3% over Middle East tensions

Hamas calls on Arab countries and the international community to help ‘stop the crimes and massacres against our people’


Israeli Tanks have crossed the Border Fence into the Northern Gaza Strip near the City of Beit Hanoun.

Gold hits $2,000 an ounce for the first time in five months

Oil just spiked 3% and rising.

UPDATE 4:02 PM EDT – Israeli tanks have just now begun crossing the Northern Border into Gaza.

4:05 PM EDT –  Hamas-Linked Accounts are claiming that Israeli Tank has been Struck by an Anti-Tank Guided Missile and Destroyed to the East of Beit Hanou in Northern Gaza.

Meanwhile, up at the West Bank .  There is a shootout between Hamas and the IDF at the Nitzani Oz checkpoint in the Tulkarm region. Three homemade bombs were thrown at Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint.


FLASH – Update from Israeli Defense Force: “The Expanded Activity into Gaza Is Not The Anticipated Larger Operation”

The Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs states that the Israeli Invasion of the Gaza Strip has begun.

4:10 PM EDT – Large IDF infantry & armored forces operating in several towns; exchanges of fire and massive airstrikes reported

4:12 PM EDT – JUST IN: Rocket attacks have begun against U.S. facilities in both Syria and Iraq.

NOW ALSO IN THE WEST BANK — The city of Nablus is uprising against the Israeli invasion of Gaza.  Thousands taking to the streets.

4:16 PM EDT — The map below shows where Israeli forces have entered the northern Gaza Strip:

this may be a probing attack . . .Adviser to Israel’s PM says military operations are underway and ‘when this is over, Gaza will be very different’.

Explosions reported in another US illegal base in Kharab al-Jir area in Hasakah Syria.

Entire West Bank Erupting:

4:21 PM EDT – Large Explosions have now also been reported at the Al-Omar Oil Fields in Northwestern Syria which houses a U.S. Operations Base.

4:24 PM EDT – Reports of Egyptian Air Force and Israeli Air Force airborne over the EGYPT/ISRAELI border at Eilat and Taba.Why did Egypt put fighter jets up, and why is Israel mirroring them?


Just-in:   Egypt deployed air defense systems to the Sinai Peninsula.    Well, Egypt certainly isn’t doing that over the Palestinians . . . is Egypt going to war against Israel?

Imagery – Gaza:




UPDATE 4:31 PM EDT – Houthis in Yemen are launching ballistic missiles and drones towards Israel.

IDF infantry and armored forces are now operating in Bureij, Beit Hanoun and Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip, with gunfire and heavy airstrikes reported.

EGYPT – Grand Imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Ahmed el-Tayeb condemns what Israel is doing now in Gaza as ‘blind terrorism, clear violation of all conventions, norms’

FROM INSIDE GAZA VIA SOURCE WITH Turkish cellular SIM Card: “The area of Beit Hanoun adjacent to the Erez crossing point is being annihilated into oblivion”

DUGIN IN RUSSIA:  “Israel has just declared the beginning of ground operation in Gaza. The Judgment Day is announced. Now the most important events have to follow. All US efforts to prevent or at least to delay it were in vain. This is the war between islamic world and collective West.”

4:38 PM EDT – Initial Reports of Explosions over the City of Eilat in Southern Israel.

Turkish President Erdogan is urging residents to come out tomorrow for a rally in support of Palestine.

Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades says it is confronting Israeli ground incursion into Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip; violent clashes taking place on the ground

4:57 PM EDT — In the Update above showing 4:31 PM, I reported Yemen was launching Ballistic Missiles at Israel.  At the Update above showing 4:38 PM, I reported “Explosions over the city of Eliat” Israel.   Moments ago, Hezbollah’s official channel posted a message from a member of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement with a single word: ‘Eilat’  —  following recent explosions in the southern Israeli city. Hezbollah had previously hinted at involvement if Israel pursued a ground invasion.   With it’s posting saying “Eliat” Yemen becomes the first outside country to attack Israel over the Gaza situation.


UN General Assembly adopted a draft resolution calling for an “immediate, permanent and sustained humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza and demanding a cessation of hostilities immediately.  (HT Remark: Useless words, from Useless people in a Useless organization.   The UN should be dissolved.)

Naval Assault By Israel

SPAIN . . .

Spain’s social rights minister says after communications cut off in Gaza, “The objective is clear; they want even more impunity to commit the worst atrocities’

UPDATE 5:08 PM EDT – Claims now POURING IN saying a Yemen Missile struck Eliat,Israel and this photo is ALLEGEDLY the aftermath of that hit:

Senior Pentagon official: CVN 69 aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower has passed through the Strait of Hormuz and will be in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

BULLETIN; UPDATE 5:12 PM EDT – Syrian army artillery in Daraa has begun shelling Israeli army positions in the Golan Heights. Syria now becomes the SECOND outside country to begin attacking Israel over theGaza situation.  At this hour, Yemen and Syria are now, apparently, in this fight.

UPDATE 5:17 PM EDT – Al Jazeera reporter Wael al-Dahduh: “We are not all right. Human body parts are everywhere. Missiles are aimed at everyone. The bombing (of Gaza) does not stop for a second.”

URGENT; 5:19 PM EDT – Coastal areas of Gaza report that American troops of the Delta Force unit are fighting on the ground.  (I am attempting to verify or corroborate these CLAIMS.   I __did__ call the Pentagon Press Office.  It went like this:  “Hello  this is Hal Turner with radio stations WBCQ and WRMI.  I am receiving reports that American troops from the Delta Force allegedly made entry into the Gaza Strip and are engaged in battle.  Does the Pentagon have any comment to make?  The reply: ‘Not at this time.”  Sooooo, they didn’t confirm it, but they also didn’t DENY it.)

5:40 PM EDT – Reports of Heavy LOSSES of Israeli armored vehicles (including tanks) destroyed, and Soldiers KILLED.

RELATED: The Dutch embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, urges all Dutch citizens to leave Iraq immediately.

UPDATE 5:44 PM EDT – President of Belarus: “Any attack on Iran will lead to the third world war.”

Two Senior U.S. Officials have told CBS News that the Israeli Strikes and Ground Operations tonight in the Gaza Strip appear to be the “Rolling Start” to the Full-Scale Invasion of Gaza.

UPDATE 7:00 PM EDT – The U.S. State Dept. recommends that U.S. citizens in Lebanon leave now while commercial flights remain available due to the unpredictable security situation. Please see available flight options at Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport

Israeli Channel 14 says “Disappointment for our army tonight”

MILITARY OBSERVERS: Israeli army has so far failed with a ground invasion and is practicing a scorched earth policy through indiscriminate bombing of Gaza.

FLASH; UPDATE 8:09 PM EDT – North Korean leader Kim Jung Un in a Special Announcement to the people of North Korea, announced: “We are on the threshold of World War III and everyone must prepare.”

“Moses Staff” an Iranian computer-hacker group warning Israel: “You will undergo irreparable damage in the field of cyber and infrastructure. From now on you should pay for each spilled blood. Wait for huge combined attacks. Our target is clear, specified and accurate”

Military Analyst of Israeli Channel 14: The first land operation is a complete disappointment. The government is gambling with the lives of soldiers.

Israeli Media is reporting that Thousands of Israeli Troops alongside Hundreds of Tanks and Armored Vehicles have tered the Northern Gaza Strip tonight near the City of Beit Hanoun with Heavy and Difficult Fighting against Terrorist Forces ongoing.

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan said there are ‘no talks’ currently taking place between the group and Israel over a potential ceasefire and prisoner exchange.

The Israeli army received a devastating blow on the outskirts of Bureij camp, and the tanks were burning as if they were toys and dolls – Walla News

UPDATE 8:19 PM EDT – In New York City RIGHT NOW, thousands of people are engaging in a “sit-in” at Grand Central Station.  The event, organized by Jews, DEMANDS an immediate cease fire and saying:WE’RE TAKING OVER THE GRAND CONCOURSE. WE’RE REFUSING TO ALLOW A GENOCIDE BE CARRIED OUT IN OUR NAMES. CEASEFIRE NOW! NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE! 

💢  New Speaker of the US House of Representatives

Conservative firebrand Mike Johnson (R-LA) becomes the 56th Speaker of the US House, winning on the first ballot.
Johnson is the most Conservative House Speaker since Newt Gingrich. He was one of the leaders of House Republicans to oppose certification of the 2020 Election citing fraud. This is going to be interesting.
speaker of house

💢 While the West Struggles with Mental Illness; the World Moves On

The American people aren’t buying either so, all that is left to the corporation is to cook its books with imaginary numbers.

The same is happening with banks that have been forced to shut over 2000 branches in the past year. That pace is now accelerating rapidly. The fact is the big banks that own the Federal Reserve Board are now bankrupt as is the FRB itself. 



💢“Unveiling the Triumph Over the U.S. Globalist CABAL Regimen” – DW TELEGRAM

A groundbreaking moment unfolded when over 100,000,000 viewers tuned in to Tucker Carlson’s broadcast – that’s more than 200 times the reach of most mainstream media networks, each of which typically hovers around the 500,000 mark. Tucker masterfully exposed the layers of corruption within the FBI, CIA, Pentagon’s concealment of UFO technology (a revelation from a brave Pentagon whistleblower, sadly unreported by mainstream media), and the insidious weaponization of the media against the people. In a single evening, he touched on multiple issues that resonated with a staggering 100 million viewers!

BLACKROCK, VANGUARD, JP Morgan Chase – these financial giants have been witnessing a consistent decline in shares and earnings over the past three years, despite attempts to conjure up fake financial reports. The impending collapse of BLACKROCK looms large, threatening a seismic impact within the financial sector.

Even the largest beer corporation in the U.S. is toppling, its demise accelerated by its ill-fated foray into WOKE, LGBTQ, and TRANS agendas. This should serve as a stark reminder of the deceptive facade propagated by mainstream media. Contrary to their inflated numbers, the WOKE/LGBTQ/trans/democratic/ANTIFA/elitist movements lack the clout they purport to have. Notably, Starbucks has initiated a retreat, removing rainbow-colored signage from its products and shuttering stores across the globe. Their anxiety hints at an imminent corporate collapse.

The United Kingdom has taken a significant step by banning all puberty blockers across the country. This move is noteworthy as the transgender ideology, dating back to the 60s, was originally crafted by MI6, an organization with high-ranking members in the Bohemian Grove. White Hats have penetrated MI6 extensively since 2008, and sleepers are gradually awakening. Anticipate MI6 whistleblowers to step forward in the coming months, exposing corruption at the highest echelons.

Meanwhile, in the realm of politics, Trump is surging ahead in the presidential race. Despite the relentless efforts of the CIA-controlled Mockingbird Media and the Biden administration, which is a puppet of the Obama CIA, to dismantle Trump’s legacy, the opposite effect is manifesting. Trump’s influence continues to grow, and an increasing number of Americans are awakening to the corruption within the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the broader U.S. government. Even prominent Democrats are beginning to turn on Biden, foreseeing impending indictments as a weaponization of the U.S. system against Trump, patriots, and Republicans.

Now, let’s address the QAnon phenomenon. While some have called it a federal psyop, it’s more intricate than that. QAnon has undeniably been infiltrated by White Hats, working from within the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, with the mission to dismantle the deep state CIA/FBI regime. QAnon played a pivotal role in bringing the Epstein scandal to light, opening the world’s eyes to the horrors of pedophilia and human trafficking linked to the likes of Obama and the Clintons (CIA/FBI). It was QAnon that sparked the Great Awakening – a global phenomenon with the rallying cry of WWG1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All).


Behind The Scene; OBAMA CIA NATO. DAVOS, UN, & DIRECTLY PLACED SPYS from Iran, Hamas inside the Biden’s administration and among his Intelligence officials.

Its know the Carnegie Endowment runs the cia with the ROCKERFELLER’s and President Biden’s nominee to run the CIA, William Burns, is the head of a think tank that has routinely received large donations from groups linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

William Burns serves as president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and he has invited close to a dozen congressional staffers on a trip to China to meet with communist party operatives and leaders of Chinese front groups.

The Carnegie Endowment and UN work hand in hand and their operators run through the Elite globalist of DAVOS GROUP who operate fortune 500 world companies including BLACKROCK and Vanguard and State Street

The UN has been funding Iran soldiers (playing immigrants) into the U.S. through programs with the Carnegie Endowment and

Have secretly allied with Iran terrorist groups and Iran corrupt government ( half of Iran government is corrupt and have been working with CIA for decades, hence bin laden operations with CIA/OBAMA). This dark alliance would insure the U.S. would go through terrorist attacks within the United States that would lead to CIVIL War and some of the terror attacks would be blamed on Right wing party followers and TRUMP supporters.

The Chaos terrorist attacks planned for the U.S. in 2024 would ensure civil unrest and help create civil war and MASSIVE panic in the U.S. as citizens would panic inside an Already COLLAPSING government…. And with WWIII PANIC and cyber attacks and blackouts BIDEN was expected to give FULL power to the UN through the Pandemic treaty but also in the dark EVENT of 2024 Biden/ OBAMA regimen and [ DS] generals would publicly and inside military courts state the U.S. was under a military COUP by Trump. Far right extremist inside the military ranks and generals and the [ DS] would push for UN to come help take control of the United States.

All this [DS] Plan was PLANNED long ago with the Carnegie Endowment CIA.UN. DAVOS ROCKEFELLER’S to end the United States and open borders to the world and create a one world government. First they create Chaos then they have plans to save the world

 Out Chaos Comes Order

Unfortunately white HATS in the Military and Alliance PLANS are to EXPOSE the UNITED STATES BIGGEST SPY RING connected to OBAMA. Carnegie Endowment. CIA/CIA!! MIL INTELLIGENCE, Congress. SCOTUS, ALL Mil. Colonials and top heads are all being briefed of the coming EXPOSURE OF THE SPY RINGS INSIDE BIDENS intelligence Rings and more over the EXPOSURE OF THE IRAN. CHINESE MASSIVE SPY RINGS INSIDE OF DC. DOD DOJ CIA and ALL3 BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT WILL DIRECTLY CONNECT TO BUSH. CLINTONS OBAMA. BIDEN.

THE FULL MILITARY COUP over TRUMP admin and the U.S. military.

The COLLAPSE of the DEEP STATE and laws of War 11.3 military alliance operations is COMING in HOT as Mil.ops. Is DROPping leaks to Congress. SCOTUS

Military heads





Everything is being revealed in a masterful PLAN.




The Ukraine war is basically over for the CABAL deep state and they have lost their objective (as Generals and others like U.S. military Colonial Douglas Macgregor has stated several times.) To use Ukraine to fight Russia and capture Moscow and the Russian Federation and all their resources . GDP and 75 trillion dollar $$$ natural resources including their 17 5 MILLION TONS of lithium reserve that BLACKROCK/CIA/MI6 MOSSAD [DS] wanted.

Their operations have failed.

NOW the deep state operations to cause world war WILL FAIL (you will see mainstream media push WW3 and completel fear mongering. This for 1.2 trillion $$$ the CABAL is trying to steal from tax payers the next year for Israel support)

First of all ALL military assessment, war games and top world Generals know the United States is inside economic COLLAPSE (broke) and the U.S. can not fight 3 wars with Russia. China and middle east.

Ukraine war is practically done (even though Biden is publicly lying is his speech saying Russia failed and didn’t capture Kiev

The real truth Russia has captured Karkiv Ukraine second biggest city and Russia is currently heading west and Russia could capture Odessa by mid Winter. Europeans are tired of The U S. And Ukraine war Support. Ukraine is done, this is Military public assessment and words of Commanders and several colonials and European. U.S. intelligence this is why the deep state started another War imminently in the middle east to cause chaos and try to get funding and laundering money and try desperately to avoid the U.S. Military STORM Arrest

Currently in the middle east Turkey has turned on U.S. NATO ALLIES and are moving troops and doing Naval exercises, and Turkey is practicing mobilizing 2,000,000 million solders in emergency combat situations and [DS] CIA. MOSSAD. MI6 DAVOS n PANIC

PAKISTAN is supporting TURKEY and China is supporting both countries and Russia is supporting several middle east countries including Syria and Palestine and Putin just announced he will defend Palestine.

The U.S. can not fight a ground war in the middle east and has no missiles and weapons.. But Iran . Syria Lebanon and Turkey ( backed by china and Russia) has the most stockpiles of weapons across the world combined together and the U.S. Will not fight Iran in a ground war as iran missiles can take out U.S. naval fleets 16 to 1 odds ( combined that with Turkey as Erdogan is the unspoken leader of the Muslim and recently stated his first loyalty is to the Muslims.

There is no way the U.S. can win any wars in Russia. China and middle east.. These are the real WIRES< and the all military assessment, outcomes and war games says U.S. is the weakest it has ever been in a century .

Behind the scenes; The REAL WAR WORLD 3 EVENT WILL COME IN LATE 2024



I have told you since the beginning all these EVENTS would take place. Don’t PANIC as The world is in panic over WW3 narration..( of course their will be alot small fighting and countries picking sides…

But I have told you in my last drops. Eventually this will all calm down… Then everything will pick back up into Massive MEGA EVENT. But no nuclear bombs will be used the only event in the future is North Korea to explode a nuke over the oceans inside the 2024 mega massive scare EVENT.

💢 UPDATE; Judy Byington

Restored Republic; The Russian Ambassador to UN says Donald Trump is the legitimately elected President of the United States. He was “overthrown with the connivance of Germany, France, Poland with the support of the US. Russia knows that basement Joe didn’t win the 2020 election. It was stolen in the middle of the night by the Democrats using Domination Voting Machines.”

Since 2020 we have lived with a worldwide conspiracy to poison the population with untested medicines mandated for use by a corrupt White House, Congress, Media, Universities and the medical profession.

We have lawyers and judges acting in concert with a corrupt legal system controlled by the Cabal that was designed to deprive The People of their liberty, property and lives.

The devastation of Freedom actually began with the 1913 capture of the Global money supply by thirteen Jewish families and their banks who were fueled by regularly scheduling World Wars.

So many things are happening in the US including a Financial Collapse.

POTUS will soon come into the picture and resurface 2020 Election Fraud, while Trump will expose the corrupt US legal system.

The White Hats were painting a picture and getting information down on U.S. Congressional records, including the corrupt UN Agenda and Obama-Biden funding Iran to bring in extremists to cause chaos in the US (another 9/11 inside job).

The Military Alliance was watching and documenting everything. At this moment we had hundreds of Iranian and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Gitmo who were exposing planned attacks in the U.S.

The only way to take down the UN, CIA, Rockefeller, Obama, Clintons was through Military Game Theory Operations (letting them play their final cards and then expose the truth after the Events and arrest wars).

After the great unrest in the United States (near chaos and civil war), 11.3 military laws of War protocols can settle the chaos within a few days.

The U.S. military can be deployed into all cities within a few hours and can within a few days, restore order. Then would come Declass for all to know including massive Arrest Wars – the Ending Storm.

After the massive collapse in several countries including Europe, the Military will rise in amazing coups. Even in Israel, the Deep State cannot win the war and in time Netanyahu will step down to be replaced by the good Israeli people government.

Sound of Freedom and the Face of Evil https://beforeitsnews.com/crime-all-stars/2023/10/sound-of-freedom-and-the-faces-of-evil-2495274.html

“Tens of thousands of young military age men have been imported into the US, UK and other major countries, given UN IDs, an allowance and housed (while awaiting their Deep State orders).” …Charlie Ward

Janine Tarot: “Israel was created free in 1948 but their contract as an independent sovereign nation expires the end of October 2023. (day after eclipse no coincidence) They are registered as a corporation address is next to Kensington palace. That means that the timing of the war is completely planned strategically to coincide with the time that they could be dissolved with the rest of the central bankers and all the other bankrupt corporations. So that finally clears up the Q meaning of “Israel will be last.” They had to wait until this contract was dissolved, transferring Israel from a sovereign state back to corporation before they could invade and have full capitulation.

The fiat US Federal Dollar was about to crash.

Robert Fletcher explained that the American government (US Inc.) has created weather control techniques so that the New World Order will be able to starve millions of Americans and control the rest.

The radiation levels are shocking when you sit inside an electric car.

The Military does not consider Joe Biden as the President as demonstrated by their inauguration salute for him reserved for funerals and visiting foreign dignitaries.

The Deep State starts forest fires using Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs) which are attached to the aircrafts, and then they blame it on the heat. (This was how the Maui fires were started that killed hundreds, with over 2,000 children remaining missing). Whatever the public knows about military technology is many decades behind what they really have. BOOM! DEW and HAARP Experiments Being Ratcheted up Worldwide – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

For the 2023 Fiscal Year US Inc. posted a $1.695 Trillion debt, a 23% increase from last year.

Since 1913 US Taxpayers have been paying taxes on money they earned, taxes on money they spend, and taxes on things they own that they have already paid taxes on with already taxed money – and they are paying those taxes to the Deep State Cabal through the Cabal’s privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS – which charges the US taxpayers interest to use their own monies to pay the Cabal-controlled federal employees. Isn’t it about time people woke up and did something about this affront to our Free Agency?

Global Financial Crisis:

The US Inc. Government has posted a $1.695 Trillion Budget deficit in fiscal 2023. That’s a 23% jump from the prior year.

FBI Takes Down $15,000,000 Fiat Crypto Operation in New York: https://dailyhodl.com/2023/10/22/fbi-takes-down-15000000-unlicensed-crypto-to-fiat-transmitting-operation-in-new-york-state-report/

Mysterious Withdrawals Hit Customers at Major US Banks, Plunging Accounts into Negative: https://dailyhodl.com/2023/10/20/mysterious-withdrawals-hit-customers-at-major-us-bank-plunging-some-accounts-into-the-negative-report/

$84,500,000,000 Exits, Customers Take Flight At JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup: https://dailyhodl.com/2023/10/20/84500000000-exits-jpmorgan-chase-wells-fargo-and-citigroup-in-three-months-as-depositors-take-flight/

US Banks Closing 100s Branches, Laying off 1,000s of Workers: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/financial-crisis-already-here-us-banks-are-closing-100s-branches-and-laying-1000s-workers

Sat. 21 Oct. The Most Unimaginable Corruption The World Has Ever Seen! Revealing the Hidden Wealth of the Rothschilds (video) – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Chinese Yuan Surpasses USD as Most Traded in Russia: https://watcher.guru/news/brics-chinese-yuan-surpasses-usd-as-most-traded-in-russia

$44,354,000,000 Exits Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and BNY Mellon in Three Months as Deposit Flight Refuses to Relent: https://dailyhodl.com/2023/10/22/44354000000-exits-bank-of-america-morgan-stanley-and-bny-mellon-in-three-months-as-deposit-flight-refuses-to-relent/

Oil Could Hit $140/gallon https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1716161279826522182?t=M1w_YB64EiX8K4-DIXPaAA&s=19

Middle East Conflict Could Drive Prices Up Again.

A trio of BRICS member nations are unloading billions upon billions of dollars worth of US Treasuries. $18,500,000,000 in US Treasuries Sold by BRICS Trio of China, India and Brazil in One Month https://dailyhodl.com/2023/10/22/18500000000-in-us-treasuries-sold-by-brics-trio-of-china-india-and-brazil-in-one-month/

Bank Implosion Begins, 20,000 Bankers Fired, Branches Closing: https://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2023/10/bank-implosion-begins-20000-bankers-fired-branches-closing-bull-boom-bear-bust-3097483.html


GAR Editor’s Notes; The pause in Middle East War is setting the stage for something much bigger. Forces are securing borders with military hardware and supplies. There is a Clear and Present Danger of terrorist attacks on American soil. The next few weeks are critical to understanding the magnitude of escalations. Not only in the Middle East but Europe and America.

⚠️ |  Over the past three years the landscape of political figures, x military advisors, and internet influencers have redefined Information and Counter-Intelligence Warfare. With >90% operating as captured operations or double agents on both sides of this global war against the Deep State / Khazarian Mafia. The foundation of which is to capture and control the MSM narrative.

In the last several weeks we’ve identified new challenges to Trump’s secret conversion to Judaism in 2017 and the identification of over 40 Ashkenazi Zionist Jews working in his Administration, Campaign Finance Committees, and as Presidential Advisors. The “Q” movement has been identified and compared to “Operation Trust” Counter-Intelligence Operation implemented by the Bolsheviks run by the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews in 1921 – 1926. This operation was used to identify and exterminate members of the Russian Opposition Party Movement. We’ve received several new reports on RFK Jr. running for President having potentially compromising relationships and affiliations.

After the Biden Administration election in November 2020, a vacuum was left by the shut-down of the “Q Operation” shortly following. Filling this void was the emerging Influencer Movement that began it’s takeover the whole of Alternative Media News. Thereby compromising the Truth Movement, Patriot Movement, Awakening Movement, Consciousness Movement, UFO vs SSP Movements, and the Full Disclosure Movement. We must now wait, watch and learn, and then let time determine the veracity and validity of these reports.

There has been a systemic compromise of known influencers, yet to be known or discovered captured influencer operations. The Great Awakening Report has implemented stricter guidelines for purpose of posting and publishing all new content. GAR advises all subscribers to use caution and discernment with any alternative news media sources as we traverse the next phase of global information warfare.

💢 Who Has Benefited Most From the Middle East Conflict. – BioClandistine

Updated October 20th, 2023

Now that the hysteria has died down a bit, let’s look at who has benefitted most from the conflict in the Middle East.

The Biden regime got a much needed narrative shift from the disaster in Ukraine, and are attempting to use the chaos to package funding for Ukraine.

MAGA GOP were making a stand over the Speakership, largely to stop funding for Ukraine. Now much of the Right are supportive of funding Israel, and the GOP are now more susceptible to make a deal for Ukraine in order to fund Israel as well.

Now the Deep State have two wars that need funding, one that appeals to each political party. They have successfully reinvigorated public and political support in the war machine, and the laundry mat stays open.

Now that we see how much the Deep State/Biden regime have benefitted from the scenario, combine that with Israeli Intelligence ignoring warnings of a possible attack, the unfathomably slow response time by IDF, and the ensuing media propaganda barrage; the situation looks all the more suspicious.

There’s no denying that the Deep State had a significant financial and geopolitical incentive for this conflict to erupt, and the timing could not have been more convenient given the public disinterest in funding Ukraine.

Those who benefit the most tend to be responsible.

WARNING: U.S. citizens traveling abroad are urged to “exercise increased caution” in light of the heightened global tensions spurred by Hamas’ terror attack on Israel and the unfolding Israel-Hamas war, the State Department said in a new advisory on Thursday. “Due to increased tensions in various locations around the world, the potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations or violent actions against U.S. citizens and interests, the Department of State advises U.S. citizens overseas to exercise increased caution,” officials said in the “worldwide caution” alert.

Global Financial Crisis – Judy Byington Updates 

Wed. 18 Oct:

Wed. 18 Oct. Walmart CEO Warns Americans Will Freak Out This Winter As Prices Continue To Soar – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

October 2023: US Debt Officially Climbs Above $100,000 Per American. The US government debt has now officially climbed above $100,000 per American citizen, including children in October 2023.

US Military Stocks Lost $100 billion after Israel-Palestine Conflict: https://watcher.guru/news/9-us-military-stocks-lose-100-billion-after-israel-palestine-conflict

Thurs. 19 Oct. Hundreds of stocks halted at the London Stock Exchange following a “system incident.”

Chinese investors are the biggest investors in the U.S. and in Aug. 2023 they offloaded the most US Securities offloaded in the past four years.

Each year the US Government spends more to pay interest on it’s $33 trillion national debt than it does on National Defense.

Judy Note: So, the question is, who does that interest payment go to? Answer: The Cabal, which owns the IRS and Federal Reserve. We are actually borrowing on our own money so we can pay interest on our own money that we borrowed, so the Cabal can spend that money, plus profit from control of our money.

Nokia Lays Offs 14,000

Just a reminder, with conflict raging across the world and the need for national security never higher, that America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve has only 17 days of oil left.

“The central bank for the world’s central banks is the Rothschild-controlled Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Both are Zygarat projects created by the offspring of Satan. This is no coincidence.

US mortgage application flow plunges to lowest since 1995. The volume of U.S. mortgage applications plummeted to the lowest in nearly three decades as the interest rates are 6 weeks to the highest since 1995.

Restored Republic:

Thurs. 19 Oct. Texas: A woman in a military town in Texas reported that trains have been running overnight “like crazy.”  We’ve been getting a lot of military jets coming into airport. They won’t talk about it but they keep telling everyone to be prepared.

Thurs. 10 Oct. Texas: “My son is a Marine and he said to me ‘Mom be careful and ready things are happening.”

U.S. State Dept issues “worldwide caution” travel alert.

Germany calls on it’s citizens to leave Lebanon immediately.

The Prime Minister of Israel posted a video in the official Telegram account with the signature “We are with the soldiers and we are ready!” Israel has warned all staff of its 20 embassies in North and Latin America not to leave their homes.

MTV cancels Europe Music Awards over Israel-Gaza war.https://www.businessinsider.com/mtv-news-iconic-history-paramount-global-layoffs-photos-2023-5?utm_campaign=business-sf&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social

MTV News is shutting down after 36 years — take a look at its iconic history. Business Insider https://www.businessinsider.com/mtv-news-iconic-history-paramount-global-layoffs-photos-2023-5?utm_campaign=business-sf&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social

Biden and Yellen gave Iran 3 1/2 billion dollars!!!

FRANCE – Despite the ban, today’s Pro-Palestine protest in Paris.

The anti-Israel protest in London. According to the police, there were more than 50,000 people out on the streets.

Atletico Madrid fans support Palestine.

On Wed. 18 Oct. Iranian-Backed Houthi Militants Fire Missiles at US Navy Destroyer off Coast of Yemen:

14 French Airports Again Hit by Fake Bomb Threats – News18 Most of France’s major airports with the exception of its two biggest in Paris were temporarily cleared on Wednesday, leading to at least 130 flight cancellations

Weekly Newsletter Update; October 19th – Ben Fulford 

As I see it, we are waiting for some public announcements to come forth including the following

1.  Public announcement of the USN on the gold and asset standard

2.  Public announcement of the new USN notes money supply

3.  Public announcement of USN bills paid

a.  Iraq has a trust problem with the US

b.  They need to see items 1-2 and three above publicly announced So they can go forward

4.  Public announcement of the new Iraq international Dinar rate

5.  Public announcement of the new Iraq international data rate published in The Gazette

6.  Public announcement of Nesara

7.  Public announcement of Gesera

8.  Public announcement of Biden Gone

9.  Public announcement of Trump’s Return

10.  Private announcement of RV notifications including 800 numbers  and starlink

a.  Private announcement of tier 3 liquidity and spendable

b.  Private announcement for liquidity of all tiers

11.  Public announcement of the following

a.  Social Security increase and change of system

b.  Reclamation monies

c.  Debt forgiveness jubilee

d.  Other funds as applicable

We should begin to see these flowing out in the soon coming immediate future

There are other events that are important such as the stock market crash, EBS,  and the new financial system. I have chosen not to include them in the list above, but those things are coming and we should pay attention to real events that are about to and very soon begin to unfold.

Hold the line and stay steady. Lock your faith into the Word of God. What is about to happen is biblical and we should understand that.

See you on the other side. The other side is the Promised Land. Are you truly ready?

Locked and loaded !


Israel with over 10,000 Spys in the military imbedded inside IRAN. Saudi Arabia and world Militaries…. Israels INTELLIGENCE Agencies, including MOSSAD which is deeply connected to CIA, MI6. ALL knew the Hamas was going to attack Israel several weeks before and months ago including several hours before the attack<

The United States knew the attack was coming was did Australia, UK. Canada, EU INTELLIGENCE Several satellites over Iran, Israel, Palestine and near all captured thousands of troops moving towards Israel all MAJOR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES knew the attack was coming and news reporters (Israeli spys) in Palestine all knew the attack was coming and  tried to warn Israel and the military

EVERYONE KNEW THE ATTACK WAS COMING, INCLUDING INDIA INTELLIGENCE WHO TRIED TO CONTACT ISRAEL ( but Israel commanders and President blocked ALL calls before the attack)


This attack on Israel was an inside Job, with the help of CIA. MOSSAD, MI6 and large parts of the funding 6 billion $$$$$$$ from U.S. to Iran funded the operations.

The weapons used came from the Ukraine Black market which came from NATO, the U.S.

The ISRAELI President and Prime minister Netanyahu ALL STOOD DOWN before the attacks began and told the Israeli INTEL and military commanders to stand down.

There was no intelligence error. Israeli intensionally let the stacks happen<


Both the deep state and the white hats wanted these EVENTS to take place.

BOTH the [ ds] and white hats are fighting for the future control of ISRAEL


[EPSTEIN] was created by the MOSSAD with the CIA MI6 and EPSTEIN got his funding from MOSSAD who was Ghislaine Maxwells father> Israeli super spy Robert Maxwell_ ( who worked for, cia and mi6 also)/////

The past 2 years in Israel the military has become divided much like the U.S. military who are losing hope in the government leaders and sectors. Several Revolts have tried to start but were ended quickly.

Major PANIC has been hitting the Israeli INTEL, Prime minister and military commanders community as their corruption and crimes keep getting EXPOSED and major PANIC is happening as U S. IS COMING CLOSER TO DROPPING THE EPSTEIN FILES. EPSTEIN LIST AND THE MAJOR COUNTRIES WHO DEALT WITH EPSTEIN> ESPECIALLY ISRAEL WHO CREATED EPSTEIN w/cia/mi6

Before EPSTEIN was arrested, he was apprehended several times by the military intelligence ALLIANCE and he was working with white hats and gave ALL INFORMATION ON CIA. MI6 . MOSSAD. JP MORGAN. WORLD BANKS. GATES. ETC, ISRAEL BIG TECH

GOOGLE. FACEBOOK YOUTUBE MICROSOFT and their connection to world deep state cabal military intelligence and world control by the Elites and Globalist,<





Not far from where Jesus once walked…. The KAZARIAN Mafia. The cabal, dark Families began the practice of ADRENOCHROME and there satanic rituals to the god of moloch god of child sacrifice.

Satanism, This is why satanism is pushed through the world and world shopping centers and music and movies.

Global War & Social Collapse: October 15th 2023


We Are Literally On The Brink Of An Apocalyptic War Between Israel And Iran

The crisis in the Middle East has taken another very ominous turn.  Iran is threatening to get directly involved in the conflict, and that should deeply alarm all of us.  For a long time, I have been specifically warning my readers that an apocalyptic conflict between Israel and Iran would be coming.  Sadly, now we are literally on the verge of seeing that happen.  Both nations possess weapons of immense destructive power, and there is going to be so much death and destruction in the days ahead.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to signal that a massive military offensive in Gaza is imminent

Benjamin Netanyahu has today vowed to ‘demolish’ Hamas with Israeli troops on the Gaza border poised to attack at any moment.

Israel’s armed forces is ‘ready’ to defeat the ‘bloodthirsty monsters’, the Israeli Prime Minister said, with a land, sea, and air offensive imminent.

Israeli tanks and troops have gathered on the border and are carrying out simulations ready to spring an invasion of Gaza at any time after Hamas terrorists killed 1,300 Israelis in a surprise attack last Saturday.

But if Israel goes in, Hezbollah has already indicated that they will almost certainly enter the conflict.

Of course Hezbollah would only do that if they were directed to do so by Iran, and according to Axios Iran is now warning “that it will have to intervene if the Israeli operation in Gaza continues”…

Iran sent a message to Israel on Saturday stressing that it does not want further escalation in the Hamas-Israel war, but that it will have to intervene if the Israeli operation in Gaza continues, two diplomatic sources with knowledge of the situation told Axios.


So is this really it?

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has publicly stated that his nation “has its red lines”, and that “Iran will have to respond” if Israel conducts a major offensive in Gaza…

But Amir-Abdollahian stressed that Iran has its red lines. He said that if the Israeli military operation continues — and especially if Israel follows through on its promise of a ground offensive in Gaza — Iran will have to respond, according to the sources.

In addition, Amir-Abdollahian is also threatening America with “heavy losses” if the U.S. military decides to intervene…

He accused the United States of coming forward “to preserve the statue and puppet of Israel”.

“If the scope of the war expands, heavy losses will befall America as well.”

I could be wrong, but I don’t expect Iran to get directly involved in the conflict right away.

But I do believe that Hezbollah will jump into the war fairly soon after Israeli forces enter Gaza, and Syria could also be pulled in quite rapidly as well.

This would especially be true if the IDF keeps bombing Syria’s largest airports

On Saturday, Israel allegedly launched an air strike against Syria’s Aleppo Airport. The Syrian government confirmed the attack and said, “The Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, targeting Aleppo International Airport, which led to material damage to the airport and it being out of service.”

The reason why the Israelis are bombing airports in Syria is because that is one of the primary ways that Iran gets weapons to Hezbollah

Referring to this development, Joel Rayburn, Director of the American Centre for Levant Studies, wrote, “Repeated Israeli strikes to disable Damascus and Aleppo airports are, to my mind, a strong indication that 1) the Iranian regime is trying to move strategic weapons to or via Syria to open a northern front and 2) the Israelis are determined to preempt that.”

The Israeli official re-shared this post, stating that Iranians are engaged in arms transfers.

Syria’s Damascus and Aleppo airports are known as transit points for Iranian arms sent to Hezbollah, a powerful Islamist militant group in both Syria and Lebanon.

We are so close to a major regional war.

The U.S. and other western powers are trying to keep Iran and Hezbollah out of the conflict, but it just isn’t working.

On Sunday, there was more fighting along Israel’s northern border yet again

A Hezbollah spokeswoman, Rana Sahili, says today’s increase in the intensity of the exchanges between Israel and the Lebanese terror group doesn’t indicate Hezbollah has decided to fully enter into the Hamas-Israel war.

The fighting on the border is “only skirmishes” and represents a “warning,” she says.

Hezbollah is not ready to formally go to war just yet.

But once the Israelis make their move in Gaza, expect Hezbollah to pull the trigger.

And once that happens, the Biden administration will have a decision to make.

If Hezbollah starts firing thousands of missiles into Israel, I think that the Biden administration will order strikes against Hezbollah.

The two aircraft carriers that have been ordered into the eastern Mediterranean Sea have been sent there to deter Hezbollah and Iran, but they will take action if it becomes necessary

The Pentagon has ordered a second carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean Sea and is sending Air Force fighter jets to the region as Israel prepares to expand its Gaza operations, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement Saturday.

The US warships are not intended to join the fighting in Gaza or take part in Israel’s operations, but the presence of two of the Navy’s most powerful vessels is designed to send a message of deterrence to Iran and Iranian proxies in the region, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The movements are “part of our effort to deter hostile actions against Israel or any efforts toward widening this war following Hamas’s attack on Israel,” Austin said in the statement.

As I have discussed previously, I hope that those carriers are being kept at a safe distance, because Hezbollah does have missiles that are capable of sinking an aircraft carrier.

As this conflict evolves, we are going to see images on our television screens that are going to absolutely shock all of us.

So many people are going to die, and our world will be permanently changed by the horrors that we will soon witness.

Biden corruption Hamas funding

Biden Regime Secretly Funnelled $75 Million to Hamas Days Before Attack – THE PEOPLES VOICE

The BIden regime secretly funnelled Hamas $75 million dollars a few days before their attack on Israel and after learning that a terrorist attack was imminent.

The money was quietly funnelled to them in a quiet move that was completely overlooked by Republican lawmakers.

NN reports: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken approved the release of $75 million in funding for Hamas-controlled Gaza.

False flag attacks orchestrated by Mossad have started an all out war between Israel and Palestine. The goal is to create Greater Israel. – Shadow of Ezra 

A major trap has been set for the US military by the Zionists. If we take the bait we will fall immediately as a superpower, and that’s exactly what they want.

Watch the Strait of Hormuz.

Before Greater Israel expands its borders they have a few things to do: 

1. Denuclearize Pakistan

2. Regime change in Russia

3. Start a civil war between Iran and Saudia Arabia

4. Bring down all world currencies

5. Rebuild the Temple of Solomon

6. Divide the MAGA movement

7. Bring down the US Military from within

Jack Posobiec is part of the Zionist social media psyop that works to convince Trump supporters to back Israel’s hostile takeover of America and Israel’s fleecing of US taxpayers to fund the expansion of Zionist military aggression in the Middle East.

💢  Ben Fulford Update, October 15th 

A. EBS will occur before the end of 2023    Truth

B. As of today, the white hats do not intend to use the EBS Lie

C. The EBS was coded by the entity known as Edward Snowden    Lie

2. Speaker of the House

A. Donald Trump will be the next Speaker of the House                                              Truth or Lie?

B. Jim Jordan will be the next Speaker of the House                                                     Truth or Lie?

C. The election fraud will be revealed prior to the election of the new Speaker      Lie

3. Nesara Gesara

A. Only certain countries in the world will be using Gold or precious metals to back their currency      Lie

B. Assuming a 1:1 value ratio, the chances of gold and silver  exceeding $1000/oz is 100% Truth

C. Even though Nesara Gesara will be implemented, the fiat dollar will still have a place in the economic future of the world economy    Lie

4. Snoweden

A. Snowden will be arrested and tried for Treason for what he did     Lie

B. Even after Snowden – the most known whistleblower, he/they/them continue to help the white hats and is very much involved in the plan to save the world   Truth

C. Birthdate is June 21, 1983    Lie

5. JFK Jr.

A. On the night of his alleged death (plane crash) JFK Jr did fly the plane as reported  Truth or Lie?

B. JFK Jr has attended Trump rallies in disguse or hidden in plain sight.       Lie

C. Phil has met JFK Jr. since his alleged death.  Truth or Lie?

6. Biden Removal

A. Will be removed predicated by the 25th amendment      Lie

B. Will resign and immediately followed by criminal indictments.  Truth

C. Will die before his term ends     Lie

7. Medbeds

A. Are available now if you know where to look     Truth or Lie

B. Free for public use       Lie

C. They will have the ability to cure all viruses/diseases and also be able to diagnose future not yet seen or have issues not caused by symptoms   Truth or Lie

Phil explained why B is a lie because we have been indoctrinated by the use of money.  We won’t have to pay for it but will have to do something.

8. RV

A. RV has already occurred and implementation to the QFS is in place         Lie

B. For those who have at least $1000 in Iraqi Dinar will be millionaires     Truth or Lie?

C. The countries in BRICS are the countries who have already RVd with currency and those those who have not joined have not revalued their currency   Truth or Lie?

9. Trump’s Return

A. DJT will never be President of the United States again.   Lie

B. DJT’s path to presidency will be through the 2024 election      Lie

C. His return hinges on one more very strategic event – once it occurs he will be back.   Truth

10. Stock Market Crash

A. After the implantation of QFS no version of the NYSE will ever exist again.    Lie

B. Roughly one half of the over 500,000 sealed indictments are stock market banks, traders or higher ups in the  stock exchange    Truth

C. Stock exchange world wide are vitally important for the economic future of the world economy.    Lie

11. Mickey Mouse Clock

A. The Mickey clock was posted to bring awareness to Child Trafficking at Disney Land/World Lie

B. Q was hinting at the foreshadowing of a date or time by posting that image  – Phil noted – think mirror    Truth

C. DJT posted the image himself to Q  Lie

Notes:  Phil said it will be a particular event  (single most important that you’ll got through in your entire life) that will be life changing for all people world wide  – 1) Repercussions  of the event not happening, 2) what it means for the future  3) most importantly – for our children/future generations  – having to do with special elections

WIRES; PENTAGON CIA. Mossad MI6 – Q Stormrider 

The Military assessments, war games and All War simulation assessments conducted by CIA. Pentagon.mi6 and Netanyahu ALL REACH THE SAME OUTCOMES. A WAR IN ISRAEL CAN NOT BE WON

CURRENT SITUATION; The deep state CIA Pentagon has given the ok for Israel to bomb Gaza strip for few days, as act of revenge. But things must calm down soon after and a silent truce must be made and then an open truce.
The U.S. is out of weapons. NATO can not give any WEAPONS.
Iran has been stock piling weapons the past 20 years and has an undisputed amounts of missiles and ammunition
Russia is silently backing Iran as is Turkey ( NATO is in panic over Turkey siding with The Palestinians … NATO is in panic as Turkey has supplied weapons to Hamas the past two years.. This information can not come out and will cause CHAOS’ in NATO members countries who support Israel)
Iran is heavily backed by CHINA and received upgraded long range missiles the past 5 years and Sandia Arabia is with an Alliance with Iran and together they control Large parts of world oil production and supply over 80 countries and those countries rely on the oil and gas and WILL choose the side of Iran in conflict or and won’t support the U.S. and Israel

For now the green light was given for Israel to bomb Palestinians for few days until a truce can come.

The Big story is Netanyahu mossad.mi6 and ELITES all knew the attack was going to happen. But they are hoping with the attack, Netanyahu can create new laws and avoid a coming COUP uprising in Israel that had been happening and growing the past 3 years, and a COUP was planned by Israel white HATS mil who want to EXPOSE the PLANDEMIC. The death VACCINES and Israel MAJOR financing of the vaccines and world BANKS who funded the PLANDEMIC ( wall street is Jewish Israeli money and they control Large parts of social media and fund the U.S. military industrial complex system with the ROCKERFELLERs and Elites.

Mossad is hoping this current attack can lead to news laws and judges abs new military codes in Israel that can lead to imprisonment of white HATS military commanders in Israel who are behind the growing COUP in Israel.

In the U.S. it’s known Iran extremist and Hamas and Al-Qaeda extremist and other middle eastern terrorist groups are in the U.S. The White HATS military is very aware of this happening…

 Behind the scenes; The growning and coming CIVIL unrest in the United States with terrorist attack WILL LEAD TO CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION THAT WILL LEAD TO OBAMA..UN. .Soros, Wall Street funding Iran extremist and other extremist terrorist groups to enter the United States to cause CHAOS. MAJOR MAJOR PANIC IN THE U.S. (The UN/CIA/ ELITES ROCKEFELLERS ROTHSCHILDS ETC ECT.has long PUSHED for world chaos and wars so immigrants and refugees by the hundreds of millions would enter the U.S. and cause CHAOS.. and CIVIL war that would lead to the president of the United States giving full power to the UN and giving full power of the U.S. military to the UN Soros. [DS] Elites WEF. DAVOS.
These deep state EVENTS were all PLANNED, but the U.S. military in Cheyenne mountain is well aware of the treason . World crimes against humanity of the Pandemic. Virus. Vaccines. Pushed wars ECT etc….


THESE OPERATIONS INCLUDE, GAME THEORY OPERATIONS which mean.. The whites HATS are letting the deep state play there last cards… As everything is being recorded in military records and traps are set to open doors to 11.3 laws of War

White HATS inside TRUMPS CONGRESS are well aware of what’s really happening…
That’s why they are EXPOSING. The VIRUS> the coming ( starting) VACCINES full EXPOSURE> BIDEN CRIME family. FAUCI.cia, as everything grows… The, 2020 election is going to resurface on a MASSIVE level and SCOTUS WILL come into the picture. TRUMP is currently EXPOSING the CORRUPT U.S. justice SYSTEM, so many things are happening in the U.S. including the financial COLLAPSE .. To CIA creating Russian war ECT ECT ECT etc.

White HATS are painting a picture and getting all things down on U.S. Congressional records…. This includes the U.N. OBAMA/ Biden funding Iran to bring in Extremist to cause chaos in the U.S. ( another 911 inside job) THE MILITARY ALLIANCE IS WATCHING EVERYTHING. Documenting everything and have hundreds of Iranian terrorist/Al-Qaeda/terrorist in Gitmo this moment who are EXPOSING a planned attacks in the U.N.

The only way to take down the UN. CIA. ROCKEFELLERS Obama CLINTONS ETC is through, GAME THEORY OPERATIONS, (letting them play their final cards and THEN EXPOSE THE TRUTH AFTER THE EVENTS AND ARREST WARS)

After the great unrest in the United States (near chaos and civil war), 11.3 military laws of War protocols can settle the chaos within a few days, The U.S. military can be deployed into all cities within a few hours and with in a few days restore order. Then comes MASSIVE ARREST WARS… THE ENDING STORM [DECLAS] for all to know.

Stay strong Patriots I have WARNED many many times of these EVENTS to unfold called the NEAR DEAR CIVILIZATION EVENT that leads to nuclear STANDOFF, Even in Israel, the deep state can not win the war and Netanyahu WILL step down in time and the good Israeli people governments. Military WILL rise in a COMING amazing COUP.


More coming?
Why is this relevant?
How do you ‘show’ the public the truth?

It had to be this way.
Sometimes you must walk through the darkness BEFORE you see the light.


God speed to those who will be put in harms way. You are the bravest men and women on earth.
We will never forget.
All share one title in common and that is the title of “Hero.”
“The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the DARKEST valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

U.S. Special operations command in the middle east area, Are preparing ops to find U.S.  Italian and Israeli hostages. (over night operations will begin), U.S. sends the navy battle fleet to the region only to deter other countries from interfering in the war. NO U.S. troops will be deployed to Israeli grounds for combat ( only U.S. Special Forces in the regions are working with Israeli special forces to locate and retrieve the hostages)

The green light is given by the Pentagon.cia.mi6. Mossad to prepare for an ATTACK on Gaza strip in the next 72 hours with Massive strike, (I had given this information earlier on this green light, But the Attack on Gaza will cease before two weeks or so. The deep state is pushing this operations to flood the mockingbird MEDIA with intensive FALSE FULL War scenario that lead to ww3. this purpose is to get world funding (that leads to money laundering)  taking money from U.S. tax payers for assistance of ISRAEL through weapons, military industrial complex system $$$$$$, But also so Netanyahu can try to install full dictatorship…but as I have reported earlier, the U S Israel have already done military battle, war games and war simulation assessments and U.S. ISRAEL CAN NOT WIN the War. But Israel has been given green light for few days or week( s) to attack Gaza then after a stand down, truce will be reached.

(in this time in the 1800s Jews were guided into Palestine with the idea to create a Jewish state guided by the 33 FREEMASONS… By the end of World War 2 the Jews with the help of Masonic 33rd degree who controlled UNITED NATIONS they formed Israel)

1st part of their plan was to over throw Russia and infiltrate their government and regimen and turn them into a communist country and have Germany and British empire fight against them….. after this war communism would be used to destroy other countries the 33rd FREEMASONS controlled with ROTHSCHILDS and these communist created countries would weaken and their religion would falter.

2 World War plan was to have fascist countries fight with Zion ( Jewish) modern politics/ Democratic ideology. This war was created to destroy Nazism and in return world insure the State of Israel would be created in Palestine.

The 3rd world war would be fought between political Zion and Middle east Muslims of Islam and have them mutually destroy each other, and all other NATIONS watching would choose sides of the battle and infighting would began in all countries leading to civil conflicts and lost of spiritual insights and confusion would set in and hope lost. And in this time 33 Masons ( elites / GLOBALIST) would unleash nihilist and anarchy and groups with no spiritual grounds and a great CIVIL war would erupt in all countries and Christians and spiritualist would lose hope and in the end of this war it would be revealed the only true way to salvation would be through Lucifers light and Satanism would be brought out in public view as Christianity falls and atheist also die and falter, and both would be conquered at the same and the ELITES would take FULL control of the world through UN. (now you know why the UN has LUCIS TRhich was originally called the Lucifer trust and the UN’s beginning creations was created in Bohemian Grove where Rockefellers and ROTHSCHILDS 33rd Masons gathered to find ways to take FULL control of the world through Globalism… Controlling governments. Military. MEDIA and all AGENDAs)



American Jihad: Thousands of Terror-Linked Migrants Stopped at U.S. Southern Border


NBC News reports that this year U.S. border agents have encountered a “growing number of individuals” on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist trying to enter the country via the southern border, according to the Homeland Threat Assessment released Thursday by the Department of Homeland Security.


Thousands of ‘special interest aliens’ from Middle East countries stopped at southern border since 2021: data

There have also been over 1.5 million ‘gotaways’ under Biden administration

By Adam Shaw , Bill Melugin , Griff Jenkins Fox News, October 10, 2023 

Hamas terror attacks reignite national security concerns at US southern border

FOX News Bill Melugin reports that Border Patrol agents have apprehended a record number of people on the FBI terror watch list in fiscal year 2023.

Thousands of “special interest aliens” from numerous countries, including the Middle East, have been arrested by Border Patrol agents while attempting to cross the U.S. southern border illegally over the last two years, according to internal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data leaked to Fox News.

“Special interest aliens” are people from countries identified by the U.S. government as having conditions that promote or protect terrorism or potentially pose some sort of national security threat to the U.S.

That data, confirmed by multiple CBP sources and reflects apprehensions between ports of entry between October 2021 and October 2023, shows that agents encountered 6,386 nationals from Afghanistan in that period as well as 3,153 from Egypt, 659 from Iran and 538 from Syria.

Agents also encountered 12,624 from Uzbekistan, 30,830 from Turkey, 1,613 from Pakistan, 164 from Lebanon, 185 from Jordan, 123 from Iraq and 15,594 from Mauritania. The data does not include information on how many of those migrants were removed or who were released into the U.S. with a court date.

Those numbers do not include encounters by CBP’s Office of Field Operations at ports of entry. It also does not include the numbers who have snuck past agents without detection — sources say there have been over 1.5 million such “gotaways” during the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, fiscal year 2023 broke the record for encounters on the FBI terror watch list with 151 people encountered at the southern border between ports of entry, higher than the previous six years combined.

Border Patrol sources tell Fox they have extreme concerns about the people coming across from special interest countries, given they have little to no way to vet them. Unless they have committed a crime in the U.S. or are on a federal watch list, agents have no way of knowing their criminal history because their countries do not share data with the U.S., so there is nothing to match their name against when authorities run their fingerprints.

💢 RED OCTOBER; Judy Note on What We Think We Know, October 12th 

The difference between animals and humans: animals would never allow the dumbest one in the pack to lead the pack.

This week Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas was said to be making an announcement about POTUS’s decision on the Brunson Case, which charged that Biden, Harris and certain members of Congress committed treason by failing to investigate 350 formal complaints of 2020 Election Fraud. If ruled in Brunson’s favor that did, in fact, happen, it would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.

Israel was just the start. That World War Three Scare Event was necessary. All was designed for a Global mass awakening. The good guys were in control. It’s a Global movie. The names of Global criminals involved in the Zeta Depopulation Agenda have been and were continuing to be hunted down. The names would be released during the Emergency Broadcast System messages.

New York Mayor tells Residents to be vigilant against attacks. Tens of thousands of immigrants have flooded the city and were chanting hate messages toward citizens.

WARNING of a ‘Cyber Pandemic’ that would require a Digital ID to connect to a new Deep State Cabal Internet.

Will All Hell Break Loose on Fri. 13 Oct?, Jaco: 

There was a Fake Narrative going around about War in the Middle East. Do you know what it is? Do your research. Here’s a hint:

American Military News said that Hamas and other radical Islamic groups including Antifa and BLM were calling for a worldwide jihad and attacks on Jews on October 13!

B’Nai David Congregation in Visalia, Ca. Executive Phil Applebaum was warned to have guards at the house of worship and the members to be on guard on Fri 13 Oct.

99% of the migrants who have entered the US in the last two years have not been expelled from the US.  Most are military age young males who are given a United Nations I.D. card and income and told to do what they are told to do when the time comes.

💢 Debt Clock Revelations; The US Debt Clock, set up in the 1980’s by a Billionaire named Durst, has – for the second time in history – quoted the Book of Revelation and placed religious symbols on the site.   The firstt time it did this was on October 3. Why is this bastion of finance quoting End Times Revelation twice in six days?

On Sunday, 8 October 2023, at 9:04 PM EDT,  the Debt Clock appeared as shown in the full screen shot below.   Note the Biblical citation along the top man banner: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a Trumpet” (Click image below twice to fully enlarge)

Entry Level Preparation: 

•1-3 month supply canned goods /

•1-3 months freeze dried food

•3 month supply of water + filtration device

•Quality Long Range Walkie Talkie

•Meetup location for loved ones

•I5 large nut butter

•150 protein bars

•25 lighters

•250 tea light candles

•Life-straw (3) (drink water anywhere)

•Propane tank

•Fuel tank for vehicle

•Sleeping bags

•Iodine Pills (cleansing water)

•Fish amoxicillin (humans can take)


•Arms, Ammo, a lot of it

•Body Armor

•Speciality knife/blade


•First aid kits


•Backup gas powered generator

•Batteries (AA and AAA)






Ps – Bring your supplies/ groceries in late at night or early in the morning. Never know which neighbor will turn on you when times get difficult.

God Speed. Nino

 Judy Byington – White Hat Intel | Q World Operations were in place long ago and infiltration instead of invasion was the first stages of the PLAN.

This Involved Inserting Military Commanders into the Deep State regimens, just the same as Deep State ops placed RINO Republicans were placed by the CABAL into Republican seats and so on.

You think it’s a coincidence that General Q, (Charles Q. Brown jr.) was placed by Trump and appointed to be the Chairman of the Joint Chief of staff as the chairman? He is the highest-ranking and most senior military officer in the United States Armed Forces.

Charles Q. Brown jr (goes by the name CQ and commanders call him General Q ) was also formally announced as President Joe Biden’s nominee to succeed General Mark Milley as the 21st chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on May 25, 2023. Why would Biden, the CIA, General Milley allow CQ to become the leader of the Pentagon and give him the highest Ranking in all U.S. Military Forces? Knowing he was placed by Trump?

Rupert Murdoch steps down from CNN world controlled News outlet.

Michael Bloomberg RESIGNs

Daniel Andrews, Victoria Premiere step down.

The EXPOSURE of the CIA happening in Russia, China, U S. On national levels enormous,

African countries are fighting against the CIA, M16, French controlled colonization of their countries and stealing of their resources.

Half of the world rejects the U.S. dollar.

TRUMP gave full (legal) power to the military to carry out legal covert operations that included the Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government, all of which would lead to Military Intervention inside the collapse 11.3.

Now the Cabal Deep State CIA World operations were in a major panic and desperately trying to create a Nuclear War.

ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS: “If you are still caught up in the left vs right, Israel vs Palestine, Ukraine vs Russia narratives, treating geopolitics and war as if it’s a football game where you are rooting for one side to win as the real moral authority, then you need to take 45 minutes out of your day to watch this in full.

The Great Indian Leader Sitting Bull: “Yet hear me, friends! We have now to deal with another people, small and feeble when our forefathers first met with them, but now great and overbearing. Strangely enough, they have a mind to till the soil, and the love of possessions is a disease in them. These people have made many rules that the rich may break, but the poor may not! They have a religion in which the poor worship, but the rich will not! They even take tithes of the poor and weak to support the rich and those who rule. They claim this mother of ours, the Earth, for their own use, and fence their neighbors away from her, and deface her with their buildings and their refuse. They compel her to produce out of season, and when sterile she is made to take medicine in order to produce again. All this is sacrilege. We are free. NO man controls our footsteps. If we must die, we die defending our rights.”

Why is it anytime there is a crisis on the other side of the globe, it’s my tax dollars that get sent?

Our government already funds Israel and Iran/Hamas with US tax dollars, just to need more money once violence breaks out, with the weapons our tax money purchased for Ukraine.

No matter how you slice it, American labor funds terrorism around the world. We go to work all day, so the government can siphon trillions off of our labor, then they send billions of our taxes annually to Israel and Iran, who use the funding to attack each other, which requires more US tax dollars to clean up the mess.

Not only does the US government steal your money, they use it to create all the problems of the world, so they always have an endless need for your money.

Politicians go along with it because they get a cut of the Tax Payer Dollars laundered back to them.

The cycle never ends. The American people have an annual subscription to the war machine, and we can’t get off the ride.

You’ll never hear about it in the Fake Mainstream Media. Whenever there is a big story in the Fake News Mainstream Media, look for the story they are trying to distract you from.

Jack Straw Intel: Trumpet Sounds the WORLD Being Heard Across! Hezbollah, Russia, Israel Info, Ground Command – Entire World is Currently Under International or Global Martial Law:

With the Attack on Israel that set the stage for World War III, the World Economic Forum (WEF) was now poised to destabilize the West and take ownership of the World. A sinister plot orchestrated by shadowy figures within the WEF have an objective of global destabilization to facilitate the implementation of their authoritarian agenda, including digital currency, 15-minute cities, universal basic income (UBI), a net-zero climate scam, lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and even the seizure of property and vehicles.

Tues. 10 Oct. Biblical Prophecy Meets Reality: Netanyahu Warns Will “Destroy Damascus if Hezbollah Enters War” – TRUMPET Sounds Being Heard Across the WORLD! (video) – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

The Cabal Deep State was Calling for Nuclear War: US Senator Lindsey Graham suggests USA start bombing Iran: “It’s time to take the war to the Ayatollah’s backyard”

In 2018 there were 40 Politicians (all Democrats) who had dual citizenship in Israel.

Around 8pm EST on Mon. 9 Oct North Korean state television announced that there will be a “very important announcement” soon. Note: Rocket Man is angry

On Tues. 10 Oct. 2023 there was a system failure at all Japanese Banks that affected 1.4 million transactions.

“Biden Admin has let 99% of migrants stay in US since 2021” …Congressional report.

Bill Gates: “The next component we need for global elimination is the funding to pay for those vaccines.”

In One Month the BRICS nations have dumped another $17 Billion in U.S. Treasuries.

As the Fiat U.S. dollar Faces an Impending ‘Collapse’ amidst a staggering $33 trillion debt, along with the impending doom embodied by the non asset-backed Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Crypto Currency Market, experts warn that the Federal Reserve’s drastic actions may lead to a Financial Apocalypse.

In next 12-14 Months Palestinian Terrorist Cells to Attack US

Hamas Allegedly has Terror Cells in the United States after entering the country via the southern border, creating a fear of terrorist attacks in big cities over the next 14 months.

I’ve heard, from many reputable sources, that these planned terrorist attacks will indeed occur in major cities in America over the next 12-14 months.

Apparently, the Palestinian Terrorists came across the Mexican border, aided by the U.S. government, for the sole purpose of killing Americans.

This serves both the Palestinian’s purpose as well as the American Government’s purpose.

Palestinians want to kill Americans because of their support for Israel.

The U.S. Government wants Americans killed in terrorist attacks so that Americans will willingly give up more of their freedoms, as they did with the Patriot Act after 9/11.

Don’t expect the government to stop these terrorist attacks, they need them as much as the Palestinians do.

Just know that after Palestinians kill thousands of Americans in coordinated attacks all over the U.S. & the media starts bombarding you with the need for “safety over freedom,” that the United States Government is behind it all.

Who benefits Most From the Terror in the Middle East? The Deep State.

Lo and behold, a week later, the terror in Israel unfolds. The horrific images incite an emotional response from the public, and poof, the Deep State have instantaneously rekindled the American public’s desire to fund war on the other side of the globe.

The Deep State don’t care which war-torn countries they funnel the money from, so long as the money flows. They will gladly use this catastrophe to their advance their geopolitical agenda.

Given the Deep State are the main benefactors of this situation, they are suspect #1. Then if you follow the money, it leads back to US Deep State politicians. Obama’s Iran Deal.

All roads lead back to Obama.

US Weapons from Afghanistan Ended Up in Palestinian Hands in the Gaza Strip:

Peter Novak Update; The 2020-2024 Crisis 3 YEARS AGO, October 10th 2023
– Gas was $2 a gallon
– Eggs were $1 a dozen
– Mortgage rates were 3%
– Inflation was less than 1%
– We had full employment
– & the World was at peace
– Gas is over $4 a gallon
– Eggs are over $4 a dozen
– Mortgage rates are over 8%
– Inflation is over 4% / 20% +
– 6 million unemployed Americans
– Wars are breaking out around the world
BREAKING: Hill sources say BofA, Cathay Bank, JP Morgan and other major banks have until NEXT THURSDAY (Oct. 12) to turn over to impeachment investigators all subpoenaed Biden bank records.
Something odd happened with the music festival in Israel. The event was planned for another location. It was moved with 48 hours notice, and moved to an area with poor security, in a zone that wasn’t fit for that level of an event. Why would an entire international music festival location be moved with 48 hours notice and moved to an unsecured location?
This was a set up.
As predicted – Peter Novak
I told you that war was coming soon for America. Some sort of big war or conflict. I told you it would arrive by December or before. I told you this because of the P2 (secondary progressed) Sun/Mars inconjunct in the US Liberty Chart in December, and the P2 Mars/Pluto semisquare in January. I told you this would be an awkward or inconvenient war that America would find itself in, one that the US had not planned on, was not expecting, and is not prepared for, and one that America does not fight particularly well in, once the war startst starts. That’s what the inconjunct tells us. But the semisquare says that it will be a particularly violent and brutal and deadly and destructive sort of war. Now, of course all war is violent and brutal and deadly and destructive. But America is not used to any of that sort of ugliness happening on its home turf, and is instead used to fighting its wars very safely in overseas locations.
Now I posted my predictions about those P2 Mars aspects well in advance. Years ago, actually, but lately I have been discussing them more and more.
But as recently as a week ago, I was confused, because it did not look like America was likely to be in any war this winter. There was just a huge fight in the US House of Representatives, a huge rupture or schism, and one of the things that fight/rupture/schism accomplished was making it 100% clear to the nation that continuing to fund the Ukraine war was becoming extremely unpopular, and that this funding was probably not going to be continuing much longer. In short, the US was looking, as recently as a week ago, like it was about to walk away from the whole Ukraine conflict. At the time, this confused me, as I was certain that the path ahead for the US was towards increased warfare, not decreased warfare, and by December or before.
Fast forward one week to today, and what do we find? The whole world is all spun up now about a ugly new conflict between Israel and Gaza. No – not just a conflict – a war. Israel has officially declared war for the first time in 50 years. And almost to the exact day.
Israel’s Yom Kippur War started on October 6, 1973.
This new Israel/Gaza war started on October 7, 2023.
And here we are today, hearing two choruses of voices about what all this means for America going forward. One chorus of voices is demanding that the US use this Israeli conflict as an opportunity to go to war with Iran. The other chorus of voices are all shouting that the US is now in grave danger from terrorist attacks by all the millions of unvetted illegal aliens who have snuck into the nation during Biden’s Admin.
With the Sun/Mars inconjunct and the Mars/Pluto semisquare, I find it very difficult now to imagine that the US does not get swept up in this war by December or before. And I think that those warning about the dangers of terrorist attacks in the US are probably going to prove correct. This could turn out to be a pretty nasty winter.

💢 Cult of Ba’al Stages Mass Sacrifice of Jews and Palestinians in Doomed Attempt to Get Money | RED OCTOBER EVENTS

The massive so-called attack by Hamas against Israel last week proves the Khazarian Mafia just don’t get it. Like the boy who cried wolf, they have lost the ability to fool and manipulate the world with staged incidents.

The mass sacrifice to Satan last week of Jews and Palestinians by would-be God King Benyamin Netanyahu is a glaring example. Despite posting horrific and heart-wrenching images of suffering Israelis in their corporate propaganda press, nobody was fooled (except for a small remaining pocket of cool aid drinkers).

Here is the real story of what happened behind the scenes according to Mossad, MI6 and Russian FSB sources.

The head of MI6, who happens to be Jewish, said “The KM have always used the Jewish people and Judaism as a human shield for their satanic and nefarious purposes. They are a deeply rotten, well-known and well hated bunch of creeps. We went on false flag footing nearly instantly after hearing about it.”

Mossad sources agreed noting the Gaza Strip and West Bank were so thoroughly monitored by the Israelis that not even a grain of rice can enter there without them knowing about it. In other words, the massive attack on Israel by Hamas had to have been orchestrated by Netanyahu and his minions.


A Russian FSB source described the situation as follows:

About 60 people including Biden and his son, Hillary and her team, they all know they will go to jail if they lose the Ukrainian war. So, to save their asses they need some “victory” and Ukraine is not suitable for that while China-Taiwan is too risky so, they chose to destroy the Palestinians…Hamas is part of the plan of moving Israel to the land of Ukraine. Basically, the war in Israel and Ukraine is one. The Zionists want to have a bigger land far away from Iran and other Muslim countries so the Ukrainian territory was chosen to relocate Jews there after the destruction of Israel…In the past 18 months, about half a million Ukrainians died. In the war 3.5 million Ukrainians migrated to Europe and 2.5 million to Russia. So in total, the population has been reduced by 6.5 million. The population of Israel is 9.3 million so the war in Ukraine will be over in 2025 when another 3 million die. Then the new Khazaria will be built on the spilled blood.

This will not be allowed to happen. The UN Security Council had an emergency meeting about the attack and, even though they did not issue a statement, they agreed Israel did not have a casus belli (justification for war).

The reason the attack was staged at this time is because the KM money laundering via Ukraine has been cut off. The KM were hoping to use this Gaza show to get sympathy money to buy time until 2025 when they are planning to stage some sort of horrific atrocity, MI6 sources say.

Another reason Netanyahu rushed the attack was because Iranian intelligence scored a major coup. Iranian intelligence sources inform us “The confidential information of Netanyahu’s office is in the hands of Iranians,” As a part of their intelligence hoard they obtained a “list of personal information and pictures of Netanyahu’s opponents that he kept with him, including Ehud Barak, Benny Gantz and Ehud Olmert,” the sources said. “We have also obtained special information from the list of foreign journalists who received bribes from Netanyahu’s office; This list includes European, American and Israeli journalists, and all the special information and amounts they have received are stated in it. All personal pictures and confidential files were removed from Netanyahu’s office through an electronic memory and are now with Iran’s security institutions and will be published,” they add.

So in other words, Netanyahu needed to fake an emergency in order to anoint himself as God king of Israel before this embarrassing information leak became widely known.

Full Report Link


“A lot of people have been calling me about Speaker, all I can say is we’ll do whatever is best for the country and for the Republican Party,” said Trump on his way to court Wednesday morning. “My focus is totally on [running for president], if I can help [Republicans] during the process, I would do it.”

“I’ll do whatever it is to help, but my focus is being president and, quite honestly, making America great again.”

The Speaker can be anyone in the United States.

Trump has now said he would serve as Speaker of the House to serve as a unifier for the Republican Party until a permanent replacement can be found, according to Fox News.
This development comes after it was reported today that President Trump would be traveling to DC on Tuesday in order to meet with Congressional Republicans for the selection process.
If Trump was Speaker, he’d be able to subpoena the DOJ crooks persecuting him
He’d cut off funding for the FBI that raided his house
He’d impeach Joe Biden
He’d cut off Ukraine funding
He’d impeach Mayorkas, Garland & Wray
He’d be the most powerful man in America
speaker of the house
“Congressman Jim Jordan has been a STAR long before making his very successful journey to Washington, D.C., representing Ohio’s 4th Congressional District. Respected by all, he is now Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. As President, I had the honor of presenting Jim with our Country’s highest civilian award, The Presidential Medal of Freedom. So much is learned from sports, and Jim was a master! While attending Graham High School, he won State Championships all four years, a rarity, and compiled an amazing 156-1 record. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jim became a two-time NCAA Division l Wrestling Champion. He won his 1985-86 NCAA Championship Matches in his weight class. Jim has a masters degree in Education from Ohio State University & a Law Degree from Capital University. He is STRONG on Crime, Borders, our Military/Vets, & 2nd Amendment. Jim, his wife, Polly, & family are outstanding – He will be a GREAT Speaker of the House, & has my Complete & Total Endorsement!”
Donald J. Trump.
First, Speaker McCarthy prevented DNS Secretary Mayorkas from being impeached in the House because he failed to secure the border and was letting millions of illegals in.
Then Speaker McCarthy was removed on October 3rd 2023.
Then, the very next day, Mayorkas did an about-face and hastily authorized Border Security to Build the Wall and secure the border on October 4th.

💢  October 4th EBS Test Broadcast | 2:22 EST 


Backdoor Access to Your Wireless Devices Has Been Secretly Granted to Create a Blacklist of Individuals to Target.

The World Economic Forum has been quietly granted backdoor access to billions of cellphones as part of a plot to compile “blacklists” of users who hold “politically incorrect” views and commit “wrong speak…

Targeted Individuals, for many years, have been tracked, monitored, injured, and murdered from frequencies from many devices including (but not limited to) cell phones.

When electronic devices are in CLOSE proximity, they can exchange an individual’s full ID between electronic devices. After a period of time, it can analyze the IDs stored in the electronic device and generate a Social Credit Score. After a subsequent period of time, they can change the individual’s partial ID with a new one, reflecting information garnered from the cell phone as a result of the EBS.

The wireless smart meters can be remotely pulsed with INCREASED FREQUENCIES and injure and KILL in our homes, businesses, and ALL OTHER BUILDINGS.

America’s Democrat-Run Cities About To Go FULL MAD MAX – Mike Adams 

– COSTCO now selling #gold bars, and they are selling out in minutes
– #Looting MOBS ransack downtown Philadelphia as police are overrun
– Virtue signaling white female CEO raped and murdered by violent black criminal

– Corporations hired 94% non-whites in year after BLM #riots and terrorism
– Globalists are trying to spark a RACE WAR across America by turning whites against blacks
– We must RESIST the invocation of hatred and remember we are all on TEAM HUMANITY
– As cities collapse, police will declare large sectors to be “no go” zones
– Violent criminal gangs will take over the cities as lawlessness reigns
– They will run RAIDS on suburbs and rural areas to acquire food and supplies
– Nearly all retailers and convenience stores will abandon the blue cities due to crime and violence
– Rural communities that wish to survive will need to organize road blocks and joint defense
– Property values in the collapsed cities will plummet to near-zero
– Those cities will go bankrupt, and the feds will bail them out to keep #pensions funded and prevent uprisings
– Massive fiat currency printing will commence, producing TRILLIONS more dollars, flooding the money supply
– #Inflation will skyrocket as the domestic money supply is flooded with more currency
– #FEMA will attempt to run rescue operations in the collapsed inner cities, bringing tents, food and water
– Many cities (like Chicago) will collapse into THIRD WORLD STATUS with tent encampments dotting the landscape
– Full interview with Celeste Solum on synthetic biology and human hybridization


💢 Prediction Updates, Peter Novak | October 1st 2023

Nov 26 2023 Transiting Pluto conjunct Moon, Dec 2, 2023, Together, these two Pluto aspects indicate that the last week or November and the first week of December 2023 will bring a national crisis, right around Thanksgiving. The Mercury opposition could bring an economic or banking crisis at this time.

The nation will likely hear some very big news, decisions, or announcements at this time. The government may issue new travel restrictions, orders, commands, dictates, or mandates at this time. Travel-or transit- related crises may occur now. The national crisis that occurs now will largely play out between Nov 26 – Dec 2, but perhaps mostly on/around November 27th The national news that emerges around Nov 26 seems to produce a spike of strong national emotion that lasts for several days thereafter. Secondary Progressed Venus opposite Saturn, April 2024 This aspect is in play from spring 2023 to spring 2025, and it is indicative of difficult and unfavorable economic developments/conditions for the US.

These financial problems arrived on schedule in spring 2023 with a flurry of major bank failures, but the peak of this economic crisis should arrive around April 2024. I would not expect much to be happy about with the US economy, currency, or financials over the next seven months at least, and things are liable to get worse and worse between now and next spring. Venus is the ruler of the 10t house in the US Liberty Chart, and Saturn is positioned in the 10′, so this aspect also indicates a lot of very negative national feelings and sentiments as regards the government and the president over the next seven months or so. This aspect turns dislike into deep disgust, pessimism, and rejection. As such, it increases the chances of a presidential impeachment occurring over these seven months. But it also indicates national rejection of a prominent woman, and so makes it unlikely that Kamala would successfully ascend to the presidency while this aspect is in play.

These are indicators of the nation and its leadership going to maximum lengths to accomplish their goals. They can therefore be understood as indicators of maximum corruption and criminality and lawlessness in government in the 2nd half of 2023. At this time, the Biden Admin will stop at nothing to prevent Trump or anyone from removing them from power. But by going to these extremes, they expose their own corruption and spur a national cry for justice and righteousness. The corruption of the US government is likely to become more and more exposed during these months, but it is not stopped at this time. More and more whistleblowers do come out now pushing for justice and righteousness, but the great and powerful continue to take excess liberties at others’ expense, and are not thrown down.

These are also indicators of extreme wastefulness in government, including excessive spending, debt, and inflation. There is no accountability, checks and balances, or prudence now, and everyone is swinging for the fences and going all-out.

I also would not expect the excess illegal immigration from being stopped or even reduced during these months of December 2023 through January 2024

These two P2 Mars aspects tell us that a real national struggle or conflict occurs or peaks this winter for the US. They tell us that high-profile US national violence occurs this winter that is either very deadly or destructive or both. These are both very violent and warlike Mars aspects, so the US will be at increased risk of entering or engaging in actual war battles at this time. If we are going to have our armed forces enter the Ukraine conflict, that must occur by January 2024 or before, or it’s not going to happen.

But this could also be domestic violence, and probably will be to some degree. It also suggests that the American people are very restless and active at this time, and are not peaceful or pacified or in repose. Increased domestic unrest is likely now, as the general mood of the nation at this time will be very angry and agitated and all riled up. All national developments occurring during these two months have an increased risk of becoming violent, destructive, and/or deadly. This could make winter storms more dangerous, and increase the risk of major winter traffic disasters.

This aspect is no good for the President, and he could be personally under attack at this time. If Biden is going to be impeached, that must occur by January 2024 or before. But this also indicates a disconnect for the President at this time as regards his relationship with the military, and his war efforts at this time likely do not go as he wishes. The President and the military are not on the same page now, and do not work effectively together. This combo is also no good for the President’s health, especially in regards to the potential for natural health attacks like health attacks or strokes. But the US President could also be targeted by violent political enemies now as well.

National fires or arson are probably more likely at this time. More extreme fire attacks like the Hawaiian Holocaust might occur during this winter. Since Mars also rules energy, the US could be struggling with energy shortages during this winter.

Because Pluto is in the 2 house in the US Liberty Chart, this Mars/Pluto semisquare indicates the nation could be struggling financially or economically this winter. The desperate and frenetic nature of this Mars/Pluto semisquare would not be inconsistent with hyperinflation.

The P2 Midheaven/Moon conjunction in spring 2024 is already in play now because it is such a strong progressed aspect, but it essentially depicts the nation as being weak and needy and vulnerable over the next year. But these two Mars aspects show the nation making an effort to be strong, active, aggressive, and forceful overt this winter, even though the Midheaven/Moon conjunction shows that the nation is not really very strong at all right now.

It therefore suggests that the US moves, acts, or attacks from a position of weakness this winter, and suffers, fails, or loses from doing so. By the time of the Midheaven/Moon conjunction in mid-2024, the US is a humbled nation. 
Solar Are Moon conjunct Midheaven, April 2024, Secondary Progressed Midheaven conjunct Moon, July 2024
This is the Big Dog aspect that has been driving the whole 2020-2024 Crisis. This conjunction set should bring the biggest and most dramatic national milestones and turning points of the whole 2020-2024 Crisis, which must arrive within the next nine months. Major and historic changes involving the US Government, the Presidency, the economy, and the currency are likely to occur during these next nine months. Because the moon is tightly conjunct Pluto in the US Liberty Chart, these changes must be intense and may be fearsome or dangerous as well. The last time the US Chart had the aspect, the nation went through a major economic depression and the government almost went bankrupt and had to borrow a huge resume from JP Morgan and the Rothchilds. The nation will focus at this time on concerns regarding its own democracy, its economy, its currency, its food supply, its women leaders, and its humanity.

💢  Fall 2023 Democratic Party DC shuffle, Monday October 2nd; GAR Research

the latest plan to replace Biden Admin. will take place within CA. With the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein, and impeachment proceedings moving forward, and more criminal evidence coming forward regarding the Biden Crime Family. November 2023 looks to see VP Kamala (not a natural born US citizen) move to take Senator Feinstein’s seat, and CA Gov Newsom become VP United States. This sets the table for Newsom to replace Biden for mental health reasons to avoid impeachment proceedings. Then Newsom is in place to take over as President of US and set him up to use the Presidency to run against Trump in 2024 election… This is the most current DC plan to replace Biden Admin…

Updates Judy, October 1st, 2023 

Fall of the Cabal, Janet Ossebaard (All parts 1-10 3 hour full documentary):

The Sequel to Fall of the Cabal, Janet Ossebaard (All episodes 12 hours full documentary):

The Chinese Communist Party Defense Minister went missing. Then the CEO of the World’s largest real estate company, the CCP’s Evergrande, went missing. Now Evergrande Shares have been halted on a Stock Market that was already in free fall, while since US House Leader Kevin McCarthy rejected a Senate plan to keep the US Government open, the odds soared for a US Government shutdown by Sun. 1 Oct. – any, or all of which could easily bring on a Global Financial Crisis that would trigger a Global Currency Reset:

For every million Vaccine Doses administered, Pfizer’s data revealed an additional 1,000 incidents of serious adverse events of special interest compared to the placebo group.

Wed. 4 Oct. Med Beds: There are said to be three different types of Holographic Med Beds, each one performing a specific healing modality as they will be used in conjunction with trained medical supervision, returning our physical bodies into the most optimal shape. This also means that our bodies will be free of the dysfunction of disease and scars, we won’t need to be rehabilitated as our organs, bones, and all systems within our bodies will be fully repaired.

Thurs. 28 Sept. General Flynn: “Knowing where the Bodies are Buried” — The Black Programs ( Defense Intelligence Agency, National Intelligence, FISA Records, National Security Advisor, Clandestine Operations) Must See Video – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

wits game

The Real News for Thurs. 28 Sept. 2023; Judy Updates 

Five Months before his Assassination, President John F. Kennedy issued this executive order that would give the American currency back to the People by printing Money based on a Silver Standard, Taking away the power of the Federal Reserve Banking cartel. Many argue this is the Reason that JFK was assassinated.

Wed. 27 Sept. Trudeau To Resign in Canadian Emergency Parliament Meeting: 

The US Military has arrested the grandson of George Soros, “Ladyboy Thunberg” for Crimes Against Humanity and supporting genocide.

On page two of a memo dated June, 1973 from then CIA Director William Colby, there was reference to a meeting involving John F Kennedy on May 28, 1964. That’s six months after his death! This would suggest that JFK may have survived the assassination.

Obama was arrested and charged with Crimes Against Humanity. It was rumored that he was at GITMO for a while, until caught using a cell phone, after which he was put down. Michelle (or better known as Michael) Obama was also at GITMO where he spilled his guts about his partner. He also has been executed.

They lied about Radium. Radium was called the secret of life back in the 20th century. It was used for food, heat, medicine and cosmetics!! They demonized Radium just like they demonized the Zeppelins, Mercury and so much more!!!

Election Fraud: Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake petitioned the Maricopa County Superior Court on Thursday to compel Maricopa County to turn over the 2022 election’s early ballot envelope signatures. The first half of the trial in Lake’s case began Thursday and is scheduled to continue on Monday. The county denied Lake’s request for the ballot signatures, claiming that it would violate voter privacy law, specifically the “confidentiality requirements” of A.R.S. 16-168(F). Lake turned around and sued Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer in April. Lake’s counsel said that the county’s claim of privacy interests in denying the public records request wasn’t valid.

The Cabal believes in marriage within the family to keep their bloodline “pure.” Bill Clinton’s real father was Winthrop Rockefeller. Hillary Clinton was also a Rockefeller.

Iraq ascends in rankings as holder of U.S. treasury bonds: Shafaq News The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that Iraq has advanced one spot among the largest foreign holders of U.S. Treasury bonds.

Text Taken From John D. Rockefeller Masonic Creed:

We will keep their lives short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.

We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so that they never see what is happening.

We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water as well as in the air. They will be covered in poisons wherever they turn. The soft metals will make them lose their minds.

We will promise to find a cure from our many funds, and yet we will give them more poison.

Chemical poisons will be absorbed through the skin of idiots who believe that certain hygiene and beauty products presented by great actors and musicians, will bring eternal youth to their faces and bodies.

Through their thirsty and hungry mouths, we will destroy their minds, systems of internal organs and reproduction.

However, their children will be born as disabled and deformed and we will hide this information.

From State of the Nation

OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: The Most Destructive and Naked Act of Treason in U.S. History….

Perpetrated by an Extremely Deceitful POTUS Imposter, his Plotting Administration of Traitors, and a Betraying Congress of Turncoats

Submitted by A Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

It does not get any more dangerous and deadly for the American Republic than OPERATION TROJAN HORSE. Here’s why:
KEY POINTS: Operation Gladio uses the open borders to sneak across terrorists cells who will then carry out false flag terrorist attacks upon being triggered by their CIA handlers. Gladio is steadily and surreptitiously building a secret army of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other soldiers-of-fortune in every major city in America. Just as Syria was overwhelmed by Gladio-directed terrorist groups practically overnight, these strategically positioned terror cells are being readied to spring into action once the Deep State traitors push the button on the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution (aka CIVIL WAR 2.0).

See: OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

*Operation Gladio is the terrorist arm of NATO often known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.


The are actually numerous highly organized conspiratorial plots to destroy these once United States of America being carried simultaneously ever since Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was first installed in the White House on that darkest of days in January of 2009. However, the communist takeover plan to violently usurp the entire U.S. Federal Government is by far the most devastating to the American Experiment … because this very stealthy Uniparty scheme forever blows up the laboratory.

Therefore, if there’s one VERY important thing that every single Patriot can do in 2023, it is blow the whistle on the rapidly unfolding American Bolshevik Revolution.

Why do you think the vast majority of illegal aliens now invading all of our borders are young fighting age men from countries with LOTs of ant-American angst? Yes, these foreign mercenaries and soldiers of fortune, terrorists and extremists, anarchists and agitators, criminals and convicts, drug dealers and mules, rebels and revolutionaries, insurgents and insurrectionists are also being transported to all of the sanctuary cities and states to create overwhelming chaos, confusion, and conflict via rampant and violent criminal activity. But that is only the preliminary stage of this NWO-inspired revolution necessary to soften up and scare the local populations, just as the bankster-funded Bolsheviks did in Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

So, the same illegal alien occupants of this Trojan Horse (read Soros-paid transport trains ferrying illegals to the US border) are actually tasked with multiple missions for the privilege of coming to the states.

First, the illegals are methodically supporting the drug trafficking industry thereby overwhelming all 50 states with the current fentanyl crisis, as well as other drug-driven public health disasters.

Secondly, they illegals on both sides of the human trafficking industry which is heavily involved in child trafficking, sex trafficking and slave trading.

Thirdly, a select group of the more experienced mercs and soldiers of fortune are directly involved in arms trafficking.

Fourth, many of the illegal aliens are set up in highly organized criminal gangs throughout the big Democrat-controlled cities across America to commit shocking crimes and terrorist acts such as mass murders and mass bombings.

Fifth, the countless Gladio-overseen terrorist cells are operating in complete secret and totally outside of American society ready to execute terror operations whenever programmed to do so. Many of the mass casualty events regularly staged across the USA involve these mind-controlled triggermen and patsies alike. (See: US tops 500 mass shootings this year)

Sixth, the Gladio-directed paramilitary units are being covertly trained in clandestine military bases around the country and which will function as the initial strike force, particularly against Patriots domiciled in the red states and more conservative cities. The Christian South and Midwest are the real targets of this Bolshevik Revolution as the Left Coast and East Coast liberal bastions have already been effectively taken over.

Seventh, many illegal aliens are recruited as soon as they step over the border by the U.S. Armed Forces. The US Government is no longer able to recruit awakened Americans to fight their unprovoked wars of naked aggression and/or forever wars around the world. The absurdly woke U.S. Military has, in fact, so alienated young men and women across the country that they will have nothing to do with the MIC-directed war machine; hence, the 5 fighting services must bribe foreign mercs to join as cannon fodder.

There are several other criminal conspiracies of a highly treasonous order which are also coordinated and choreographed by the well-concealed treasonous cabal of co-conspirators whose primary aim is to collapse this Republic—POST-HASTE! Of course, the detailed planning of the American Bolshevik Revolution is being performed by the U.S. Intelligence Community just as the heavy lifting is being done by the U.S. Armed Forces and NATO.

KEY POINTS: The NWO multiculturalists such as George Soros know that Americans in the Armed Forces will never fire upon their fellow U.S citizens. The Deep State traitors do know that foreign mercs will gladly carry out such a treasonous task. They also know this:

“In internal reports, the WEF plan is to employ immigrants to subjugate the local population of Western countries when they introduce unjust laws like mandatory medical restrictions, movement restrictions, climate change restrictions, ULEZ, food restrictions, farming restrictions, and banking restrictions. It will not be familiar faces forcing you to submit. It will be military age men desperate to do anything for the powers that be in exchange for settling in the designated country.”

(Source: Illegal Alien Men to Form New Homeland Security Force)

None of these treasonous plots and traitorous schemes could be taking place were it not for the imprimatur and active sponsorship of the U.S. government.

If the Executive Branch, the Congress and the SCOTUS were really doing their jobs, none of these things would be plaguing the American people at this exceedingly dire moment.

Of course, not only are these 3 branches of the U.S. Federal Government not upholding their respective oaths to the US Constitution, they are willfully and systematically violating it in the most profound and fundamental ways. Instead of protecting the U.S. citizenry, these brazenly treacherous perps are putting these United States in great peril.

As fate would have it, as bad as those seven bullet points listed above truly are, they don’t even compare to the other furtive crime sprees going on in the shadows 24/7 in an effort to further throw this nation into massive chaos and mayhem. See: 13 Reasons Why The Plandemic 2.0 Perps Are Launching The Eris Bioweapon Right Now

Which is why a close examination of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution is so darn instructive. What the history books do not tell US is how many years were diligently spent by the Western banksters funding and financing so many society-destroying schemes, particularly throughout Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Those two cities experienced many fastidiously timed and executed terrorist attacks, carried out by agents of the Central Banking Cartel immediately following the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This was essential preparation in key Russian cities for the US-UK engineered revolution, just as America has been deliberately thrown into societal chaos and political pandemonium over several years. In point of fact, this is how the Khazarian Cabal always does it since it has never failed them.

Then there is this little Black Swan on the horizon:

OCT. 4th FEMA Emergency Alert Test: Plandemic 2.0 Trigger, Super Psyop, Dangerous Black Op, Or All 3

How can any the US government throw well in excess of $100,000,000,000


September Updates

💢 It Really Will Be A Red October This Year

Something fundamental has changed at the highest levels of power in the West. The signs are everywhere. The US government is being shut down. The traitor Mark Milley is resigning as head of the Pentagon at the end of this week. The Pentagon will do some major housecleaning when General Charles Q Brown takes over on October 1st, CIA sources say. The mass murdering Russian Chabad agent Vladimir Zelensky left Washington empty-handed. Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg are resigning, and much more.

A big sign of change is the public release of documents showing the COVID-19 pandemic was a US Department of Defense Operation dating back to President Barack Obama. “The Pentagon controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning and everything we were told was political theater to cover it up right down to the FDA vaccine approval.”

All officials involved, starting with the traitor Mark Milley, will be executed for war crimes, Pentagon sources promise

Also, under the surface, MI6 has given the green light for nuclear attacks on Washington DC, Geneva and Tel Aviv unless the perpetrators of the vaccine mass murder are rounded up to face war crimes tribunals.

MI6 further says the President of Ireland and King Charles III have been ordered to appear on BBC to say they have been arrested and summarily fired. If this does not happen, the public head of MI6 Richard Moore says they will “Do whatever is needed, but legally.”

This came after the fake (according to Mossad) Britain’s King Charles III attended a dinner with former juvenile male prostitute and Rothschild slave president Emanuelle Macron where each of the 160 guests was given a bottle of wine worth 2,772 Euros at the expense of French taxpayers.

When we confronted them with evidence of a fake King Charles and a fake Pope Francis presiding over war crimes, the P2 Farnese and Orsini families said the people behind this were Yehuda Teichtal, Aaron Teitelbaum and Riccardo Di Segni the Chief Rabbis of Berlin, New York and Rome. If this is true, then these people are Satanists and not Jews because they are breaking the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have others do unto you.

We also asked our FSB sources if the Chief Rabbi of Moscow was involved. The answer was it’s “complicated.” When asked for details, they explained powerful factions in Russia centered around the Satanist Dmitry Medvedev are obeying the death cult Chabad and pushing for all-out nuclear war.

The Chinese Lotus Freemasons –whose 55 million person membership includes President Xi Jinping- say criminal charges need to be filed against government officials involved in the COVID and Vaccine mass murder. The Chinese also know the bio lab laboratory in Wuhan belongs to Glaxo, Glaxo is the owner of Pfizer, Pfizer is managed by Black Rock, and Black Rock manages the SOROS FOUNDATION and thus the Octagon group in Switzerland. Other Asian secret societies are also aware of this.

The Lotus Freemasons say their own research into the COVID attack confirms

a virus was leaked from a US-owned laboratory in Wuhan. This was then used as an excuse to inject people around the world with a “degraded” (劣化) vaccine. The Lotus Freemasons further say they are looking into the evidence Wuhan was attacked with electromagnetic weapons and will get back to us on that. They add “The white hats around the world are on the move…these people will all be arrested. You will start to see more and more reports of arrests around the world.” In an early sign of this, the US government scrapped funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology after the facility didn’t fork over documents about safety and security.

Also, speaking of arrests, here you can watch Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Gilad Erdan being detained last Tuesday at U.N. Headquarters.

Next week criminal charges will be filed against the Japanese slave government, other Asian underworld sources say. If Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and all members of the Japanese government involved in vaccine crimes are not arrested, the Asian underground will take action, the sources say.

Readers can help in this process by personally filing murder charges against officials involved in pushing the vaccines within their local police jurisdictions. Police will be forced to act once they are shown evidence the vaccines are harmful and do not protect against COVID. The chart below shows, for example, countries that vaccinated their populations more than twice, had excess mortality ranging from 6 to 20%. The largest autopsy study in the world revealed the shocking statistic that 73.9% of deaths among “vaccinated” are caused by the vaccine. Countries that did not vaccinate had normal mortality rates.

Also, it has been scientifically proven that people who received a COVID-19 booster were more likely to become infected when compared to unvaccinated people.

In other words, it has now been scientifically proven the vaccines were mass murder. If the local police fail to take action, force them into action by telling them you are legally entitled to personally arrest the officials involved and will do so.

If readers need legal help, they can contact lawyers such as the group of international lawyers now fighting the World Harm Organization.




Since the Khazarian mafia control grid relies on compromising only the top people, this sort of mass, evidence-based legal action against local vaccine-pushing doctors and officials will force the removal of compromised leaders.  

We are already seeing signs top Khazarian puppet leaders are preparing to flee. For example, Canadian Security Intelligence Service officials tell us the mass murderer Justin Castrudeau is planning to flee to Costa Rica. Our sources in Costa Rica say Castrudeau personally flew in with his private jet a few weeks ago to inspect properties. “He is definitely looking for a safe place to run when he has to flee Canada,” the sources say.

Castrudeau displayed his criminality to the world last week by inviting an actual Nazi SS officer to speak to the Canadian Parliament. He also hosted the war criminal and mass murdering Russian Chabad agent Vladimir Zelensky to speak there.

He is now an international pariah thanks in large part to a fight he is waging against India. After being accused by India’s government of supporting terrorism in Khalistan, he tried to turn the tables by accusing India of murdering a Sikh activist in Canada this past June. Not even close Canadian allies like the UK and the US supported him in this.

The criminal idiot then tried to up the ante by having Sukhdool Singh, a man wanted for murder in India, shot dead in Winnipeg, Canada and attempted to blame this on India as well. CSIS sources say Singh was killed by “hired assassins doing Castrudeau’s work.”

Things have escalated to the point where Canadians are banned from visiting India and Indian TV is threatening to nuke Canada. 

Now this criminal appears to be planning a pipeline “emergency” in Northern Alberta. 

Canadians are not fooled by this man any more as you can see by the welcome Zelensky and Trudeau got last week.

It is now looking like Canadian farmers will follow up on their trucker buddies by descending on Ottawa and forcing this criminal to finally flee. Of course, he will be hunted down and brought to justice no matter where on this planet he tries to hide.

As crazy as Canada now seems, the situation is far worse in the United States. For example, the US government is running out of money and due to shut down at the end of this month even though it was supposed to have “secured financing until January 2025.”

It appears they were just cooking the books and got caught. My former colleagues at Forbes report the US government cannot account for $21 trillion worth of Treasuries.

As Tucker Carlson comments:

Our system is collapsing in real-time. We’re watching this happen. If you read the American media, it is stories about Kim Kardashian and lots of irrelevant crap about trannies and all this stuff.

Now CIA sources inform us “Something big is going down. They may be planning for their joint next move in October if the Fake Biden circus show cannot make the payments due by 15 October.”

In a hint of what sort of stunt they may pull off, the Biden administration is paying illegal immigrants to fly directly from their hometowns into a U.S. city of their choice. These are almost entirely military-aged men who are given IDs upon arrival.

Nonetheless, the Joe Biden circus show is definitely coming to an end. For example, a video has emerged online of what many now believe to be an actor portraying Biden – exiting via a back parking lot with no secret service.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, “Biden” is compromised and he weaponized his DOJ to cover up his breadth of criminality.

Here, for example, you can watch Attorney General Merrick Garland refuse to comment on the potential of Hunter Biden selling his art in exchange for policy decisions.

Now Hunter Biden is to appear in court on October 3 on gun charges.

In case you don’t think the current US Corporation needs to be bankrupted note that as things stand the nation’s approximately 1.3 million active-duty troops will stop getting paid in October. These troops already live in sewer-infested housing.

Meanwhile, at Baltimore City Public Schools -the country’s fourth most funded school system-: “40% of Baltimore City high schools, where the state exam was given, did not have any students score proficient in math. Not one student.” 

Then as a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman notes:

“The US, home to 5% of the world’s population, consumes 80% of the world’s drugs. The country is a black hole…”

Also, in one of many signs Donald Trump will replace “Biden,” more and more proof of a stolen 2020 election is emerging. For example, Wayne County, Michigan, never lawfully certified its 2020 presidential election results, potentially making Donald Trump the winner.

More and more public calls are being made for the Biden show to end. For example, the British paper Telegraph says “Joe Biden is becoming dangerous. Remove him now before it’s too late.”

In a clear sign the wind has changed in the US, Vladimir Zelensky showed up in Washington asking for $24 billion and left empty-handed.

Here are some comments by prominent US Politicians about Zelensky.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy:

Is Zelensky elected to Congress? Is he our President? I don’t think I have to commit anything. I have questions for him…

Senator Rand Paul:

Do not be deceived by Zelensky. Ukraine is corrupt: They’ve canceled the elections …They banned the political parties, they’ve invaded churches, they’ve arrested priests, so no, it isn’t a democracy, it’s a corrupt regime.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene:

“Zelensky is back in Washington this week to beg for the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars. Meanwhile, we just learned of even more money laundering happening in Ukraine. This time, the beneficiaries are Bill and Hillary ClintonWherever there is corruption there’s Bill and Hillary 

Another commentator noted:

Zelensky visited the US in person, made a speech at the UN, and came home with an amount of ammo so small the Pentagon won’t give numbers and a handful of the worst air defense systems currently in use by a major power.

In the Army, we called this “getting thrown under the bus.”

Even the corporate propaganda press has changed its tune. After blaming Russia, the New York Times has been forced to report a missile that hit a crowded market in Ukraine was caused by a missile fired by Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch has announced he is stepping down as Chairman of Fox and News Corp while Michael Bloomberg announced he is retiring from the news wire named after him. Hopefully, now Bloomberg and Fox reporters can return to reporting the truth.

This change has been noticed overseas.

Washington has given its partners the go-ahead to “dump” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as he has become a nuisance, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko claimed during a government meeting on Friday.

Right on cue, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said “Poland will no longer arm Ukraine to focus on its own defense,”


Polish intelligence also noted the EU is tired of drunk Ukrainian refugees. They sent us this picture. The caption reads “We only sell alcohol to people with German or EU documents!”

To see how out of touch with reality the EU leadership is getting, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warns “Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons once again.” 

Meanwhile, as Zelensky was shunned, the people behind the farce like the Clintons, the fake Pope Francis and their BlackRock front were all gathered in Ukraine hoping to get more money.

They are actually in Ukraine to try to avoid arrest and child sex trafficking charges, Mossad sources say.

After being rejected in Washington Zelensky attended a secret meeting in New York City with the nation’s top financiers, including private equity bosses at JPMorgan, Google and Blackstone, media mogul Michael Bloomberg, ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt, billionaire Robert Kraft and diplomat Henry Kissinger.

Zelensky emerged from the meeting to ask Satanist Marina Abramovic to be the Ukrainian Ambassador. For newbies, here’s satanic witch and influencer Marina Abramovic, pouring real clotted blood over a child’s effigy. She’s good friends with the Rothschilds, Clintons, Podesta, Gates and about 90% of the celebrities and elites. These people are evil and psychotic.

The Jews are also waking up to the Satanic criminals pretending to be their rulers. Last week somebody leaked 70,000 pages of top-secret Israeli documents to Iran, according to Iranian sources. These include all the judicial archives of Israel related to the criminal case against Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. “One of these documents tells about the relapse of Netanyahu and his wife Sara’s illness,” the sources say. They add “A very important point is that the top-secret information in Iran’s possession can endanger the security of the Israeli regime.”

This happened just as Syrian President Bashar Assad arrived in China on Thursday on his first visit to the country since the start of Syria’s 12-year conflict, It looks like something is going to happen to or in Israel soon.

Change has already started in the rest of the world, most notably Africa. Last week the Republic of the Congo became the latest country to overthrow a corrupt neo-colonial regime.

At the UN, African leaders excoriated the Khazarian mafia-led West. The head of the Central African Republic on Thursday accused the West of triggering a migration crisis by pillaging Africa’s natural resources through slavery and colonization.

The President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, accused the colonizers of building an empire on the tragedy of Africans. “Reparations for the slave trade must be paid. It is time for Europe and the United States to recognize that the enormous wealth they enjoy comes from the sweat, tears, blood and horrors of the transatlantic slave trade and centuries of colonial exploitation,”

The Europeans, for their part, are starting to overthrow millennia of slavery. “We are seeing an end to this madness. The American people have had enough, as have most Europeans,” Mossad sources said. 

They sent us this video about how the Israeli secret services infiltrated the Palestinians and warned “This is exactly what they do in all other countries as well…They are an intelligent and sophisticated cancer. Its’ removal will require much work, both delicate and fierce.” 

People are fighting back. In Europe activists known as blade runners are destroying all the ULEZ traffic cameras. The cameras that have been taken out in London can be seen here.  https://is.gd/rgsCGF

In the US, opposition to doctors who kidnap children for medical purposes is growing across the country.

However, the Khazarian mafia is not going to go quietly into the night. A sign of this was the speech by the actor pretending to be Biden at the UN:

Nowhere is [cooperation with China] more critical than ACCELERATING THE CLIMATE CRISIS… We see it everywhere: record-breaking heatwaves in the United States and China; wildfires ravaging North America and Southern Europe; a fifth year of drought in the Horn of Africa; tragic, tragic flooding in Libya…that has killed thousands of people….We need to build new partnerships…to unlock trillions of additional financing.

UN Chief Guterres also chimed in by later saying “Humanity has opened the gates of hell.”

💢  New Post; AMG News, The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Federal Reserve, often shrouded in mystery, took center stage during the bankruptcy proceedings. What once appeared to be a government institution was unveiled as a cartel with its own agenda.

The Three Pillars: Washington D.C., Vatican City, and the City of London have long been regarded as the epicenters of power. The bankruptcy revealed their interconnectedness and the stranglehold they maintained on global affairs.

NY Stock Exchange: The epicenter of global finance, the New York Stock Exchange, was also under the USA INC umbrella, raising questions about the true nature of Wall Street’s influence.

Impact on Australia and Commonwealth Countries: The bankruptcy had ripple effects across the globe, reaching countries within the Commonwealth and leaving them to grapple with their newfound realities.

International Organizations: The bankruptcy’s impact extended to international organizations like the United Nations and the World Health Organization, raising questions about their autonomy and agendas.

BlackRock’s Dominion: The financial giant BlackRock, with its fingers in pharmaceuticals, defense, and mainstream media, was revealed as a key player in the USA INC’s web of control.

NATO and the European Union: The bankruptcy also cast a shadow over NATO and the European Union, making us question their roles in the global power structure.

European Royalty and the Balfour Declaration: Shockingly, the bankruptcy led to the dissolution of the Balfour Declaration and cast a long shadow over European royalty.

The Biden Presidency: With the bankruptcy came a seismic shift in the U.S. presidency, leading many to question the legitimacy of the Biden administration.



UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY filed a 11 chapter bankruptcy in the Northern District of Florida bankruptcy court on October 14, 2020. This is a involuntary bankruptcy filing; it was assigned the bankruptcy case number #20-40375.

The bankruptcy petition for UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY showed assets in the range of Unknown with liabilities in the range of Unknown. UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY reports that the number of creditors is in the range of 1-49.

The debtor indicated their nature of business as ‘None of the Above’. The options for nature of business in bankruptcies are rather limited and archaic. They include ‘Health Care Business’, ‘Single Asset Real Estate’, ‘Railroad’, ‘Stockbroker’, ‘Commodity Broker’, ‘Clearing Bank’, or ‘None of the Above.’

💢 There are Now 1000 Flashing Red Lights in the US – Peter Novak September 25th
The $33 trillion debt, inflation, the shrinking money supply, the banking collapse in March-May, BRICS, the overseas dumping of the dollar, the real estate crisis, new booster and vaccinations approved by CDC, the open spigot to Ukraine, $100 oil, Trump’s indictments, Hunter’s indictment, Joe’s impeachment, the Southern Invasion, the fentanyl crisis, the disintegration of our cities, the govt’s open embrace of 1st Amendment violations and censorship, the concealment of the Hawaii Holocaust, the stolen elections, mass public insanity, and on and on.
Yet the Dow reflects none of it.
This path is not sustainable.
The story about the missing plane is hinky.
Their explanation makes no sense.
Do not believe them.
Bottom line: the US is short one fighter and the authorities don’t want us to know why.
Hmmm. Which war-torn nation would be wanting US fighter planes right now, but can’t get one openly?

F35 is a 5th Generation Stealth fighter that cannot be tracked on radar. Nor can it be traced unless the pilot activates it. The F35 is exported to many U.S. Allies, Nato members etc. The F22 is also a 5th Generation Air Superiority Fighter Jet that is Not exported. F22 Production has ceased as it will soon be replaced by a superior 6th generation fighter Jet. The most advanced Air Craft in the world is the 6th Generation B21 Bomber. It is the only 6th generation aircraft in production and is the first Air Superiority Bomber ever produced. It is capable of striking targets anywhere in the world and returning to its current base deep in the U.S. Heartland without needing to have inflight refueling. The B21 also cannot be seen on radar and can strike its targets with or without a crew. The B21 replaces the B2 Bomber. – Twitter DW


💢  Judy Notes, Monday 18 Sept. we avoided a False Flag when the pilot who was supposed to attack an American and a certain city, refused orders and ejected. The jet was auto piloted by an unknown source to finally crash in North Carolina. Marines were ordered to ground all jets worldwide over the incident.

A bankruptcy by the world’s largest real estate company, the Chinese Communist Party’s Evergrande Corporation, was set to cause a Global Housing & Economic Collapse this week.

Mon. 18 Sept.

Mon. 18 Sept. JFK Jr. on Telegram: “Today is the day that they fear so much. Today everything changes. Many will be punished for what they’ve done.”

Nuclear Warheads on Move in ND:

On Sat. 16 Sept. a video surfaced that captured a convoy led by a tractor-trailer carrying nuclear warheads through the heart of North Dakota. The jaw-dropping scene featured an extensive escort comprised of local police, Military Police, heavily armed Military troops, and the ominous presence of helicopter gunships hovering overhead.

Mon. 18 Sept. Marines ordered to ground all jets worldwide over missing jet. What really happened? The pilot was supposed to attack an American and city and refused orders and ejected. The jet was being auto piloted, eventually crashing in Williamsburg County, north of Charleston, debris field located. We avoided a False Flag.

Mon. 18 Sept. 2023: U.S. Supreme Court Says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Roads. Yes, the U.S. Supreme Court says no license is necessary to drive an automobile on public highways and roads.

The world warmed by only 0.3 of a degree in the past 43 years – less than the margin of error. There’s no global warming crisis & this makes it clear, the noisy UN campaign about a climate crisis is fake. The actual crisis is the staggering damage to western energy & society.

Sat. 17 Sept. Devolution Continuity of Government: BOOM! The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government: Military Coup Charges Against Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, Rockefellers, CIA, Deep State – Game Theory Operations – American Media Group (amg-news.com) Amid the clamor of daily news, the whispers are growing louder. The political landscape of the United States is ripe with allegations, covert operations, and secrets threatening to burst forth. As the saga unfolds, the question arises: Are we witnessing the staging of a military coup?

Sun. 17 Sept. SORCHA 9/17: “Shockingly Reality Is About To Decimate Biden’s American Sheeple Flock”

Mon. 18 Sept. X22 Report Live: This Will Be the Biggest Political Victory & Better Than Doing it the Traditional Way! – Video | Opinion – Conservative


💢  PAINT THE PICTURE – DW / September 18th 

Military Intelligence has been tracking the CCP and their captured operations of the 3 branches of U.S. government for the past 10 years.

Currently in the past 7 years white hats military alliance have set the traps to collapse the CCP operations down inside the United States. The stolen 2020 U.S. elections were placed Military operations by white hats thar is connected to Trump Presidential executive orders, Laws of War protocols and Devolution plan that will set U.S. military 11.3 Laws of War military occupation of the United States. In this time of military law and marshal law, the Special Forces, commands and protocols enacted by JFK, Reagan and Trump administrations and EO’s give all military powers to arrest, citizens, organizations, power’s and elites in government, politicians and all those who complied with foreign powers (CCP) in a military coup against the United States and its military.

You are all now very aware the CIA with the CCP financial institutions, banks and financers control Hollywood and their governing bodies. The CCP also controls large networks of social Media interests through subsidiary banks and investors.

The full corruption of the CCP is fully tied to CIA operations, Wall Street, Blackrock and world banks. Including Espionage through the Biden Crime family, Obama administration, the Clintons foundations and financial ties.

The deep state of the Rockefellers, Duponts, Rothschilds, Royal Elites, Bilderberger groups et. . . Is connected to the CCP directly and Chinese (CCP) power over EU corporation and world military intelligence information gathering.

These are some of the biggest reasons Hollywood, CIA, Mainstream will not condemn China for the virus or Wuhan.

This is why Fauci, Biden Obama will not condemn CCP. Wuhan because they help create the COVID Virus with CCP. Wuhan and moved the virus from Fort Detrick, Chapel Hill to Wuhan China.

The U.S. Military white hats operations are currently in progress and are watching deep state U.S. military intelligence and [DS] U.S. and CIA work directly with CCP.

As the fires ignited on August 8, 2023 6:37 a.m. in Lahaina Hawaii, CCP NORAD 555836 (Direct Energy Weapon) Lazer satellites were over Lahaina and U.S. NORAD operations help cover up the CCP satellites labelled NORAD flying over…… But white hats with several computer science and advanced robotic engineers and military intelligence were tracking the CCP [DEW] Lazer satellites and their operations.

Currently white hats are PAINTING A PICTURE and dropping military information into the public sector VIA private boards, citizens working in special sectors who can expose the CCP joint CIA controlled Direct Energy Weapons operations.

The monitoring of these CCP/CIA/ MI6/Mossad operation is connected to directly to> treason and white hats are painting a picture for public exposer that will connect to military tribunals and arrest wars.

Everything happening now is being documented as Military courts and Commands watch Crimes against humanity take place and fully document the treasonous acts that is dually connected to captured operations of the bankrupt corporation of the United States.

Have faith Patriots. The Alliance Military+Trump+Cheyenne MNT+ USSF+ are ALL PAINTING A PICTURE for the coming military interventions. Tribunals and occupation.

Everything must be done by the books.

In due time all landed bought by CCP, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, elites etc. will be returned to U.S. citizens and Executive Orders signed by Trump to seize the assets of all those who conspired in a military COUP and corruption connected to foreign occupation, intelligence and interference in U.S. elections will face Prosecution and penalties of all assets seized and could face life in prison and the death penalty.

💢  MUSK said he wanted to fight PUTIN. [STAGED], I had told you this was all a stage. – David Wilcock / September 16th

Behind the scenes, Elon Musk is controlled and placed by Cheyenne MNT. military and USSF, and his funding came from TRUMP ADMIN. EZRA. KASH

Now you are seeing the power Musk (USSF) had to shut down CIA/NATO/ Ukraine WAR operations to attack Russian bases and naval fleets in Crimea and southern Ukraine.

MUSK turned off STARLINK to CIA/NATO/Ukraine military operations during their ATTACK on Russia.

No U.S. civilian/citizens is allowed to disrupt U.S. military operations.

CIA. [DS] U.S. military helping Ukraine COVERT OPS against a foreign adversary. Or try to create peace or negotiations on the behalf of U.S. military operations with foreign military or governments (Russia)  These U.S. laws are connected to Logan ACT.

Yet Musk is in communication with Russian Ambassadors and back channels to Russian military. And got direct conformation from Russia Ukraine/CIA was getting ready to attack Russian naval fleets using STARLINK and Musk complied with Russia to SHUT DOWN STARLINK.

What’s going on?

Recently Secretary of State and [DS] CIA INSERTION ANTONY BLINKEN (his father was the lawyer of Ghislaine Maxwell father who helped create EPSTEIN with CIA/MI6 operations) went on U.S. national tv and was asked about Musk breaking the laws and Blinken declined to answer questions on MUSK FULL involvement in UKRAINE….. And only said Musk STARLINK was important in Ukraine and Blinken would not comment on MUSK interference on military operations in Ukraine or U.S. laws broken .

BEHIND THE SCENES, Trump Cheyenne mountain. USSF pulling strings. You have more than you know.


SATS have completely infiltrated the EU. Ukraine. Power grid and there is panic in EU [DS] Mil and [DS] elites that USSF can control EBS. World declassified information drops within seconds that could EXPOSE EU [DS] divisions and operations.

Real TRUTH, STARLINK has the POWER of shutting down Nuclear WEAPONS. (this EVENT has already happened several times in the past 3 years).


💢  CONNECTING THE DOTS: Obama, Biden, and the Deep State – Ben Fulford / September 16th 

As we navigate the labyrinthine conspiracy theories presented by the White Hats, it becomes evident that they believe the threads of corruption weave a complex tapestry that connects Obama, Biden, the Deep State, and a web of global power players. They assert that this web stretches from Hollywood and the media to the courts, banking sectors, and even the U.S. education system.

The White Hats don’t stop at exposing the alleged corruption of the elite. They delve into the disturbing realm of child indoctrination, suggesting that planned agendas aimed at children’s sexuality and orientation amount to pedophilia. According to their narrative, these agendas are insidiously promoted within Hollywood, media, courts, banking sectors, and the U.S. education system, all with the goal of sexualizing children at a young age.

💢  CENTER STAGE 🎥 The Whites Hats are publicly putting Obama on the center stage for 2024 and and his life corruption and AGENDAS connected to ALL DEEP STATE OPERATIONS – C Ward / Ben Fulford

TUCKER Carlson coming after Obama as being gay is a very important operation that WILL discredit the OBAMA’S for their next presidential big run, but the EXPOSURE of Obama as a gay President WILL lead to DC Elites and EXPOSURE of the intensional WOKE movement involving the United States military and the chain of commands and operations targeting children,/ intentionally weakling the military on[ ds] military operations connected to CCP infiltration

The Obama hidden gay agenda WILL be uncovered as the world watches and a clear Gay militarized operations took place to control the media and place prominent positions through Hollywood, media, courts. Banking sectors, the u.s. education systems to indoctrinate the children into being sexualized at a very young age ( placing planned agendas on children’s sexuality and orientation/sexual genders is pedophilia)

The Obama EXPOSURE WILL  COINCIDE with the EXPOSURE of the Biden laptop which Congress will push into light and connect world banks to Biden family. These same banks will connect JP Morgan and other world banks to pedophilia and their association with EPSTEIN PEDOPHILIA ring and blackmail world network rings. HUMAN TRAFFICKING RINGS.


Deep State mil intel. Agencies protect ELITE PEDOPHILIA RINGS due to their own involvement in the human trafficking/ child/ sex trafficking trade EPSTEIN was created by MOSSAD/ FINANCED BY MI6/CIA/Rothschild, Rockefellers etc. and kept his money in CIA Operational banks as JP MORGAN and other world banks like DEUTSCH BANK in Germany and much much more….

The Exposure of Obama as gay and pushing a military WOKE movement and government aid and financing into Gay Agenda movements through several U.S corporations that were intentionally pushed on children/military and created a 4rth generations warfare between civilians is all connected to TREASON/ PEDOPHILIA/ CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY/ UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE ORDERS pertaining to Foreign interference in ELECTIONS ( tens of Thousands of Government officials . Military personal and people of influence were blackmailed through Gay agenda operations that targeted their computers , phones, Email etc.’X’ the PATRIOT ACT in the 2000’s gave the cia and [DS] the power to install fake pedophilia blackmail operations programs on millions of U.S. (EU world) citizens computers and phones… And they were blackmailed into complying with the oppositional deep state forces this was

A large part of 911 inside cia job to create the Patriot act and take control of deep state U.S. interest )////


ADRENOCHROME crime syndicate operations and how social media Giants. MSM. Elites / politicians / tv personalities as jimmy Kimmel all covered up for the CRIMES OF CENTURY. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND ALL WORKED IN UNISON IN A CIA. GUILDED MILITARY COUP AGAINST DONALD J. TRUMP AND SEVERAL COUNTRIES AND NATIONS ACROSS THE WORLD

WE HAVE COME INSIDE A MASSIVE STORM PATRIOTS the world is testing EBS through countries and all is Preparing for EVENTS  they will tell you the EBS is for other reasons or blame Putin or Patriots or something other for coming blackouts…

But remember GAME THEORY OPERATIONS ARE IN PLACE…. it’s very important the coming EVENTS that are going to happen.

Including massive protest. Riots against the new pandemic / vaccines / lockdowns

💢  Judy Note; September 18th, Operation Disclosure, Global Financial Collapse

On Sun. 17 Sept, the 236th anniversary of the Constitution (on 17 Sept. 1787), the  Evergrande Wealth Management Staff were arrested by Chinese police. Evergrande is owned by Blackrock: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/business/china-evergrande-arrest-detain-wealth-management-staff-3776996

Rubix Q: The EVERGRANDE Report in itself will be responsible for the Global Housing Market to collapse by 80%.

They are the ones who have been used as a Mossad/CIA/Mi5/Soros/Lord Malloch Brown front to fund all of your RIGGED Elections WORLDWIDE, not just USA. [THINK DOMINION].

Evergrande ties to Rio Tinto & BHP too in Australia.

It is the TITANIC. It is owned by Vanguard & Blackrock.

Not only does it take down Bitcoin, Ethereum & USD, it does so much more.

Timber Executive Order 13848 & 13959

The Report will drop when it is intended.

They had auditors doing a full Audit of Evergrande & all of its subsidiaries the past months. They had a deadline three weeks ago to release Report but have held it. [OBVIOUS it will drop when they need it too].

💢  Judy Note, September 18th;  “We are fighting an ancient Child Sex Trafficking Ring and not a single reporter has asked for more information.” …President Trump

15 out of 1,500 missing Maui Massacre Children found by Navy Seals: Navy SEALs Save Missing Maui Children | Real Raw News

No Media Coverage on 2,000 Still-Missing Maui Children Believed Kidnapped | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Beginning with the massacre of over 500,000 Canadian native children and continuing on Aug. 8 with the Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) destruction of Maui, which included the kidnapping of over 1,500 native Hawaiian children, the Satan Worshipping, Child Sacrificing Vatican, Crown of England and US Inc. were on a direct path to eliminate indigenous peoples across the Globe in order to take over their land.

Last week this Cabal essentially shut down the Panama Canal, creating a Global supply chain crisis in the months ahead.

Their microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, wireless mobile phones, smart meters and 5G technology was wreaking havoc on human health.

Their so-called “leader” Joe Biden took cold hard cash from Chinese Communist Party-run groups that pledged to wage “war” on America. That’s the definition of Treason.

In the 2020 Election, 46 of 50 states have recounted votes and confirmed that Biden lost, while Trump won with 7% of mail-in ballots trafficked in every Swing State by an organized crime ring headed by the Democrats in conjunction with the Chinese Communist Party.

We could now prepare for a fake assassination attempt on President Trump using the Black Hat Trump Clone. The media was expected to go wild over the assassination, but don’t pay any attention to it. Trump knows about this and was safe.

We never landed on the moon. NASA collected billions for missions that never were (See #S in this Update).

Sun. 17 Sept. Cyber attack. Israel railways: https://english.almayadeen.net/news/technology/israels-railroad-network-targeted-by-cyberattack:-israeli-me

On Thurs. 14 Sept. Tests for the Emergency Broadcast System were done across Europe.

Fri. 16 Sept. Global Supply Chain Crisis: Uncover the 2023 Supply Chain Crisis! The Supply Chain Apocalypse You NEED to Know About – Act Now! – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Fri. 16 Sept. Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government: BOOM! The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government: Military Coup Charges Against Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, Rockefellers, CIA, Deep State – Game Theory Operations – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Satanic Hollywood Illuminati: Pervywood Documentary – Episodes 1 – 9 – Satanic Hollywood Illuminati (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Judy Note September 15th: The two thousand or so missing children of Maui remain a mystery after Lahaina Hawaii was burned to the ground on Aug. 8. The high school and junior high students were in school and left in school busses. Twelve school busses (72 students each) were videotaped taking students past the bordered off escape route before the fires went out of control. The busses were found empty locked in containers on the Lahaina Dock.

The General Public Doesn’t Know What’s Happening
And What’s Even Sadder Was That
The General Public Doesn’t Know That It Doesn’t Know

Residents reported seeing white vans rounding up children who were home alone during the fire. Some say they were killed in the fire, but no bodies have been produced.

Others say the Global Alliance Military White Hats were investigating an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring centered in Lahaina. We know the White Hats have been pro active in rounding up and taking care of Maui fire perpetrators.

Some say the children may have been rounded up for human trafficking. Dr. Jan Halper reported that the children were safe, but gave no further information.

No one in authority will talk about the missing children – not the governor, nor mayor, nor police chief, nor Maui Survivors, nor Global Alliance Military. And, certainly not the Fake News Main Stream Media.

Pray for the children. A Child’s Prayer (2013) | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

No Media Coverage on 2,000 Still-Missing Maui Children Believed Kidnapped

Where Were Maui’s Over 2,000 Missing Children?

Adults & Children Burned Alive As FEMA, Maui Cops Blocked Escape Routes

2,400 Children Missing in a Winfrey, Gates, Zuckerberg, CIA Child Trafficking Cover UP

Over 1,200 Hawaiian Children Missing, Parents Believed Murdered by Deep State FEMA

Maui Missing Kids: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=229194

Must Watch Video: New Phil Godlewski: Capitulation! Trump Special Intel! Flat Earth Events – September 14th, 2023 | Prophecy | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

On Thurs. 14 Sept. the Panama Canal shut down and forty percent (40%) of the Global Supply Chain came to a halt.  Ships are stuck on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean sides of the canal and being ordered to travel with 40% less weight to deal with less water.  The Panama government said these restrictions will last at least 10 MORE MONTHS. Hal Turner BULLETIN: The Panama Canal Has Stopped! – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Expert predicts catastrophic Black Swan event will ‘rock the housing markets’: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2023/09/12/expert-predicts-catastrophic-black-swan-event-will-rock-the-housing-markets/

💢   Peter Novak – As predicted, On Sept 12th no less. / September 15th
The Sentencing of Owen Schroyer is beyond anything that anyone could imagine in the United States. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail for the simple crime of spreading “election misinformation” leading up to the protest on Jan 6th. He didn’t enter the building. He didn’t encourage anyone else to enter. He is simply being prosecuted for his comments on his own show and social media saying the election was rigged. This is worse than most people realize. This sets a precedence. They can now convict anyone for what they post online even if you have no part in a crime. We’re officially beyond a Banana Republic. This crosses every line our forefathers warned us about!
BREAKING: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy just directed House committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.
As predicted. I predicted a major national crisis appearing between Sept 12-15 in the US. I said it would be one of the biggest developments of the whole year for the US. On the very 1st day of this time window, the House announced impeachment proceedings against Biden. So my prediction has already been fulfilled, but I believe the next four days will bring even greater developments.
As predicted and right on schedule; Saudi Arabia is dumping their US Treasury holdings. They are dumping the dollar. During the 2020-24 Crisis.
Feb 2020: $184B
Jun 2023: $108B

BREAKING: New York City is facing a level of homelessness not seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s, per Reuters.

Today we will make a few predictions based on the upcoming Lunar Returns for the USA.
Prediction 1: The US does NOT experience a Government Shutdown this month over money shortages.
Prediction 2: Whenever you see three or more of the Four Primaries (Sun, Moon, Asc, Midheaven) aligned together in any sort of strong formation, you know that pivotal and defining developments will occur during that cycle.
A new panic-type situation emerges now among the masses, which plays out very visibly and publicly. There is a lot of panic/hysteria/crisis/hatred that plays out this month in public or in society, that is fueled by discontent in the heartland and among the general population. The people are livid now, and are acting out in extreme ways. The Midheaven axis is not engaged in this chart, so we should not expect any major changes involving the govt or presidency this month.
Prediction 3: This chart shows very strong and aggressive developments this month involving national finances, currency, and/or banking issues. This looks like a very problematic economic crisis that negatively impacts our national budget (2nd house), our banking industry (8th house) and our stock market (5th house).
This seems to be a continuation and escalation of the crisis that begins during this previous LR cycle (Oct 21 – Nov 18). The nation’s financial situation may become very unstable during the November cycle. This suggests a financial attack, or a financial war.
I have previously predicted that the world would see a Global Economic Collapse this year. I predicted that it would begin in late May/early June, and that was when the BRICS announced their new currency. I have also predicted that this financial crisis would arrive in the US by April 2024 or before. But I will now predict that this financial crisis will arrive in the US during these two LR cycles, that is, between Oct 21 – Dec 15.
Red Flag Warnings
Months ago, I issued a RFW for the US Sept 12-15. Before this, the previous one I issued was for August 14-16, which was when the nation found itself reeling from the devastation of the Hawaiian Holocaust.
I have characterized this Sept 12-15 period as bringing a new and probably very problematic national crisis which will turn out to be perhaps the biggest event of the whole year for the US. I do believe this crisis emerges specifically during this four-day time window, that is, this week, between Tuesday and Friday. However, this national crisis certainly does not end there, and things remain very active and stressed and troubled for the nation at least through Sept 22nd.
I am expecting some headlines of incidents of national violence between Sept 12-14, with losses being mourned on Sept 15th and probably again on Sept 19th. I am unclear if this violence is the key event of this crisis period, or just coincidental.
Sept 15th will be a key date, with two outer planet transits hitting that day – a Saturn/Venus semisquare and a Uranus/Neptune square. Together this pair suggests sadness, losses, confusion, craziness, and a good bit of national disorientation and cognitive dissonance.
Sept 17-20 will also be dramatic and troubled as well, with a transiting Venus/Uranus conjunction on the 17th, a P3 Moon/Sun opposition (Full Moon) on the 18th, a transiting Mars/Saturn conjunction on the 19th, and a transiting Saturn/Asc inconjunct on the 20th.
The 22nd will also bring significant developments, but of a mixed nature, and the nation both celebrates and struggles that day. But then the next day, Sept 23rd, seems to be almost pure celebration.
Moving on past the primary crisis period, we then approach the transiting Neptune/Mars square on Sept 28th, which will bring some sort of big mess for the nation. In the past, this aspect has brought nationwide lawlessness and riots on one occasion, and destructive floods on other occasions.


What happened on Maui has to do with many many deep state operations. But one of the many reasons Maui was attacked is because of the UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE operations that is in Maui. Maui Space Surveillance Complex is a U.S. Space Force operating location for the 15th Space Surveillance Squadron.

This base was attacked hours before the fires happen and a huge Cyber attack took place against the United States Space Force.

Fortunately USSF was well prepared months before and weeks before removed all important computers. Programs. Servers and data and USSF left only fake. Dud systems and computer systems behind .

Counter surveillance and operations were in place long before the fires.



As the United States Department of Defense Operations and military Forces are now giving Public DROPS that the elections of 2020 were Stolen and monitored .

JAN HAYES is part of DOD and now hitting Patriot channels and Q supported networks and giving clear information that the Military knows the 2020 elections were Rigged and the military from different divisions have Task Force that collectively monitoring the U.S. citizens and wait for the RIGHT TIME. To intercede with military intervention and the best way to avoid civil war.

She also says the removal of Pelosi were operations and the coming indictments of Trump could lead to INTRODUCING EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD /STOLEN ELECTION.



8 year Q operations. Military is the only way

💢  HEADLINE NEWS FOR MON. 11 SEPT. 2023 – Operation Disclosure

Adrenochrome is a chemical that’s a byproduct of adrenaline. Satanic Secret Societies are said to extract Adrenochrome by torturing innocent children into releasing adrenalin into their blood, and then drinking it. The more innocent the victim, the more severe torture they experienced, the more potent their blood was said to be.

Mon. 11 Sept. QAnon – Phil’s Intel Bulletin!  – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

CNN and 9/11? The 9/11 narrative starts to unravel when the public learn that one of the hijacking victims who was calling in & was the one to insert the narrative the hijackers were of middle-eastern decent armed with box cutters, was herself a CNN journalist, married to U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson of the United States Department of Justice who served as private council for George W Bush. Why would hijackers allow cell phone calls of 28 minutes to be made, at an altitude in which cell’s didn’t work in 2001? I remember when Ted Olson donated to Liz Cheney for leading the J6 sham against President Trump. How odd! These damn Cheney’s seem to head the major False Flags in our country!

Recent Bohemian Grove attendee and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been caught in Hawaii wearing a
shirt that appears to show the Bohemian Club logo.

The Next European War Will Start In The Ukraine” on a map published in Look Magazine USA, March 14, 1939.

Hunter Biden Emails reveal that Wikipedia was run by the CIA. The CIA has a long list of websites and social media that they control.

The military does not consider Joe Biden as the President as demonstrated by their inauguration salute for him reserved for funerals and visiting foreign dignitaries.

Covid graph


U.S. Military Records 500% Increase in AIDS Since Covid Death Shot Rollout! “So it now appears that those who got the COVID-19 vaccines” gave themselves AIDS and will die from it.”

CEO of Pfizer at a World Economic Forum meeting states: “Our dream and goal is to reduce the human population by 50% by 2023.”

A 2017 Spars Document From Jon Hopkins predicts vaccines could kill millions.

A new study reveals heart damage is more common after you receive Moderna’s COVID-19 booster. One in thirty-five healthcare workers at a Swiss hospital had signs of heart injury associated with the “vaccine.” “It’s possible that repeated booster shots every year could cause moderate damage to the heart muscle cells.” – Christian Mueller In addition to not stopping infection or transmission, the COVID shots come with potentially dangerous side effects. What will it take for those “following the science” to finally wake up?

Vaccine Tyrant California Base Commander Arrested by White Hats:

CDC Pre-ordered in June 20 Million Pediatric COVID 19 Vaccines Predicting Surge in Sept. https://strangesounds.org/2023/09/as-if-nothing-was


Mon. 11 Sept. George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring And Blackmail Of Congress – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Mon. 11 Sept. Bombshell: FBI Declassifies Files on the CIA’s Involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking (video) – American Media Group (amg-news.com)


There will be so many operations that will hit MSM news stations, social media networks of police raids operations that are rescuing children through the United States.

These very important open police operations will coincide with military operations and ALLIANCE operations that will bring in the ALARM on child trafficking , through the next 10 months on the highest levels humans have ever heard of human child trafficking.

This open operations WILL connect with the CONGRESS/ MUSK/ TRUMP/ROGAN/ RFKJR several top podcasters around the world EXPOSING the REAL pandemic, human/child trafficking sex industries connected to elites, governments, entertainment and [DS] military

As U.S. CONGRESS has plans to PUSH the EPSTEIN exposure files, the CIA. FBI is in sheer PANIC as the EVENT comes closer.

Currently SOUND OF FREEDOM is going world wide as billionaires Alliance in EU push for the EXPOSURE and pave the way for the movie to hit world wide from UK . To Australia and more…

White Hats are planning a massive move that WILL Red-pill the world on a fast grand scale operation…… This all connects with the EXPOSURE of UKRAINE. BIDEN. HUNTERS LAPTOP> EPSTEIN

GHISLAINE MAXWELL, MI6, CIA, Mossad, UN EXPOSURE (Why do you think they kept Ghislaine Maxwell alive and the CIA. Clintons. ROCKEFELLERS can’t retrieve her, get her set free or kill her?)

Who has the Epstein computers, servers data and FULL info?……. ///Most don’t know but the U.S. military special forces breached Epstein Island weeks before the FBI raided the island.

If you were watching closely, you were seeing True EXPOSURE of OBAMA exposed by his own Biographer who said Obama talked of Making love to men…. Even Whistleblowers came forward of his gay activities dating back before he was president.

This non-coincidental events are leading up to full exposure of Obamas secret life, his marriage.

Everything will connect to how the democratic leaders and party and CIA programmed the world into a gay agenda that was planned back in the 1960s and even connects to public water (what’s in the water?)

The exposure of Justin Trudeau and his family heritage and linings are connected to CIA operations and honey traps .. His own mother was CIA created prostitute at the young age of 15 and had sex with Rolling Stones and famous people and politicians, by the age of 18 she married Justin Trudeau father’s Pierre Trudeau who was in his 50s (Who was a pedophile himself ) and both had Swingers parties and orgies through the world with politicians and Elites…. The month that Justin Trudeau was born his family was just a hundred miles from Fidel Castro’ and the Trudeaus blocked all media on a secret weekend they went to Cuba (this is facts and and has been reported) …

In this very moment JUSTIN TRUDEAU was conceived and it was well-known that Pierre Trudeau was infertile and never had children even into his 50s …

Months later after Justin Trudeau was born he was introduced to his real father Fidel Castro and photos were taken.

Its well known in the CIA and top level Intel agencies that Arnold Schwarzenegger was cia handled and was used also as an elite male prostitute …as Was Justin Trudeau who was a male prostitute for the elites and was used in sex honeypot [DS] OPERATIONS and BLACKMAILED his way to the top through CIA/MI6 control ops to become prime minister

It’s also well known the CIA/ George H.W. BUSH also used Obama as a prostitute and Obama was created long ago to become president, and use black communities as voters to sustain power for CIA

As Trudeau now separates from his wife and the Canadian government actually once put out a public report insisting that Trudeau is not Castro’s son , .. The military ALLIANCE doors are closing in.

𝐌𝐚𝐣𝐨𝐫 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤: – DW

1) Prince Andrew accused of sexually abusing two children while in Ukraine.

2) Burning Man Festival ends in chaos as attendees stranded.

3) Covid-19 is back with a new variant as election year comes closer.

4) Twitter exposed the ADL for protecting criminals.

5) Jill Biden tests positive for Covid-19.

6) Jack Smith is looking to indict President Trump once again.

7) Tucker Carlson will interview a man for having sex with Obama.

8) New Covid-19 booster shots are coming out.

9) China’s military mobilizing and possibly preparing for war.

10) Hunter Biden sham indictment is coming later this month.

11) Russian government releases new round of evidence showing illegal biological labs in Ukraine.

12) Ukraine continues to bomb its own citizens and blame Russia.

13) George Soros son plans to interfere in the 2024 election.


BIDEN fake presidency

FAKE 2020 Inauguration 

Here is a little red pill for those that aren’t aware yet.

Go back and watch the FAKE 2020 inauguration.   It was 100% filmed on 2 different days.

Shoes changed. People appeared and disappeared.

US Marshalls were seen directing traffic on people with names as big as Nancy Pelosi.

This is very simple to research and confirm for yourself.

If you decide to do so. And you find the truth. I would personally like to welcome you to the digital army.

Now, spread truth like wild fire.


💢  Red Flag Warning: September 12-15 – Peter Novak 

This will bring the most dramatic and defining events of the year for the US, a time of great trouble for the nation. National violence Sept 12-15, followed by confusion, sadness, losses and mourning Sept 15- 19, and possibly a change involving national leadership Sep 20-22.
As predicted and right on schedule; As America wakes up this morning, it finds itself facing a terrible new threat in the form of Hurricane Lee, an extremely dangerous and powerful Category 5 hurricane that may be slamming into the US East Coast next Thursday or Friday, Sept 14th and 15th. Hurricane Lee is one of the fastest-developing hurricanes ever observed. This morning, NYC and Boston are already bracing for a possible direct hit late next week. The European model of the storm’s path shows the storm making a direct hit on Boston. Don’t wait until the last minute to evacuate the East Coast. The US chart in Sept make flooding look like it could be a huge problem between Sept 15-28.

I told you that the US would confront some new panic/crisis/danger today, and I also told you that one of the biggest US crises of the entire year would arrive between Sept 12-15. Based on the astrology, if this storm does hit the East Coast on/around those days, it will be a worst-case scenario.
I have previously posted a RFW for the US for September 12-15, continuing on some level to Sept 22. But I am seeing now that some nationally significant events are likely to occur on Sept 8, which may or may not be related to the Sept 12-15 developments.
On Friday September 8th, the US will be confronted with some sort of sharp fear, threat, danger, panic, or terror, which later that day turns into, or is accompanied by, some strong sense of national doubt, confusion, or loss.
The next day doesn’t look so bad, so things don’t seem to deteriorate right away. But by Sept 12-15, the national crisis I have predicted should have arrived in full force.
DOJ Special Counsel David Weiss just confirmed in a court filing his plan to indict Hunter Biden before the end of September.
As predicted; I told you that several cities and even some states would go bankrupt during the 2020-24 Crisis.
Birmingham, UK’s second largest city, just declared bankruptcy.
I predicted that NATO would collapse during the 2020 Crisis, due to economic pressures. This week, China invited Turkey to join Brics, an economic alliance. If Turkey joins Brics, it will have to leave NATO. But if Turkey leaves NATO, it will be the end of NATO itself. Geopolitically and geostrategically, Turkey is the most important NATO country in Europe.

Ukraine is now drafting its women.

Americans are defaulting on their credit cards and auto loans at levels not seen since the financial crisis, per NYP.

Sinclair’s 2007 claims about Obama being gay were widely dismissed at the time.
But now that it has come out, in August 2023, that Obama wrote a letter to a close friend in 1982 about being secretly gay, it puts Sinclair’s accusations into a new light.
Sinclair was shouting to the world in 2007 that Obama was gay. Turns out he was 100% right about that. So what does that say about Sinclair’s OTHER accusation – about Obama being involved in the murder of Donald Young?
The Deep State took two huge blows. This was a huge one-two punch against the two most powerful figures on the Left. There is no way on God’s green earth that this was not a coordinated attack.
First, the Special Counsel investigating the Biden Crime family announced today that , yes, they will be filing felony indictments against Hunter Biden by the end of this month.
And second, Tucker Carlson ran an explosive interview today with Larry Sinclair, who publicly accused Barack Obama, way back in 2007, of engaging in casual gay sex with strangers while smoking crack, and lied about it to his voters. Sinclair further accuses Obama of having been involved in the murder of Donald Young, the Choir Director at Obama’s church in Chicago, who was killed to keep Obama’s secret life out of the news. Sinclair’s claims, which were widely dismissed in 2007, carry a lot more weight today, now that Obama’s 1982 letter to an ex-girlfriend about having sex with men was published a few weeks ago.
Now, the importance of Tucker’s Sinclair interview is not that Obama had skeletons in his closet, but that he covered up truths about himself from the American public that they deserved to know about, truths that would have changed the outcome of his election if the public had known the truth about him.
Just like with the Hunter laptop coverup. If the public had been allowed to know the truth about the laptop, Biden would not have won the election. In both cases, they won due to fraud and deception, and the American people deserve better.
What Tucker Carlson did last night was knock Michelle Obama right the F off the list of possible candidates for the Democrat Nomination in 2024. They were trying to take Trump off the ballet? Divine justice in action.

The current alignment screams at least three messages to us: (1) a likely severe economic crisis, (2) death, dying, and mortality issues play a big role in the events of these two years of 2023/2024 for the nation, and (3) this is a very dramatic and eventful time for the nation.

We do see a US Presidential funeral during this cycle, and it won’t be some old has-been who no one cares about anymore. The US government could find itself in the business of conducting Federal executions during this cycle as well. These executions will be very controversial and will upset many.
The US Liberty Chart this coming December and January. Our old half-crazy half-genius friend Clif High has come out in the last few days saying that the US will be in a war, sort of, and that we are actually in one now, secretly, but it becomes much more obvious and apparent in December.  I continue to be impressed, and alarmed, by how closely his work at times parallels my own.
In US history, strong Sun/Mars aspects have very frequently, but not every single time, have coincided with wars, or at least prominent acts of war. There is some misdirection involved. And as such, the general public may not be very aware of this war taking place, although when we get to December there should be a lot of visible evidence that this war is indeed occurring.
The Sun/Mars inconjunct also suggests that this war is conducted poorly or ineffectively. My view, actually more of a concern, not only violence, but deadly and destructive violence with a high body count. If we are engaged in a foreign war, under this aspect, our fighting forces must suffer great losses. But this could, probably does, also indicate deadly and destructive violence here in the States too, really from now through next April, but especially in December and January.
Together they mark this as a pretty miserable winter coming up. Domestic violence incidents, both accidents and mass shootings and so on, will probably spike this winter. So too probably will fires and weather disasters. The nation will be in a fighting mood this winter. Sales of guns, ammo, and other weapons will probably increase dramatically.
The Directed Energy Weapons that they reportedly used in the Hawaiian Holocaust, if true, will surely be used again in December and January. National crises involving police and military will probably also peak in December and January. As the Sun, Mars, and Pluto also all rule energy, the US could also see gasoline, natural gas, or even electricity crises this winter.
Between 2023 – 2025, society focuses intently on, and is deeply affected and changed by, cultural issues such as disease, insanity, medicine, drugs, crime, sexual deviancy, migration, refugees, minorities, oil and gas, weather patterns, floods, secret conspiracies, fraud, and fiat currencies. But in 2025-26, Saturn and Neptune both leave Pisces in unison and enter Aries. This will produce a jolting, dramatic, and probably very unpleasant transition, after which all these Pisces-based social foci and cultural values will be abandoned quite suddenly and with great prejudice.
All the above issues will no longer receive much social tolerance or acceptance. After Saturn and Neptune enter Aries, police and the military will then come to occupy a much more dominant and visible place in our societies and culture. They will have much greater presence and influence in our societies and culture, and also much greater impact upon our societies and culture as well. Our societies and culture will become much more police-and-military-based than they are now.

💢  End Game Approaches as $500 Billion Dollar Rockefeller Bribe Attempt Fails

Reporting on world events once a week these days is like taking still-motion pictures of an ongoing train wreck. During the past week, a lot of damage has taken place at an accelerating pace. Revolution, civil war, permanent slavery or anarchy for Americans and the West could happen as early as October, multiple sources agree.

The people supporting revolution, nationalization of the Federal Reserve Board and restoration of democracy in the West are not part of the current establishment. These include people like Colonel Douglas MacGregor and Judge Anna Von Reitz (We have received a handwritten postcard from her and can now confirm she is a genuine human being and not an AI).

MacGregor was a longtime supporter of Donald Trump who now realizes he is not the man to save the USA.

“People are wrong if they think if we elect him, he will save us,” he says. With Congress, the Judicial system is compromised, and getting “elected” president in the current system is meaningless. They are sailing the ship of state into its’ biggest storm in history. This ruling class in Washington needs to go away, the question is how do you get rid of them? That’s what has to be done. The American people need to understand the two-party system is an illusion. The bankers think we will become happy serfs on their plantations.


Those pushing towards civil war are the backers of establishment candidates like Donald Trump and the Obama avatar “Joe Biden.” Their mud-slinging and lawfare against each other is dominating the corporate news cycle. It is now obvious only civil war will resolve the situation unless people wake up to the fact they are all actors working for the KM. A civil war would turn the US into a mega Ukraine and help enslave the American people further.

The Khazarian mafia is pushing a series of manufactured “emergencies” such as a civil war in an attempt to scare people into farm animal-style submission. These emergencies include a new “pandemic,” “climate change,” all-out nuclear war and an “alien invasion.” 

If none of these forces prevail, then anarchy and social collapse are certain in the US and most of the West. This would be the worst possible alternative.

In any case, multiple events show things are quickly coming to a head.

The biggest was the failure of a last-ditch attempt by the Rockefellers etc. to stay in power with a $500 billion bribe.

Here is how a North America based CIA source describes the situation;

“Many deep state people were expecting money from the Rockefellers today [September 1st] but NOBODY got a penny-they went all around the world to various banks and found out their accounts were either not there or drained of funds % of the money the IRS collects is supposed to go to Rocky’s banks but not anymore-that is the only way right now the US is barely floating-very many big boats may sink in the next while.”

Another huge and under-reported event was a split between India and China at the last BRICS meeting over control of the global financial system. A visible sign is Chinese President Xi Jinping not going to his week’s G20 meeting in India.

The KM has been sucking up to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by offering him a cornucopia of promises including leadership of the KM-controlled G20.

The Chinese say the G20 has been replaced by the BRICS 11 and thus there is no point in attending Western-controlled G20 meetings. The Russians agree. That’s why their presidential avatar Vladimir Putin will also skip the event.

Things are expected to come to a head on September 18th and 19th as the UN General Assembly convenes in a last-minute KM push to use “Agenda 2030” to create a totalitarian world government controlled by them.

The failure of the Rockefellers’ $500 billion bribe attempt means this agenda is almost certainly doomed now. The fact is the UN is a privately owned, unelected organization and most of the so-called leaders attending their events are bribed and blackmailed puppets, Asian secret society sources note. This is why they cut off funding for the UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank and other KM-controlled institutions.

The lack of money is flushing out deep-state actors who have tried to stay hidden until now.

Operation Scariant 2.0

How OPERATION SCARIANT 2023 is being used to launch Plandemic 2.0  – Medeea Greere

Plandemic 2.o is an integral piece of the Great Reset implementation plan and New World Order agenda to be executed in earnest this Fall of 2023.

OPERATION SCARIANT, which features the extremely ‘scary’ Omincron subvariant known as Eris, is the main show for folks who are still captivated by this ridiculous government-sponsored but extremely serious genocidal enterprise.  

Nevertheless, there are numerous reasons why the Khazarian genocidal bioterrorists are hellbent on rolling out Plandemic 2.0 this Fall.  The following list presents only some of the most significant NWO goals, WEF objectives and WHO targets.                                                                                 

(1) To cover up the massive excess death numbers directly resulting from the ongoing Covid vaccine genocide across America (and global depopulation scheme)

(2) To stealthily kill vaccinated children who are now much more vulnerable to the bacterial infections associated with Eris (aka Omicron [B.1.1.529] a subvariant of SARS-CoV-2

(3) To intensify the slow-motion slaughter of vaccinated 20 to 45 year-olds who are now much more susceptible to myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots and other fatal heart ailments

(4) To further turbo-charge the numerous medical ailments and health conditions, chronic diseases and autoimmune syndromes, psychological disorders and psychiatric illnesses across the entire population, all of which have seen HUGE upticks post-Covid vaccination

(5) To murder as many retirees as possible in order to reduce the Social Security & Disability, Medicare and Medicaid rolls

(6) To massacre as many individuals, who suffer from multiple comorbidities and/or terminal diseases, who are still living after Plandemic 1.0

(7) To eliminate as many Baby Boomers as possible as well as the Beat Generation elderly, especially the anti-establishment types

(8) To provide maximum distraction from the many Democrat crime sprees being investigated by the House

(9) To divert the attention of the electorate from the multiple crime waves perpetrated by the Biden Crime Family and especially by the POTUS Imposter and Criminal-in-Chief

(10) To create maximum chaos, confusion and conflict throughout the last year of the 2024 election cycle so that the Democrats can steal yet another POTUS election, as well as to set the stage for a long-planned American Bolshevik revolution

(11) To provide a pretext to deploy yet another highly weaponized and lethal Covid ‘vaccine’ by which to rapidly intensify Plandemic 2.0.

(12) To significantly supercharge the previously administered kill-shots, clot-shots and cancer-shots thereby increasing SADS and SIDS as well as  excess deaths across the board

(13) To sufficiently scare the American people back into the same space of extreme fear and anxiety about the COVID-19 contagion so they will fully submit to the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda (and demand that everyone they know get vaxxed to the max)

💢  United States was Under Military Control. Restored Republic. – DW

This EVENT has already happened. These operations and Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event such as nuclear war.

In the US, COG is no longer limited to nuclear emergencies; the Continuity of Operations Plan was activated following the September 11 attacks, more over these Operations coincide with the Department of Defense military laws of War that can be activated through Presidential Powers, Executive Orders that execute and addresses Military occupation Chapter 11.3 Laws of War COVERT and OVERT military operations.

Trump, Musk and Tucker Carlson were working together behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes the US White Hat Military is controlling the Supreme Court SCOTUS.

The Brunson case is being saved for the EXPOSURE of a military COUP that happened through 2020 stolen election.

BANKING COLLAPSE Unveils Shocking Connections to Tribunals and War Crimes! Prepare for the Unthinkable: Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds are flooding back to Europe and 110 nations, revealing the alarming truth that the U.S. Corporation is teetering on the brink of insolvency. Brace yourself for the impending catastrophic COLLAPSE that will send shockwaves throughout Europe and beyond.

France’s brazen act of pilfering its citizens’ wealth has ignited widespread riots and civil unrest.

Hyperinflation in Germany is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons production, and pushing corporations to the edge of bankruptcy.

The Deutsche Bank’s entanglement with Epstein’s dark connections and its web of international ties, including Estonian banks, is unraveling, as world courts launch far-reaching investigations that could shatter the global banking system.

Israel’s Descent into Chaos: An Unfolding Catastrophe. The nation of Israel finds itself in dire straits as it hurtles towards an imminent COLLAPSE. Concealing the true state of its markets, banks are fabricating gains as civil unrest spirals into full-blown riots.

Meanwhile, the colossal COLLAPSE of SVB BANKS in California, resulting in a mind-boggling loss of $10 trillion, sets off a catastrophic domino effect rippling across multiple countries. The COLLAPSE, underway for over a year and a half, is finally unmasking the Deep State’s cover-ups and exposing their false market reports.

As the Biden administration trembles, governments worldwide teeter on the brink, and the Military courts, along with the Alliance, silently monitor the COLLAPSE, knowing that it will lead to military intervention. The intricate web of connections between governments, worldwide money laundering operations, bioweapon creation, and incitement of proxy wars through the U.S. heralds an era of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a global PLANDEMIC.

The Global Event: We Stand at the Precipice of Chaos. Massive chaos looms on the horizon, as citizens around the globe remain shockingly unprepared for the impending COLLAPSE EVENT.

Source: Charlie Ward

August Updates

💢  CABLES; The BLACKSWAN EVENTS – Benjamin Fulford 

What happened on Maui has to do with many, many deep state operations., But one of the many reasons Maui was attacked is because of the UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE operations that is in Maui. Maui Space Surveillance Complex is a U.S. Space Force operating location for the 15th Space Surveillance Squadron .

This base was attacked hours before the fires happen and a huge Cyber attack took place against the United States Space Force.

Fortunately USSF was well prepared months before and weeks before removed all important computers. Programs. Servers and data and USSF left only fake. Dud systems and computer systems behind .

Counter surveillance and operations were in place long before the fires.



As the United States Department of Defense Operations and military Forces are now giving Public DROPS that the elections of 2020 were Stolen and monitored .

JAN HAYES is part of DOD and now hitting Patriot channels and Q supported networks and giving clear information that the Military knows the 2020 elections were Rigged and the military from different divisions have Task Force that collectively monitoring the U.S. citizens and wait for the RIGHT> TIME<. To intercede with military intervention and the best way to avoid civil war

She also says the removal of Pelosi were operations and the coming indictments of Trump could lead to INTRODUCING EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD /STOLEN ELECTION



💢  David Wilcock, Deep State Exposed: The Secret Dominion of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Morgans 

Prepare to uncover the startling reality behind the world’s most influential families and their immense control over the global economy. The Federal Reserve Cartel, consisting of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Morgans, wields unprecedented power that extends well beyond the realm of oil.

Imagine this: The Four Horsemen of Banking, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo, unite with the Four Horsemen of Oil, such as Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP, and Chevron Texaco. Yet, their dominion doesn’t stop there. Through an intricate web of private banks, they have expanded their influence to encompass the music industry. These colossal entities, along with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays, and other European old money giants, hold the reins of the music industry, allowing them to shape its trajectory and exert their influence.

The Machiavellian machinations of the Rockefeller dynasty reach far and wide, commencing with their commercialization of music in the early 1900s. They orchestrated a sinister plot to shift the world’s standard tuning of music to 440 pitch. This insidious frequency was known to provoke heightened aggression, psychosocial agitation, emotional distress, and even physical ailments. Behind closed doors, this manipulation resulted in financial gains for those complicit in the monopoly, including agents, agencies, and companies associated with the North American Rockefeller crime cartel and influential organizations.

Fast forward to the late 1980s when the Rockefellers summoned top music executives and artists to a highly clandestine meeting in Los Angeles. Their sinister agenda? To usher in the era of Controlled Rap Music, intricately linked to the privatization of U.S. prisons. These privately owned prisons, operated by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bush family, and other influential figures, served as money laundering operations, tax exemption schemes, and pyramid scheme enterprises.

Crafting a deceitful plan, the Rockefellers aimed to control the rap industry and target black communities by promoting violent music that fueled oppression and civil unrest. They brought together leading executives and prominent black artists, binding them with strict confidentiality agreements. Their objective was clear: orchestrate violence within the rap music movement while major record labels secured exclusive rights for production and distribution across the United States. In return, they would receive shares and points within the private prison systems.

The Masonic scheme unfolded with precision, resulting in over 1,500 private prison systems incarcerating more than 1 million black teenagers by 1990. These vulnerable youths, expressing the generational trauma imposed upon them, unknowingly contributed to the Rockefellers’ malevolent plan. The private prison systems reaped billions annually from the government, establishing an extensive money laundering network through inflated products, such as ramen noodles priced at 8 times their actual value. The flow of hundreds of billions from government funding, pyramid schemes, and insurance companies transformed prison privatization into a multi-trillion-dollar enterprise.

Local courts and judges mercilessly sentenced petty criminals and first-time offenders, filling the expanding private prisons. Consequently, the United States holds the unfortunate record for the highest number of incarcerated individuals in the world, with an unprecedented number of prisons. This was not a coincidence—it was a meticulously orchestrated plan by the Rockefellers.

But their influence doesn’t stop there.

As the true faces of those who wield global authority are revealed, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers find themselves targeted by military alliance operations aiming to dismantle the Rothschilds’ deep state power in Europe, the UK, Russia, and China.

💢  Operation Disclosure; Judy Byington Update

EMR (electromagnetic) waves (H.A.A.R.P.) can penetrate and destroy everything on Earth. With EMR electromagnetic pulses you can cause wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes – such as happened in Canada, Greece and Maui on Aug. 8 and was set to happen in Florida and along the East Coast starting Wed. 30 Aug.

In the DEW Attack in Maui Hawaii hundreds of men, women and children were burned alive or killed, over 4,000 displaced and now three weeks later, over 2,400 children remain missing. The people had refused to sell the land of their heritage so it could be transformed into a Smart City – where the Cabal would rule their lives.

The Fire Carnage was still going on in Canada. As in Hawaii, people were being held and unable to escape the flames while the fire department was not responding.

This week there were 20 million people in Florida who would be affected by two hurricanes heading toward them. As with Canada and Hawaii, there were communication blackouts plus water and gasoline shortages so people could not escape. As with Hawaii, the hurricanes would clear out land that was planned to be developed into Smart Cities.

Greece took better control over their fires and arrested 79 Arsonists.

World War III officially began on Tues. 8 Aug. 2023 when Deep State Laser Weapons (DEWs) targeted the historical capitol of the Kingdom of Hawaii in Lahaina – the Hawaiian Native inhabitants of which were refusing to sell this land of their inheritance for a Smart City development, plus had long planned to leave the US in order to once again become their own sovereign nation of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Hawaii’s Democrat governor Josh Green, Lahaina Mayor Richard Bissen, police chief of Lahaina (who was also at the Las Vegas shootings) and 2,400 FEMA employees loyal to the Biden Administration had refused to sound the alarm system when the fires began, turned off water to fight the fires and blocked roads so that hundreds were burned alive while trying to escape.

Two days prior to the start of the fires there were 2,500 FEMA employees who arrived in Hawaii to live it up in $1,000+ a night hotels.  After the fires began and after helping Maui police block off the only entrances and exits to Lahaina – resulting in hundreds of men, women and children being burned alive – Maui police and FEMA employees began killing survivors, closed the food bank; refused to give out desperately needed food, water and supplies; enforced a communications blackout and then attempted to fence out over 4,000 displaced Hawian natives from their property and homes.

A week later on Wed. 16 Aug. US Marines confronted 2,500 FEMA employees, a Maui National Guard Unit infiltrated with CIA Agents and Maui police. These Alliance Special Forces Marines which took over the Maui situation, arresting and killing off perpetrators, wore shoulder patches embroidered with a figure of President Trump – showing that Trump was their Commander in Chief.

A Communications Blackout still surrounded Lahaina, though eye witnesses to the mass murder DEW Attacks that destroyed the city and killed hundreds of native Hawaiians, claimed that there were still well over 2,400 children unaccounted for.

Prior to the fires the Alliance Special Forces loyal to Trump had planned on charging and arresting certain authorities and elites for their participation in an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring centered in Liahana. 2,400 Children Missing in a Winfrey, Gates, Zuckerberg, CIA Child Trafficking Cover UP | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

This same underground network connected to 32,000 miles of Underground DUMB Tunnels across the Globe – that Special Forces teams had been destroying the tunnels of and rescuing millions of children from since 2018. The Underground War Happening Now Part 2 – YouTube  Marines, Seals Head Rescue of Millions of Tortured Children, While Trump Implodes Fiat Dollar for a Global Currency Reset | Politics | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Trump was inaugurated US President in 2016 and has never left office.Through a Military count of watermarked ballots in the 2020 Election it was found that Trump won in every state with an over 80% vote. President Trump then instigated the Insurrection Act and turned over control of the country to the US Military. An Interim Military US Government has been running our country ever since. /politics/2020/11/biden-elected-president-of-a-defunct-us-inc-via-voter-fraud-3217433.html

Joe Biden, President of the defunct US Inc. (a private corporation), has been played by actors since the 2021 Presidential Inauguration – which took place, in part, on a Hollywood Sound Stage a week prior to the actual ceremony at the US Capitol surrounded by National Guardsmen and a ten foot fence, barbed wire facing inward.

In January 2021 and prior to the inauguration, the real Joe Biden was arrested, tried in a Military Tribunal and hanged for Crimes Against Humanity. Ever since the three actors of Joe Biden appeared to have been controlled by both the Democrats and White Hat Alliance. Biden’s appearances and actors used were dependent upon the need of a 3-D Chess Game that the Black Hat and White Hat militaries were playing against each other. Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill | Politics | Before It’s News


Where Were Maui’s Over 2,000 Missing Children? Byington as published on Before It’s News: Where Were Maui’s Over 2,000 Missing Children? | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Over 2,000 Hawaiian children have remained missing in the past 22 days since what were believed to be Direct Energy Weapon Attack fires that decimated Liahana Maui on 8 Aug. 2023. Only a handful of children’s bones have been discovered in the charred remains of Liahana. Over 2,000 little ones just disappeared.

Hawaii’s Democrat governor Josh Green, Maui Mayor Richard Bissen and Liahana Police Chief John Pelletier (who strangely was Laihana’s coroner and also at the Las Vegas shootings) have repeatedly refused to even talk about the missing children who were reportedly home alone when the fires began.

All three Hawaiian authorities were thought loyal to the Deep State in a well planned attempted takeover of valuable Native Hawaiian land for their model “Smart City” – which was designed to gain complete control over the population.

As the massive fire raged so hot it melted tires, Maui Police were ordered to help FEMA employees block escape routes from Laihana, the historical capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Those who escaped the blockades reported that FEMA authorities had issued an order to set up those blockades two days before the so-called “Wild Fires” even began. The resultant road jam imprisoned hundreds of native Hawaiians who died in their cars as the fires raged around them.

On Sun. 6 Aug, two days before the DEW Attacks, 2,500 FEMA personnel began arriving in Honolulu. Two days before the fires began? You would think they knew a disaster was about to happen.

All then flew to Maui and booked themselves into $1,000+a-night luxury hotels. Two days later as Lahaina burned, most all were 100 miles away, back in Honolulu, suggesting that the diabolical agency knew that parts of Maui would be set ablaze.

In that same two days prior to the fires, Herman Andaya, Maui’s top emergency management official and Eric Lecky, FEMA Mission Support Associate Administrator, met in Lahaina, according to videos in possession of the White Hat Military Alliance which sent in US Marines to get control of the situation. The footage also showed Andaya giving Lecky a tour of Lahaina and advising him where to set up barricades to keep citizens trapped in what would become a disaster zone.

On Wed. 16 August, a week or so after the Maui disaster, US Marines were in Lahaina. Word had come that Maui police and a National Guard infested with CIA agents, were supporting FEMA workers blockages, both by land and by sea, of food, water and needed supplies from reaching Lahaina; refusing to hand out food and water to desperate survivors; had closed down a desperately needed food station and two days before the fires began had secured a Media Blackout within a 12 mile range surrounding Lahaina that had no cell phone, or Internet coverage.

The Marines found on Front Street in Lahaina, a uniformed police officer shooting a pedestrian in the back for unknown reasons. The cop then spotted a bystander filming the incident on a cell phone, and shot him, too. He was the fifth cop whom Marines killed since arriving in Maui late Wednesday afternoon.

The Marines also found bloated, bullet-riddled bodies that floated face down in the ocean and Hawaii National Guardsmen rummaging through pockets of dead islanders and tourists. FEMA and the Red Cross were not only refusing to give out food and needed essentials, but were forbidding citizens access to nearby food, water and shelter.

Now over three weeks later the Liahana School District has reported that 2,040 children were still unaccounted for. No news of the over 2,000 missing children has snuck past the Communication Blackout area where “Special Police” in foreign vehicles stopped people from entering the Killing Field.

Governor Green, Maui Mayor Bissen and Police Chief Pelletier have refused to address the missing children issue. Nor have they successfully addressed why no alarm sounded for the fire, water was turned off and emergency personnel including the fire department were a hundred miles away in Honolulu when the fire suddenly broke out.

Of course, the Soros-owned Deep State Mainstream Media has repeatedly downgraded or even refused to cover the story.

The one Liahana morgue at the hospital and a second at the police station reported only 118 dead, most of them adults.

So where were the over 2,000 missing children? One answer might be found in a massive human/child trafficking line that ran through Lahaina. Hawaii was the base between Australia, Taiwan, China and California for Oprah, Epstein, Zuckerberg, CIA, UN Elites and their international Child Sex Trafficking, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting network.

The land of Lahaina was considered the second most expensive real estate in the world and for years those Elites had been buying it up. Most natives refused to sell this land of their heritage, but the Elites were persistent. It was where they planned on building a Smart City where they could control the population.

The DEW Attacks were believed developed by these in the Deep State government:

(1) To kill several witnesses who were set to expose an International Child Sex Trafficking, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting ring centered in Lahaina.

(2) To destroy evidence of Child Trafficking Tunnels beneath properties owned by Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and CIA Operation Headquarters.

(3) To test DEW weapons on humans in preparation for DEW Attacks on other areas where they planned to build Smart Cities.

(4) To test Smart Car explosions on a mass scale.

(5) To destroy Lahaina in an ethnic cleansing in order to acquire the native Hawaiian’s very valuable land via a carefully calculated land grab.

(6) To free Lahaina land so it could be developed into a Smart City where residents could be trapped and wear implants that would track them and thus the Deep State could have complete control over their lives.

(7) The Deep State was trying to find a place to hide and had sunk a lot of money into buying land in Maui – where natives now refused to sell.

(8) Back in 1959 Hawaii independence had been removed by pineapple companies wanting them to be a US Inc. State as a tax source. US Inc. was now officially bankrupt and wanted Hawaii to remain a state and thus hold onto whatever monies the independent corporation could extract.

💢  Peter Novak – We used to go to war over this kind of shit. BRICS OFFICIALLY ABANDONS THE DOLLAR❗️
The BRICS economic alliance, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has officially decided to stop using the US dollar in trade settlements. This decision was confirmed by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula de Silva at the recent BRICS summit. The alliance’s decision to abandon the US dollar is in line with their efforts to promote the use of their local currencies in international trade.
Red Flag Warning for the USA: September 12 – 22
It starts off, as they so often do, with what looks like another period of national violence/conflict/war Sept 12-14. This short little three day period includes six strong Mars transits and progressions, and is energized by the P2 Full Moon I mentioned yesterday, along with the wicked Solar Arc Mars/Saturn conjunction, so this could be a pretty awful three days for the nation all by themselves.
This initial period of likely national violence is then followed up by multiple indicators for loss, mourning, and grief on Sept 14-15, with a secondary bout of additional loss, mourning, and grief on Sept 19-20. Now, all that looks pretty normal, as far as the astrology goes at least, and follows typical violence-then-mourning patterns we have unfortunately grown accustomed to over the last few years. Although the division of loss/mourning into two distinct periods is a little anomalous.
But there is one big indicator thrown into the mix here that suggests this is not just another routine bout of national violence-produced fatalities that tug on our heartstrings. No. This is something different. Something more. Something very high-impact and very consequential.
First of all, the P2 Full Moon landing here tells us that one of the biggest-impact events of the whole year occurs during this ten-day stretch, something that will define the whole year for the nation. It is certainly a negative and regretable event.
Now, these Uranus/Neptune squares are psychologically disorienting. Things happen during these aspects that seem hard to understand, things that defy our expectations and assumptions. At this time, the nation will be like, “Woah! What the hell just happened, and what is going on?” People will not be able to believe it, or will not want to believe it. Reality itself will seem to be broken.
Now, our old half-crazy half-genius friend Clif High has been saying for awhile now that some sort of ‘space alien’ stuff is supposed to come out this summer or fall, and if that was indeed going to happen, it would probably coincide with this Uranus/Neptune square, because of the strangeness factor.
Now, also on Sept 15, the P3 Ascendant square specifically ties the days’ events to our national leadership, and so suggests that the losses occurring at this time involve or even target our national leaders specifically. So I would be keeping a real close eye on Biden and Trump around the 15th.

We are no longer governed by the rule of law but the use of power. – Peter Novak 

“Trump is the most important thing to happen in politics in 100 years.” – Tucker Carlson
As predicted.
More lockdowns are coming to America. Unreal, right? At least that’s what the news is saying now. More lockdowns and more mandates. I told you this would happen again, one more time, in 2023. It was hard for me to believe it was possible, after everything we went through, but the stars said this would be the case, so that’s what I reported, and now the news is saying the same thing.
As before, these lockdowns and mandates are a function of the transiting Pluto/Mercury opposition occurring in the US Liberty Chart between 2020-2023.
The final Pluto/Mercury opposition in the 202-2023 series occurs this November. That should be the official last gasp for the whole lockdown and mandate thing.
This final Pluto/Mercury opposition will be orb (i.e., in effect) from mid October to late December. It coincides with the final Pluto/Moon conjunction also in December, so those last three months of the year look like they will be pretty intense for the US.
BREAKING: After a FOIA request, NARA has responded stating they’re in possession of over 5,000 emails, 25 files, and 200 documents from Joe Bidens time as Vice President in which he used an alias to hide his identity while speaking to his son Hunter about possible business deals.
Biden corruption
The same intelligence community that determined the Hunter Biden laptop story was ‘Russian disinformation’ has now determined that ‘white supremacy’ is the greatest terrorist threat Americans face.
Prediction: Impeachment proceedings against Biden begin by Sept 15th or before.
The thing about impeaching Biden in the House is that it would force a trial in the Senate.
Now, the Senate is solidly Democrat, so they are very unlikely to convict, but that is not necessarily the goal. Simply forcing the trial in the senate would allow all the evidence against Biden to be presented to the public in a way that the media would have to cover, and a great deal of that evidence has, until now, been successfully censored from the mainstream audience, so it would be real eye-opening to them. That evidence would not merely condemn Biden, but would also condemn much of the power structure in Washington, and so there would be a lot of pressure to prevent that trial from ever occurring.
Nonetheless, the GOP can force the issue if they choose, and if they did, the only way to keep that trial from airing all the Dem’s dirty laundry in public would be to have Biden to step down, thereby blocking the Senate trial from proceeding.
Regarding the Hawaii Fires: September 1st, 2023
• Thousands of people are still missing.
• The authorities are blocking the public from seeing the affected areas.
• The authorities are not commenting on the numbers of missing and dead.
• There are widespread reports of strange anomalies with the nature of the fires.
• The fire was unprecedented in many respects.
• This incident conveniently supports the Left’s Policy on Global Warming.
• These fires arrived exactly when I predicted a major national crisis would emerge.

Maui Attacks / Friend Reports;  “I have a friend in Lahaina and I’m getting my information direct from the locals. They are ALL trying to speak out about this, but very few are being heard. Here is everything I have been told, from all the evidence collated:

– Sirens down.
– Water turned off. Firefighters unable to do their job.
– Communication down
– FEMA and Red Cross deliberately withholding all lifesaving supplies
– Police following unknown orders to block exits, keeping people in the fire zone
– Zero obstructions blocking exits other than the police themselves and one downed power pole people could easily get around.
– Power company owned by Blackrock
– FEMA staying in $1000 a night luxury hotels while locals starved in whatever homes remained
– Over a thousand people missing. Mainstream media reporting only a couple of hundred.
– Children all unaccounted for.
– Trees still standing while buildings leveled. No natural fire in history does this.
– Hawaii Governor, Josh Green, telling everyone not to get any news from Social Media.
– Police Chief, John Pelletier, is also coroner in charge of case. And led Las Vegas shooting response.
– Biden gives all families $700 with which to rebuild their lives
– Maui in official documents to be the first ever Smart City
– No military response from the mainland during the fires. No fly zone ordered.
– Dust barrier put up after the incident to stop anyone from outside looking in at the disaster zone
– Zero houses partially damaged and partially burned. Everything either completely flattened or miraculously unscathed. Only the most expensive properties unscathed.
– The fire seemingly went around particular buildings while leaving everything else like a war zone surrounding those buildings.”
I believe the Hawaii DEW attacks were a public demonstration, a Proof of Concept for a certain set of interested parties. They could have done it somewhere obscure like a private island or the Congo or somewhere in the Amazon, but no, the whole point was for it to be on every TV in the world, so they targeted the playground of the world’s richest people.
Why? To demonstrate that they now possess this weapon and can use it against even the strongest of enemies. This was no…
Source Peter Novak

💢  The Maui Fires and the Globalist Agenda Against Humanity

The Globalist Premeditated Slaughter of the People of Lahaina

I’ve assembled a lot of information in this essay. I highly encourage my readers to spend the hours required to watch the videos and read the cited articles. The destruction of Maui is a war crime and governor Green and others need to be criminally prosecuted. The greater crime here is the “Green Agenda” ideology which is a sad joke as there is no Anthropogenic Climate Change. What happened in Maui appears to be premeditated destruction of Maui in order to steal the land and rebuild Maui as a Smart City. Biden is only offering low interest loans. No, every resident of Maui must be made whole as it was not their fault. It was the fault of people like Biden pushing this globalist WEF Green Agenda. Hawaii Electric invested their money in renewable energy instead of protecting against Wildfires. All in the name of this insane Green Agenda. Well now we just saw how destructive this Green Agenda can be. How many parents and children have needlessly died? And that is why we must stop it. No more EV’s. No more Green Globalist Agenda.

Are the fires in Maui being used as one big land grab? Is it part of A WEF plan to turn Maui into a 15 minute island using nothing but renewable energy? We’re going to stick to the facts using publicly available data from the United States government and multiple publicly available source so you can draw your own conclusions.

“Lahaina has been totally destroyed!” Maui residents left to fend for themselves

Former Democratic Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard hails from Hawaii, and she recently traveled to Maui to witness firsthand the relief efforts underway for the island’s displaced and suffering residents. What she found is that the residents themselves are taking up the burden of organizing and providing relief to their stricken fellow islanders.

Tulsi Exposes Gov’t’s Complete Abandonment of Maui Victims! (08/23/2023)


Source; Bruce Newsletter

💢  Global Agendas, Events, Operations & Public Health Research

♦️ A list of links to the sources and events of the plan they have been working on for years that is now unfolding in front of our eyes:

♦️ Agenda 21

♦️ Agenda 30

♦️ Agenda 50

♦️ Cyberpolygon 2021

♦️ Covid 19 – The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab.

The book’s main objective is to help understand what’s coming in a multitude of domains. Published in July 2020, in the midst of the crisis and when further waves of infection may still arise, it is a hybrid between a contemporary essay and an academic snapshot of a crucial moment in history. It includes theory and practical examples but is chiefly explanatory, containing many conjectures and ideas about what the post-pandemic world might, and perhaps should, look like. The book has three main chapters, offering a panoramic overview of the future landscape. The first assesses what the impact of the pandemic will be on five key macro categories: the economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental and technological factors. The second considers the effects in micro terms, on specific industries and companies. The third hypothesizes about the nature of the possible consequences at the individual level. In early July 2020, we are at a crossroads, the authors of COVID19: The Great Reset argue. One path will take us to a better world: more inclusive, more equitable and more respectful of Mother Nature. The other will take us to a world that resembles the one we just left behind – but worse and constantly dogged by nasty surprises. We must therefore get it right. The looming challenges could be more consequential than we have until now chosen to imagine, but our capacity to reset could also be greater than we had previously dared to hope.

♦️ Event 201

♦️ Operation Dark Winter

♦️ Operation Crimson Contagion.

♦️ Operation Lockstep, Rockefeller Foundation

♦️ Operation Cygnus, UK Government

♦️ Influenza Preparedness Plan, UK Government

♦️ National Pandemic Influenza Plan, US CDC

♦️ Spars Pandemic (2025-2028) The next event.

♦️ Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Storage (March 2020)

INTRODUCTION Vaccination against the circulating pandemic virus is a major focus of pandemic response efforts. Vaccination is crucial in reducing morbidity and mortality, and in minimizing social disruption by maintaining essential services.

♦️ Coronavirus Act 2020

♦️ Planetary Emergency Plan; Club of Rome

WW3 / energy weapons

💢 World War III The Storm is Here, Tuesday, 8th August 

The Next Major War Is Reportedly About To Begin, And “D-Day” Has Already Been Chosen

When Cabal DEW Attacks Decimated Maui Hawaii
And With Parents Murdered, Over 1,200 Hawaiian Native Children Went Missing
Suspected Taken By Our Own US Inc. Deep State FEMA
US Marines In Maui Right Now Hunting The Perps
While The Deep State Continued To Create Chaos Across The Globe

The World, Every Nation, Every State Was Under Not National, But Global Martial Law.

Deep State Planning Another Lockdown in Sept. and Oct. To Control The 2024 Election

It is only wise to have a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential supplies in storage for your family and to share with others. Help Native Hawaiians Who Lost Everything – Homes, Businesses, Loved Ones, Children Donate By Paypal:https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=UV3K39RGJYV6Y

Source; Judy Byington

💢  The Truth, MULTIPLE ATTACKS, Lahaina, Hawaii

MEDIA BLACKOUT is taking place as police close off 12 mile range around the city.

The first reported 60 deaths and now 100 deaths are false numbers and over 1000 to 2000 is more accurate according to local reports and citizens who have seen the bodies and missing people.

There are several major reasons the police CLOSED OFF THE MEDIA, the police are controlled by the government who are controlled by the ELITES INSIDE the democrat run state who are running with CIA operations and UN ( DAVOS ) DS OPS.

Part of the MEDIA BLACKOUT had to do with hundreds of people who died inside smart cars that exploded like bombs.
The day the attacks happened, Lahaina was sprayed with a low layering of chemtrail ( Aluminum & Barium nano particles that can exploded with strong 5G directed radiation microwaves or direct energy weapons or transformer explosions that act as electrical bombs)

The [DS] operations ordered ;
* Police to close down roads and barricade and block in the people trying to escape
* The water was intensionally shut off by Kaleo Manuel the water official who was placed by Obama( CIA), kaleo was ordered not release water
* Warning sirens to be turned off through the city and island
* The Elites off the island were Warned in advanced and left the city

Just two weeks before the fire, the Deep State democratic government was in talks with WEF. People from the gates foundation to create an agreement to build 15 minute smart cities. For over 12 years the natives of the island would not sell their land and estate to the UN. World Elites who wanted to buy land in Lahaina. It’s known in the world Lahaina Hawaii is the second most expensive real estate in the world next to London areas. Bill gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, The UN. Bilderbergers and hundreds of world billionaires including BLACKROCK , VANGUARD all tried to buy huge portions of Lahaina but were denied by the Lahaina citizens. NOW COINCIDENTALLY, Bill Gates is already in talks to build high rises and Oprah Winfrey will donate billions with her investors and Zuckerberg has already deployed his team to start buying the burnt houses and land from unsuspecting Lahaina victims.

All donations to help Lahaina community have been blocked by social media Giants and networks…. Tulsi Gabbard announced she personally visited Lahaina and there is no help and no red cross or government aid happening. (The Deep state want all donations stopped immediately even before it begins, because CIA, Blackrock, etc. Elites area worried a world out reach of donations would rebuild Lahaina without deep state control and their efforts to LAND GRAB Lahaina. And donations would hinder their plans).
* The police were ordered to close off a 12 mile perimeter around the city and complete MEDIA BLACKOUT

(The evil is much darker than people can imagine). The NANO tech inside the COVID-19 vaccines/boosters that carry aluminum and barium EXPLODED in peoples bodies and brains (much like putting aluminum foil or fork inside a microwave and seeing the sparks and explosion). This awful DS beta test on a massive scale was to see the FULL effects of 5G. Electric bombs – transformers exploding like lighting bolts/energy directed weapons that all activated the aluminum and barium nanotechnology in peoples bodies.
The explosions of smart cars on a massive level was a beta test too and see if smart cars would be used as bombs in other cities.
(It should be noted that Putin shut off all his 5G TOWERS and destroyed them a week before the Lahaina attack and there are whistleblowers in Congress coming forward in 2024 against 5G military weapons. There is already whistleblowers from major universities exposing 5G and being used as a small direct energy weapon or can be used as a massive weapon through cities.)


💢  Prediction: Peter Novak

The fire hydrants were dry. Fire marshalls were out of town. The mayor and the governor were out of town. Those who were trying to evacuate were told “it’s not time”. No officers on bullhorns. No firefighters in the streets. The most robust emergency siren system in the world gave no warnings. Locals were locked in. School was canceled. Parents were at work while children were at home alone. Hundreds of children are missing, and the mayor said “he doesn’t know where they are”. New insurance policies were taken out on Lahaina before the fire.
And all the cameras were malfunctioning in Epstein’s cell. They don’t think YOU are stupid. Not exactly. But they KNOW that half the population are below average intelligence, and can be deceived. And they know that, most of the time if you can secure 50%, the OTHER 50% are not going to be organized well enough to stop you.
I posted a Red Flag Warning for the US for Aug 14-16, focused primarily on Aug 15. I said it would bring a key national event involving the US GOVT. I said it would be a big mess and that there would be national losses and mourning. Here’s what happened:
Several national crises peaked at that time. One was the latest Trump indictment (US GOVT) , which was posted online before the Grand Jury had even voted, revealing that the whole exercise was fraudulent. Another was the 2023 Hawaii Wildfires, the worst natural disaster in Hawaii’s history, which started August 8th but were peaking in national news coverage right there on Aug 14-16. The US GOVT declared this a National Disaster. On Aug 15, it was announced that over 100 people had died in the fires, and that the Hawaii GOVT was using strong-arm tactics to “acquire” the damaged properties from their rich owners. Also, on the 15th, Hunter Biden’s lead attorney withdrew from the case (GOVT). On Aug 14th, Democrat candidate Robert Kennedy Jr (GOVT) claimed that the US has ***labs in Ukraine because the US has been illegally making ***weapons in Ukraine. On August 11th, the US GOVT appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the Biden Crime family, who stated then that, yes, Hunter Biden was going to trial.
3/17 – Hunter admits laptop
3/18 – Trump indictment news
6/8 – FBI doc alleges Biden bribe
7/26 – Hunter plea deal collapses
7/31 – Devon Archer testifies
8/9 – MORE damning Biden bank records released
8/11 – DOJ (illegally) designates special counsel
8/14 – FBI Whistleblower transcript released
8/14 – Trump indicted
Its August 15th & as predicted, the US is in total freak-out mode right now. Over the fake grand jury indictments yesterday, the fake Hawaii fires, Biden’s “no comment” about 100 Americans burning alive, the ivermectin approval, the Hunter Biden special counsel, and the BRICS currency rollout.
Understand what time it is; The state of Georgia just criminally indicted the former president of the United States for tweeting that people should turn on the television. They criminally indicted the White House chief of staff for asking for a phone number. And they criminally indicted the former GOP state chairman for reserving a room. Understand what time it is, and what they’re willing to do to YOU to keep THEIR grip on power.

maui fire destruction

💢  Maui Updates; Positive Military Response; David Wilcock

As reported yesterday, General Eric M. Smith at Camp Pendleton ordered Marines to Maui to investigate claims that the Hawaii National Guard and FEMA were terrorizing disaster victims. A source in the general’s office told Real Raw News that Marines arrived in Maui at 4:00 p.m. and immediately witnessed and responded to unimaginable carnage. He called the death toll “catastrophic.” He would not quantify how many Marines went to Maui, but his gloomy tone suggested that Deep State forces outnumbered White Hats significantly. Backup, he said, was on the way.

“We really didn’t expect local law enforcement to fight alongside the feds and the National Guard,” he said. “What Marines saw is nothing short of engineered genocide.”

Near the Lahaina loading dock, Marines found a makeshift mass gravesite, 15 scorched corpses piled atop one another in an industrial dumpster. The fire had not killed them, our source said. Instead, someone had used a flamethrower to burn them, then deposited the corpses in the trash.

Maui Massacre; United States Marines in Maui have seen firsthand atrocities committed by the Deep State—bloated, bullet-riddled bodies floating facedown in a crimson tide; Hawaii National Guardsmen rummaging through the pockets of dead islanders and tourists; FEMA and the Red Cross forbidding citizens access to nearby food, water, and shelter.

On Front Street in Lahaina, a uniformed police officer shoots a pedestrian in the back for unknown reasons. The cop then spots a bystander filming the incident on a cellphone, and shoots him, too. A bullet strikes his cranium as he digs into a dead man’s pockets and tries to yank a wedding band off a lifeless, swollen finger. He touches his hand to his forehead and glances at his bloodstained fingers in disbelief. He slumps over, his pistol falling from his other hand.

He was the fifth Deep State cop Marines had killed since arriving in Maui late Wednesday afternoon.As reported yesterday, General Eric M. Smith at Camp Pendleton ordered Marines to Maui to investigate claims…

💢  Judy Byington: What’s Going On in Maui? A Police State? When fire broke out the Maui Police were ordered to close escape routes and not let cars out. No warnings were given. No emergency crews showed up. People were on fire in the streets. Others were drowning in the ocean while trying to escape the fire and smoke. Now FEMA will not allow civilians to deliver food, water and essential items to those in distress.

Mr. Pool: BIG NEWS is coming in the next 24 hours.

Brazil is in a Blackout.

It has been confirmed that the main US Navy and Navy fleets are an operation. They are making arrests and running courts under the cover of an exercise. …Riccardo Bosi

There were 15 states facing Direct Energy Weapon attacks such as seen in Maui.

WARNING: Direct Energy Weapons are facing the following states: 1. Texas 2. Arizona 3. Montana 4. New Jersey 5. New Mexico 6. Washington 7. Oregon 8. Colorado 9. Florida 10. California 11. Nevada 12. Idaho 13. Wyoming 14. Utah 15. Oklahoma

Destruction of Maui Hawaii by DEW:

Lahaina called Arson on an Industrial Scale. Multiple witnesses report seeing ‘mystery vans’ take up positions throughout the city BEFORE the fires reached buildings.“To efficiently burn a city you’d pre-position accelerants throughout,” said an arson investigator.

Wed. 16 Aug: White Hats have confirmed reports that FEMA and the Hawaii National Guard in Maui are preventing citizen relief convoys from delivering food, water, and other living essentials to displaced persons who have been wandering the island like zombies since suspicious fires turned the tropical paradise into an inescapable inferno. White Hats to Maui | Real Raw News

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green says much of the town of Lāhainā is destroyed and hundreds of families have been displaced. Officials say “unprecedented” wildfires are raging across Hawaii’s Big Island and Maui. https://t.me/+6JOx4sxJuk1iNjFk

💢. White Hats to Maui:

Quite a few celebs own property in Maui – none of their properties were damaged. There were tunnels beneath their properties that connected them. Those celebrities including Oprah Winfrey have for years tried and sometimes succeeded to buy more property on Maui, but for the most part, the natives have refused to sell. Now with the fire damage big companies were pressuring the natives into selling.

Maui was the center of Space Force and strategic defense of the US. Space Force does not concern itself with outer space, but cyber space. It has Intel on the 2020 Election Fraud, so people were saying that the recent Maui fires were a Cabal Attack on that Space Force Station to destroy evidence.

“How Maui and the Hawaiian Islands was the center of Space Force and strategic defense of the US.” The Maui False Flag and how it helps a future Chinese invasion, Jamie Walden, Common Sense Show https://playlist.studeo.fm/embed/episodes/26680

David Wolfe: “I live on  Maui, the media is lying”:

Biden gave $700 per family in Hawaii vs $115B+ to the War in Ukraine. But then, Biden doesn’t own property in Maui like he does in Ukraine with it’s extensive underground tunnel system.

A Maui resident trying to flee the fires on foot said that cars with people inside were blockaded and prevented from moving to safety by the Maui Police while fire spread in Maui. I’ll let you figure out who gave the Orders.

Why is there already a book “Fire and Fury” about the Maui Fires and Climate Change on Amazon? Published on August 10, 2023. It’s only 44 pages, and I guess it could be put together that quick… most likely garbage, but still kinda suspect to me…Reminded me of Q drop 500… Fire & Fury…

💢  Biden Impeachment Pending:

Joe Biden, 80, was facing hard scrutiny as the Republican-led House of Representatives weighed potential impeachment proceedings against him.

Biden Is Bribed & Compromised, Trump To Produce Irrefutable Report On Election Fraud, X22 Report Ep. 3140 a & b: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=227659

Pedo Joe Biden: Pizzagate & Pedo Joe: The Truth Will Rock the World! – Jeffrey Prather – Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Newly revealed bank records released by the House Oversight Committee show that the president’s family and allies hauled in a staggering $20 million from foreign sources in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and China, some of whom met personally with Biden while he served as vice president.

On Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland named Delaware US Attorney David Weiss as special counsel in the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings. Though it was questionable as to why David Weiss was hand-picked to lead this investigation. He had spent the last five years covering it up.

Senator Ted Cruz: For five years, David Weiss’ investigation has gone nowhere other than to protect Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. David Weiss is subject to two whistleblower complaints from senior career IRS officials who came forward, who said they’ve never seen an investigation like this in their entire time in law enforcement. They said the DOJ and David Weiss protected the Biden family. They gave heads up to Hunter Biden before search warrants were executed. They refused to allow them to ask any questions at all about Joe Biden. Leave my channel is Fake of Benjamin.We should have a special counsel to investigate Merrick Garland for whether he lied under oath to Congress and whether he committed obstruction of justice.

💢 Global Monetary Crisis:

US Treasuries got dumped in June. Saudi Arabia’s holdings of US Treasury bonds fell to the lowest level in more than six years. The country sold more than $3 billion in US government debt in June, offloading the securities for a third consecutive month to bring its holdings to $108.1 billion, according to Treasury Department data. The neighboring UAE sold nearly $4 billion. Echoing the sell-off, China dumped $11.3 billion in June, bringing it to the lowest level since mid-2009. Japan and the UK were among the biggest buyers of what’s widely perceived as one of the safest assets to own. But their own economies are continuously pressured by a multitude of factors, and some experts believe that they can barely continue to buy at the same pace. Falling demand for Treasuries could make it much harder for the US to continue borrowing money as it has historically done.

“As countries abandon the use of the dollar, we see America’s financing problems become real for the first time. The living standards will fall because inflation and import prices will rise. Is this going to happen tomorrow or we wake up? No, but it’s already starting to happen. This is a gradual process and it will pick up momentum as it goes and the results become more obvious,” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, an economist and former Reagan administration official, told the New Rules podcast, commenting on the de-dollarization process.

Wed. 16 Aug. Banks to START DENYING PEOPLE Use of Their MONEY: Mark of the Beast, General Flynn: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=227661

Central Banks are shutting down — bankrupted. Old financial systems bankrupted. Congress, White House, IRS, Feds, Rederal Reserve are shut down — U.S. Corporation is bankrupted. Gold-backed currency, digital assets, QFS, Nesara Gesara is growing! QFS Nesara Gesara is manifested. The Global/Galactic Alliance are still working on removing the vise-grip on humanity from the DS cabal — currently removing the satanic spell on the global mass. The Great Awakening journey will be more intense & get more turbulent. Earth & humanity are under construction while business is still open. The DS are in full panic mode, desperate & wounded & is lunging wild attacks. Satanic energies cannot hide anymore as it is prevalent for all to see throughout the matrix society.

US banking sector on brink of seismic shift – experts say. The 2023 banking crisis is far from over, with more US regional lender failures to follow, according to experts polled by CNBC:

Many of the country’s 4,672 lenders will be taken over by stronger banks over the next few years, either through market forces or regulators, the experts warned. “What is coming will likely be the most significant shift in the American banking landscape since the 2008 financial crisis,” the report cited them as saying. “You’re going to have a massive wave of M&A among smaller banks because they need to get bigger,” said the co-president of a top-six US bank, who declined to be identified. “We’re the only country in the world that has this many banks,” he added.

Source; Judy Byington 

💢  WIRES: Some one is planning the passing of Biden?

Is the CIA planning their second assassination of another sitting U.S. President since JFK?

Inside this plan that was predicted back in 2021 on this channel and few truthers channel it was stated Biden would be [X] and the Patriot community or Republican Military.

Commanders would be blamed for his demise (MAJOR FALSE FLAG CIA [DS] EVENT)

What ever is going on, the WIRES of Joe Biden’s demise in 2023 – 24 is running through the CABLES

As we come into The Storm of the century and the NEW PANDEMIC IS CLIMATE CHANGE and Forrest’s burn and Chaos ensues. The white hats ALLIANCE has positioned RFKJR inside an instrumental position as a candidate for Presidency and at the same time RFKJR is RED PILLING THE MASSES and comes out against the NEW WORLD ORDER publicly and condemns DAVOS group and their WORLD CARBON TAX SCAM, RFKJ R RED PILLS the democrats with his persistence of bio labs in Ukraine and CIA creating bioweapons

And now RFKJR is publicly blaming FOX News and MSM For pushing the death vaccines and the effects.

In fall 2021 I told you keep your eyes on RFKJR and he was COMING. His uncle JFK created the first Special Forces for two reasons .

To combat communist guerillas in unconventional warfare

The SECOND REASON for the creation of Special Forces Green Berets was to combat a U.S. government regimen if [they] were ever to turn on their own citizens and enact an AUTHORITARIAN DICTATORSHIP GOVERNMENT (JFK was well aware of Bohemian Grove and world agenda orgs that were going to enslave a world into one government)

When JFK was assassinated, THE U.S. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERETS ACTIVATED MILITARY PROTOCOLS and their intelligence CHANNELS opened up the THE WORLD ALLIANCE MILITARY OPERATIONS (this should bring you to the understanding why JFK son JFK Jr’s security team was called Q. and JFK Jr had Intel from the Special Forces and PROTECTION. This is why JFK Jr’s plane crash is shrouded in mystery and his family had a fast paced his autopsy and few hours later quickly buried the body (Jake)


Q is a United States Military Intelligence operation

Q is not a single person, but a team of high-ranking persons with “Q” level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years (the plan). Some of the objectives are: A) A massive information dissemination program meant to 1) expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people. 2) Cause the people to research further to aid further in their “great awakening”. B) Root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide. C) Return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return “the People” worldwide to their own rule. In short, the Q operation is the greatest criminal sting and anti-treason/sedition event in world history.

Trump was not elected. He was placed. RFK Jr has been getting, Intel on vax for over 30 years and has been placed for a reason.

Several actors have been placed, [INFILTRATION]

into KEY Departments. Agencies .Corporations.

WIRE: Inside the Military Cables and channels running there is a massive


This means all top major Countries are fully aware the United States corporation is bankrupt and the Biden administration is a fake administration and the CIA operations behind the scenes are fully collapsing and countries connected to the CIA regimen money laundering systems are under attack by white hats military alliance.

For the first time it’s becoming clear to most of the politicians across the world, that The UNITED STATE’S COULD BE UNDER WHITE HATS MILITARY CONTROL AND OCCUPATION and the U.S. 2020 stolen/ rigged elections were/are actually U.S. military operations to EXPOSE a world wide corruption system that is connected to world banks, governments and their powerful Elites.

Most ANONS. PATRIOT  AND Q FOLLOWERS were already aware of this information years in advance. The once conspiracy is now hitting the BEHIND THE SCENES world political heads and leaders and there is major PANIC. That TRUMP intentionally got arrested and his indictments were all MILITARY OPERATIONS that will lead to EVIDENCE of Deep State military COUP and executive Order signed back in 2018 that connect to military occupation in cases of Future 2020 foreign elections interference protocols)


BEHIND THE SCENES BILLIONAIRES ALLIANCE who lost Trillions  the past years to democratic movements, the PANDEMIC, THE MAN MADE VIRUS. CIA COLOR REVOLUTIONS. Rigged EU financial reports and THREATS/ KILLINGS of their own families by the EU Deep State cabal regimens were never forgotten.

Three years ago I told you that a billionaires ALLIANCE was growing and created by powerful Italian families that was working with Trump Alliance and military Alliance and they were making sure that EXPOSURE of the PLANDEMIC would be revealed.. From vaccines to gain of function to governments connected to human trafficking, drug trade. Money laundering, War profitieren by EU Elites)

This billionaires ALLIANCE is against WHO BILL GATES blocking out the sun agenda. The climate agenda and all things deep state. And this ALLIANCE is bringing forward the GREAT AWAKENING MOVEMENT on a large scale. From military ops. To police investigation to law suits to SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE OPERATIONS INSIDE A.I. SECTORS that are going to attack the deep state A.I. agenda /EU  Projects that protect the deep state.  WEF/BILDERBERG GROUP/ SCHWAB the EU CIA regimen in Switzerland.


As almost every EU country including Australia. Canada and their military  SETS are getting ready to arrest each other for TREASON

Everyone is getting ready for World COUPS.

Arrest Wars. And TRUMP/ MILITARY ALLIANCE holds the keys to the


Hello McAfee your terabytes of data and your  hacking into world networks and [DS] government [DS] military intelligence computer systems was a work of art. A masterpiece admired by the USSF CHEYENNE MOUNTAINS+ALLIANCE


💢 Individual governments have zero control and are in the process of renegotiating for sovereignty. In other words the governments and/or government Inc’s are currently not recognized as Sovereign and need to register with the Archivists and Hall of Records via Ground Command and/or revised Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) structure/s.

Also, all countries are currently declared bankrupt and the IME, UN, World Bank, WEF, etc. are also defunct corporations without any sovereignty.

These will be replaced by a revised GIA and entity known as CARE.

The IRS is being restructured and may be replaced completely. Janet Yellen has been fired (not public yet) and the US Federal Reserve + Treasury had been on notice till 30 June 2023 that if they could not pay the Global Repository back the quadrillions owed, it would be handing over ALL its assets including property, commercial property, land, business assets, etc.

We are about to see the real truth and the real news unfold before our eyes. Brace yourselves for short term volatility, medium term change and long term prosperity.

Source; DW


💢  Peter Novak Update; As predicted. I told you that the international developments between 2020-2024 would be so extraordinary that they would be discussed for hundreds of years afterwards.
Ed Dowd: “The Vaccine, Is “The Greatest Fraud I’ve Ever Seen in My Life. We won’t be talking about this for the next ten years. We’ll be talking about this for the next two centuries. This is going to impact everybody throughout the globe for years to come.”
As many as 20% of Vaxxed people may have undiagnosed myocarditis. Only 50% of them will be alive in 5 years.
That would be about 20 million casualties from myocarditis in the US alone.

Almost 30% of elderly residents of a Skilled Nursing Facility died within a 20-day period after getting the Vaxx in December 2020. A skilled nursing facility (SNF) with an average of 152 residents administered the Vaxx to employees and residents on Dec 28 & 29, 2020. Between Jan 2 and Jan 20, 2021, approximately 42+ residents died. The management had to interrupt the staff’s holiday to call them back to work due to all the deaths.

I told you years in advance that the 2020-2024 Crisis would bring a historic attempt to conquer the world and install a One World Government by first taking over the US Gov’t. And here is what happened since I made those predictions:
* The Russian Collusion Gambit was an attempt to overthrow the US government.
* Impeachments 1 & 2 were also attempts to overthrow the US government.
* The 2020 election was the successful overthrow of the US government.
* And the J6 Committee was the coverup of the overthrow of the US government.
Trump, the leading presidential candidate in 2024, is openly referencing and quoting QAnon. He is now openly sharing Q memes and drops. He is even quoting Q drops during his rally speeches.
Last night he shared and praised a video of a member of his transition team going on a wild 10 minute Q spree about how the US MILITARY have proof of fraud in the 2020 election and are waiting for the public to wake up before introducing it in order to prevent civil war and mass civilian casualties.
Never thought I’d see the day where Democrats would be:
Pro War
Pro Big Pharma
Pro DC Establishment
Pro Wall Street
Pro Child Mutilation; and
Pro Censorship
Media brainwashing is real. Neptune in Pisces is even stronger than advertised, and has completely conquered the weak minded.
Acts of Desperation
If Biden’s regime has to order the murder of his whistleblower, they’re in fear
If Biden has to weaponize his DOJ and FBI to rid his no.1 political opponent, he’s scared shitless of Trump
If Biden has to deny secret service detail for RFK, he’s in primal fear
If Biden regime must divert attention away from their litany of failures and blatant corruption, they know they’re in deep shit.
The panic only increases over the next two weeks.
The flood of heart damage and cardiac arrests and DYING SUDDENLIES, we are seeing everywhere now are NOT due to the VIRUS, they are a result of the VAXXED.

💢  Judy Notes: This week major countries abandoned the fiat US Dollar for the gold/asset backed currencies of the BRICS nations, plus the GOP Congress refused to add to the national debt by not funding government agencies. Add that to a Stock Market crash that happened without anyone knowing and you have, my friends, solid evidence that the US was officially broke.

None of which news was covered by the Mainstream Media. But then this week they also refused to report on allegations made in a Congressional Hearing that Joe Biden was engaged in criminal bribery schemes with foreign nationals – clear grounds for impeachment.

What the media did fully cover this week was the arrest of Donald Trump, charged with invoking his Freedom of Speech as he talked of fraud in the 2020 election – the trial of which will give Trump a chance to finally bring forth tons of evidence showing that he actually did win that election. It’s a Win-Win.

Sat. 14 Nov. 2020: Pelosi-Owned Programming That Threw Election to Biden Was Before the Supreme Court | Politics | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

From Telegram: It’s not that the Majority was silent, it’s that the Media was silent about the Majority

TIM BALLARD interviews PRESIDENT TRUMP after SOUND OF FREEDOM viewing. (rumormillnews.com)

The Biden Presidency is a charade. The Military White Hats were in Charge

It’s a good thing White Hats were in charge because according to Mike Adams on Thurs. 3 Aug. Biden declared a Climate Emergency and intended to seize all energy and food production.

As of Thurs. 3 Aug. the Dutch government (Netherlands) has fallen, with leaders having resigned from office.

The Federal Reserve and US Capitol were closed, boarded up.

“The Corona PCR “test” harvests DNA while implanting Nanites – a bioweapons payload for the brain.” …FEMA Whistleblower Celeste Solum

The fake Mainstream Media was controlled by the Cabal’s BlackRock, Vanguard & State Street – and now was in a rapid downward spiral

China, Russia, India and the Middle East have abandoned the fiat US Dollar.

NATO and the UN were on the verge of Bankruptcy.

The GOP Congress has said no to increasing the national debt and funding the US Inc. Government. We’re broke.

Banks around the Globe were collapsing.

Thurs. 3 Aug:

An FBI record allegedly reveals then-VP Biden was engaged in a criminal bribery scheme with a foreign national – clear grounds for impeachment.

Biden’s presidency was nothing more than a charade anyway, orchestrated by the Deep State, while the real power rested in the hands of the White Hats. Amidst Military Operations led by White Hats, the continuity of government was at play, with a shadow government running parallel to the facade.

Thurs. 3 Aug:

In Washington DC the Federal Reserve and US Capital were closed and boarded up.

China, Russia, India and the Middle East have abandoned the US fiat money banking system, refusing to sell oil to the US. Hundreds of US banks, along with major US stock agencies controlled by BlackRock [Rockefellers], were collapsing. NATO and the UN are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. The GOP has blocked a bill to fund the US Inc. government and raise the debt limit.

Criminal Complaint filed against US Attorney General Merrick B. Garland and Judge Nancy Baskin for violations of their oaths of office, dereliction of duty and complicity with Idaho Child Protective Services in the kidnap of Baby Cyrus.

The fake Mainstream Media controlled by BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street was in a rapid downward spiral. The truth was breaking through their web of deception, causing their empire to crumble.

Trump fearlessly takes on the CIA in a public showdown, exposing their covert operations to the world.

Thurs. 3 Aug:

Food Crisis: Thurs. 3 Aug. Biden has declared a CLIMATE EMERGENCY and will seize all energy, food and production …Mike Adams

Collapse of American Cities: 

Biden has literally taken 363 vacation days since taking office. That’s one full year of time off. He’s only been in office for three. It’s no secret that someone else is running the country. He’s the worst president in US history. …Inside the QAnon Conspiracy on Telegram.

Mon. 31 July Fulford Report: First Hand Experiences: Fulford full newsletter 7/31: “First hand experiences with various secret societies that control the world: updated” (rumormillnews.com)

Newsmax: A CNN Poll 69% of GOP voters doubt Biden got the vote because of irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.

SORCHA 8/3: “Terrified Elites Ask “What If We’re The Bad Guys?” As Americans Continue Historic Gun Buying Spree” (rumormillnews.com)

Former Editor of Wikipedia Says CIA is moderating Wikipedia:  https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=226959

Source; Judy Byington

💢  The Grand Theater of Global Politics, a Clandestine Drama is Unfolding. An alarming upheaval in the financial sector, brewing unnoticed for years, is about to become the spotlight. A shocking conspiracy lurks beneath the veneer of normality, as banks collapse, countries teeter on insolvency, and explosive connections are being unveiled. Get ready for a nerve-racking journey as we delve into this looming catastrophe, laced with intrigue and shadowy global maneuverings.

Tribunals, War Crimes, and the Unthinkable – Wilcock

All eyes are on the Military courts and the Alliance, silently observing the unfolding COLLAPSE. Their watchfulness isn’t passive but anticipatory. They are aware that this will lead to military intervention, yet the fear is that it will also unearth an era of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a global PLANDEMIC.

This intricate web of connections between governments, worldwide money laundering operations, bioweapon creation, and incitement of proxy wars through the U.S. brings the specter of a dire future. As we stand at the precipice of this catastrophic financial COLLAPSE, there’s a sense of dread in the air. A sense of impending doom that makes the heart palpitate.

💢  The surrender of Ukraine may be disguised as a peace deal. – Peter Novak

Kissinger’s last move.

Tucker Carlson News; Here’s The Real Intel, No One But Us Will Tell You The Truth. Don’t Play Their Reptilian Game, They Have Been Doing This For Over 26k Years.

Heavily Infiltrated Into The LightChannels.

Pedophiles Are The Virus – The US Military Is The Vaccine.

This Is The Digital Battlefield.

The Virus Is The Nanotechnology Inside You.

Buckle Up, It’s Happening.They Are Programs Inside Your Quantum Mind And Chakras.Pulling And Controlling YOUR Nanotechnology Strings.

Keeping You Stuck At The Vaccine Passports.Watching The Capitol Riot Information Unfold.

The News About Another Fabricated Country Fighting AgainstAnother Fabricated Country.

It’s Their GAME.Everyone Had Free Choice.Those That Couldn’t See Were Them.

Run With Us Or Run From Us

Cut Through The Matrix, It’s Already Done.

Waiting For The News To Tell You What You Already KNOW.

The Military, The National Guard, The Galactic Alliance.

It’s Already Done And When You Wake Up.

The Whole World Is About To Change.


JFK Jr. link


Pedophiles in Government

Pedophiles in Big Tech

Pedophiles in Corporate Media

Pedophiles in Corporations

Pedophiles in Hollywood

Pedophiles in Education

Wipe them out. Don’t leave any trace of their existence.

Controlling the Narrative; This timeline is actually incredible. I mean come on.
3/17 – Hunter admits laptop
3/18 – Trump indictment news
6/8 – FBI doc alleges Biden bribe
6/9 – Trump indicted
7/26 – Hunter plea deal collapses
7/27 – Trump indicted
7/31 – Devon Archer testifies
8/1 – Trump indicted
Headline: “Study finds that Vaxxinjuries for heart damage up to 20 times more common than previously claimed.”
A new study has emerged that shows the incidence of myocarditis – a form of potentially fatal heart inflammation – affects up to 1 in 35 people who have received the Vaxxed– whilst markers which indicate heart injury were present in 1 in 20.
The study, titled “Sex-specific differences in myocardial injury incidence after Vaxxed,” was published in a journal of the European Society of Cardiology and has been described as meeting the gold standard of research.
1 in 35 comes to over NINE MILLION AMERICANS.
Far, far, FAR more than reportedly died from the disease itself.

Headline: “US Military Confirms Myocarditis Spike After [CENSORED] Introduction”

New Cedars Sinai Study Finds Heart Attack Deaths Are Up Nearly 30% in People Ages 25 to 44
“A national study from Cedars Sinai hospital shows the deaths related to heart attacks increased across every age group since the spring of 2020 but the group that saw the biggest increase isn’t who you might think…The relative increase in heart attack associated deaths among 25-44 year olds was a staggering 30%…Experts are still working to figure out why young people are so impacted.”
It is being suggested that this LK-99 will make internal combusion engines obsolete. Which will destroy the US auto manufacturing industry, not to mention the International Crude Oil industry.
Alot of very wealthy and powerful interests around the world will see this new invention as killing their golden-egg-laying gooses.


Source; Peter Novak

July Updates

💢  WEEKLY REPORTS: First Hand Experiences with Various Secret Societies that Control the World
By Benjamin Fulford

Since many readers are new to this report, it would be a good thing to discuss how your correspondent became directly involved with secret societies that control the planet.* We need to take another look at these groups because no real change is possible unless we identify them and deal with them. The various secret societies are forms of group minds that act collectively and use secrecy to disguise their influence and control. They also tend to be ancient with roots often going back thousands of years. They are intimately linked to many of the world’s major religions and oldest societies.

My involvement started because, as a journalist, I had been exposing a group that was systematically murdering Japanese politicians, industrialists, and government officials. The forensic investigative trail led to David Rockefeller Sr. and members of the Rothschild family. By exposing these people in a way that could be used against them in a court of law, I opened a Pandora’s box.

The first secret group to contact me was sent by Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger via former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka. The envoy they sent, a self-described assassin, said he represented “the elders of Zion.” He told me (and I have this on tape) they needed to kill 90% of the world’s population through disease and starvation in order to “save the environment.” His group offered me great wealth and the position of Finance Minister of Japan if I agreed to go along with their genocidal plans. They also told me I would be killed if I continued exposing them. This is the group I now refer to as the Khazarian mafia. Their ring-leaders are known as the Swiss-based Octagon group and include the Rothschild and Rockefeller families as well as the various royal families of Europe.

The second secret group to contact me was the Red and Blue. They claim to have originated in the warring states period of China around 400 BC. In their latest incarnation, they fought to overthrow the Manchu Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty. They claimed to have over 6 million members (a lot more now) including “100,000 assassins.” They said their society could only be used for the greater good and not for personal benefit. I chose to join them in a battle against the Khazarians. This is what I reported about them at the time:

They told me their society could only be used for the greater good and not for personal benefit. Their book of rules reads like a book of ethics filled with instructions to do things like help the weak, fight injustice, help your comrades etc.”

“They approached me and asked if they could help after I made a speech in Tokyo describing the Bush regimes‘ use of race-specific biological weapons. For me, it was like a ghost from the history books appearing right in front of me. At first, I thought of silly things like having them play 911 truth videos in Chinatowns around the world. However, then I remembered the scene from the movie Kill Bill where Uma Thurman snatches out her opponent’s eye. I soon realized these people could save the world by directly attacking the eye at the top of the pyramid on the one-dollar bill.” So, I handed them a list of 10,000 people associated with the Illuminati, mainly members of the Bilderberg, CFR and Skull and Bones.

By threatening these people at the time, this group was able to successfully stop a genocide planned for 2012.

The third group to contact me was the US military-industrial complex. They sent Paul Laine, a former member of the Pentagon’s psychic warfare unit. He also claimed to be with the CIA. Laine provided me with lots of esoteric information. He pointed out the US space program had been stopped dead in its tracks by some unknown force. He also provided evidence this planet had been nearly destroyed before. This group agreed with the Red and Blue goal of preventing World War 3 because all the Pentagon war games showed that such a war would destroy 90% of humanity and leave the Northern Hemisphere of the planet unfit for human habitation.

Also belonging to the third group are people who identify themselves as the Secret Space Program. The main point of contact with them isa relative of Admiral Richard Byrd of Antarctic Exploration fame. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_E._Byrd

They claim to have already colonized many nearby solar systems and say they have returned to Earth to help what they call “the surface population.” He promises I will be able visit and report on SSP facilities at the Thule Airbase in Greenland and in Antarctica. So far this has not happened but I keep hoping it will happen soon.

The fourth group to contact me was “the family,” often referred to as the Rothschilds. This group is the European royal bloodline and includes the Saxe Gotha family, the Rothschilds, the Hapsburgs and other European royal bloodlines “moderate factions”. This is the group behind the so-called “global warming” campaign. This campaign, while based on fraud, was presented by them as a way of saving the environment without genocide. Scottish Rite Freemasonry reports ultimately to this group. They also control the committee of 300. Queen Elizabeth II was the leader of this group until she was recently murdered. We started a correspondence via handwritten letters and then switched to secure digital communications via MI6. The new head is still in contact with us and we can confirm it is not King Charles.

Their former representative -Dr. Michael Van de Meer AKA Meiring- referred to the people behind the planned genocide as the “Jews.” Further research revealed it was the Satan (Ba’al, Molech, Set etc.) worshipping non-Jewish leadership of the Jews, historically known as the Hyksos, who were the problem. To avoid confusion with the Jews I began referring to them as the Khazarian Mafia. This is now common knowledge but it was not when this research started.

The Jews, by the way, have their own secret society. The story they tell is that when the Jews were defeated by Babylon, all the male heirs to King David were killed. The secret police who protected King David decided to preserve his bloodline by protecting his female descendants. Since King Solomon married a Pharoah’s daughter, it also means they protected pharaonic descendants. This is where the Jewish thing about you can only be Jewish if your mother is Jewish comes from. Over the years, they intermarried into various royal and aristocratic families of the world. They advertise their descent from David by using the lion of Judah as their symbol.

This is the bigger “family” the Rothschilds would like to be kings of. It may well be that many of the true Jews are descended from David or it may just be a cultural tradition. It would be a good subject for research using modern genetic technology.

The fifth group to contact me was the Gnostic Illuminati. Their representative, self-described Illuminati Grandmaster Alexander Romanov (aka Richard Sorge, Sasha Zaric, Gordon Moore etc.), said this group was behind the Russian, French and American revolutions. They are opposed to the bloodline rule. This group also warned me in advance of the planned 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan. Romanov claimed he has been recruited by former chess champion Bobby Fischer. It was Romanov who first mentioned Isis long before it appeared in the news. Romanov is now believed to be heading anti-KM operations in Australia.

The sixth group to make contact was the P2 Freemason Lodge who sent Leo Zagami to visit me in Japan. This group also calls themselves Illuminati and claims to control the Vatican and the Mafia. Their leaders claim to be the descendants of the Roman Caesars. When I visited the P2 Lodge in Italy I was introduced to generals, journalists, politicians, etc. The highest-ranking P2 member I met was Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights. This group worships the Black Sun and claims they were behind communism and other big political movements. They displayed their power by removing Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Pope Benedict (maledict) XVI from office. They now call themselves the P3 Freemasons and claim to have split with Zagami. Zagami is in self-imposed exile in Palm Springs, California to avoid being arrested in Italy. The P3 leadership now says that because they are all in their 80’s they are handing control over to Elon Musk.

The seventh group I ran into was the Dragon family. I was inducted into this group after meeting their representative in Singapore. The Rothschild representative said that “If you want to talk to China, this is as high as it goes,” when they arranged the introduction. This group claims to be composed of various Asian royal bloodlines. This includes the Tang (Li), Song (Son/Sun), Ming (Zhou) and Manchu (Yi) dynastic bloodlines. They also claim to have ET backers. They have legitimate historical claims to most of the world’s gold.

The eighth group that approached me was the Black Dragon Society. Although several groups claim this title, at present Chodoin Daikaku, head of the world’s Japanese martial arts societies (Karate, Ninjutsu, Aikido etc.) with over 50 million practitioners around the world, seems to represent them best.

The Rise and Spread of Japan’s Black Dragon Secret Society

The Rise and Spread of Japan’s Black Dragon Secret Society

A ninth powerful group that made contact was the Hong Men, with 55 million members, mostly located in China and in Asian communities around the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping is a member of this group. It can be seen as a sort of combination between a chamber of commerce and a gangster group. This sort of thing, by the way, is true of Western secret societies, too, because wielding big money and big power requires protection. The Hongmen are closely linked to, but not the same as, the Chinese Communist Party. Their hierarchy is based on meritocracy and not bloodlines. The Chinese communist party youth league or the meritocratic part of the Chinese government can be seen as a Hongmen stronghold. Their agent in Japan, Mr. K, is a major conduit I have for contact with the Chinese authorities.

According to the mythological origins reported by the affiliate Kelvin Bechkam Chow, the sect originated during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722). Other studies report the 60s of the eighteenth century as the most likely period.

Tiandihui or Hongmen, the Heaven and Earth Society

A tenth group to contact me is the Yatagarasu or three-legged crow secret society. This group says they founded the Shinto religion after a three-legged crow led them to Japan in ancient times. The members of Yatagarasu claim to be descended from the ancient lost Israeli tribe of Ephraim as well as from members of the priestly tribe of Levi. They claim they can recite their ancestry back over a hundred generations to the biblical Jacob in Egypt. It is interesting in this context to note Shinto is very similar to ancient Egyptian religion featuring worship of the sun god and the annual parading of shrines. The Japanese imperial family is intimately connected to his group and members of this family also claim to be descended from the Pharaohs of Egypt. The mysterious Octagon group in Switzerland also claims ancient Egyptian origins. However, the Yatagarasu say they split from the Octagon people 3000 years ago.

“[Yatagarasu] is seen as a messenger of the gods. Why three legs? Kumano’s priests confessed that no one really knows, but told us they may represent the three ancient clans that dominated Kumano’s history. Or perhaps the three main virtues of the gods: chi (wisdom), jin (benevolence) and yuu (valor). Then again, the three legs may stand for heaven, earth and mankind. [As in the Taoist triad] Why is the crow, often seen as an evil omen, Kumano’s symbol and protector? Legend points to the crow’s skill as a navigator, always able to find the way in unknown lands. Yatagarasu was said to have guided an emperor who had lost his way to the place. A sign at the shrine notes that the Japanese soccer association has adopted the crow as its mascot to make sure the ball finds its way into the goal. Helping those who are lost to find a path is the essence.”

Yatagarasu (the three-legged crow)

There are many other groups that also made contact including:

The French Grande Lodge De L’Orient Freemasons

The Inagawa Ninkyo (yakuza) group

The Sumiyoshi Ninkyo group

The Yamaguchi Gumi Ninkyo group,

The Assassins (Persia)

The Nigerian mob

The Moghul Dynasty of India,

The Indonesian Royal Family,

The Thai Royal Family

British MI5 and MI6 intelligence

The Rosicrucians (BIS/Red Cross)

The Sokka Gakkai Buddhist group

Etc. etc.

When the Red and Blue asked me to find benevolent Western secret societies, the above are some of what I encountered. An informal network containing members of all the above groups has now been formed and is called the White Dragon Society.

Like the Red and Blue, the WDS can only be used for the greater good and not for personal benefit. So far the WDS and its allies have stopped all KM attempts at igniting World War 3, creating pandemics and causing widespread starvation.

However, it has been 16 years since the WDS began to do battle and the recent KM plandemic, mass vaccination program and war in Ukraine makes it clear we still have not defeated them. What we have found out is that the KM control grid was far more extensive and powerful than we imagined.

This does not mean they are not on the ropes though. When this battle started, there was literally only one sentence in the entire internet about the Rothschilds. The phrase Khazarian Mafia did not yet exist. Now the existence of a secret inbred elite in charge of the financial system is common knowledge. The KM required secrecy to stay in power and they have lost that entirely.

The rise of the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization means the KM control grid is now down to the US, Canada and Western Europe. This means they only control 11% of the world’s population and 27% of GDP. Their big 2020 plandemic and vaccine push failed in its aim to kill a large percentage of the worlds’ population. They face lawsuits, mass demonstrations and systematic attacks on their power in the countries they still control.

Their so-called leaders like US “President Joe Biden,” Canadian Crime Minister Justin Castrudeau, French President Emmanuelle Macron, and German President Olaf Scholz cannot appear in public without immediately being attacked by a mob.

The bottom line of all of these “secret” societies is that, unlike open societies, they require secrecy from the majority of the people in order to be able to wield their power effectively. Now that they are being exposed, their ability to manipulate us is ending. This is especially true of the West. That is why the phrase “the truth shall set you free,” is so important in these troubled times. For this reason we will continue providing truth to our readers until we really are free.

Source; Ben Fulford Full Weekly Report

💢 Timeline 2023 – 2024, Astrological Event Dates, Peter Novak Predictions (non-edited version) 
Series of Events Leading up to Ascension 1st Wave April – July 2025
August 2023 – June 2024: the Final 10-Month Stretch of the 2020 – 2024 Crisis
10 Months of Hell Start in August-September 2023, will again bring a time of acute fear and hatred and general crisis hysteria in the US.
💢  Ten Months of Struggle
So it looks like there will be a good solid ten months when the US could be in the trenches, from August 2023 to June 2024.  During this ten-month period, in my opinion, this is when all current potential threats facing our nation will either have to shit or get off the pot. If economic collapse is indeed coming, it must arrive during these ten months. This is its window. Same with war with Russia. Same with impeachments of Biden and/or trials of Trump.  Same with national acknowledgement of the [CENSORED] injuries claims and the “Died Suddenly” phenomena and the child sex trafficking claims and the stolen election claims. Same with food shortages.  Same with UFO craziness. All of it. It’s now or never for all these issues to come forth.  Anything out there fixing to kick our ass is on a timer, and has the next ten months to make it happen.
Most likely, the fears over war with Russia will play out over these five months, one way or the other. And the same thing goes for fears over the Vax, fears about the economy, and fears over Trump indictments. Who knows? Maybe the Deep State will also roll out whole new reasons to scare the bejesus out of you during these next five months as well. The public, the masses,will act like a herd now, and can be easily triggered into stampeding.  Fear, hatred, and raw panic will dominate the public conversation now, leaving very little room for rational discussion or calculated moves.  But anything we don’t freak out about now, we are unlikely to find ourselves freaking out about later, after this coming January.
Strong impact on the economy and/or the currency during these months, especially since BRICS is supposed to be rolling out their new currency in mid-August, to compete with the US Dollar.
War with Russia/WWIII/Nuclear War could happen over these next ten months August 2023 – May 2024
The Storm Begins; A really wicked Lunar Return arrives on July 31 that just drips malice and misfortune and ruin
July 31st – September, Diving Deep into the Storm | Trigger Events? This is a wicked, ugly, nasty reading astrologically, and I do not like it at all. This is the sort of return chart that could be in play when a nation suffered a really serious or even devastating loss, failure, or asskicking. It depicts tremendous national frustration and grief and inability to move effectively in a time of crisis.  It also indicates a nation that is completely fed up and has had enough and will take no more and says “ENOUGH” and finally puts its foot down. The nation is hard-nosed, tough, ruthless, and cruel now, and feels that is the correct and appropriate response to its current situation. There is no mercy here, no flexibility, no grace, and no compromise. But there is bitter thirst for icy justice, revenge, and control.  It is a tough time meant for tough people, and the weak and irresolute will not fare well now.
The nation has a real sour, pissy, defeated, disgusted, and negative attitude and viewpoint of current developments now, and hope and optimism are not really part of the picture now at all.  Together they may indicate significant national losses and shortages this month. America may not have enough now, and could suffer lack and want.  America may be forced to resort to austerity measures now, and may follow strict rules no matter how unpleasant.  I would certainly expect social unrest to be in the headlines under this astrological chart.
Freedom does not prosper in the US during this month. Life is hard and rigid and cruel and revolting in the US this month, and the nation is in no mood for festivities. There is no joy in this chart, no freedom, and no hope. It is all dark, and as such is a perfect bosom-buddy match for the two Solar Arc Mars/Saturn conjunctions this summer. Saturn on the Ascendant could bring many arrests, possibly high-profile arrests, and the two Solar Arc Mars/Saturn conjunctions in the US Chart this summer certainly increases the odds of big arrests happening.  Mars/Saturn brings strong law and order, or at least rigid/brutal enforcement by law enforcement.
June and September 2023. There are the “between a rock and a hard place” aspects.  The nation will need to toughen up now.  Belt tightening may be necessary. These aspects may be best understood as “tough measures being taken to assert control in difficult situations”. Things may get locked down brutally now. Harsh measures may be taken, and no quarter will be given.  It could be a law enforcement crackdown. It could bring various new harsh social rules/laws. It will bring a time of intense stress and pressure and anxiety, especially since it is during a Pluto/Moon conjunction too. It makes everything look like impossible no-win situations that cannot or must not be tolerated. Certainly I see Trump’s indictments as the fruit of these conjunctions.  But that also says that the time for seeing such indictments may continue at least into September.
August 2023 – Red Alert Warnings: August 15-17 and Sept 12-15
August – 2023; Red Flag Warning: July 31 – August 28, There has been some talk in DC about serious UFO/Alien disclosures maybe happening this year. From this August through next January, may make national developments seem very crazy, bizarre, freaky, or hard to understand, especially culturally, and this transit could easily coincide with weird UFO/Aliens news releases that leave everyone scratching their heads in wonder and surprise.
At the same time, the August 28 2023 LR astrologically could make that month a prime opportunity for UFOs and other strangeness to make their way into our current news cycles and national conversations, possibly upsetting some of our longstanding notions and assumptions about this world we live in.
August 17 to Oct 8, Defining the depth, magnitude and severity of Events to Come
August 15th – 17th, I think this little three-day time window will be pivotal in this year’s overall national developments.
The mid-August indicators all line up very cooperatively right around Aug 15-17. The big dog there is the 2nd house Pluto/Moon conjunction hitting exact on Aug 16. This coincides with the date the BRICS alliance is supposed to roll out their new gold-backed currency. What the Pluto/Moon conjunction says here is that the American people are, for whatever reason, in a state of acute panic/hysteria at that time, very possibly over financial matters, and they may resort to instinctual herd behavior and generally ugly or desperate behaviors. There are high levels of fear, terror, hatred, and hysteria being experienced and exchanged in US society at this time, and it will seem like an unsafe time for many. Generally, the financial markets do not do well during these Pluto/Moon conjunctions. Too much fear, too much risk, too much stampeding. They are inherently unstable times for the economy. The US seems to either (1) see the emergence of the new currency then as a major threat, or (2) a major threat/danger of another kind is rolled out in August, possibly to distract from the BRICS currency rollout.
August and September: These months should therefore be a very dramatic, consequential, and potent time for the nation, when pivotal historic developments occur. If police have another George Floyd moment this summer, under these astro conditions, August and September could see the nation in flames again.  And certainly having Mars opposite the Ascendant in this LR cycle is no good for forest fires this month. Or arson. Certainly the angular Saturn/Mars opposition in this LR introduces the potential for public disorder, panic, and violence during the month of August.
💢  Banking and Currency Issues in 2023?
Now, finally, there is a matched set of two P2 Midheaven/Mercury semisquares in the US Liberty Chart this August and October, which will play a role in developments during the P2 Full Moon in September. Now normally, semisquares of this variety wouldn’t be very strong, but here in this case it is amplified by the 2024 Superconjunction. Some history: in 2007-2008 the US had several of these P2 Mercury squares and oppositions to the Four Primaries, and they coincided very precisely with the Great Recession that occurred then. We do, obviously, know that the US banking industry is tied to the US Mercury, since it is in the US 8th house. And the last time we had a Midheaven/Mercury square in this country, we were in the absolute depths of the 2008 Economic Crisis.
August 28th – October carry the potential for significant national and governmental concern/issues/crises involving  money, banking, accounts, currency, debts, loans, and numbers in general. Also travel, roads, schools, children, and media.  This aspect coming at this time probably makes the US more vulnerable to being affected/impacted by the BRICS currency rollout in August, and if that is the case, then I would expect the economy to take two perceivable hits from this, one in August and another in October.
But the other side of that coin also applies here too. These P2 Midheaven/Mercury semisquares represent an opportunity/invitation for the US to have a major banking/economic crisis this year, and if no such crisis arises by November or so, then we should be out of the woods as far as that danger is concerned. Although the P2 Venus/Saturn opposition in April 2024 does tilt the odds in favor of that financial crisis arriving as predicted.
Moving on, America’s Lunar Return for Aug 28 is not really any better. It again has a Mars opposition riding the Ascendant/Descendant axis. But it is in accord with the July 31st chart, suggesting that it is just continuing trends that already dominated August. The real disconnect then is between the July 4 chart and the July 31 chart. Night and Day. That is when this summer’s real turning point arrives, I think, during the July 31 lunar cycle.
We are likely to see more indictments and arrests between June-September 2023, but these SA conjunctions may target Biden as well. Authorities often adopt a “take no prisoners” and “fight to the bitter end” attitude under these kind of indicators. I view the potential for a Biden impeachment to be fairly high over these next ten months.
September 12th – But whatever occurs before then, in mid-August, it will then likely snowball and escalate and generally throw up a huge messy crisis in its wake, at least through mid-September. On Sept 12 2023 is what I call a ‘timing marker’. It tells us when the really big dramatic stuff happens; i.e., it triggers big happenings to occur around that exact date. But strong timing markers do something else as well – they are a central clearing house.
September – 13th; things get worse, increasing national tensions and pressures in a major way then as well. National violence (or warfare) will probably be in the news in a big way Sept 12-15, and things will seem very confusing and unclear around Sept 15, but everyone will at least understand that the nation has suffered losses then. Keep your eyes on Sep 12-15 for a full Alien disclosures. If it’s gonna happen, it’ll be around then.
September 12-13, we also find two other Outer Planet Transits | Saturn semisquare Venus and Uranus square Neptune, both on Sep 15.  Now this adds a little more data to what we can expect from this period.  The Saturn semisquare will bring a sad, disappointed, and potentially loss-founded period around Sept 15.  But that same day, the Uranus/Neptune square will create a fairly strong sense of public confusion, wonder, doubt, amazement, and disorientation. This is the ultimate ‘exploding heads’ psychological aspect. People will be surprised by what has just happened, and will be unsure about their situation then.  Confidence is generally low. People will be re-evaluating their assumptions about things. Many will see with fresh eyes, but many may go crazy too.  People will be acting in novel, unexpected and ineffective ways then, although for many this will have a psychologically paralyzing effect that overpowers them for a time. People will not believe what has happened, and will have been surprised by it.  High strangeness could occur Sept 12-15. Maybe even some UFO disclosures will come out then. With that aspect, the nation learns that some important things are not the way they thought they were at all.
October 2023 – The government could see financial or banking crises under these semisquares in August and October.  The October 21 and November 18 Lunar Returns are both highly stressed, and significant national crises are likely then. But while the December 15 Lunar Return shows some suffering and misery, maybe not much change or activity, so I’m thinking the key turning points in this timeframe occur between Oct 21 – Dec 15.
November 2023 – Red Flag Warnings: Nov 20 – Dec 5, In late November, right around Thanksgiving, our winter struggle season may begin. Eyes on Nov 20-23 for the first go-round. We have the final transiting Pluto/Mercury opposition on Nov 26, which piggybacks on top of the final transiting Pluto/Moon conjunction in early December. This probably triggers the heightened national violence season of December and January, most likely by December 5th but possibly as early as Nov 20. Probably between Nov 20 – Dec 5. There will almost certainly be significant particular incidents of deadly national violence involving the US around Nov 20-23, Dec 2-5, Dec 11-15, Dec 19, Jan 11, and Jan 22-24.  The LR cycle for Nov 18 – Dec 15 also looks troublesome. It will bring sudden violence and death, but it may also bring much shaking and tumult in the economy and banks too.
November 24th – Various sorts of national transportation crises may develop around Thanksgiving. Travel may be a deadly issue then. Expect troubling news in late November. The Pluto/Mercury opposition in November 2023 will bring a key national announcement, command, or ultimatum, which may involve the banking industry. There could be multiple key/pivotal national announcements at this time. These announcements may involve national banking systems, national transport systems, schools, media, or children. Probably banking won’t be doing so good then in any case.
But within a week of those announcements in late November, then in early December more bad news hits, and that tells us that the US has a powerful, intense, kneejerk emotional fear/crisis reaction to the Nov 26 announcement(s), and our primal terror/hatred/panic reaction then escalates and strengthens and snowballs for at least a week more after that, in some sort of delayed terror reaction.
November – January 2024; The US will be more inclined to engage in battles and warlike activity in November, December, and January, be it domestic or foreign, but is also more liable to suffer embarrassing failures and defeats, including possibly some pretty bloody ones.
I would expect the nation to engage militarily in some significant fashion under this aspect, but perhaps not in a very effective or helpful way. The Mars/Pluto aspect does suggest that high body counts and mortality numbers could be an issue of some pressing national concern this winter. There is certainly a real struggle for the nation this winter promised by these aspects.
December – January 2024; A Violent, Harsh, Brutal, and Deadly Winter in 2023-24 One of the key trouble spots for the US during these ten months will be this winter. A potentially very violent or even war-torn period for America seems to loom this December and January.
December and January 2024 seem to feed off each other, and not in a good way. They will take away the nation’s peace and replace it with discord, and possibly, open conflict or even war as winter gets underway. In any case likely be a time of considerable national violence/discord/distress of some variety, be it foreign or domestic, or from a variety of unrelated causes. Looking at this grouping, I have to think it will be an especially violent, dangerous, and yes, abnormally deadly period for the US, be it by war, accident, drugs, weather, terrorism, social unrest, riots, arson, or whatever. These two progressed Mars aspects also seem likely to raise the risks of both wildfires and arson in the US in late 2023 and early 2024.
There will likely be a surge in demand for guns and ammo this winter in the US, but that demand may not be met, as this is an inconjunct aspect.  Certainly they will be in high demand. The US armed forces are at elevated risk for getting into hot and deadly conflicts at this time, but so too are US domestic police. I do have to think that domestic social violence, shootings and unrest and accidents
December – 2023; suggests that the relationship between our national leaders and the military may get wonky or ineffective now, or there could be some sort of disconnect there. I would expect the nation to engage militarily in some significant fashion under this aspect, but perhaps not in a very effective or helpful way.   This is a time of potential high body counts and mortality numbers could be an issue of some pressing national concern this winter.  There is certainly a real struggle for the nation this winter. The nation’s president could find himself in big inconvenient trouble himself now as well, and will not be prepared to handle it. The nation will not be in the mood for peace this winter, but at the same time, will also not be prepared for war.
January 2024 – Red Flag Warning: January 22-24, But getting back to this winter, the bottom line is, this does not look like a peaceful winter for the US, or a safe one.  National violence and danger likely increase substantially this December and January. But the actual violence, I think, should limit itself to a narrow time window from late November, all of December, and probably most of January, with a particularly painful/ugly episode around January 22-24.  February quickly looks better, but the nation’s economic woes seem nonetheless to persist into April, due to the P2 Venus/Saturn opposition then. And a great national dissatisfaction/disgust with the president may also peak then, since Venus rules the 10th and  Saturn is in the 10th.  The nation is certainly focusing then more on its dislikes that its likes, and will be all about embracing the notion of ‘tough love’.
February 2024 – There could be a whole lot of people getting arrested and/or people bugging out during the Feb 8 2024 Lunar Return cycle, as it has five planets in the 12th house. Especially since there is a Moon/Mars/Pluto triple conjunction in the 12th.  That’s almost like a secret underground war or something.
March 2024 – Things stabilize socially in the US during the March 6 2024 LR. A social/public crackdown may occur now, and conservatives may be running things.
April 2024 – There’s make no mistake about it – April 2024 will be no fun for the US. Economically it will almost certainly suck, since Venus will be opposing the ruler of the 2nd.  But it won’t be just the economy. Venus rules the 10th, and Saturn is in the 10th, so things with the Presidency will likely not be going well then either. And the general mood and outlook of the nation then will likely be pretty depressed, unsympathetic, discouraged, and basically pissy. It will be a low point for sure, and this is certainly not a time when you want to find yourself running low on food in your home.
In the April 30 2024 LR cycle, things with the government are still in a big mess, with a lot of fighting and confusion, and nothing is resolved now.
April – May 2024; The origins of this turnaround may be backtracked to as early as late April 2024. Pay attention to April 23rd, things should seem like they are going wonderfully for the nation just then, and good feelings and new hope should seem abundant and compelling.  A very rare, and valuable opportunity for national progress, innovation, creativity, and improvement, when the time might be pregnant with all manner of miracles and wonders.
May 2024 – The Return of Hope: May – June 2024, But then after we get through the April 2024 unpleasantness, then from May through July 2024 the US chart takes a remarkable and dramatic huge turn for the better, and seems altogether blessed, but especially so from late May through late June, when SCOTUS and/or the DOJ just may save the day and put a huge smile on everyone’s faces.

💢  Insider Alert: Insurance WhistleblowersPeter Novak
Reveal a 23-24% Rise in Excess Mortality Among Millennials. “I’m hearing from some of my insurance whistleblowers that their short-term and long-term disability numbers are accelerating again,” @DowdEdward told @delbigtree.
“They’re having panic meetings about it, but most times, they don’t mention the obvious elephant in the room. They see excess deaths amongst the millennials, 25 through 44, in their Group Life insurance continuing at abnormally high rates, around 23, 24% excess mortality. So whatever’s going on, we all know what we think it is. Whatever’s going on is a disaster.”

dead athletes

Today, LeBron James’ son collapsed.
2 days ago, the famous singer Tori Kelly collapsed.
3 days ago, the famous soccer player Shaka Hislop collapsed on live TV.
We’ve hit it the wall of Vaxxinjuries and Vaxxdeaths.
💢  Dr John Campbell has analysed a paper (with independent reviewers) on clear causation (NOT correlation) of d e a t h due to a particular treatment. This demonstrates, without doubt, that an independent investigation of excess deaths reported all over the highly ‘medicalised’ world should begin without delay.
The pathologists of these autopsy reports have provided incontrovertible proof that the hearts, particularly of young men, are damaged beyond repair by this particular treatment which cannot be spelt out here due to censorship. Young, strong, healthy men are affected at a significantly higher rate than other groups. Why? “Causally linked” means that the world is losing people to a medical intervention that we were told, repeatedly, would save lives.

💢  The Deep State’s spiderweb of influence and control around the world is vast, but not deep, and it has holes. Like the Delaware Judge yesterday who defied the Deep State and refused to rubber stamp a gross miscarriage of justice involving the Biden Family.’
Now, the Deep State will surely want to punish this judge, and in a publicly visible matter, so as to discourage other judges from similarly defying them.
But if we do not see that punishment meted out within the next month or two, then we might safely assume that yesterday’s drama was nothing but a bit of playacting for us the audience. In any event, it’s not a State and it isn’t Deep. The moniker ‘Deep State’ reminds me of the character “Dark Helmet” in Spaceballs, whose name was the most fearsome thing about him.
The yuan was used in 49% of China’s cross-border transactions last quarter, toppling the dollar for the first time
This is huge news
Many continue to be in denial
The worlds second-largest economy has the dollar in its cross hairs and is stockpiling gold
Enjoy the wild ride
Since the Arrival of Covid 2020 in the US and Everything just went Crazy. And it’s been just horrible in the US since then. Horrible beyond the imaginations of most of us in 2019, that’s for sure. And horrible in more ways that we care to count.
Stolen elections horrible.
Politically weaponized DOJ/FBI/etc horrible.
Mass media censorship horrible.
Mandated mass public poisoning horrible.
Destruction of the food supply horrible.
Mass population reduction agenda horrible.
Arresting a former President horrible.
Nationwide riots horrible.
Millions out of work horrible.
Troops in Washington D C horrible.
Millions dead horrible.
Political assassinations horrible.
Cities in ruin horrible.
100,000 US citizens dying from Mexican drug trade each year horrible.
Supply chain collapse horrible.
The dollar’s loss of the World’s Reserve Currency status horrible.
Mass child grooming horrible.
Mass child sex trafficking horrible.
Mass child adrenochrome murders horrible.
Banking crisis horrible.
Collapse of the Dollar horrible.
Constitutional Crisis horrible.
FBI covering for a President’s crimes horrible.
And threats of nuclear WWIII with Russia horrible.

💢 Operation Sandman – Game Over Happening Now, Rubix Q, RV Highlights on Telegram

The House and Senate pass a debt limit of $4 trillion, which could bring the total debt to $36 trillion! Where will the 4 trillion dollars come from? No one will lend U.S. money, not China, Russia or Saudi Arabia. Then the Federal Reserve will print it.

De-dollarization is established. Operation Sandman – where $2 trillion US Treasuries will be dumped within 24 hours, with St. Petersburg leading the way. The US dollar can potentially lose 50-90% of its value. operation sandman. https://t.me/drue86/35852

Historically, fiat currencies have a lifespan of 27 years. The USDA Reserve Currency has been in place for over 90 years, 40 of which were in fiat currency.

We collapsed the Russian economy in the 1980s and 1990s: the tables have turned. US allies like France and Japan have dumped US Treasuries. In Long Beach, the largest port in the United States, shipping companies rejected US Treasury Bonds.

The US financial collapse was expected to occur in July 2023

Sat. 22 July: Imminent Killnet Attacks were planned for PayPal, Western-world financial systems. A “Call to General Mobilization” went around the internet on Sat. 22 July directed at Killnet operators WW.

Don’t place any Amazon tech products in your home, they are operating as surveillance devices and communicating to each other via 5G technology. The 21st century’s “black gold” is data. This microwave radiation-emitting spider web will allow Big Data/Big Telecom and Big Brother to capture what happens inside and outside every person at every moment of life. 5G has almost nothing to do with improving your lives; it’s all about controlling your life, marketing products, and harvesting your data for Artificial Intelligence purposes. Next time you want to go and buy a “smart” device, remember the device is not the product, you are.

Disney CEO open to selling off TV assets as woke company loses trust of American people: FBI Director Wray has violated the law to rig presidential elections and harm the conservative agenda, all so he can keep his job. Our republic is at stake and Donald Trump is fighting to destroy the two tier system of justice. Congress shut it down and stop Wray’s FBI from rigging elections.

No one in Congress, the FBI, nor the Department of Justice has called for an investigation after Obama sent $1.7 Billion in cash to Iran.

Computer chip with built-in human brain tissue gets military funding. Last year, Monash University scientists created the “DishBrain” a semi-biological computer chip with some 800,000 human and mouse brain cells lab-grown into its electrodes. Demonstrating something like sentience, it learned to play Pong within five minutes.

Arizona: Bombshell video emerges of Maricopa election officials breaking into sealed election machines after they were tested — reprogramming memory cards, and reinstalling them.

4G Towers France: A court in France has found in favor of a farmer who claimed that a 4G antenna was damaging his cows’ health, and has ordered for the antenna to be switched off.

Netherlands PM Mark Rutte, treacherous WEF puppet, is closing down independent Dutch farms en masse, with the intention of replacing them with WEF “Food Innovation Hubs.” All under the guise of “climate”, clearly all about controlling the masses.

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

Iraq: Something is happening in Baghdad, Iraq: heavy security deployment reported to secure the Green Zone where the U.S. Embassy is located. A U.S. Army CH-47 “Chinook” transport helicopter landed at the U.S. Embassy, 45 minutes ago and left the area with some people on board.

US deploying Marines, additional forces to Middle East following recent Iranian attempted shipping seizures | CNN Politics.

Sat. 22 July: China sent dozens of warplanes, including fighter jets and bombers, toward Taiwan, the island’s Defense Ministry said Saturday, marking a forceful display days before the democracy plans to hold military exercises aimed at defending itself against a possible invasion. Taiwan is due to hold its annual Han Kuang exercise next week, during which it’s military will hold combat readiness drills for preventing an invasion. It will also conduct the annual Wan’an exercises aimed at preparing civilians for natural disasters and practicing evacuations in case of an air raid.

Mon. 26 2023 Native elders banish and reclaim churches, appoint Kevin Annett as peacekeeper as occupations loom, Issued by us at Council Fire on Monday, June 26, 2023 under the Great Law. Clan Mother Katie Stoqua of the Huron Nation, www.murderbydecree.com thecommonland@gmail.com

We are traditional elders of the Ahousaht, Nuu-Chah-Nulth, Cowichan, Squamish, Sto:lo, Tsilhqotin, Cree, Metis, Anishinaabe-Ojibwe, Haudenosaunee, Mohawk, Huron, Miqmaq, Dene, and Inuit Nations. We speak by the authority of the Great Law.

All of us are survivors of a war of extermination waged against us by the Catholic, Anglican, and United churches of Canada. These churches ran the genocidal ‘Indian residential schools’ that killed over 60,000 of our children. They got away with their crime by a few words of “apology”. And today they are still trafficking and murdering our women and children along with the government and China.

Therefore, according to the Great Law, we Elders assembled at Council Fire proclaim that these churches, their priests, and their officials are now and forever banished from our nations across Canada. They must immediately depart or face arrest by our Peacekeepers.

We also reclaim their lands, their church buildings, and the wealth they stole from us as reparations for their slaughter of our people. We will be enforcing this Proclamation in reclamation ceremonies at these churches.

We authorize all our people and their allies to assist us in evicting these churches from our nations and seizing and occupying their buildings for the welfare of all our people.

We make this action in league with our white brother Eagle Strong Voice, the legal agent of traditional Squamish chief Kiapilano, who evicted these churches from Vancouver on March 4, 2008.

We name Eagle Strong Voice Kevin Annett as a Peacekeeper and liaison to our nations.



A whistleblower has come out and accused the Biden administration of being “middleman” in an international child sex trafficking operation.

All under the guise of “climate”, clearly all about controlling the masses.

Mel Gibson Warned by Hollywood After He Leaks Oprah’s Secrets with ‘Sound of Freedom’ The Rock Goes Off | Paranormal | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Since 2016 children have been rescued from hundreds of Deep State DUMBS, Zeta Bases and immense tunnel systems across the planet. One of the largest and most horrific operations took place in New York City’s Central Park in 2020. The ISS Hope and Mercy were sent to provide medical treatment to over 2,000 children from a massive subterranean facility under Central Park and ½ of Manhattan New York. Tents were the cover for the rescue operation that took place in Central Park. They hid it very well and the sheeple didn’t have a clue.

Thousands of Tortured Children Rescued and Found Dead by US Military | Politics | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, Mary Gatter, caught undercover discussing selling baby parts for money: “Let me just figure out what others are getting and if this is in the ballpark, then it’s fine, and if it’s still low, then we can bump it up. I want a Lamborghini.” BUYER: “Don’t we all, right?” GATTER: “Exactly”.

Former ABC News senior producer and a senior counter-terrorism advisor to the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security James Gordon Meek pleads guilty to transportation and possession of child sexual abuse material.


David Wilcock: For months we have known about the indictments. Growing from 25,000 to 50,000 and now rising to more that 200,000. For years we have known about the many political, business and entertainment elite who like to hobnob with child sex traffickers like Jeffrey Epstein and are involved in pedophilia. As of December 5, 2022 there are 182,771 sealed, 21,381 unsealed, and 409,152 non-sealed indictments for child pedophilia and trafficking offenses. For insight into the types of individuals named in the indictments take a look the staggering list below of politicians, both democrats and republicans who have resigned their offices and position for child molestation and abuse.

Air Traffic Controller: On multiple occasions I saw Epstein exit his helicopter, stand on the tarmac in full view of my tower, and board his private jet with children—female children,” says a former air traffic controller at the airstrip who asked to remain anonymous. “One incident in particular really stands out in my mind, because the girls were just so young. I could see him with my own eyes,” the employee says. “I compared it to seeing a serial killer in broad daylight. I called it the face of evil”.

Thomas, on Telegram: How do you make the drug known as Adrenochrome? First, you need children. Then you use a multitude of extreme torture methods carried out over a long period of time. You can torture over a period of time until death then drink a quantity of blood to get the desired effect. The second method is extreme torture and harvesting a specific amount of blood while preserving life. This way allows the child to used over and over again until the child is no longer viable then killed. The blood is then refined to make a bottled concentrate, Fear and torture and sexual deviance activates the adrenal gland. Young children produce the highest quality. There were adrenaline harvesting farms in underground locations all over the world. This has been happening for 13,000 years. All of these locations globally have been destroyed over the last seven years and the perpetrators either arrested and executed or executed on sight. About a million children were rescued with millions more from human traffickers. Now you know one of the reasons Russia invaded Ukraine. “The enormity of what is coming will shock the world.”

A Gay Man confessed that he gave Oral Sex to Barack Obama — this rises the suspicion that Michelle Obama could be a man which is why they are pushing the transgender ideology.

Netherlands Port Rotterdam is one of the biggest Human Trafficking places in the World. Here are the top container shipping companies owned by the Elite – Black Nobility: Evergreen, Cosco.oocl, CMA CGM, Merarsk. Keep in mind that the Planet Earth is a farm. This is one of their ways to traffic their food.

Events Update, Ben Fulford:

The greatest transfer of wealth from the DS thugs to “WE” the people. This wealth will be transferred into the QFS and then dispersed through GESARA/NESARA programs. The new financial system is a gift from the Space Brothers.

New Elections begin November 3rd, after the July 27th restart of planet earth and the GESARA/NESARA announcement. All government positions were stolen through the Blackrock/Evergrande/Vanguard connection. The DC government is part owners in the Evergrande umbrella. They were not electing officials, they were placing them. Through Dominion voting machines and their Skittle servers and the 5 Eyes, they made sure to put their Satanic approved bloodlines into positions of power.

End of Taxation! Do you know where our taxes went? It was to support the dark web and money for Bit Coin, BioLabs, Bank Theft, Poisoned Foods, Western Medicine’s killing machine, Bribery money, control over Universities, fund the Tiers of agencies to support and push the Agenda of the Reptilians and Greys.

Sunday/Monday looks like the beginning of the Black Swan event where all the house of financial cards comes down for the dark lords.

💢  Passes!!! Texas House Committee Passes Gold-Backed Digital Currency Bill

A Texas House committee has taken the first steps in the discussion of a bill that creates a digital currency 100% backed by gold specie. The bill, identified as HB4903, which was introduced on March 10 by Representative Mark Dorazio, has garnered the support of 42 sponsors and is ready to exit by the House State Affairs Committee to be voted on by the House.

The bill specifies that the comptroller of the state will “establish a digital currency that is backed by gold so that each unit of the digital currency issued represents a particular

fraction of a troy ounce of gold held in trust.” In the same way, the state will have to design an electronic system to allow citizens to freely transact with this currency to make payments.


💢  The 2020-2024 Crisis: Endgame
I started warning about this global nightmare period as early as 2005. I clearly wasn’t wrong. The crisis started right on schedule, and exactly as predicted, in Feb-March 2020, when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all clustered tightly together in Capricorn, while Pluto also made a stationary conjunction on the US Moon that March as well, the first in 243 years. That was when covid arrived in the US and everything went crazy. And it’s been just horrible in the US since then. Horrible beyond the imaginations of most of us in 2019, that’s for sure. And horrible in more ways that we care to count.
Stolen elections horrible.
Politically weaponized DOJ/FBI/etc horrible.
Mass governmental/media censorship partnership horrible.
Forced public poisoning horrible.
Destruction of the food supply horrible.
Mass population reduction horrible.
Arresting a former President horrible.
Nationwide riots horrible.
Millions out of work horrible.
Millions dead horrible.
Cities in ruin horrible.
100,000 US citizens dying from illegal Mexican drugs each year horrible.
Supply chain collapse horrible.
The dollar’s loss of the World’s Reserve Currency status horrible.
Mass child grooming horrible.
Mass child sterilization horrible.
Mass child sex trafficking horrible.
Mass child adrenochrome murders horrible.
Collapse of the Dollar horrible.
Constitutional Crisis horrible.
And nuclear WWIII with Russia horrible.
Everything has gone totally to shit in America since that first Pluto/Moon conjunction in early 2020, so I bet you are in the mood today for some good news.
The most important thing I can tell you about the 2020-2024 Crisis is when it ends. You can usually get through a thing better if you know you’re on a timer. And for some nations, the 2020 Crisis may not end until 2025 or even 2026. But for America, I believe it effectively ends in February-June 2024, when there comes a great burst of national celebration, satisfaction, contentment, joy, and relief over those five months. And by the 4th of July in 2024, this should be very a different nation, much more free. It is very interesting that this pivotal national change seems to arrive in early 2024, way before the November elections when Trump would be on the ballot again.
Now, the reason why I always said the 2020-2024 Crisis would be such a pivotal and historic time for the US specifically is that there is a secondary progressed (P2) Midheaven/Moon conjunction in the US chart in 2024. This is a super-strong aspect, with two of the four primaries (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven) in a progressed conjunction together. I call these monsters “superconjunctions”. There have only been a handful of them in the US Liberty Chart since 1776, and they always coincide with major national milestones and turning points, like the Civil War, the Great Depression, WWII, Nixon’s Resignation, stuff like that. So yes, these are historic times, and we are at the threshold of a massive and historic change in the course of our nation, which we will see manifest over the next 10 to 12 months.
So that looks like a good ten months when we could be in the shitter. During this ten-month period, this is when all current potential threats facing our nation will either have to shit or get off the pot. If economic collapse is coming, it must arrive during these ten months. Same with war with Russia. Same with impeachments of Biden and/or trials of Trump. Same with national acknowledgement of the vaccine injuries claims and the child sex trafficking claims and the stolen election claims. Same with food shortages. It’s now or never for all these issues to come forth.
A potentially very violent or even war-torn period for America seems to loom this December and January, It seems safe to say that if the US is indeed going to open direct war with Russia, as many currently fear, that development must arrive by this December if not before. It will in any case likely be a time of much national violence, possibly from a variety of causes, and honestly looking at this grouping I have to think it will be an especially violent and deadly period for the nation as well, be it by war, accident, terrorism, or whatever. There will be national anger and national acting out on that anger at this time. There will likely be a surge in demand for guns and ammo at this time. The US armed forces are very liable to get into some hot conflicts at this time, but so too are US domestic police. I would say that after the US gets past these two progressed Mars aspects, the worst of the 2020-2024 Crisis should be behind it. This probably triggers the heightened national violence of December and January, most likely by December 5th or before. Probably between Nov 26 – Dec 5.
On January 11th, very strong national violence, or possibly military activity, is likely underway around then as well. I do not recommend putting too much trust or faith in anything you hear around Christmas, and don’t expect things to make any sense around New Years’. There will be some national losses around January 4th, just pray you aren’t a part of it. The US war machine is firing on all cylinders by January 11th and you don’t want to be on their bad side from then through the 24th.
This does not look like a peaceful winter for the US, or a safe one. But the actual violence, I think, should limit itself to a narrow window of November, December, and January, with a particularly nasty episode around January 24th. February looks better, but then there may be another chance for significant national violence in March. The nation’s economic woes, meanwhile, seem to persist into April, and a great national dissatisfaction with the president may peak then. The nation is certainly focusing then more on its dislikes that its likes.
From May through July 2024 the US chart seems remarkably blessed, but especially so from late May through late June, when SCOTUS and/or the DOJ may save the day and put a huge smile on everyone’s faces.
Pay attention to April 23rd, when there is a transiting Jupiter/Neptune trine and a transiting Jupiter/Ascendant trine as well. Things should seem like they are going wonderfully for the nation then And when there is a transiting Uranus/Neptune trine on 4/30 and a transiting Pluto/Neptune trine on May 3rd , those two outer plant trines are very rare, and carry opportunities for great national progress and improvement, when miracles can be accomplished.
💢  All Bubbles Pop
Source Peter Novak 
From Zero debt in 1776 to $21 trillion in 1997 and just in the last 4 years, debt has gone up by that same $21 trillion. This graph shows the debt explosion, a 63x increase, during my working life so far. Up from $1.5 trillion in 1969 to $95T today. The banking system risk is now at a level which makes investment markets extremely dangerous.
From 2003 to 2026, These years will go down in history for their unprecedented levels of national and international lies, fraud, and deception. The good news is, all this BS is on the clock, and has an end date.
We may think we are onto some of the Deep State’s lies during these years, but we won’t really grasp the full length and breadth of it all until after 2026, when the blinders finally come off.

lies and deception


1) They lied to u about Russia Collusion
2) They lied to u about the Ukraine War
3) They lied to u about the Ukraine Biolabs
4) They lied to u about Cov-i-d 19 Plandemic
5) They lied to u about Lockdowns
6) They lied to u about Useless Facemasks
7) They lied to u about Vaxxeens
8- They lied to u about Ivermectin
9) They lied to u about Hydroxychloroquine
10) They lied to u about Twitter Censorship
11) They lied to u about the Fake Steele Dossier
12) They lied to u about the 2020 Ele-ct-io-n
13) They lied to u about the 2022 Midterms
14) They lied to u about Hunter’s Laptop
15) They lied to u about Hillary’s Emails
16) They lied to u about the FBI/CIA spying on your social media
17) They lied to u about Fast & Furious
18) They lied to u about Election Interference
19) They lied to u about 9/11
20) They lied to u about Saddam & Iraq having WMDs
21) They lied to u about PizzaGate
22) They lied to u about Child S-e-x Trafficking
23) They lied to u about Epstein S-e-x Island
24) They lied to u about The Patriot Act
25) They lied to u about The Global War on Terror
26) They lied to u about The Southern Border
27) They lied to u about Jan. 6th
28) They lied to u about Vietnam
29) They lied to u about Watergate
30) They lied to u about JFK
31) They lied to u about RFK
32) They lied to u about MLK, Jr.
33) They lied to u about Benghazi
34) They lied to u about Afghanistan
35) They lied to u about The War on Drugs
36) They lied to u about HIV/AIDS
37) They lied to u about Cancer
38) They lied to u about Climate Change
39) They lied to u about The Green New Deal
40) They lied to u about Food, Water, Cleaning Products
41) They lied to u about The Federal Reserve
42) They lied to u about The Washington Act of 1871 where Congress cut a deal w/foreign powers and intl. bankers and took the $ making 10 sq. miles of DC sovereign and changed us from the Republic FOR The United States of America to the United States Corporation where we’re all “citizens” w/privileges instead of rights given by God!
43) They lied to u about Mass Shootings
44) They lied to u about The Great Reset
45) They lied to u about Agenda 21
46) They lied to u about Agenda 2030
47) They lied to u about the Anthony Weiner Laptop
48) They lied to u about Wikileaks and Julian Assange
49) They lied to u about Waco
50) They lied to u about Ruby Ridge
51) They lied to u about Nashville
52) They lied to u about Las Vegas
53) They lied to u about Hollywood
54) They lied to u about the OKC Bombing
55) They lied to u about Andrew Breitbart’s Death
56) They lied to u about Gold
57) They lied to u about Michael Obama
58) They lied to u about Obama’s kids
59) They lied to u about Margaret Sanger
60) They lied to u about Joan Rivers’ Death
61) They lied to u about Haiti
62) They lied to u about Hunter’s Cocaine
63) They lied to u about Investing on Wall St.
64) They lied to u about Chinese Spy Balloons
65) They lied to u about 15min. Cities
66) They lied to u about Feminism
67) They lied to u about Antarctica
68) They lied to u about Freemasons
69) They lied to u about Operation Mockingbird
70) They lied to u about MK Ultra
71) They lied to u about Chemtrails
72) They lied to u about the Earth, Roswell, NASA, Outer Space, Moon Landing??

Anything Else??

Source DW

Keep an eye on the US dollar. Down 15% in a short period of time despite aggressive rate hikes. Under 100 now. 
“We are about to lose our currency.”- Lauren Boebert, July 17, 2023
dollar value
Source Peter Novak

💢 Red Flag Warning: July 31 – August 28 LR Cycle
Source Peter Novak
2020-2024 Crisis: Update, Our federal agencies have crossed the Rubicon. They’ve been turned into one political party’s enforcer wing. This must be similar to what the Romans felt going from a Republic to a Dictatorship.
🟨  | All the pins are set up and ready to fall now. The final astrological conjunction in the historic 2020-2023 sequence begins very shortly. Previous conjunctions in this series coincided with the arrival of Covid in March 2020 and the January 6th events. But this one in 2023 is also the longest of all the conjunctions in the series, and so it should be the most dramatic and consequential.
It begins presently in July, makes one exact conjunction in mid-August, stations in October still well inside the one-degree orb marker, and then makes its final exact conjunction in December. So this whole six-month long period should be brimming with anxiety, panic, fear, crises, hatred, violence, and increased generalized mortality issues/risks in America.
The greatest of these conjunctions that arrived in 2024, in April and again in June. This signals the culmination and fulfillment of the 2020-2024 Crisis, at least for the US. And the overall biggest and most signature defining event of the whole 2020-2024 Crisis should coincide with this Midheaven/Moon conjunction, that is to say, arrive sometime between now and April 2024. All the pieces falling into place now should serve to produce the signature event of the whole crisis, and that signature event occurs in the first half of 2024.
The combo conjunctions in August 2023, and  September signifies a lot of national movement and change and stress rising up in Aug/Sept in particular. And they also align well with the July 31st – August 28 Lunar Return for the US, which is a particularly alarming chart. The secondary conjunction is in fact a “Superconjunction”, being the strongest aspect of any kind in astrology. The US has only been through a handful of these Superconjunctions in its 247 year history, and they were all pretty big deals, like the Civil War, the Great Depression, WWII, Nixon’s resignation, and stuff like that. Major mile markers for historians. I see this thing in 2024 like a massive astrological Black Hole, making everything in the vicinity, time-wise, orbit it and serve it and feed it, for a good ten-year overall time span.
The July 31 Lunar Return for the US indicates a very tough and harsh month for the US in August. This could mean a foreign war, it could mean craziness in our streets, it could mean both. But whatever it is, it is not happening secretly. This ugliness is right up in our faces in a very public way. The national frustration levels will be off the charts, and public disorder could get pretty awful now. But if the US was going to have a real “shit hit the fan’ moment, it mighty be under an LR that looked like this. This LR is going to bond very well with the two Solar Arc Mars/Saturn conjunctions in the US chart this summer, and what they all cook up together, none of us want to see. But we will, with considerable dramatic effect in August and September especially.
After that, there is a inconjunct in December 2023 and a semisquare the next month in January 2024. This will likely be a particularly violent and deadly two months for the US, and the nation will be in a very warlike outlook and situation then. Peace will be very hard, if not impossible then.
At present, the US seems bound for war in Europe. And the two progressed Mars/Saturn conjunction will keep the stress level up on this issue this summer certainly. There is no resolution to these high-pressure national stresses before September at least. But if we get past that, and then also get past the nastiness in the stars this December and January without falling into full-scale war, then the world war everyone is so worried about now will probably will end up being averted and prevented. But the key periods there will be this “August/September 2023 and then December 2023/January 2024”.
But if our battles are not overseas between now and early 2024, they could then be more domestic then instead, and again, possibly still very ugly and brutal.
Now, this Midheaven/Moon conjunction in 2024 is very powerful, and is driving events now.  To whatever degree the predicted “Global Economic Collapse” manifests, at least for the US, it must either do so by next spring 2024 or not at all.
If there are going to come new lockdowns in the US, they seem most likely to arrive during this LR cycle. There could be major, and harsh, law and order crackdowns during this month especially, but also for much of the summer.  Compromise and negotiation is not in the stars for the US in August. Domestically, some may feel the time is right this month to advance social struggle. I would probably not choose to participate in many public social functions that month. I would probably want to feel I was prepared to endure hard times for my nation or my community this month.
The energy this LR chart has in it seems to get controlled and intensified and bound up, but this chart ends in late August. All that tension and pressure that builds up and is held back in August is very likely to finally get released at the P2 Full Moon, so August and September are like a one-two-combo. The national mood will want to nail people to the wall and absolutely not endure or tolerate more injustice or mistreatment. The US reaches the limits of its tolerance in August.

💢 WIRES; SomeOne is Planning the Passing of Biden?

⚠️ | Is the CIA planning their second assassination of another sitting U.S. President since JFK?

Inside this plan that was predicted back in 2021 on this channel and few truthers channel it was stated Biden would be [X] and the Patriot community or Republican Mil. Commanders would be blamed for his demise MAJOR FALSE FLAG CIA [DS] EVENT

What ever is going on, the WIRES of Joe Biden’s demise in 2023- 2024 is running through the CABLES

As we come into The Storm of the century and the NEW PANDEMIC IS CLIMATE CHANGE and Forrest’s burn and Chaos ensues. The white hats ALLIANCE has positioned RFKJR inside an instrumental position as a candidate for Presidency and at the same time RFKJR is RED PILLING THE MASSES and comes out against the NEW WORLD ORDER publicly and condemns DAVOS group and their WORLD CARBON TAX SCAM, RFKJR RED PILLS the democrats with his persistence of biolabs in Ukraine and CIA creating bioweapons

And now RFKJR is publicly blaming FOX news and MSM For pushing the death vaccines and the effects.

In fall 2021 i told you keep your eyes on RFKJR, and he was COMING, his uncle JFK created the first Special Forces for two reasons .

To combat communist guerillas in unconventional warfare

The SECOND REASON for the creation of Special Forces Green Berets was to combat a U.S. government regimen if [they] were ever to turn on their own citizens and enact an AUTHORITARIAN DICTATORSHIP GOVERNMENT (JFK was well aware of Bohemian Grove and world agenda orgs that were going to enslave a world into one government)

When JFK was assassinated, THE U.S. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERETS ACTIVATED MILITARY PROTOCOLS and their intelligence CHANNELS opened up the THE WORLD ALLIANCE MILITARY OPERATIONS ( this should bring you to the understanding why JFK son JFK jr’s security team was called Q. and JFK jr had Intel from the Special Forces and PROTECTION. This is why JFK jr’s plane crash is shrouded in mystery and his family had a fast paced his autopsy and few hours later quickly buried the body (fake)


⚠️ Q is a United States Military Intelligence operation

Q is not a single person, but a team of high-ranking persons with “Q” level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years (the plan). Some of the objectives are: A) A massive information dissemination program meant to 1) expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people. 2) Cause the people to research further to aid further in their “great awakening”. B) Root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide. C) Return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return “the People” worldwide to their own rule. In short, the Q operation is the greatest criminal sting and anti-treason/sedition event in world history.

Trump was not elected. He was placed. RFKjr has been getting>Intel< on vax for over 30 years and has been placed for a reason

Several actors have been placed, [INFILTRATION]

into KEY Departments. Agencies .Corporations.

Source DW

💢 Biden’s Impeachment Looms as Congress Unleashes a Storm of Revelations!

Source, Ben Fulford 

The clock is ticking, and the removal of Joe Biden from power has begun! Congress is gearing up to announce the dates for his impeachment, marking a pivotal moment in American history. But that’s not all – House Speaker McCarthy drops a bombshell, hinting at the potential impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland for mishandling the Hunter Biden investigation.

These strategic moves are poised to shake the very foundations of the mainstream media. Finally, the impeachment hearings will force their reluctant hand, compelling them to report on the crimes and misdemeanors linked to Biden’s impeachment. Prepare for a seismic awakening as millions of Democratic voters are red-pilled, confronted with the shocking revelations surrounding their beloved president and the notorious Hunter Biden laptop. CNN, a prominent player in this unfolding drama, will lead the charge in broadcasting the impeachment proceedings. Could this be a sign of their gradual transformation, as they slowly flip their narrative and challenge the established order? And behind the scenes, whispers echo of a monumental interview where Trump returns to CNN, leaving the MSM, CIA, and FBI in a frenzy. CNN holds the key to unveiling information that has long been suppressed.

And now, in an unprecedented turn of events, Congress uncovers a treacherous web of deceit surrounding the fake alien invasion. Classified military operations, hidden deep within the underground machinations of the deep state, are exposed. These operations harbor groundbreaking technologies that could revolutionize the world, liberating us from the shackles of oil and gas dependency. Prepare for a seismic shift as the grip of the elite cabal, who profit from these finite resources, is shattered.

But that’s not all. Brace yourself for the next chapter in the fight against human trafficking, as Congress prepares to launch an all-out assault on this heinous industry. Epstein, JP Morgan, the Clintons, and Biden are just a few names that will be dragged into the spotlight. The dark secrets of Pizzagate, once concealed by the CIA’s mockingbird operations, will resurface. The time for truth and justice is at hand, exposing the sinister forces that have preyed upon our society for far too long.

Stay tuned, for timing is everything. The stage is set for a dramatic unraveling, where the powers that be will be held accountable. The truth will prevail, and a new dawn is on the horizon.

💢 The Coup We Never Knew: Did Someone or Something Seize Control of the United States?
By: Victor Davis Hanson
Born 1953 – an American classicist, military historian, and political commentator.
What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally? Did Congress secretly repeal our immigration laws? Did Joe Biden issue an executive order allowing foreign nationals to walk across the border and reside in the United States as they pleased?
Since when did borrowed money not have to be paid back? Who insisted that the more dollars the federal government printed, the more prosperity would follow? When did America embrace zero interest? Why do we believe $30 trillion in debt is no big deal?
When did clean-burning, cheap, and abundant natural gas become the equivalent of dirty coal? How did prized natural gas that had granted America’s wishes of energy self-sufficiency, reduced pollution, and inexpensive electricity become almost overnight a pariah fuel whose extraction was a war against nature? Which lawmakers, which laws, which votes of the people declared natural gas development and pipelines near criminal?
Was it not against federal law to swarm the homes of Supreme Court justices, to picket and to intimidate their households in efforts to affect their rulings? How then, and with impunity, did bullies surround the homes of Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, John Roberts, and Clarence Thomas—furious over a court decision on abortion? How could these mobs so easily throng our justices’ homes, with placards declaring “Off with their d—s”?
Since when did Americans create a government Ministry of Truth? And on whose orders did the FBI contract private news organizations to censor stories it did not like and writers whom it feared?
How did we wake up one morning to new customs of impeaching a president over a phone call? Of the speaker of the House tearing up the State of the Union address on national television? Of barring congressional members from serving on their assigned congressional committees?
When did we assume the FBI had the right to subvert the campaign of a candidate it disliked? Was it suddenly legal for one presidential candidate to hire a foreign ex-spy to subvert the campaign of her rival?
Was some state or federal law passed that allowed biological males to compete in female sports? Did Congress enact such a law? Did the Supreme Court guarantee that biological male students could shower in gym locker rooms with biological women? Were women ever asked to redefine the very sports they had championed?
When did the government pass a law depriving Americans of their freedom during a pandemic? In America can health officials simply cancel rental contracts or declare loan payments in suspension? How could it become illegal for mom-and-pop stores to sell flowers or shoes during a quarantine but not so for Walmart or Target?
Since when did the people decide that 70 percent of voters would not cast their ballots on Election Day? Was this revolutionary change the subject of a national debate, a heated congressional session, or the votes of dozens of state legislatures? No, of course not.
What happened to Election Night returns? Did the fact that Americans created more electronic ballots and computerized tallies make it take so much longer to tabulate the votes?
When did the nation abruptly decide that theft is not a crime, assault not a felony? How can thieves walk out with bags of stolen goods, without the wrath of angry shoppers, much less fear of the law?
We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare of a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we neither knew about nor recognized.

The Final Showdown

The Presence of Transgenderism, Pedophilia, Violence, Celebrity & Satan Worship Shows That We Are in the Last Phase of Our Society’s Collapse.New World Order Geo-engineering Kill Scheme Ready to Darken Skies, Kill Food Supply. Chinese Communist Party “Shock Troops” Positioned Across America Ready to Attack & Destroy Infrastructure: Bridges, Refineries, Power Grid, Ports, etc!
Three Pillars Are Bankrupt: US Inc (Military), UK Crown (Finance), Vatican (Religion) Canada Expected to be the First Government to Collapse
Remember – Obama Funded and Armed Jihadist ISIS
Brace for Impact, Soft Martial Law Already in Place, Military Positioned In 27 States, After a Worldwide Financial Collapse, a New Quantum Financial System Would Be Active, Biden Impeachment Pending, Biden Crime Family Included in Mass Arrests

⚠️ The Global Financial System implosion (was) imminent; US Inc, IMF, UN, World Bank, World Economic Forum and Central Banks around the World were now bankrupt defunct corporations without Sovereignty. The IRS and Federal Reserve have been shut down, while the bankrupt US Treasury has been transferred to the new US Treasury funded by gold and other assets of the Restored Republic and resides on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada; 4,000 Banks including Bank of America and Wells Fargo, were set to fail.

It’s Official: The Russian government has announce it will introduce a (gold backed) BRICS currency in August’.
(According to Reuters)

Note; Judy Byington


🟨  | PANIC IN DC DNC As the removal of Biden comes closer behind the scenes Blackhats are trying to find a way to place a Democratic nominee for President as  BIDEN REMOVAL IS IMMINENT, KAMALA WILL NOT AND CAN’T NOT SUCCEED AS PRESIDENT BECAUSE OF HER ROOTS AND U.S. LAWS

RIGHT NOW TRUMP is attacking DOJ for interference in the U.S. elections and pushing this subject hard for a reason. And several massive news outlets and social media top podcasts such was Joe Rogan are openly saying the 2020 U S. elections was stolen and fraudulent ( this is important as Rogan red Pills 30,000,000 million of his U S. audience and has the biggest podcast in the world. I had stated  back in 2021 that Joe Rogan would red pill the masses in time and his distance and distain for Trump was an ACT 🎥. Now the past 2 years Rogan had come out against Biden,  exposing the vaccines, talking about the benefits of Ivermectin and EXPOSING EPSTEIN, exposing DAVOS. Going after Gates and NOW publicly acknowledging the 2020 elections was fixed

A WILD STORM is brewing as cocaine was found on the white house. And congress WILL goes after the Biden admin to EXPOSE The TRUTH. There are cameras in place through one of the most secured places in the world that is monitored White House it’s coming clear Whistle blowers are coming forward as the Biden admin COLLAPSE.

Rats going to jump ship and those in fear of becoming whistleblowers are going to come forward as [DS] DC COLLAPSE


As Biden is getting ready to be removed, someone on the inside (MOLE) dropped the cocaine purposefully and the story was leaked intensionally and the secret service was stopped from killing the story from leaking.

NOW with Congress setting plans to go after the Biden in end August and go after the exposure of the cocaine Story. Another STORM is brewing as KEVIN McCarthy is likely to become president or far more interesting TRUMP could be reinstated as a MILITARY COUP IS BEING EXPOSED and McCarthy is in talks with Congress in procedures on how to bring ELECTION INTERFERENCE AND U S. DOJ INTERFERENCE PROCEDURES INTO THE PUBLIC AND HEARINGS

3 THINGS could happen McCarthy will step down and let TRUMP be voted in as House Speaker ( which would allow him to be President ) or McCarthy will be president for awhile until the ELECTIONS IS OVER TURNED. CURRENTLY SCOTUS IS HOLDING CARDS TO OVER TURN THE ELECTIONS and want to reinstate TRUMP but are waiting for the perfect time. And the MILITARY laws of wars 11.3 would occupy the U.S. and take FULL CONTROL and after 9 months give the power back to the Right full President Donald J. TRUMP.

Right now there are WHISTLEBLOWERS IN DOJ. CIA. 3 LETTER AGENCIES , CEOs of Tech companies that due contract work for the biggest social media sites that are coming forward  (including WHISTLEBLOWERS from the Biden admin. In 2024





Source, DW

June Updates

Breaking News: Biden’s Impeachment Looms as Congress Unleashes a Storm of Revelations!

The clock is ticking, and the removal of Joe Biden from power has begun! Congress is gearing up to announce the dates for his impeachment, marking a pivotal moment in American history. But that’s not all – House Speaker McCarthy drops a bombshell, hinting at the potential impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland for mishandling the Hunter Biden investigation.

These strategic moves are poised to shake the very foundations of the mainstream media. Finally, the impeachment hearings will force their reluctant hand, compelling them to report on the crimes and misdemeanors linked to Biden’s impeachment. Prepare for a seismic awakening as millions of Democratic voters are red-pilled, confronted with the shocking revelations surrounding their beloved president and the notorious Hunter Biden laptop. CNN, a prominent player in this unfolding drama, will lead the charge in broadcasting the impeachment proceedings. Could this be a sign of their gradual transformation, as they slowly flip their narrative and challenge the established order? And behind the scenes, whispers echo of a monumental interview where Trump returns to CNN, leaving the MSM, CIA, and FBI in a frenzy. CNN holds the key to unveiling information that has long been suppressed.

But let’s dig deeper. Who wields the unseen hand, manipulating the very fabric of reality? Who has captured the attention of Twitter, orchestrated changes within CNN, and exposed classified military operations in Ukraine? This enigmatic force fights against the looming threat of a fake alien invasion, safeguarding the interests of Trump and RFK Jr., and shedding light on the dark underbelly of child trafficking and human exploitation. They are the architects of the Great Awakening, leading humanity towards truth and liberation.

And now, in an unprecedented turn of events, Congress uncovers a treacherous web of deceit surrounding the fake alien invasion. Classified military operations, hidden deep within the underground machinations of the deep state, are exposed. These operations harbor groundbreaking technologies that could revolutionize the world, liberating us from the shackles of oil and gas dependency. Prepare for a seismic shift as the grip of the elite cabal, who profit from these finite resources, is shattered.

But that’s not all. Brace yourself for the next chapter in the fight against human trafficking, as Congress prepares to launch an all-out assault on this heinous industry. Epstein, JP Morgan, the Clintons, and Biden are just a few names that will be dragged into the spotlight. The dark secrets of Pizzagate, once concealed by the CIA’s mockingbird operations, will resurface. The time for truth and justice is at hand, exposing the sinister forces that have preyed upon our society for far too long.

Stay tuned, for timing is everything. The stage is set for a dramatic unraveling, where the powers that be will be held accountable. The truth will prevail, and a new dawn is on the horizon.

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Mossad = CIA                                                                                                                                                                                                     ⚠️ Whistleblower General Flynn  exposed the Gulen Terrorist Network: Flynn discovered that the Obama administration was creating funding and arming of Jihadist who later waved the flag of ISIS. These jihadist actions were taking place in Gaza. Obama with the help of CIA, NATO and his jihadist cronies, were seeking to top Assad in Syria. These treasonous administrations created funding of ISIS a.o.

The US/Jihadist morphed into the Arab spring, destabilized the middle east and created the orchestrated migration crises. Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab spring as secretary of state under the Obama administration. Flynn blew the whistle on the involvement in the Gulen terrorist Network of the Obama administration and by default of HW Bush, G Bush, Clinton, the state department, FBI, CIA and the DOG.

Now circle back to Israel today. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Those buildings fully collapsing in Gaza strip being hit from one missile are CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS. Deep State operators inside both Israel and Palestine camps have been INFILTRATED long ago (Mossad/CIA). Israeli handlers are in fact MOSSAD, UK, MI6, ROTHSCHILDs, CIA.

Dominion servers have a lot to hide from human trafficking to Epstein creation to the Vatican bank. Connections from the Snake pit of corruption by Israeli Elites run deep into United States MSM [CIA] control.

Source, DW

Migrant Riots in France, Spreading: Switzerland & Germany now!

The ferocious migrant riots taking place for more than five days inside France, have begun to spread.  In Zurich, Switzerland, a passenger train locomotive was set on fire (Video below) and in GieBen, Germany, Rioters hit the Eritrea Festival (video below).

We begin in Zurich, Switzerland as a train was set ablaze:

We now go to Germany where “African Migrants” stormed the Eritrea Festival, beating up random Germans as they encountered them.

Those of us on the right hate to say “I told you so” but here we are — again — with another “conspiracy theory” that proves correct.

For years, we on the right warned that the left wing and corporate globalists were intentionally bringing in third-worlders to our advanced societies to use as sort of “shock troops” against us.

That is exactly, precisely, what is taking place.

You see, the left-wing doesn’t want an educated, comfortable, engaged society because such societies actually pay attention to what our lowly, sniveling, public servants in government, actually do.

What the left wants are useful idiots who they can use to rabble rouse.  This disrupts the peace, dignity, and cohesiveness of society.

When society is in a condition of continual disruption and violence, it cannot then pay attention to what government is doing because the society has to do its best to keep themselves alive through all the chaos.

We warned over, and over again, that the migrants entering Europe from sub-saharan Africa and other inferior nations, would be a ticking social time bomb.  We warned they cannot assimilate, and worse, they WILL NOT assimilate.  These folks come from their backwards lands, with little to no education, and cling to their backwards ways.

Instead of learning about and embracing their new country, they re-establish the backwards ways and social systems they knew back home. They turn sections of their new country, into replicas of their old; complete with ignorance, ethnic strife, criminal gangs, laziness, and filth.

That won’t work in our advanced cultures, so the migrants find themselves outcast.  Often (but not always) unemployable, they get on the public dole, and sit and seethe.

As they sit around doing nothing, on the public dole, they SEE, with their own eyes, all the nicer things that OTHER people have.  They SEE the $1,000 Apple iPhones, the expensive sneakers, fine leather shoes, comfortable work boots, nice clothing.  They SEE the upkeep of the homes in the area, the big screen TV’s the fine stereos.  They see the new cars, trucks, especially the finer ones, and they KNOW they don’t have __any__ of those things, and start to realize they NEVER WILL.

They know they don’t want to get up for work everyday.  A lot of them, (not all) don’t even want to bother taking a shower.  Brushing teeth?  Ha!

So they sit around and realize they are unemployable, and without work – which they cannot or will not do — they have no chance at all of getting any of those finer things.  Their jealousy and envy drives them to more and more anger. They start to hate.  

Sooner or later, the seething hits boiling because their backwards customs, lack of self-discipline or work ethic, lousy personal hygiene and the like, keeps them OUT of civilized society.  They realize they cannot get ahead.

Worst of all, they don’t even care that they have no desire at all to get up every day, shower, get dressed, and be at work on-time, which could get them nicer things. They don’t even care about personal hygiene.

So they sit and seethe until they explode in violence, and wreck the nation that allowed them in.  They attack and beat any random people they run into because in their little minds, ALL of them have what the migrants want.

In France, that social time bomb has STARTED to go off.   Now Switzerland and Germany are seeing the initial phase of the social explosion which they allowed into their advanced nations.

In the last seven days, we seen near-civil-war level developments in both Russia and France.

Luke Update

🟨  | Lately, I have received more than one email expressing concern over certain posts by others on “our EVENT”, the timing, the apparent delays (?), changing narratives…and are we going to “live long enough to see it?”  Is anything happening?  What are rates, why not tell us, who IS directing this “movie”?

While I don’t have all the answers to assuage your fears, concerns, anxieties, I’ll do my BEST to give you some insight.  First, although I’m definitely NOT flush…financially…I’ve had to struggle like many of the readers over the last few years…to the point that I had to work some jobs {when I was able} to make ends meet.  However, based on what (I believe) I know as “reality”, I am totally comfortable with where we are in this “theatre”.

As I’ve said many times, the “tangents of Corruption” run WIDE & DEEP.  Let’s see if we can “connect a few dots” to paint a clearer landscape.  Who does one listen to…which “guru”, who is an “authority”?  Sometimes it’s best NOT to listen to anyone…trust in yourself and your investigative research, your instincts…what you KNOW to be real!

Who?  Let’s list a few:  Derek Johnson, Jaco, CaptKyle, MajFreddy, Chris Miller, Holly…I’m sure to leave a few out.  The military “intel” way is to take information in…compare, verify, follow facts, laws, documentation, and what makes sense.

“Gurus”…if you listen to them, consider their motives.  If you’ve followed this WWIII event, history, and our many discussions…the fact that since 2017, Trump’s entire Presidency has been a “military Sting Operation”…unlike any prior President.

The “dots”:  the 250-yr history of the socialist/Communist agenda; the Pope, Vatican & Jesuits; the Crown; Freemasonry; Rothschild’s & Illuminati = Khazarian Jews/Mafia/bankers; Act of 1871; Fed Reserve Act; Civil War is a LIE; American Revolution history is a LIE; WWI is a LIE; WWII is a LIE; League of Nations & UN = EVIL; your ‘STRAWMAN’ = Deceit;  your EDUCATION = LIE; CFR & Bilderbergs = EVIL;  bankers’ wars = EVIL; Wash D. C. & Congress = CORRUPT + EVIL;  “Branden” {FJB} = not ‘real’; Elections = ALL are cheated; NWO = EVIL; Fiat USD = $0.02 – .04;  9/11, JFK, RFK, Pentagon = LIES, DECEIT, FRAUD;  population reduction = “reality” for ALL but “Elites”; COVID-19 = “Fake”; Vaxx = a means to kill you!!

WE # The People: your Freedoms, Rights, Liberties, Sovereignty…The Constitutional Republic…ALL belong to YOU, your family, children, generations to come!!  How do we/you get there?

I follow certain personal contacts & their information/intel… use discernment: What makes sense?  Things are “events-driven”….NOT necessarily governed by a timeline.  We are in a silent, cyber, covert, deceptive WAR, one of infiltration & deception….driven by opposing Forces.  YOU are looking for the “WHOLE ENCHILADA”…Permanent change and a “New” LIFE!!  Actions change EVENTS = timelines and strategies change.  As a retired military officer & former Reserve Wing Plans officer, I understand the necessity of contingency planning.  That’s EXACTLY what Q, the Alliance, the White Hats, Trump, Putin, Xi Jingping, Modi, and bin Salman have been doing.  We are under (partial) martial law, NG is activated, as well as participation of the military of numerous nations fighting on behalf of the welfare of ALL mankind.  I’ve seen the videos of miles of trains and vehicles being deployed.  I’ve heard the military planes overhead my apartment at 3 AM, even in downtown Bellevue, as well as the helicopters.  YES…I BELIEVE!!

“Remember, freedom isn’t free. It comes at a cost. A cost borne by the brave men and women of our military. And as we look toward the future, let’s remember this: The cost of freedom is always high, but we have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose is the path of surrender, or submission.

In the end, it all boils down to this – our future is in our hands. It’s up to us to stand tall, to stand united, in defense of our Constitution, our freedom, and our great nation. The United States Military is our last line of defense, and they stand ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to protect our great nation. So let’s stand with them. Let’s stand for freedom. Let’s stand for America.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and most importantly, stay free. This is our America, and we will defend her to the last. This is our pledge, our promise, our commitment. We are the United States of America, and we will not be moved.” Medeea Greere

So many of you are confused by Phil’s statement about the Brunson Case because he said before that the Brunson case was in play. Let me explain my thoughts on this.

I believe the Brunson case is in play, but maybe not like you think. We have to actively be trying to “save ourselves” in any and every “legal” way possible. Brunson case is just one of them. Then when all avenues are exhausted, that’s when it feels like all hope is lost. Then MILITARY!

We must show that we will not stop fighting no matter what! We the people allowed this to happen over time. Maybe not us personally but mankind as a whole. So we must be the ones to set it straight. However, our physical power only goes so far as we are not military.

Once every “legal” avenue is exhausted, then and only then will we see military step in. This is the way of the plan IMO. Why do you think military is moving all over the place. They are getting in position.

When you fight for something with all your heart, soul, and mind, you appreciate the victory much more and will always go out of your way to protect it!

God is in control so do not be afraid! Trust in Him because His ways are not our ways. His ways are higher than ours. He loves us! So remember, the wicked are punished but God’s children are disciplined. He disciplines those he loves and He chastens those He cares for.

“No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.”

Hebrews 12:11 

Source, DW

EXPLOSIVE REVELATIONS: Russia Coup Exposed as Half Real, Half Hoax! 

Hold on tight as we unravel the mind-bending truth behind the recent events in Russia. Brace yourself for the shocking revelation: the coup orchestrated by Prigozhin was not what it seemed. It was a twisted tale of deception, with the CIA pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Part One: The Real Deal, CIA’s Puppet Masterplan 

Weekend reports confirm the real part of the Prigozhin coup, meticulously planned by the CIA. Infiltrating Wagner through Prigozhin, they manipulated the situation with precision. But here’s the twist: Prigozhin, the mastermind, was playing a dangerous game as a triple agent. Secrets run deep, and the truth is more intricate than we can imagine.

Part Two: The Hoax Unveiled, Putin’s Strategic Game Theory 

Prepare for the revelation that will leave you speechless. Putin and the Military Alliance had a grand plan in motion. Weeks before the Prigozhin coup, covert military camps emerged in Belarus, strategically positioned just north of Kiev, a mere 120 miles from Ukraine. The genius behind this game theory operation will make your head spin.

Unraveling the Game Theory Chessboard: Three Strategic Moves 

Move 1️⃣: Putin’s Masterstroke of Compassion and Forgiveness

In a calculated move, Putin allowed the military coup to unfold, with charges against Prigozhin dismissed. The message was clear: Russia can forgive and show compassion. This unexpected twist left Ukrainian troops and leaders in awe, softening their hearts and creating a pathway to surrender without retaliation. Putin’s compassion has rallied his people, even the skeptics, and set the stage for Russia’s grandest attack.

Move 2️⃣: Putin’s Countermove Against the Western Powers

Russia delivered a resounding blow to the masterminds behind the coup. By exposing their failed attempt using Prigozhin, Putin turned their plan into a military positioning move. Wagner Group was redirected to Belarus, reinforcing the divisions of troops just 120 miles from Ukraine’s border. Russian soldiers joined forces with the Belarus Army, creating an impenetrable defense. This strategic maneuver dealt a heavy blow to MI6, CIA, and NATO, leaving them stunned.

Move 3️⃣: Foiling the Color Revolution Coup in Belarus

Here’s where the game reaches its climax. The true brilliance of Putin’s plan shines through. MI6, CIA, and NATO had a color revolution coup in mind for Belarus, targeting President Aleksandr Grigorievich. However, Putin’s hoax coup using the Wagner Group disrupted their scheme. With the troops now in Belarus, they stand ready to defend Aleksandr Grigorievich against the imminent coup attempt orchestrated by the dark forces.

Prepare for the imminent clash of power and the fate of nations hanging in the balance. The game is far from over, and the stakes have never been higher. Stay tuned as the truth continues to unfold, revealing the intricate web of deception and strategic moves. Join us on this thrilling journey of discovery and enlightenment.

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Is white hats Operations to let the deep state know the COLLAPSE of hidden Military technology connected to Anti gravity, Tesla. Infinite Energy. Alien tech and hidden DEEP STATE underground military base project that house these operations WILL be EXPOSED if [THEY] do not come forward with the hidden technology.



DISCLOSURE PROJECTS. And USSF is behind the REAL WARNING THREATS that was given a few weeks ago in DC by Dr. David Greer.


It’s NO COINCIDENCE that Donald J TRUMP closed up Cheyenne mountain military base and BIDEN [ DS] had NO access too.. And even outside 4 Star Generals are BANNED from the base

It’s NO COINCIDENCE that TRUMP added UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE into the  U.S. Intelligence agency realm.

USSF is in powerful control of SPACE.. meaning CYBERSPACE and the secret war between the CIA and USSF has been happening over a 3 decades (before USSF even had a name)

The past 10 years USSF has siphoned  over 2 trillion from CIA money laundering operations (and i had stated a large part of USSF funding came before 911 when USSF STOLE OVER 2.3 TRILLION from the CIA. This means the ROBBERS ( CIA) Were ROBBED BY USSF and eventually DEFENSE SECRETARY Donald Rumsfeld Admitted the money was missing and one day later 911 happened as the CIA was angry over the stolen money and immediately pushed DARK OPERATIONS AGENDA PROJECTS to go after USSF. WHITE HATS and others who were supporting exposing full CIA OPERATIONS> including their child trafficking networks and pedophilia blackmail operations that was connected to all countries. Including [EPSTEIN]. THE 911 EVENT TRIGGERED THE PATRIOT ACT. This gave power to the deep state to go after their enemy inside the government. Military and Intel agencies.






The best is yet to come.

You have more than you know Q

The past two mornings, Chris Miller, acting Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump has made critical posts on Telegram about the presence of the military & Reserve forces deployed across America’s major cities, and in 27+ states. Is this a prelude to “martial law”? His instruction on Monday was to “Open your email, READ, and SHARE”.

This is the substack article/information linked to Tuesday’s post: Military Activity in the United States of America, A significant spike of military activity seen in the USA


It is no open secret that in the past few days there has been a significant spike in military activity seen all over the country. It should also be noted that some people are posting old footage, and some sightings should be considered regular yearly drills and exercises.
Regardless of that, these sightings have been massive and happening in multiple states. Are they prepping for something really major to happen. As far as we know no Governor of any state has declared a state of emergency, as required by the United States Constitution.
So that begs the question, what exactly is all this mobilization for?
Let us speculate on the possible theories:
1. Southern border – Hundreds of thousands of children missing at the border.
2. False flag – A massive 9/11 style attack to be blamed on Russia.
3. New pandemic – We know Bill Gates just visited China.
4. Project Bluebeam – The government could be preparing us for this.
5. Cyberattack – The World Economic Forum has been predicting this.
6. Biolabs – Destroying the biolabs we have in the USA.
7. World War III – New alliances in the East have already been formed.
8. 2024 Election Rigged – They want Trump gone permanently.

Events that Could Have Activated a Military Emergency

China has been spying on the United States from the inside and the outside. It was recently confirmed that China has had a spy base in Cuba since at least 2019. We also had multiple Chinese spy balloons flying through several states stealing our military data and intelligence. Some reports went even further claiming that those balloons were also weapons.
China has most of our politicians in their pockets. The most well known being the Biden crime family. Bill Gates who praised China multiple times for their pandemic response was also in China recently. Many speculating it has to do with a new pandemic.

NATO recently started the largest-ever air force deployment exercise in the Western military alliance’s history, a drill which was presented as a display of unity among members and partners of the bloc as tensions with Russia have escalated following Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Keep in mind that in 2022 the Russian government started the process of withdrawing from a series of international bodies, including the World Health Organization.

The Federal Reserve is launching the ‘FedNow’ instant payment service in July, a new real-time payments service that will enable faster and more secure financial payments for consumers and businesses. This will definitely evolve into a Central Bank Digital Currency if it is not that already at its inception.
The Federal Reserve staff is putting out research papers talking about “bank friction”, which means they will stop people from removing their money from banks, preventing bank runs. If this scenario ever played out in the country with the most armed citizens then they will most definitely need martial law.

Source; DW


New Biden Disclosures
BREAKING: Dead Senior JP Morgan board member and billionaire, James Crown reportedly vowed to expose damning evidence regarding financial crimes involving Joe and Hunter Biden before unexpected death.
New disclosures of text messages, emails, a voicemail, visitor’s logs, photographs, and on-the-record eyewitness accounts all indicating Biden not only knew about but was personally involved in his family’s influence peddling and bribery.
Washington DC rumors now say if the Biden Scandals gain MSM news momentum over the next 30 days, then the DNC will abandon Biden and Harris for a Gretchen Whitmer/ Gavin Newsom ticket, with Gavin as VP!  Source,
Source, Peter Novak

Wagner PMC’s “March of Justice” to Moscow / Results of the day

There is tremendous speculation circulating now that the US/CIA were behind the coup attempt in Russia. In the absence of armed conflict inside Russia, those rumors are likely to gain strength. The US efforts to sanction Russia’s economy backfired. – Novak


Live feed of the final battle of the Russian Civil War! (couple snips) After 12 hours of intense standing around and taking pictures, PMC Wagner are returning to the frontline to fight for Mother Russia. Not gonna say I told you so. However, I told you so.

Remember the Ghost of Kiev? Snake Island?

Remember Bakhmut? Prigozhin was supposed to be weak and out of ammo.

Remember Belgorod? The incursion was supposed to topple Russia overnight.

Remember the “counter-offensive”? They were supposed to take back Crimea and liberate all of Ukraine.

Remember the “Civil War”? Prigozhin was supposed to overthrow Putin.

Noticing a trend? Anyone who listens to 🇺🇦 Twitter accounts at this point is willfully misinformed. How many times can these people get duped before they wake up? Do you see how the 🇺🇦 folks are willing to believe ANYTHING if it supports their narrative? They went from saying Wagner are weak and depleted from mass casualties in Bakhmut, to fully believing Wagner could take on Russian MIL, and back to hating them.

All within 24 hours

Geopolitics newbs: “OMG did you hear about what this guy Prigozhin said! Russia is in civil war and Putin will be overthrown!”


Geopolitics vets who know Prigozhin makes shit up all the time: Millions flooded the scene and didn’t know who Prigozhin was, his history with Putin, or his history of being batshit crazy and conducting disinformation ops. Everyone thinks they’re an expert, but most don’t know a thing about the players involved.

There are levels to this. Russian MFA released a rather peculiar statement right as the Wagner hysteria was coming to a close. Russia called out US-led/sponsored wars, and brought up PAST FAILED CIA BLACK OPS such as the Bay of Pigs. Are the Russian government hinting they just foiled another CIA stunt?




In Russia, the so-called “March of Justice” by Yevgeny Prigozhin and PMC “Wagner” to Moscow has ended. In the morning it became known that the Wagner men entered Rostov-on-Don and blocked the headquarters of the Southern Military District, as well as a number of key buildings of law enforcement agencies in the city center, after which they moved further north along the M-4 highway.

During the movement along the column of PMC “Wagner” the planes of the Russian Aerospace Forces worked out, after which the fighters began to shoot down Russian aircraft. During the day, from the actions of the “Wagnerites” aviation lost seven sides, five of which did not carry any weapons. Among them are three Mi-8 MTPR – specialized scarce electronic warfare helicopters and an air control center based on the Il-18 aircraft with a crew.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation, calling the situation an armed mutiny and a stab in the back by Russian servicemen performing tasks in the SMO zone.

The rebellious march ended two hundred kilometers from Moscow, when, through the mediation of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, the Russian authorities and Prigozhin managed to reach a compromise, the details of which are still unknown.

The head of the PMC “Wagner” said that they were satisfied with the terms of the agreements, the march was over and the fighters were returning to the field camps, after which the “Wagner men” began to leave Rostov-on-Don in an organized manner. According to some information, Alexey Dyumin, the governor of the Tula region, also took part in the negotiations.

🔻 One of Prigozhin’s demands was the resignation of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov. Considering that, according to the source, the rebellion was stopped on favorable terms for the head of the PMC, there is reason to believe that in the end the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry will be removed.

At the end of the day, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, said that the criminal case against Prigozhin would be dropped, and he himself would “leave for Belarus.”

russian map

The beginning of a Russian civil war between Wager Group and Putin is likely to worsen inflation. If this conflict is not resolved immediately, oil and natural gas prices will skyrocket on Monday. This will also contribute to further food inflation, which is already at a staggering 12.5% in Europe.
On June 21, there was a Solar Arc Saturn/Mars conjunction in the US Liberty Chart, arriving just two days before the start of a new Russian Civil War that now threatens nuclear war and an unprecedented totalitarian lockdown in the US. “Horrendous” developments indeed. As predicted and right on schedule.
A nuclear war due to the Russian Civil War would trigger Obama’s executive order 13603, suspending the US Constitution. This 10-page document govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR… is a blueprint for a federal takeover of the economy that would dwarf any tyranny we’ve seen within these borders since King George. It would seize control of:
•“All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals”
•“All forms of energy”
•“All usable water from all sources”
•“Health resources – drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment”
•Forced labor ( or “induction” as the executive order delicately refers to military conscription)
•Moreover, federal officials would “issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources.”
•Each government bureaucracy “shall act as necessary and appropriate.”
The Russian Civil War broke out EXACTLY one day after BRICS announced the Aug 22 rollout date for the new currency that was supposed to compete with the US Dollar. How ridiculously convenient for the US.
A resolution to impeach Biden passed in the House this week, and just a few days later, Civil War broke out in Russia.
Remember how the US govt. lost all that money on Sept 10, 2001? It was a huge scandal for like 24 hours. And then it wasn’t ever in the news again.
Source; Mike Adams HHR

Putin: Attempted Armed Rebellion By Head Of The Wagner Mercenary Group

Wagner is a private Russian paramilitary organization. Its founder, and mercenary chief, Prigozhin who has been on the FBI’s wanted list, recruited thousands of mercenaries from Russian prisons.

Russia has accused the head of the Wagner PMC of rebellion. Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to crush, what he called an armed mutiny as Russian helicopters attacked a convoy of Wagner mercenaries advancing toward Moscow, Russia.

BREAKING: Claims of a MILITARY COUP In Russia as Wagner Declare WAR on the Russian Ministry of Defense
Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Russian mercenary group Wagner, has accused Russia of bombing his military sites in Ukraine.
Despite the Russian Defense Ministry claiming that there is no truth to his claim, Prigozhin has said that 25,000 mercenaries would take part in a military coup organized by him.
“Those who destroyed our guys today, who destroyed tens of thousands of lives of Russian soldiers, will be punished,” says Prigozhin.
Igor Girkin, ex-Russian Federal Security Service, has stated “The Military Coup Attempt Has Begun”
Multiple sources are claiming that an emergency statement is being prepared by Russia’s Ministry of Defense
Other sources are claiming that Russia’s National Guard is ON ALERT
Prigozhin, audio message 16 mins ago: “Details start emerging. The Minister of Defence urgently arrived to Rostov in order to conduct an operation to destroy PMC Wagner. He used artillerymen and helicopter pilots covertly to destroy us”.
My thoughts: This is MAJOR. I don’t know if a Wagner camp was actually attacked by the Russian military, but there’s essentially 3 options I can think of:
1. Yevgeny Prigozhin is falsely claiming his camp got bombed as a pretext for a coup
2. The Kremlin is attacking Wagner. We know they’ve been sparring for months now.
3. The attack on the camp is an accident and Yevgeny Prigozhin is simply overreacting as usual (this time though, going to a whole new level)
Updates & News Reports; Military coup appears to be underway in Russia after the brutal Wagner mercenaries brigade, which has 50,000 troops, turned on Putin.
The head of the mercenary group has declared a ‘March for Justice’ on Moscow and has said that Putins army ‘must be stopped’
The Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, responsible for some of the most horrific atrocities in Ukraine, has began a rebellion after claiming Putins missiles killed several 100’s of his troops in an air strike in Ukraine.
Wagner chief vows to ‘go to the end’ to oust Moscow top brass.
The head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner vowed Saturday to take all necessary steps to topple the country’s military leadership in Moscow, saying his forces would “destroy everything” in their way.
“We are going onwards and we will go to the end,” Yevgeny Prigozhin said in a new audio message after vowing to sideline Russia’s military leadership, adding that his forces had entered the southern Russian region of Rostov.
“The source says there is panic in the Kremlin, no one can reach Putin”
“Source: Right now the Kremlin is negotiating about something with general governor Dyumin”
Source: Some people in the Kremlin, from the presidential administration, are finding out about a possible emergency relocation. One of the few available destinations is Uruguay”.
BREAKING – Russia’s Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR) is reportedly on its way to Belgorod to arrest or kill Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group, due to an “armed rebellion.” The situation in Russia is out of control.
Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of Russia’s Wagner group
– Claims his forces were attacked by Russia’s military
– Hours after he said Ukraine war is based on lies
– Russia’s defense ministry denies attacking Wagner
– Prigozhin: “Not a military coup, it’s a march for justice”
– “Evil brought by military leadership must be stopped”
– Claims his forces are crossing into Russian territory
– Adds: “We’ll destroy anything that gets in the way”
– So far no confirmation of Wagner troops in Russia
– Russia opens criminal investigation against Prigozhin
– FSB calls on Wagner troops to arrest him
– Top general appeals to Wagner: “I urge you to stop”
– Security forces in Moscow put on high alert
– State TV airing special news bulletins overnight
– Kremlin: Putin receiving round-the-clock updates
Source; Peter Novak 

B-52 Bommers

For the first time in history, United States Air Force B-52 nuclear-capable bomber aircraft, landed in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Their arrival comes just days after Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s meetings in Beijing utterly failed.

Source; Hal Turner

“Air Defender 2023” The first tangible sign that the ongoing NATO “exercise” dubbed “Air Defender 2023” will go “live” to direct war with Russia, has come out: British mass-media outlet SKY NEWS is running a piece calling for Western Air Power to directly enter the Ukraine war and bomb Russians.

Reports are trickling-in CLAIMING much of western Alaska is without Internet and Cellular service.  Specifically, the parts that are closest to Russia.

“US-China relations are at their lowest point, ever” according to Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang. He noted that such a situation is not in the interests of the United States or the interests of China.

Video has come in to the Hal Turner Radio Show which shows a very significant number of Mexican military troops and armed vehicles massing just south of the US Border in the California area, LAST NIGHT.

Citizens in **MANY** areas of the U.S.A. are startled that tanks, troops, assault aircraft are BEING DEPLOYED on the streets throughout the U.S.A. today, Saturday, June 17.  Video below shows tanks on the highways of Idaho, Osprey Helicopters dropping Marines in California residential neighborhoods, and trainloads of military armor moving in Missouri.


The Storm is Upon Us Trust The Plan

Major Cyber Attacks Happening Across the Globe. These Cyber Attacks Could Shut Down the Infrastructures of 250 Targeted Major Cities, plus the Entire Global Financial System, and Lead to Lockdowns, Blackouts and Martial Law.

U.S. Globalist CABAL Regime on the Verge of Defeat! You’re Winning the War! 

Hold on to your seats as Tucker Carlson rocks the nation with a groundbreaking exposé that shattered viewership records! Over 100 million people tuned in to witness the unraveling of corruption within the FBI, CIA, and Pentagon’s hidden UFO technology. Brace yourselves for the truth bombs dropped by Tucker, enlightening millions of Americans in a single evening!

US Government department heads were notified that there was a Cyber Attack War going on that targeted US government facilities and the infrastructure of 250 cities across the Globe.

These Cyber Attacks could shut down the Global financial system and lead to Lockdowns, Blackouts and Martial Law.

It has been confirmed that on Sat. 17 June 2023 Tanks and Troops were deploying inside the US and Canada. The Military was positioning itself in 27 states, including the state of Washington, Idaho, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where the city of Philadelphia was under Military control. Citizens in many areas of the US reported tanks, troops and assault aircraft being deployed on the streets throughout the US on Saturday, 17 June.  

💢 Judy Note: We are close to a Military Takeover: https://t.me/ThePatriot17/57441

On Mon. 19 June we were set to commemorate the end of slavery with the Juneteenth Federal Holiday, plus would be celebrating the beginning of the Q Movement. On 1 April 1860 twenty Generals, who had formed the Q Movement, organized behind Abraham Lincoln to make him president of the US in order to defeat the Khazarian Rothschild Mafia, which had established a slave trading system and owned 99% of American slaves.

In the last few weeks certain US Legislators were issued Emergency Satellite Phones, and then taken to a secured underground facility.

On Fri. 16 June there were Cyber Attacks on several government agencies across the Globe. This was an inside job: next was Public Cyber Attacks

The FBI has refused to give Congress 17 tapes related to Biden taking bribes.

BlackRock, Vanguard, JPMorgan Chase on the Brink of Collapse! 

Prepare for a financial earthquake as shares, earnings, and investments in these banking giants crumble over the past three years. Despite their desperate attempts to deceive with fake reports, the imminent collapse of BlackRock looms large, signaling the downfall of a behemoth deeply entrenched in bankruptcy.

Step into a clandestine world of power and opulence where billions of dollars from the CCP have been discreetly stashed away in Silicon Valley banks. But this revelation is just the tip of the iceberg. In the shadows, intelligence units are tirelessly decrypting the covert codes utilized in the SVB financial democratic laundering systems. The sinister collapse of SVB and its eerie connections to the Deep State trace back to the highest echelons of the U.S. government—the CIA, Pentagon, Obama, Biden—exposing a vast network of corruption entwined with the Ukrainian money laundering system and the far-reaching grasp of the CCP.

Meanwhile, the arrest of Trump reverberates around the globe, but behind this intricately choreographed event lies a hidden message, ingeniously conveyed through a potent photograph. By deciphering this cryptic military communication, we unveil a breathtaking pattern—flags meticulously positioned to symbolize the stages of war as defined by the Laws of War Department of Defense procedures. This mind-blowing revelation uncovers a meticulously crafted plan, leaving no room for coincidence.

For months, we have been fed a steady diet of lies about Ukraine’s supposed triumph in the war, propagated by the Pentagon, mainstream media, and the Biden administration. However, now, valiant insiders emerge from the shadows, shedding light on the truth. Among them stands Colonel Douglas MacGregor, a trusted confidant of Trump and a seasoned war strategist. Backed by classified intelligence reports and the unwavering commitment of oath keepers and the Military Alliance, MacGregor’s revelations paint a bleak picture of the Ukrainian battlefield. As the supply of cutting-edge weaponry and systems from the US and EU grinds to a halt, the imminent collapse of Ukraine becomes undeniable.

Prepare for the Ultimate ShockwaveLeaked U.S. military and NATO War Plans are Making Waves Online, Courtesy of Russia. These classified documents lay bare the true extent of Ukrainian casualties, revealing that hundreds of thousands have perished on their side, while the Russian losses pale in comparison. The Pentagon, CIA, and NATO find themselves reeling as their hidden motives and objectives are laid bare. Desperate to regain control, they dismiss the leaked documents as Russian disinformation or heavily manipulated data. But the truth cannot be silenced!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing an unprecedented series of events, masterfully orchestrated according to the Laws of War—3.4, 3.5, leading to the climactic 3.6. Each thread we unravel, from Epstein to Ukraine, Obama to the Clintons, the CIA to the virus, and even Silicon Valley Bank, weaves an intricate tapestry of intrigue and corruption. Every sign points to a pivotal date—11.3—the point of no return.

But that’s not all—the floodgates of truth have burst open, overwhelming the CIA, the Pentagon, and the Biden administration. White hat AI systems, unleashed to counter the deep state’s AI, have sparked a seismic shift in power. We are now witnesses to an epic battle where the fate of nations hangs in the balance, and the truth can no longer be contained.

Buckle up for an unparalleled journey into the heart of darkness, where global power structures crumble and heroes and villains clash in an epic struggle for dominance. This is the storm you’ve been anxiously awaiting—the world will never be the same again!

Source, Judy Byington

WIRES; Someone is Planning the Passing of Biden?

Is the CIA planning their second assassination of another sitting U.S. President since JFK?

Inside this plan that was predicted back in 2021 on this channel and few truthers channel it was stated Biden would be [X] and the Patriot community or Republican Mil. Commanders would be blamed for his demise (MAJOR FALSE FLAG CIA [ DS] EVENT)

What ever is going on, the WIRES of Joe Biden’s demise in 2023_24 is running through the CABLES<

As we come into The Storm of the century and the NEW PANDEMIC IS CLIMATE CHANGE and Forrest’s burn and Chaos ensues.. The white hats ALLIANCE has positioned RFKJR inside an instrumental position as a candidate for Presidency and at the same time RFKJR is RED PILLING THE MASSES and comes out against the NEW WORLD ORDER publicly and condemns DAVOS group and their WORLD CARBON TAX SCAM, …RFKJR RED PILLS the democrats with his persistence of bio labs in Ukraine and CIA creating bioweapons

And now RFKJR is publicly blaming FOX News and MSM For pushing the death vaccines and the effects.

In fall 2021 i told you keep your eyes on RFKJR and he was COMING.. his uncle JFK created the first Special Forces for two reasons .

To combat  communist guerillas in unconventional warfare

The SECOND REASON for the creation of Special Forces Green Berets was to combat a U.S. government regimen if [they] were ever to  turn on their own citizens and enact an AUTHORITARIAN DICTATORSHIP GOVERNMENT (JFK was well aware of Bohemian Grove and world agenda orgs that were going to enslave a world into one government)

When JFK was assassinated. THE U.S. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERETS ACTIVATED MILITARY PROTOCOLS and their intelligence CHANNELS opened up the THE WORLD ALLIANCE MILITARY OPERATIONS (this should bring you to the understanding why JFK son JFK Jr’s security team was called Q. and JFK Jr’s had Intel from the Special Forces and PROTECTION… This is why JFK Jr’s plane crash is shrouded in mystery and his family had a fast paced his autopsy and few hours later quickly buried the body (fake) /////

Source, DW

US FAKE | Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – in a desperate bid to keep his Rockefeller masters in business- offered China control of the political theater that has replaced US democracy, Asian secret society sources say. In particular, Blinken offered control of the Creative Artists Agency, the sources say. The Chinese turned it down because they already control most of it.

In case you didn’t know, CAA controls political actors like “President” Joe Biden. “Biden” has been represented by several different CAA artists.

“Biden” is just one of many such actors playing the role of politicians. “Congresswoman” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cortez, for example, was a waitress before she won a CAA audition to become a Congress actor.

This is CAA headquarters as seen from above. Note the eye. It represents a nearly successful attempt to replace Western Democracy with Babylonian political theater (CAA was not available for comment as this report went live).

For details please watch the video linked below. It is two hours long but a good introduction for people who are just waking up.

This theater is still continuing. As a recent example, corporate BS networks said they won’t televise US President Donald Trump’s remarks “because he’s a liar.” These are the same exact people who told you:

-Trump conspired with Russia

-Vaccines were safe and effective

-C19 did NOT come from a lab 

-Hunter’s Laptop was Russian disinformation

Source; Ben Fulford

Daily Post | Peter Novak

Global Economic Collapse now overtly threatened by international developments.
Russian forces are currently digging trenches in the Moscow Oblast.
With Wagner forces less than 2 hours away, every minute counts.
If this is not contained, the global economic impact will be massive.

💢 Newsom’s wife killed her own sister. George Bush’s wife also killed someone. Biden’s first wife and child were horrifically killed days after he was elected Senator. Obama’s grandmother died one day before he was elected president. And of course there are some 71 suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons.

Its a pattern with these Deep State figures.
No later than Sunday, America’s director of National Intelligence must, by law, “declassify” and make public all “information relating to the origins” of Covid???
“Global Economic Collapse”  Major Hacker Groups Announce Plan to Cripple Western Financial System in 48 Hours: Targets Include 🇺🇸 US and 🇪🇺 European Banks, SWIFT, and Federal Reserve — MASH. The largest hacker groups have united for this campaign: KillNet, Revil, and Anonymous Sudan. Task number one is to paralyze the SWIFT system — MASH.

GET OUT OF THE CITIES “NOW”.  New law says it is illegal to enforce the law.
NEW: Seattle police can no longer make arrests for property damage following a court ruling. It is now legal to damage, vandalize, and graffiti people’s property in Seattle.
Evacuate From These Cities:
1) New York City
2) Los Angeles
3) Chicago
4) Philadelphia
5) Washington DC
6) Houston
7) Nashville
8) New Orleans
9) Charlotte
10) San Francisco
11) Detroit
12) Seattle
13) Atlanta
14) Las Vegas
15) Baltimore
16) Boston
17) Miami
17 Cities. 1 Event.
NYC Subway in the past few weeks:
-36 year old man stabbed to death
-Pregnant woman slashed in the face
-50 year old brutally beaten by gang
-54 year old slashed in collarbone
-35 year old woman paralyzed after being thrown onto the tracks
-18 year old pushed onto the tracks
-64 year old man & 67 year old woman brutalized and robbed
-29 year old woman escapes rape
-Man in a coma after being slashed and thrown onto the tracks
Get out of cities.
“IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, you Need to LEAVE California. You need to FLEE.”
– California Senator
A highly trusted confidential source told the FBI that Burisma’s president was rattled by Trump’s victory, fearing an investigation would reveal the Burisma executive’s bribes to the Biden family, which included a $5 million payment to Hunter Biden and a $5 million payment to Joe Biden. According to the source, whose recollections are contained in a report the FBI tried to hide, the Burisma executive said the Bidens had “coerced” him into paying the bribes, and that he had recordings of his conversations with Joe Biden himself.


DS unmasked

Deep State Unmasked – Unprecedented Military Coup Exposed!

“The endgame is here, and it is a fight for the survival of humanity”

Prepare to have your world turned upside down as the shocking truth is unveiled before your eyes. The sinister machinations of the elite powers have been exposed in a mind-boggling military coup that defies belief.

Discover how ex-presidents Clinton and Obama, in cahoots with the CIA, masterminded a audacious plan to overthrow a sitting president, manipulating military intelligence to achieve their sinister objectives. This astonishing revelation will send shockwaves through the corridors of power.

Hold onto your seats as we delve into the darkest secrets of the deep state. Adam Schiff, backed by the corrupt FBI, DOJ, and DOD, played a pivotal role in this nefarious scheme, fostering division and chaos that tore at the very fabric of our nation. Uncover the chilling connections to a sprawling pedophilia ring, intertwined with the notorious Epstein scandal—where money laundering, human trafficking, and blackmail ran rampant.

But the deception runs deeper still. Gain a glimpse into the sinister agenda behind this coup—deadly vaccines, societal collapse, digital surveillance, and widespread censorship. These revelations will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.

Prepare to have your reality shattered once more as we expose the hidden agenda of the global elites. Unravel the shocking plan orchestrated by the Rockefellers, involving a staged alien invasion to manipulate and control the masses. This audacious scheme, foretold by NASA’s own Wernher von Braun, will shake the very foundations of our understanding.

Be warned: the first alien invasion will be nothing but smoke and mirrors. Look beyond the illusion and discover the true depths of their deception. Brace yourself for the imminent disclosure—a revelation that will rewrite history and challenge everything we hold dear.

Stay vigilant, fellow patriots, as the world hurtles towards an unprecedented awakening. The battle between light and darkness rages on, but remember, truth and justice will prevail. Get ready to witness the greatest unraveling of our time!

Source: David Wilcock


Explosive Expose: Khazarian (DS) Mafia COLLISION COLLUSION COURSE UNVEILED! 

“War Does Not Determine Who Is Right, Only Who is Left”,  Bertrand Russell 

Prepare for a mind-blowing journey back to 1939 when German espionage infiltrated Washington. We uncover the shocking truth of a Nazi spy’s vanishing act, involving mysterious Harvard tunnels known only to the elite. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Behind closed doors, the secret military tribunals are unraveling the web of Epstein’s connections to Harvard’s sinister submarine human trafficking rings. As the Epstein list teeters on the edge of exposure, the CIA is in a panic, and their plan to install Gavin Newsom as the next U.S. President crumbles.

But wait, there’s more! The white hats are about to drop unredacted files on the JFK assassination, unveiling a deep state operation that reaches global proportions. Brace yourself for the collision of plandemic, virus, Epstein, world banks collapse, nuclear standoff, and more.

Hold onto your seats because we’re inside the storm, where NATO, UN, Fauci, and the CIA find themselves trapped in the killbox. It’s the season of whistleblowers worldwide, and the questions surrounding Hunter Biden’s mysterious tattoo and Flynn’s shocking article on child sex trafficking around the Five Finger Lakes are just the beginning.

Get ready for the truth bombshell that will leave you speechless. Brace for impact!

The destruction of the CIA brings down the DEEP STATE HOUSE and WILL EXPOSE EVERYTHING from war crimes to corruption. To military coups and the control of the Federal reserve and the corrupt world banks


This connects to bringing down the first FAKE U S. CBDC ( I have told many times the first U.S. digital currency WILL FAIL and Trump will Create the second REAL gold backed banking system)

The Federal Reserve Bank is not Federal and it holds no reserves. It is a private bank owned by its member banks. And overall, owned by the same big banks deemed too big to fail. Like JPMorgan Chase. So when the CBDCs come to supposedly save the day, remember that these banks are run by child rapists and human traffickers.




Who was Seth Rich? What did he know? Why is he important?

Source: David Wilcock

Restore the Republic

Restored Republic Timeline

“The American Republic Will Endure Until the Day Congress Discovers It Can Bribe the Public With the Public’s Money”, Alexis de Tocqueville

Since President Trump’s inauguration in 2016 US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had filed over 500,000 indictments against Global and Political Elites in federal courts across the nation. Charges included Treason, Human/ Child Trafficking, Murder, Assassinations, Drug and Arms Smuggling and RICO Money Laundering.

After arrests, interrogations and State Grand Jury trials, verified facts in the over 500,000 cases were given to John Durham – who included them in his report – the full extent of which was about to be released.

Since Feb. 2020 a US Interim Military Government has been executing arrests of those prominent elites. “For nearly two years I’ve watched at least five large, unmarked cruise ships, parked two miles off the coast of Long Beach California, in the Pacific Ocean! All the while seeing literally 60 to 70 helicopter flights a day, fanning out in three different directions… unmarked helicopters… obviously some military and some civilian. This has happened every day, including Sundays, nonstop for nearly two years!” …Anonymous

On Wed. 2 Dec. 2020 Trump had invoked provisions of the National Defense Activation Act (NDAA) due to Foreign Intervention and Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Military had proven the fraud through an election count of official watermarked ballots that ran in tandem with vote tabulations on Nov. 3 2020.

Since 20 Jan. 2021 the US Military Special Forces have been holding nightly Tribunals on Capitol Hill using that evidence – evidence that was handed over to Durham and included in a report.

Soon the full Durham Report would be released, followed by another round of around 3,000 arrests of those found guilty of crimes including Treason during the years of investigation since Trump took office.

Source: Benjamin Fulford


Uncovering the Truth: Shedding Light on FISA

“Nothing Is Hidden That Will Not Be Made Known, Nothing is Secret That Will Not Come To Light” Dan Brown

Recent revelations surrounding the FBI’s warrantless “backdoor searches” on American citizens, as disclosed by the DOJ Inspector General, have brought forth a concerning issue. While the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was initially designed for targeted surveillance of foreigners, it appears that the FBI has been exploiting it to conduct covert surveillance on Americans.

The 2022 transparency report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence reveals an alarming number of 3.4 million backdoor searches conducted in 2021 alone. This revelation has led to questions raised by Gaetz regarding the legitimacy of these searches.

These findings give rise to several important questions: Who authorized the FISA warrants against Flynn? Were there FISA warrants issued against Trump, his campaign, and his aides? Who approved the FISA warrants for surveillance on millions of U.S. citizens? Moreover, why were FISA warrants utilized for spying on foreign governments and influencing events like the “color revolutions” in Egypt, Libya, or attempts to undermine Bin Salman? Understanding the true nature of FISA is of utmost importance.

The significance of Q’s repeated warnings about FISA cannot be ignored. How did Q possess this knowledge in advance?

Consider the implications if these truths were not uncovered. Although the path ahead may be challenging, we must ensure that every step we take adheres to legal protocols. It is crucial for ordinary individuals to comprehend and accept events based on factual information.

The FISA revelations are part of a larger narrative, the opening act of a carefully orchestrated production. This narrative involves exposing bad actors, installing trustworthy individuals, and unmasking sleeper agents. We are prepared for what lies ahead.

[FISA] unveils a planned military coup against the 45th President, revealing deep-rooted corruption within U.S. intelligence agencies, involving elites and even presidents engaged in treasonous acts.

Kash Patel urged trust in Durham, whose saga is yet to unfold, along with the Epstein and Hunter sagas. President Trump himself boldly stated, “It’s treason.”

Behind the scenes, divisions among U.S. military generals persist, while the white hats prepare to release damning evidence and expose the deep state. The involvement of the U.S. military is significant.

It is also important to acknowledge that [FISA] works both ways, and the military white hats possess comprehensive knowledge.

This is not just another ordinary election cycle. Patriots, stand strong as the white hats awaken the masses and initiate Congressional hearings and Senate debriefings to legally substantiate the evidence and establish a solid record. It all leads to the implementation of the Law of War and the imminent arrest of those involved. November 3rd is fast approaching.

Source: Benjamin Fulford 

GLOBAL MILITARY COUPS, Unveiling the Tug of War

“Most of Wars or Military Coups or Invasions are Done in the Name of Democracy Against Democracy”, Eduardo Galeano 

Anticipated developments are unfolding worldwide, as I have long warned. In numerous countries, a conflict between the entrenched Deep State and the White Hats will escalate into a series of arrests and military coups. Both factions will hurl accusations of treason and military intervention, while the mainstream media, revealing its allegiance, will engage in biased attacks against individuals, groups, or regimes.

In recent news, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was apprehended by paramilitary police. Khan had vocally alleged a CIA-backed military coup within his nation, vowing to expose corruption within his own government and military, implicating their collaboration with the CIA. Reliable sources indicate that he possessed significant intelligence on illicit activities, including the CIA’s involvement in heroin drug operations, covert arms sales from the United States to Pakistan and China, and intricate money laundering systems. Disturbingly, the heinous practice of male child trafficking in the region, particularly between Pakistan and Afghanistan, involving complicity from military, police, government officials, and elites, has persisted for decades—a matter even depicted in the film “Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.”

Consequently, Pakistan has descended into chaos, with violent clashes erupting between security forces and Imran Khan’s supporters, resulting in casualties, including one fatality in the city of Quetta. Such events, characterized by the ARREST WARS phenomenon, are anticipated to spread across several countries by 2024. The United States, facing an imminent civil war plot orchestrated by the Deep State, an agenda that has been discussed by U.S. generals for the past two years, serves as a precursor to this global unrest. Over the past year alone, countries in Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Myanmar have already experienced military coups, with further incidents expected to occur and escalate.

In this brewing storm, corrupt nations are plotting to overthrow countries under CIA influence. The disclosure of mounting deaths associated with the virus and vaccines has sparked outrage, with leaked reports on gain-of-function research and corruption permeating all nations. Governments and corporations linked to the CIA network are being exposed, triggering a silent yet resounding worldwide revolution. Behind the scenes, a military alliance is orchestrating these events, catalyzing the storm and heralding the great awakening.

During these challenging and dark moments, let us maintain faith, dear patriots, for beyond lies the light. The best is yet to come as we navigate through the tempestuous storm, forging ahead towards a brighter future.

Source: Judy Byington


Breaking News: Subpoenas Issued to Elite Figures in the Epstein Case

“True Courage Is To Stand Against Evil, Even When We Stand Alone”, Richard C. Edgley 

Prepare for the shocking truth to be unveiled as powerful individuals find themselves at the center of the Epstein case. Take note of the names resonating throughout influential circles:

– Sergey Brin: Google Founder, ranked 12th richest person globally

– Thomas Pritzker: CEO of the Pritzker Organization and Executive Chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corporation

– Michael Ovitz: Co-founder of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and former President of The Walt Disney Company

– Mortimer Zuckerman: CEO of Boston Properties and media owner

These individuals wield significant influence, overseeing corporations, subsidiaries, and investors within the intricate network of global elites. Their wealth intertwines with entities like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and Wall Street, all guided by influential forces such as the CIA and the Rockefeller’s.

Attempts to bury the Epstein case and conceal connections to the Virgin Islands, JP Morgan, and the Epstein sex trafficking ring were met with unwavering resistance from the U.S. Virgin Islands, supported by military intelligence operations. Even with vast resources and attempts to manipulate the justice system, these elites were unable to escape scrutiny.

But how did the richest elites lose control over the Epstein cases and their grip on the judiciary, despite their immense power? What is truly unfolding?

Enter the World of Military Alliance Operations

If you have been following various sources, including enigmatic figures like Q The Storm Rider, you may have glimpsed the grand game at play. Military alliance operations are underway, aiming to dismantle the cabal, the deep state, and expose the global pedophilia ring connected to Epstein. Uncover the web of blackmail operations involving Mossad, MI6, the CIA, and DARPA’s Five Eyes operations.

These powerful entities allegedly orchestrated the pandemic, funded the virus, and manipulated organizations like the World Health Organization for their own malevolent agenda. Wars served as smokescreens to hide their nefarious activities, with Ukraine allegedly serving as a major money laundering operation run by the CIA and DARPA’s 4th Reich operations.

It’s important to note that the individuals mentioned are of Jewish heritage and have connections to CCP organizations and markets. However, it’s crucial to distinguish between good and bad actors within any group. The real Jewish society is reportedly working to purge the infiltration of the Khazarian Mafia, an ongoing struggle to reclaim their heritage.

Stay prepared for seismic revelations in the Epstein case. The truth will emerge, and those who believed themselves untouchable will face the consequences they deserve.

Source: David Wilcock


durham report

Durham Report Alludes to a Deeper Background Story

“Never Forget The American Commitment to Real Justice and Accountability” Michael R. Pompeo 

The mention of the Durham report alludes to a deeper story, suggesting that military and intelligence agencies possess documents related to the investigation. It is implied that the current publicized Durham report serves as a cover for their operations, with the true findings being held privately.

The topic of bringing down the CIA is also mentioned, along with its connections to various organizations such as the WHO, vaccines, biolabs, banks, CDC, and NIH. Additionally, references are made to important individuals possessing classified JFK files and the involvement of RFK Jr. and former President Trump in unveiling undisclosed information. Congress and senators are actively discussing the Durham investigation, and Elon Musk is said to be setting a trap with Twitter, indicating that not everything is as it appears.

Source: Benjamin Fulford


top secret nato plans

Top Secret NATO War Plans, Colossal Web of Corruption

“Never Think That War No Matter How Necessary Nor Just, Is Not A Crime”, Earnest Hemingway 

We have unearthed top-secret U.S. NATO war plans that were never meant to see the light of day, unraveling a colossal web of corruption that strikes at the very heart of global integrity.

Step into a clandestine world of power and opulence where billions of dollars from the CCP have been discreetly stashed away in Silicon Valley banks. But this revelation is just the tip of the iceberg. In the shadows, intelligence units are tirelessly decrypting the covert codes utilized in the SVB financial democratic laundering systems. The sinister collapse of SVB and its eerie connections to the Deep State trace back to the highest echelons of the U.S. government—the CIA, Pentagon, Obama, Biden—exposing a vast network of corruption entwined with the Ukrainian money laundering system and the far-reaching grasp of the CCP.

Meanwhile, the arrest of Trump reverberates around the globe, but behind this intricately choreographed event lies a hidden message, ingeniously conveyed through a potent photograph. By deciphering this cryptic military communication, we unveil a breathtaking pattern—flags meticulously positioned to symbolize the stages of war as defined by the Laws of War Department of Defense procedures. This mind-blowing revelation uncovers a meticulously crafted plan, leaving no room for coincidence.

For months, we have been fed a steady diet of lies about Ukraine’s supposed triumph in the war, propagated by the Pentagon, mainstream media, and the Biden administration. However, now, valiant insiders emerge from the shadows, shedding light on the truth. Among them stands Colonel Douglas MacGregor, a trusted confidant of Trump and a seasoned war strategist. Backed by classified intelligence reports and the unwavering commitment of oath keepers and the Military Alliance, MacGregor’s revelations paint a bleak picture of the Ukrainian battlefield. As the supply of cutting-edge weaponry and systems from the US and EU grinds to a halt, the imminent collapse of Ukraine becomes undeniable.

Prepare for the ultimate shockwave—leaked U.S. military and NATO war plans are making waves online, courtesy of Russia. These classified documents lay bare the true extent of Ukrainian casualties, revealing that hundreds of thousands have perished on their side, while the Russian losses pale in comparison. The Pentagon, CIA, and NATO find themselves reeling as their hidden motives and objectives are laid bare. Desperate to regain control, they dismiss the leaked documents as Russian disinformation or heavily manipulated data. But the truth cannot be silenced!

We are witnessing an unprecedented series of events, masterfully orchestrated according to the Laws of War—3.4, 3.5, leading to the climactic 3.6. Each thread we unravel, from Epstein to Ukraine, Obama to the Clintons, the CIA to the virus, and even Silicon Valley Bank, weaves an intricate tapestry of intrigue and corruption. Every sign points to a pivotal date—11.3—the point of no return.

But that’s not all—the floodgates of truth have burst open, overwhelming the CIA, the Pentagon, and the Biden administration. White hat AI systems, unleashed to counter the deep state’s AI, have sparked a seismic shift in power. We are now witnesses to an epic battle where the fate of nations hangs in the balance, and the truth can no longer be contained.

Buckle up for an unparalleled journey into the heart of darkness, where global power structures crumble and heroes and villains clash in an epic struggle for dominance. This is the storm you’ve been anxiously awaiting—the world will never be the same again!

Source: David Wilcock

Global Economic Collapse 

Recession is When Your Neighbor Lose His Job, Depression Is When You Lose Yours”, Ronald Regan


by Peter Novak, Warnings Released May 19th – 28th

I told you that the US would experience a strong panic yesterday. There were actually several panics in the US yesterday. Most of them were political in nature, and most of them only panicked the Democrat side of the isle.

The strongest panic yesterday may have been in Congress, over the Whistleblowers’ testimonies that obliterated the Dem narratives on January 6th and other issues. But the Dems were also panicking big time yesterday over the election trial in Arizona, because it seemed to be going so well for Kari Lake.

The Dems were also panicking big time yesterday over the Default Crisis, so much so in fact that they began floating the controversial and never-before used idea of using the 14″ Amendment to circumvent the need for a Congressional bill to raise the Debt Ceiling. The Dems were also panicking yesterday because the GOP filed impeachment charges against Biden and several members of his Administration, and also moved to remove Adam Schiff from the House.

And the Dems were also panicking yesterday because Senator Feinstein finally came back from medical leave, but she now seems to be mentally impaired, and said yesterday that she doesn’t even remember being gone from Congress for the last several months.

Source: Peter Novak

US Open Border Crisis, Mexican Cartel Infiltration, Insurgents, & Mercenary Invaders

“Over one million Mexican civilians have been killed by the Cartels in the past 10 yrs. US border town shootings and crime up 1100%. Mexican Cartels have declared War on the US and Americans are silent”

Mexico-based drug cartels—and not the government of the United States—”control everything that crosses that southwest border,” including “illegal migrant crossings” that “create gaps in border security,” according to former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott.

“When I say gaps in border security, I mean they overwhelm all of our law enforcement in the area beyond the Border Patrol, and that creates gaps where there is no law enforcement, and then they bring into the country anything they want,” Scott said during a May 23 hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement.

The cartels aren’t just in Mexico, they’re also present in the United States, according to Scott, who’s now a distinguished senior fellow for border policy with the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

In a clear sign of white hat military action, 24 Republican governors announced deployments of National Guard troops to assist Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s border security efforts.

One reason the troops are being deployed is that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has been paying a staggering $18,000 per child to “sponsor” unaccompanied minors. The children were being placed with abusive “sponsors” and up to 85,000 “sponsored” children are missing. 


dark side of Globalism

The “Dark Side” of Globalization

• Mexico is the “hub” of the underground globalization drug market
• Mexican cartels desire to control transportation routes
• Transit points usually link Mexico with Latin American drug producing nations such as Colombia & Peru, and the U.S, to which the majority of drugs are smuggled
• Mexican cartels are responsible for 90% of the U.S cocaine market & key producers of marijuana and methamphetamines
• 90% of guns seized in Mexico including high-powered semi automatic rifles, originated in the U.S
• Mexican cartels are active in more than 1,000 cities
• 450,000 Mexicans now rely on the international drug trafficking as their primary source of income

Source: Ben Fulford


Explosive Revelation: DeSantis Exposes Global Elite, Unveils WEF Connection

Politics is The Art of Looking For Trouble, Finding it Everywhere, Diagnosing it Incorrectly, and Applying the Wrong Remedies”, Groucho Marx

Get ready to be amazed as the truth unfolds right before your eyes. The global stage of world affairs is about to reveal its hidden secrets, with DeSantis taking center stage. However, doubts arise regarding his Yale University connection, which was allegedly funded by Epstein. Similar skepticism surrounds other prominent figures like Musk, Rogan, Jones, Tucker, and more. Pay close attention because each one plays a crucial role in this epic saga.

While military operations continue to awaken the masses, notable figures from both sides of the political spectrum, including RINOs and Democrats, have taken the vaccines despite not aligning with Trump. But behind the scenes, military intelligence masterminds have orchestrated an astonishing plot, crafting an apparent conflict between Trump and DeSantis—a well-scripted masterpiece.

Yet, the real revelation lies in DeSantis’s courageous exposure of the WEF, the global elite on an unprecedented scale. European news outlets and social media are buzzing with this groundbreaking disclosure. DeSantis leads the charge in unveiling the insidious grip of the CCP, which controls the WEF and drives the globalist agenda.

But that’s not all. This intricate web of interconnected events sets the stage for what’s about to unfold. From Trump’s influence in Congress to his silent control over the House, everything is falling into place to expose the CCP’s foreign interference and dismantle their operations, corporations, and industries within the United States.

Believe it or not, you’ve been part of an extraordinary movie all this time—a meticulously crafted production where actors play pivotal roles. Their mission? To infiltrate, change the narrative, and leak crucial information through whistleblowers. It’s a race against time to awaken the masses before the Pentagon and the CIA lead us into civil unrest.

Prepare yourself for the mind-blowing revelations that await—an investigation into Fauci’s involvement in virus funding, the resurfacing of Epstein’s case, the rise of Musk, DeSantis, and Cotton, and the opening of long-sealed Epstein files in Congress. Brace yourself as giants like Microsoft and Facebook face exposure. It’s a whirlwind of events that will reshape our world.

In this extraordinary era, where truth and fiction intertwine seamlessly, Trump and these influential figures hold the key to dismantling the deep state. Stay vigilant, for the tide is turning, and the grand finale approaches. The truth warriors march forward with unwavering determination and an unyielding commitment to justice.

The show is far from over.

Source: David Wilcock


Russia's Plan

Russia’s Audacious Plan to End War! Global Powers in Panic! 

“I Found in My Experience in War, that Plans are Useless, but Planning is Invaluable”, Winston Churchill  

Hold onto your seats as we reveal Russia’s shocking strategy to bring the war to an abrupt halt! Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping revelation: Russia intends to capture Kiev and sever vital communication lines from Poland, effectively dismantling NATO and U.S. military intelligence in Ukraine. Putin’s next move is set to reshape the geopolitical landscape!

In an astonishing turn of events, tens of thousands of Russians are flooding into the military, with a staggering 6,000 to 10,000 enlistments reported daily in western Russia alone. The immense support for Russia’s decisive strike on Ukraine and the capture of Kiev is surging, as the Russian people rally behind their nation’s cause.

Germany, weary of the protracted conflict, has witnessed the largest anti-war protest in its history. The sentiment is spreading, with news articles and public opinion shifting against the East, driven by NATO and the U.S. The anti-war movement reverberates across Italy, Hungary, Austria, and even France, where silent resistance against NATO commands is gaining momentum.

Behind closed doors, Poland has struck a secret truce with China, engaging in a delicate dance while surreptitiously sending jets to Ukraine. Poland and Germany are even plotting to align with the BRICS nations, joining over 110 other nations clandestinely signing deals with Russia and China. The tides are turning against the warmongers.

Prepare to have your worldview shattered as the undeniable truth emerges: The Russian economy thrives despite relentless U.S. and EU sanctions, while the U.S. and EU economies crumble before our eyes. Resistance is brewing in the Middle East, Africa, and South America as these nations refuse to succumb to the manipulations of the U.S., EU, UK, NATO, and the UN. The balance of power is shifting.

Startling military intelligence reports estimate that an astonishing 4.8 billion people worldwide support China and Russia, engaging in flourishing trade with these nations. Surprisingly, even countries like France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, and the UK are engaging in record-high legal and illicit trade with Russia.

Ukraine finds itself teetering on the edge of collapse, as its ammunition runs dry and Ukrainian soldiers face a perilous existence with a mere four-hour life span in the Bakhmut battle. The truth becomes undeniable: NATO and the U.S. are losing support for their CIA proxy war against Russia. The world is waking up to their deceit.

But that’s not all! Behind the scenes, Trump is orchestrating a seismic investigation into the CIA and Pentagon, aiming to expose the truth about Nord Stream, U.S. biolabs in Ukraine, money laundering, and war crimes. The coming months will witness Congressional hearings and military courts unveiling shocking revelations. Russia plans to release surveillance videos, pulling back the veil of secrecy.

As if that weren’t enough, explosive scandals are on the horizon: the Hunter Laptop saga, the Epstein revelations, Fauci’s exposure, the Pentagon’s involvement in gain-of-function research and vaccine creation, the imminent collapse of the U.S. fiat system, the Biden family’s exposé, and much more. The deep state is in a panic, struggling to find the funds to sustain their genocidal agenda.

Where is Bill Gates’ money? What happened to Rothschilds’ and Rockefellers’ fortunes? What about the U.S. Treasury, Soros, and the Davos Group? The staggering sums needed to fund NATO, the UN, and the Ukraine war are vanishing into thin air. The deep state’s monetary system is crumbling, paving the way for their ultimate downfall.

Patriots, stay strong ! The storm is approaching its climax as the eight-year struggle reaches its final year. The triumphant smiles of Trump, Xi, Putin, Modi, Bin Salman, and Musk resonate from the depths of Cheyenne Mountains. Their plan is in motion.

NCSWIC 11.3: The truth is about to be revealed!

Source: David Wilcock

The US Military is presently at Defcon Level Two Red Alert Impending Global Nuclear Attack

“War is a Grim, Cruel Business, a Business Justified Only as a Means of Sustaining the Forces of Good Against Those of Evil”, Dwight D. Eisenhower 

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 29 May 2023US at Defcon Level Two, Red Alert for Impending Global Nuclear Attack,

In addition, this coming Thurs. 1 June and despite rhetoric put out by Biden and Congress – the US will default on it’s debts. There was nothing left in the US Inc. Treasury but fiat monies, and little of that due to US Inc. being trillions in debt and with a legal inability to print more.

For some time the Deep State has been functioning on fiat monies and artificially holding up World Stock Markets. Thereby US Inc. would be unable to make loan repayments – that was bound to send world markets into a tailspin and instigate Stock Market crashes around the Globe. After the crash, the Markets were not expected to return – ever.

All of which added up to an imminent need for activation of the Emergency Broadcast System.

The Good News: the moment the EBS came about, the Deep State Satanic Rule would be over.

The Bad News: the Internet would fail, making Banks unable to function.

Not to worry. By that same Thurs. 1 June all 209 major countries across the Globe were due to be connected to the new Quantum Financial System (QFS), with their gold/asset-backed currencies activated. Monies in your present bank account have already been mirrored onto a secure personal account in that new monetary system.

Those who hold foreign currencies and bonds destined to go up in value with this new QFS, would do exchanges and redemptions at Redemption Centers (There were over 7,000 Redemption Centers that have been set up in the US alone).

The General Public would soon also receive NESARA/GESARA monies (monies stolen by the Cabal) at those same Redemption Centers.

Source: Judy Byington


fake alien invasion

💢 Fake Alien Invasion | Project Blue Beam | False Flag Operation

“A false flag is a political or military action carried out with the intention of blaming an opponent for it. Nations (US/CIA) have often done this by staging a real or simulated attack on their own side and saying the enemy (Aliens) did it, as a pretext for going to war” or ushering in their NWO”.

💢 The Pentagon wants a violent narration of an Alien invasion.There were Whistleblowers coming forward and powerful White Hats who were going to counter the violent invasion propaganda Deep State narration

While the Pentagon Mainstream Media was claiming there was going to be an Alien invasion, White Hats were pushing real Disclosure – the Pentagon was already involved with the Alien Agenda and technology.

This game theory move traps the Pentagon CIA as the leaks and Whistleblowers come from within their own divisions (proving there was a cover up and agenda happening.

No Mainstream Media outlet reported on a Whistleblower who exposed that the Pentagon had knowledge of advanced UFO technology (and more).The New York Times and Washington Post didn’t touch the story.

This says the Deep State did not want the Whistleblower to get coverage on his story as it would connect the Pentagon/CIA/DOD to an Alien Agenda cover up and Deep State Operation in progress.

Counter moves were being made against the fake Alien Invasion Rockefeller Deep State Operation.

Source; Wilcock



Unveiling the Sinister Khazarian Mafia DS Playbook: The Path to Total Digital Banking Control | CBDC

As the World Becomes a More Digital Place, We Can Not Forget About the Human Connection”,  Adam Neumann

Prepare for the Impending Crisis of Hunger and Starvation!

The nefarious Deep State is orchestrating a diabolical event that will cunningly shift the blame to a fabricated food distribution collapse.

Their sinister plan? Manipulate the masses into desperate dependence on the government, who will swoop in as supposed saviors, offering food rations and free money$$.

But beware! There’s a catch: You must surrender your freedom by registering through their insidious digital banking system, granting them control over your financial life and integrating you into their new order. Any violation of their cryptic and convoluted terms and conditions will result in swift and severe consequences — frozen bank accounts, exorbitant fines, or even total asset confiscation.

And that’s not all! They aim to silence dissenting voices by forbidding the sharing of any information that challenges the mainstream narrative on pandemic protocols, vaccines, virus origins, and war-related details.

Beware the Machiavellian Operation Lock Step, masterminded by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Khazarian EU, and their clandestine cohorts. They are poised to plunge humanity into an abyss of control and manipulation.

But fear not, for there is hope! Courageous White Hats are working tirelessly behind the scenes, channeling the Deep State’s wicked plan into a magnificent awakening.

In this high-stakes game, it’s a battle of chess-like proportions, with darkness shrouding the world before the triumphant emergence of light.

Stay vigilant, my fellow citizens, and ensure you have enough provisions to sustain yourself for the forthcoming tumultuous period of 30 to 90 days.

The time for action is now. Let the truth prevail.


Darkness Before The Light

Source: David Wilcock



White Hat Intel: Two Disruptive Events Planned

“The Greatest Danger in Times of Disruptive Events, is Not the Disruption, it is to Act with Yesterdays Logic”, Peter Drucker 

Military issued satellite phones to the Senate in the coming Communications Blackout Event.

This comes on the heel of China Spy Balloons and China merging with Russia on tactical War defense operations.

Four Star General Keane issued a warning: “China will attack our Homeland quite massively using cyber Capabilities to attack, defeat our electrical grid, oil gas distribution even the financial sector.” Gen. Keane went on to say that China will try to defeat the US inside the U.S. and Pacific regions.

This all comes as Russia makes its BRICS alliance and tells the Alliance that he will nuclear arm them if they wish to join forces against the western regimen.

At the same time China issues warning to the CIA.

The international community needs to stay on high alert against cyber attack activities conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States around the world, and the United States must stop using cyber weapons to carry out espionage and cyber attacks, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.  Mao Ning _CHINA.

TRUMP. RFK JR. PUTIN. XI all have publicly attacked the CIA for world corruption.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says it has spent $290 million on a drug to treat radiation sickness in the event of a nuclear emergency.

In 2017 the CIA was doing Operation Gotham Shield exercises conducted by the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which tested civil defense response capabilities to a nuclear weapons attack against the New York City metropolitan area with the National Guard.

Source: Judy Byington



Get Ready for Impact: U.S. Military Forewarns of Turmoil and Generals Sound the Alarm!

“One Thorn of Experience is Worth A Whole Wilderness of Warnings”, James Russel Lowell 

Prepare yourself for a riveting revelation as esteemed military figures raise the alarm. Brace for the stunning insights from Major General Paul Eaton, former Brigadier General; Steven Anderson, and Army Major General Antonio Taguba, who express grave concerns about a potential civil war on the horizon in 2024. Their words reverberate through military circles, leaving us with a sense of unsettling anticipation.

Behind Closed Doors: Militias Rise, Ammunition Disappears! 

Tensions grip the nation as numerous militias, spanning across political affiliations, non-voters, criminal gangs, and cartels, contribute to an unprecedented surge in ammunition sales. Prepare for a chilling truth: an astonishing 76 government agencies in the United States are stockpiling weapons and military equipment, boasting over 200,000 federalized officers armed with the authority to make arrests and bear firearms. This force outnumbers even the formidable U.S. Marines. Disturbing revelations emerge about hidden funding, reaching into the tens of millions, courtesy of the Biden Administration’s collusion with the CIA and Pentagon.

Military Machinations: Revealing Loyal Generals and the Deep State! 

Unravel the enigma surrounding military generals and commanders who remain loyal or, perhaps worse, compromised by deep state elites. How did they ascend to positions of power? Brace yourself for a truth that shatters trust: the Ukrainian failure intertwined with a corrupt web of connections involving global bank corruption, the U.S. military-industrial complex, and a clandestine bioweapons saga. Grave concerns of Nuremberg Code violations, crimes against humanity, treason, and war crimes loom large.

The Web of Treason: Exposing Pentagon’s Role in the Plandemic! 

Peel back the layers of deception to uncover the shocking involvement of the Pentagon in the global pandemic. Delve into the dark underbelly where a sinister plot is intertwined with stolen elections, foreign interference, foreign occupation, and a ruthless power pursuit. The air hangs heavy with allegations of treason, violations of the Nuremberg Code, and crimes against humanity, casting a damning shadow over those orchestrating this devastating conspiracy.

Whistleblowers Unleashed: High-Ranking Military Officers Take a Stand! 

A tide turns as courageous high-ranking military officers, including captains, majors, and lieutenant colonels, step forward as whistleblowers. These fearless voices, protected by Congress and the Senate, are poised to expose deep state military generals involved in pushing the vaccine agenda, violating the Nuremberg Code, and committing crimes against humanity. The landscape shifts as reports emerge of certain generals resigning in anticipation of imminent investigations.

The Only Path Forward: A Militarized Journey! 

In this era of uncertainty, the resounding echoes of “it had to be this way” leave an indelible mark. As the United States teeters on the edge, one truth emerges: the path ahead lies with the military. Brace yourself for the trials that lie in wait. The destiny of our nation hangs in the balance, watched closely by the world with bated breath.

Source: David Wilcock

Global Scare Event

Behind the Scenes, Near Death Civilization Event Plans Under Way

“Sometimes A Little Near Death Experience Helps Them Put Things Into Perspective”, Anne Shropshire

TRUMP is preparing to make the UNITED STATES A WORLD LEADER in the honor of goodness and greatness of the American People. No matter what happens in the next months inside the NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT

PLANS are already under way for TRUMP to RETURN PUBLICLY AS COMMANDER AND CHIEF ( in real time TRUMP is the commander and Chief, and Cheyenne mountain recognizes him as the true leader and authority over the Highest military commands).

The PLANS for TRUMP to build the United States into a global economic leader within one year and half is connected to highest volumes of Natural resources and gas . Oil and global energy the United States possess’s .

CHINA. RUSSIA. south American BRICS nations all know the U.S. is going to produce over 25_30 million barrels of oil a day and take over the world ENERGY structure MARKET.

BEHIND THE SCENES, TRUMP is already in talks with South America and China as the U.S. WILL out produce Russian ENERGY.

Within a short 1 year and half after The Great COLLAPSE and near death civilization events_of 2023 2024. The GOLDEN AGE OF 2025_2026_27 BEGINS and the PLANS are already being played out. Currently and coming> (And with the dismantling of the CIA. FBI. And coming 11.3 Tribulations Storm ARRESTS)




The Power of the REAL PLAN Unfolding. Is beyond human conception as the FAKE. ALIEN INVASION (#1) will be EXPOSED on NATIONAL level

And this will lead to DECLASSIFICATION of the REAL ( #2) TECHNOLOGY connected to INFINITE ENERGY. ( Infinite ENERGY is med beds. Floating crafts. Floating Cities, imagine the new jobs and technology. Far far far far far beyond what any human thought possible.. But everything comes in STAGES…

Including bringing down the World DEEP STATE Satanic CABAL connected to EPSTEIN and world leaders. Banks. Corporations. BLACKMAIL system. Human trafficking rings. World War mongering)

Everything you are watching is staged. This includes the deep state pushing their agenda it WILL all back fire.. This is called GAME THEORY OPERATIONS. The near death civilization EVENT is GAME THEORY OPERATIONS and will LEAD TO MILITARY INTERVENTION.

Kash Patel telling you DURHAM failed is A lie.

KASH is playing a game. Learn to play the game.

Durham didn’t fall. I have told you many times his report was already in the hands of the military 2 years ago. Everything happening now is for Congressional records that will show the failure of the captured U.S. government and courts (Military COUP)

You are just in the beginning of the GREAT AWAKENING WORLD PROJECT that leads to a Golden Era. But for now we are inside the COLLAPSE of the deep state Power structures.

Don’t worry about Klaus. WEF & WHO. Their fates are sealed and they know TRUMP. CHEYENNE. MILITARY OPERATIONS IS COMING.


Source: David Wilcock

The Death Blow to the Central Banking System, Will Destroy The Khazarian Mafia Deep State

“If You Want To Know What A Man Is Really Like, Take Notice When He Loses All His Money”, Simone Weil 

All central banks around the world are bankrupted now — it is just not revealed to the public yet, and maybe it’s a good thing. This is the Alliance’s ‘Softest Landing’ approach to avoid maximum tragedies, suffering & casualties for all citizens.

There’s already chaos with people, in multiple countries, not being able to get their money out of banks. If all humans find out that banks are insolvent & do not have liquidity, then everyone will rush to the bank to pull their money out & that would cause the biggest global panic & crash in ALL major countries. It would be complete utter chaos that even the Military Alliance will not be able to handle.

The bankruptcy reveal will be done publicly in phases to ensure not creating a full meltdown of citizens all over the world, all at once. As the old financial system transitions into the new QFS, citizens will be able to transfer their ‘old’ money into the new system. However this sounds a lot easier & smoother than reality.

In reality, we can not transfer from the old slave debt money system to a new one without pain & suffering. Hard-earned money & valuable assets will be lost. This is why I’ve shared my perspective on how & where to store your assets during this greatest transition of financial systems. We are no longer at the precipice. It is no longer the ‘calm before the storm’. The storm is here now.

As more & more people figure out what is truly going on inside the matrix financial systems & government, it is not going to be fun. It will be more intense than the last 3 years of dealing with the CONvid agenda.

There is a SILVER lining in all this. There is a MASSIVE SILVER LINING that is coming after this storm — but for now, take cover.

We are heading into very turbulent waters. We are going to witness unimaginable jaw-dropping global events. It will be devastating to those that are not ready. It will be exciting for some. It will be the Greatest Show & Events to unfold for those in their Heart Space, holding their Highest LOVE Frequency & being well-prepared.  |  Source: David Wilcock

Behind the scene – experts say that Biden’s signature on the Debt Ceiling Bill by Mon. 5 June was designed to not divert a default on the US Dollar, but actually create a default – because suspension of the Debt Ceiling which debt was already at an unsustainable $36 Trillion.

When combined with the Central Banks of the World’s recent bankruptcies – (unreported by the Mainstream Media), the bill’s approval by Congress has already removed any pillar of support for the US dollar in global financial markets.

Default of the US Dollar was the basis – (and goal) for the soon-to-be implemented Deep State’s Great Reset Fiat Digital Currency Banking System. The Great Reset was designed so those Elite members of the Deep State could have control over The People’s bank accounts and thus, rule their lives and rule the World.

House & Senate to Allow $36 Trillion US Debt To Rise Even Higher – with nowhere to borrow the money, setting up Operation Sandman De-dollarization: within 24 hours $2 Trillion U.S. Treasury Bonds would be dumped, loosing 50-90% of US Dollar value. US cash would be worthless.

All Central Banks around the world were now bankrupt and insolvent — it just cannot be announced all at once. https://t.me/drue86/26063

The Mockingbird Media – would make it seem like this was a good thing. Nothing wrong’s — go back to your shopping, post selfies & leave your money in the banks.

We have seen a string of bank deaths – Credit Suisse, Deutsche, SVB, First Republic & regional banks — all dead. Even Evergrande is dead. All publicly dead entities are being propped up, pretending to still be functional. They are not. They won’t let the banks default, because once that happens, the GAME is OVER.

Massive consolidation — JPMorgan have been swooping up all the dead assets. JPMorgan connects to Epstein with Jamie Dimon on the hook.

Senate passes bill – to raise debt ceiling, preventing first-ever U.S. default: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/06/01/debt-ceiling-bill-updates.html

House & Senate passes a $4 Trillion debt ceiling — which could bring the total debt to $36 TRILLION! Where will the $4 Trillion come from? No one will lend U.S. the money — not China, Russia or Saudi. So the Federal Reserve will print it.

The De-dollarization is set – Operation Sandman — where $2 Trillion U.S. Treasury bonds will be dumped within 24 hours, with St. Petersburg leading the way. The American Dollar can potentially lose 50-90% of its value. Operation Sandman https://t.me/drue86/35852

Historically fiat currencies – have a life span of 27 years. The USDA Reserve Currency has been in effect for over 90 years, 40 of which was functioning in fiat currency.

We crashed the Russian economy – back in the 80s/90s — tables have turned. American allies like France & Japan have dumped U.S. Treasury bonds. In Long Beach, the largest port in America, shipping companies rejected U.S. Treasury bonds. It was expected that the US Financial Meltdown would happen in mid-June 2023.

When this happens, gas may cost up to $40/gallon – $100 Egg cartons. It will FREEZE our whole economy. All banks will fall publicly. All U.S. cash will be worthless. Drug dealers’ & dirty cops like LAPD’s Rampart Division’s stashed cash will be worthless. CIA stashed cash payments for train derailments, public shootings, Antifa, contract killers & all [DS] agents will be worthless.

The MUSIC STOPS – Greatest ECONOMY CRASH of all times.

Source: Judy Byington

empire of power

Secret Empire of Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s, and Morgans | AKA Khazarian Mafia

“The Control of Information is Something the Elite Always Does, Particularly in a Despotic Form of Government. Information, Knowledge is Power. If You Can Control Information You Can Control People”, Tom Clancy 

Prepare to uncover the shocking truth about the world’s most influential families and their iron grip on the global economy. The Federal Reserve Cartel, comprised of the Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s, and Morgans, holds unparalleled power that extends far beyond the realm of oil.

Picture this: The Four Horsemen of Banking, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo, join forces with the Four Horsemen of Oil, such as Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP, and Chevron Texaco. But their domination doesn’t stop there. They have extended their reach to encompass the music industry through an intricate network of private banks. These behemoths, along with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays, and other European old money giants, control the strings of the music industry, enabling them to dictate its direction and influence.

The nefarious deeds of the Rockefeller dynasty are far-reaching, starting with their military-commercialization of music in the early 1900s. They orchestrated a diabolical plan to shift the world’s standard tuning of music to 440 pitch. This insidious frequency was known to provoke greater aggression, psychosocial agitation, emotional distress, and even physical illnesses. Behind the scenes, this manipulation led to financial gains for those complicit in the monopoly, including agents, agencies, and companies connected to the North American Rockefeller crime cartel and elite organizations.

Fast forward to the late 1980s, when the Rockefeller’s summoned the top music executives and talent to a highly secretive meeting in Los Angeles. Their sinister agenda? To usher in the era of Controlled Rap Music, tightly linked to the privatization of U.S. prisons. These privately owned prisons, operated by the Rockefeller’s, Rothschilds, Bush family, and other influential figures, served as money laundering operations, tax exemption schemes, and pyramid scheme operations.

The Rockefellers devised a cunning plan to control the rap industry and target black communities by promoting violent music that fueled oppression and civil unrest. They brought together top executives and leading black artists, binding them with confidentiality agreements. Their objective was clear: coordinate the violence within the rap music movement, while major record labels gained exclusive rights for production and distribution across the United States. As a reward, they would receive shares and points within the private prison systems.

The Masonic plan unfolded with precision, resulting in over 1,500 private prison systems housing more than 1 million black teenagers by 1990. These vulnerable youths, expressing the generational trauma imposed upon them, unknowingly contributed to the Rockefellers’ malevolent scheme. The private prison systems reaped billions annually from the government, creating a vast money laundering network through inflated products, such as ramen noodles priced 8 times higher than their actual value. The flow of hundreds of billions from government funding, pyramid schemes, and insurance companies transformed the privatization of prisons into a multi-trillion-dollar venture.

Local courts and judges mercilessly sentenced petty criminals and first-time offenders, filling the ever-expanding private prisons. As a result, the United States now holds the dubious record for the highest number of incarcerated individuals in the world, with an unprecedented number of prisons. This was not an accident—it was a meticulously orchestrated plan by the Rockefeller’s.

But their influence doesn’t end there. These silent thieves also manipulate elections, ensuring their grip on power remains unbroken.

Unmasking the true face of those who control the world, the Rothschilds and Rockefeller’s find themselves in the crosshairs of military alliance operations aimed at dismantling the Rothschilds’ deep state power in Europe, the UK, Russia, and China.

Source: Benjamin Fulford

Special Report Sources; Ben Fulford, Peter Novak, Judy Byington, David Wilcock, David Icke

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