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Published Date: February 26th, 2024






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Never Forget Who You Are

There will be times in life in which circumstances, setbacks, defeats, people, stress, losses, grief will erode your confidence, eat away at your sense of self, gradually make you forget who you are… like a frog in slow boiling water, you will leak pieces of yourself under the pressure of the world. And you may even forget who you are entirely… but your Soul, inside, will still burn its embers… and part of you will always feel the call to your larger self and being. Do not mute that call…

The call to the True Self will sometimes requires risk and reaching beyond comfort zones. It may even involve a process spanning years to reclaim all of your self back. And it may even take lifetimes to embody all that is the light of your true Soul. And, despite this, becoming all you were supposed to be, is and will be the most fulfilling journey of all.

We live on a planet where much is up for compromise on a daily basis. Many feel they have to make deals on almost every level of being in order to survive. The only way to be True is to take the risk of being True and trust that the Universe will catch us before we fall. And, if you notice, if the intent is sincere, the Universe always does.

This planet of compromise is also in many ways a bad-ass planet of testing – As Souls we come here to test our mettle: do we stay awake and true or do we fall asleep and compromise and scatter pieces? Because on some level we all know how to make it through without cutting the corners of self out of our being. We just have to remember to be brave. And that we are not alone in this story. And that we came here with a path to find and a job to do.

And then we have to move beyond the veil of forgetting. Recall the nature of our True Being. And remember that we are creators and shifters of energy and worlds.

And from this place and this stance, there is no situation too dire, no job too big and no planetary situation too steep. There is nothing that cant be healed, fixed and transformed. As long as we remember the light and the fire of our embers, we can breathe new life into our form.

Embody all of who you are into your being. And then you can begin the journey anew.

Much Love,

Katie Gallanti

bev janisch header arts of thought

There is something inside us that longs to live a life that feels aligned, meaningful and deeply connected.

It’s an evolutionary impulse that propels us towards growth and becoming more fully our true selves and who we were born to become.

Where does this life force energy inside each of us arise from that enables us to live fully and love deeply?

Ancient wisdom points to the idea that we all have within us a divine spark that is connected with and animated by something bigger. A divine spark that I have come to believe is the Soul that waits patiently until we have reached a time that it makes its presence known in our lives and comes into our conscious awareness.

Our Soul is the spiritual blueprint for who we’re meant to become. Much like an acorn is meant to become an oak tree. We are meant to become our own unique expression of that something bigger that some call God and I call the Universe. No one else in the world has our exact biological or spiritual DNA. We are truly one of a kind and the purpose of our life is to uncover our true selves and live in alignment with what we uncover.

Uncovering our deeper true selves is a journey of self-exploration, discovery and discernment as we seek to illuminate the difference between our small self and our higher or true Self.

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”  – Socrates

Wisdom is like fuel for the Soul and it takes us one step closer to uncovering our true selves.

It’s a curious truth about nature that we spend the first years of our young lives being sponges and absorbing all sorts of ideas and beliefs about ourselves, society and how things in this world work. Up until a certain age children don’t have the ability to filter all this information and therefore come to believe all these messages are the truth about who they are.

Because we’re hardwired for survival, we learn to adapt to the outer world and determine who we’re supposed to be from outside of ourselves, rather than who we’re meant to be and become as determined by the deeper truths of our own Souls.

When our Soul has been saturated with the material aspects of life and the gap between our true Self and our conditioned or small self becomes too wide our Soul begins to make its presence known.

Much like a seed that waits for the right time and conditions to bust open its shell and begin to sprout a tiny plant.

In humans, what’s often required to make the presence of the Soul known is a shock of some sort that wakes us up out of our habitual, conditioned way of sleepwalking through life. Another condition that often precedes awakening is a knowing sense that something profound is missing and a feeling of what I call “Soul hunger.

Symptoms of misalignment with our Soul commonly manifest as physical or emotional health issues. In my life it was my stress hormone, cortisol that began impacting my health. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that the physiological manifestation of stress was the result of a misalignment with my Soul. I was stressed and while the manifestation was physical, the underlying cause was a disconnect from my Soul and my own north star.

It was a powerful lesson about the vital role that our Soul plays in healing and health. The ancient Greeks knew this truth and Plato put it this way, “Before all it’s necessary to look after the Soul, if you want the head and the rest of the body to function correctly.”

Looking deeper to uncover the root of my suffering was the beginning of a spiritual awakening that was very much happening in the midst of my ordinary life that by most people’s standards was the perfect life. It was a very confusing time as it is for many folks who are left wondering “what’s happening to me?”

My journey through the dark night of the soul as the mystics called it, or the burning ground as the wisdom teachings referred to it as, is the spiritual process of awakening to the deeper truths of our Souls and shedding the conditioned beliefs and ways our ego structure or personality keep us safe which ultimately begins to suffocate our Souls.

This journey for me began at 50, while I was both physically and metaphorically standing on top of one of the highest mountains in the world – Mount Kilimanjaro.

I’m hearing from young adults around the world, however, who are feeling the inner stirrings of their Souls at much younger ages. Their Souls that are saying that there’s more to life than making money, accumulating things, achieving, status, perfectionism, unhealthy self-sacrifice, being special on social media, an overactive left brain, being constantly fearful, addicted to more, and disconnected from their deeper selves.

All of this is pointing to the awakening of humanity and it’s happening one Soul at a time. An awakening that is happening in the day to day lives of ordinary folks that aren’t monks or mystics spending their days removed from society and meditating in caves.

What are we awakening to?

We’re awakening to a new worldview about spirituality that’s less based on the formal traditional structures of religion and religious dogma and more about learning how to connect with the light and Soul within as the north star for our lives.

The emergence of a universal spiritual understanding that recognizes the common threads of all traditions while realizing that each tradition will express their uniqueness in their own way.

We’re awakening to the embodied realization that we’re all connected to one overarching consciousness and at the same time we’re a unique expression of something bigger. We’re becoming increasingly aware that we don’t just live on this earth, but that we’re part of it.

We’re realizing that our emotional and physical health is not separate from our essence and that spirituality is really the foundation for our lives that impacts our biology rather than an add on.

We’re waking up to the realization that we actually have a dual nature that is forever creating a push and pull within us. The push towards growth that arises from the Soul, urging us to become who we are destined to become while simultaneously the pull of our conditioning and small self to keep us safe.

The Jungian analyst James Hollis, PhD put it this way, “Thus we are forced into a difficult choice: anxiety or depression. If we move forward, as our soul insists, we may be flooded with anxiety. If we do not move forward, we will suffer the depression, the pressing down of the soul’s purpose. In such a difficult choice one must choose anxiety, for anxiety is at least the path of personal growth; depression is a stagnation and defeat of life.”

“Spiritual awakening is ultimately about waking up, developing the capacity to witness and discern the difference between our conditioned small self or personality and our true Self or our Soul. It’s about shifting who’s in the driver’s seat in our lives, from the small self to the Soul.

Making this shift isn’t easy and it requires that we develop new capacities and ways of navigating in our lives. That’s where the courage comes in. It takes courage because although we get in the flow with our Soul and that something bigger, we are going against the grain and flow of society that aligns more deeply with mechanistic, material views about the world.

What is helpful for the awakening Soul?

There are 3 ingredients that support our awakening to our spiritual essence while ensuring we don’t fall into the spiritual bypassing trap – meditation, the Enneagram personality map, and prayer.


Meditation with its multitude of options is one practice that enables us to come into right relationship with ourselves, others and that something bigger. It includes practices that help us become more present for our lives and cultivate a healthy body, mind and soul.

Meditation is both preventative and restorative and when we use it as an intentional practice for awakening it serves to help us with discernment and growing into the best version of ourselves.

Meditation is also invaluable for the awakening journey because it helps us develop resilience and courage. The spiritual journey is often challenging as we’re shining a light on areas that may have been hidden from our awareness. It also requires that we grow and growth is often uncomfortable. Meditation helps us deal with stress and what the Buddha identified as the inevitable suffering that arises in life.

Meditation also helps us learn how to be present and walk slowly as we are in the process of becoming. In this way, we don’t rush through life and miss all the moments in an effort to get somewhere else.


The Enneagram is a Soul map of 9 different personality types that provides a bridge between modern psychology and spirituality. The Enneagram symbol has its roots in ancient wisdom and has become more widely used in the past several years.

It’s supports the awakening journey because it provides a level of self-understanding that meditation alone can’t provide. Observing our patterns through meditation is powerful, but when you add the lens of the Enneagram personality type it enables a person to develop deeper insights into their conditioned habits of thinking, feeling and behaving. The Enneagram enables people to use your meditation practices in a more intentional way.

In addition to self-awareness, the Enneagram is also a process map that provides a clear path for both integrating the parts of ourselves that got buried in childhood and a vision for our future best Self. It enables us to realize both our gifts while at the same time gaining clarity about ways we’ve been disconnected from our true selves. With the wisdom of the Enneagram we can find our way back home to ourselves.


Prayer from a spiritual perspective is about tapping into the energy of something bigger. Meditation enables us to create the conditions that cultivate a healthy body, mind and soul while prayer is about planting seeds in a creative Universe. Meditation and prayer together feed each other and becomes a rhythmical dance with the Universe.

Prayer doesn’t need to be complicated. As Meister Eckhart reminds us, If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

When we learn how to tap into the power of these practices we naturally begin to evolve and grow into our best selves. We begin to attune to arising synchronicities, are connected with our instincts and intuitive knowing, have a balance of our masculine and feminine energy, know how to use both our left and right brains and gradually evolve into who our Soul intended for us to become.

We evolve into a whole human being who uses our personality and gifts to be of service to our Soul and the awakening of humanity to abiding compassion and wisdom.


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– The Great Awakening Team –

You’re Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, and Smarter Than You Think.” AA Milne

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

– Meditation & Prayer For All Humanity –

“May I be a guard for those who need protection, a guide for those on the path, a boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood. May I be a lamp in the darkness, a resting place for the weary, a healing medicine for all who are sick, a vase of plenty, a tree of miracles. And for the boundless multitudes of living beings, may I bring sustenance and awakening, enduring like the earth and sky until all beings are freed from sorrow and all are awakened.” Bodhisattva Prayer for All Humanity 700 AD


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The Spiritual Awakening 3 Core Principals 

Welcome to the Great Awakening Report (GAR), where our mission is grounded in three transformative core principles that illuminate the path toward personal and collective evolution. In the sacred practice of “The Observer’s Spiritual Practice,” we invite you to embark on a journey of profound self-awareness, transcending the ordinary to explore the depths of your consciousness. Within the realm of “Forgiveness & Releasing Spiritual Practice,” we offer the key to unlock the chains of the past, allowing the light of forgiveness to illuminate the way forward. Finally, our commitment to “The Heart of a Spiritual Volunteer” pulses at the core of our being, inspiring acts of selfless service that resonate with the universal energy of compassion. As we navigate the realms of mindfulness, forgiveness, and service, the Great Awakening Report serves as a guiding light, inviting you to join us in a collective awakening that transcends the boundaries of the self.

Observers Spiritual Practice

An Observers’ spiritual practice involves the intentional cultivation of mindfulness and self-awareness with a focus on the spiritual dimensions of one’s existence. Rooted in various contemplative traditions, this practice goes beyond mere observation of thoughts, emotions, and actions; it includes a meta-awareness that reflects on the nature of the observer itself. This spiritual endeavor incorporates elements of detachment, reflexivity, and exploration of one’s deeper consciousness. It seeks to foster not only an understanding of the present moment but also an awareness of the spiritual essence within, encouraging individuals to connect with a higher self or universal consciousness. By integrating mindfulness with spiritual inquiry, observers’ spiritual practice aims to bring about a transformative shift in perspective, inviting a deeper connection to the sacred, and promoting a more harmonious and purposeful way of living.

Forgiveness & Releasing Spiritual Practice

Forgiveness and releasing as a spiritual practice involve the intentional cultivation of compassion, letting go of resentments, and freeing oneself from the emotional burdens of past grievances. Rooted in various spiritual traditions, this practice recognizes that holding onto anger and grudges can hinder spiritual growth and well-being. It entails a conscious decision to release negative emotions, allowing space for healing and transformative change. By acknowledging the impermanence of human experiences and understanding that forgiveness is a gift to oneself, this spiritual practice promotes inner peace, compassion for others, and a deeper connection to the universal flow of love and understanding. Ultimately, forgiveness and releasing serve as powerful tools for personal liberation and spiritual evolution, fostering a sense of lightness and openness to the present moment.

The Heart of A Spiritual Volunteer

The heart of a spiritual volunteer beats with a deep sense of compassion, service, and a profound connection to a higher purpose. Engaged in acts of selfless service, a spiritual volunteer is driven by the understanding that true fulfillment comes from contributing to the well-being of others. This volunteer carries a genuine desire to alleviate suffering, promote kindness, and embody the principles of love and unity. Rooted in spiritual values, the heart of a spiritual volunteer seeks to make a positive impact on the world, recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings. It beats with the rhythm of empathy, generosity, and a commitment to creating a more compassionate and harmonious global community.

Spiritual Documentaries


Spiritual Inspirations

Arts • Universe • Science

“The People walking in Darkness have seen a Great Light; on those Living in the Land of Deep Darkness a Light has Dawned”, Isaiah 9:2

The Journey of Awakening

The Great Awakening Map

“We are the Light, The Power, and the Coming Change. The Tide of Awakening is NOW”

“If not us, then who?  If not here, then where?  If not now, then when?”


spiritual practice journey



There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you?  – Rumi

Only by synchronicity and divine timing would anyone find themselves reading this Spiritual Practice of Awakening report, meaning it’s Your Time and Soul’s Choice to Spiritually Awaken. Then moving on from your 3D movie-like matrix of incarnate lessons and experiences. Your transition into higher dimensions, densities, and vibrational frequencies is the beginning of your journey home and your reunification with Source. There are no shortcuts to discovering and maintaining your spiritual path or journey. One must choose to continuously engage and clear the subconscious mind of negative thoughts, emotional & verbal reactions, and physical impressions of fear and past traumas through the art and practice of digging into them, getting comfortable with their roots, and gaining gratitude for what they gave you. To simplify the often-overwhelming work required, we have created a three-phase process; acquiring spiritual knowledge from established and reliable sources, obtaining inner wisdom and understanding, adopting a daily routine of practice and habits, and then discovering a new reality of 5D experiences. The Spiritual Practice Report is based on three phases, with seven steps or seven topics per phase. The Great Awakening Report will research and update articles and video content for each new Spiritual Practice of Awakening Report.


Ancient Spiritual Text

PHASE I: Spiritual Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding

Ancient Text / Spiritual Teachings / Free Will Universe / Law of One / Ascension

“Spirituality cannot be Defined but can be Described as a Journey to the Center of the Soul.”

“All things appear and disappear, but he who awakens shall be awake forever.” – Buddha

In Phase 1, we seek to explore ancient spiritual texts, spiritual teachings, and concepts of thought leaders. By engaging these historical documents, we are connecting the dots on your path of spiritual awakening. First is to understand the Free Will Universe, otherwise known as The Grand Experiment, and how it applies to your soul’s journey into the 3D holographic movie-like matrix of lessons and experiences. Next, we examine your journey of incarnations into what is described as The Game or Games within the Grand Experiment. All Games have an ending or completion of cycles, defined as The Event, End of Times, or The Ascension. The most accurate and thorough spiritual text we have come across thus far is The Law of One, which we use as a foundation for our research and a basis of reference for spiritual writings and documents. Knowing what resonates within you and your inner intuitive awareness is the key to applying any spiritual truth. Each individual’s journey is unique, giving these texts a true living quality. The lessons, how you interpret, what resonates, and what you carry keep changing as you gain more life and spiritual lessons and entanglement of the two; your perspective shifts, and a whole new layer appears. This is an ongoing process and will require continued study, personal evaluation, and enlightened thought. Most of all, enjoy this inward journey through the heart; it will be the most challenging and rewarding of your life’s endeavors.

  • Ancient Spiritual Text 

Ancient records and text provide the basic framework and architectural foundations for our human understanding of Spirituality. This is where you find the basis for all spiritual teachings and will become your foundation of learning.

  • Spiritual Teachings & Thought Leaders

We explore the writing and teachings of some of the worlds leading spiritual teachers and thought leaders. Inspired, intuitive and channeled writings all contribute to our collective knowledge of the nature of spirituality.

  • Free Will Universe 

Understanding the dynamics of our Free Will Universe is a key to unlocking all spiritual challenges and mysteries. Simplifying our knowledge of Polarity and Duality, Good vs. Evil, and Lessons / Experiences creates a compelling perspective for spiritual growth. The first distortion is free will, or finity, or the limit of the viewpoint. The created universe we experience is the Creator’s exploration of Itself through the first distortion, which Ra also calls the Law of Confusion. Ra defines free will as the recognition “that the Creator will know Itself” The Logos (The Second Distortion) The second distortion is Love, or the Logos, or the Creative Principle. It is “the focus, the choice of attack, the type of energy of an extremely, shall we say, high order which causes intelligent energy to be formed from the potential of intelligent infinity in just such and such a way.”.  A Logos can create a single star system or it can create a galaxy with billions of star systems. Each galaxy has its own system of natural laws and, I believe, its own “cosmic mind”. Ra says that some of its members have wandered to the creations of other Logoi, and that the “experience has been one which staggers the intellectual and intuitive capacities.”  In the case of galactic systems, the first physical manifestation of a Logos is a cluster of central systems.

  • The Grand Experiment | The Game

Infinite Creators desire for companionship and experience. The Laws of the Universe, Creation, and Human DNA. The Game or A Series of Incarnations within the Games inside the Grand Experiment. Descending and Ascending through dimensions and densities of vibrational frequencies. Illusion; since all is one, all manifestation, or appearance of many-ness, is an illusion. According to Ra, it is an illusion carefully engineered in order to give the Creator the opportunity to know Itself. The Veil; our Logos wanted to give the Creator the highest quality experience of Itself possible. It and other Logoi therefore carefully veiled the subconscious and deep minds from the conscious mind in third density. This precipitated a movement towards seeking and away from the condition of Edenic contentment that existed in the creations of earlier Logoi.  The result of this experiment has been a more vivid, varied, and intense experience of the Creator by the Creator.

  • The Event  

We analyze the end times destabilization of geopolitical, geophysical and human psychic evidence for competing timelines in order to map or guide us into the Event. Compression Breakthrough of cascading event; global economic, mass shortages, etc… Humanity requires the threat of total annihilation or precipice of destruction to change or spiritually evolve.

Densities last for pre-determined lengths of time. At the end of the allotted time, there is a “harvest,” in which those who have learned the lessons of the density graduate to the following density. Those who have not learned the lessons repeat the density. The requirement for graduation from third density is having chosen a path of service (to self or to others).

The 75,000-year time period for Earth’s third density is at an end. According to Ra, the year 2011 was “an appropriate probable/possible time/space nexus for harvest.” However, Ra has difficulty calculating time and is not confident making predictions. Nonetheless, the “cycles move as precisely as a clock strikes your hour. Thus, the gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens regardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour.” The “possibility/probability vortices” indicate that the transition to fourth density will take from 100 to 700 years. However, this “cannot be accurate due to the volatility of your peoples at this space/time.”

  • Ascension Cycles, Timelines & Evidence 

Ascension is the ending of cycles that brings about planetary movement through a higher density aorgivennd expansion of consciousness. We analyze the geophysical evidence and competing timelines that map or guide us into The Event that influences the Ascension Timeline. This evidence is readily available if you know what to look for and are willing to look in order to be informed.

Just as a magnet has two poles, the positive and the negative, so does consciousness. In consciousness, the poles are the paths of service to others and service to self. The goal of third density is to choose a path of service. In order to choose the positive path, at least 51 percent of our thoughts and actions must be dedicated to the service of others. For the negative path, we must be at least 95% self-serving. Between the two lies “the sinkhole of indifference.”. Most people are far along their path before they realize that they have made a choice.

  • Law of One

The One Infinite Creator; the Law of One states that there is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator, which Ra also calls “Infinite Intelligence” and “Intelligent Infinity.” It is impossible to describe the “one undifferentiated intelligent infinity, unpolarized, full and whole” but It can be activated or potentiated. Each portion of the creation contains, paradoxically, the whole.  Law of One Link

As you go through this Practice Report, take your time to study and review each month’s new articles and videos. To begin this process, one must have a foundation or historical perspective to comprehend how all the pieces of the ascension process fit together. This journey requires you to review a considerable amount of information so you are able to comprehend and discern the information. This allows you to more fully understand your personal path of Spiritual Practice and Awakening. Recap/Summary of Action Steps / Daily Journaling / Meditation / 5D Awareness & Vibrational Frequency

Spiritual Awakening; Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, and Hearts to Know


spiritual practice

PHASE II: The Practice

The Challenge / The Trials / The Testing / The Purge

Positive Mental Attitude, defined as comprising the ‘plus’ characteristics represented by words as faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, initiative, generosity, tolerance, tact, kindliness and good common sense.  – W. Clement Stone 

Daily Practice Guidelines

The Observer / Forgiveness / Releasing / Breathing Meditation / Heart Conscious

The Art of Forgiveness has been reduced to little more than a passing acknowledgment. We have little understanding of the sub-unconscious mind and its ego-resistant programming. A high vibrational frequency is key to stepping out of the matrix, manifesting a positive timeline, and achieving ascension. A daily practice of being the observer, utilizing releasing tools, and incorporating forgiveness will help you achieve and maintain this frequency. We recognize the human experience is an arduous, challenging journey and not for the faint of heart. Finding and staying on one’s path is an elusive proposition at best. Then compiling layers of karma (accumulation of poor choices) requires ongoing observation of one’s negative thoughts and repeated efforts/work to depolarize one’s negative mental atmosphere. The mastery of any practice is in the daily use and development of reliable tools that create lasting and effective results. We describe Phase II practice as a full Emotional Reset.

  • The Observer

Step 1: is becoming aware of your mental thought atmosphere by tracking your emotions, most notably your negative thoughts attached to said negative emotions. Once you’ve identified the negative emotions tied to a negative thought then you can backtrack that thought to its origin. This could include a past traumatic event, or dramatic experience tied to fear.  Most all negative experiences include another human being or a primary family member. The more you practice being the observer of your thoughts the more you can set your intention to release these negative experiences.

The 7 Observer Senses: 1. Touch, 2. Smell, 3. Sight, 4. Hearing, 5. Taste, 6. Intuition, 7. Feelings

SELF LOVE PRACTICE; The primary lesson we’re here to learn is how to “Love Ourselves”.  This begins with moving our awareness down to our heart space, then consciously resting that awareness on our chest. Be the Observer and see yourself holding that space for a few minutes at a time. This space allows acceptance of ourselves just the way we are, without judgment. See what arises out of being in your heart space, especially in regard to your inner voice. Talking or having a conversation with the universe starts with our listening first.

SELF-TALK OBSERVATION & PRACTICE; The primary purpose and lesson of our journey is to learn how to communicate authentically with ourselves. Are we Responding instead of Reacting to events and emotions in our everyday lives. Do we treat ourselves with kindness and respect? Are our observations coming from our heart space and not our ego? Do we trust in ourselves completely? These are a few questions that allows you to put into “Practice” Self-Talk Observation.

  • Ego-Conscious Monkey Mind vs. Heart-Conscious Mind

Step 2: moving out of your Ego $ Conscious Monkey Mind and into your Heart Conscious Mind. Simply practice placing your consciousness over your heart. Using active thought, move your awareness from your mind space down into your heart space. Acknowledge this feeling and become in tune with what heart consciousness feels like when you are in this space. There is no tougher task than taming the wild uncontrollable beast, the ego $ conscious monkey mind.

  • Transformational Breathing Meditation 

Step 3: once you’ve identified the source of any negative emotions, event, and relationship, and successfully moved the the thought into your heart space, begin your Transformational Breathing breath work now. This is one of the primary core tools or disciplines to set the mind/body/spirit complex up for internal spiritual work. 

Begin with the following Transformational Breathing practice.

VIOLET FLAME OF LIGHT PRACTICE; Violet flame meditation is a visualization meditation technique that harnesses the power of the violet flame. Violet flame has various other names, including the “Flame of Transmutation,” “Flame of Mercy,” “Flame of Freedom,” and “Flame of Forgiveness. The Violet flame is the powerful symbol of the spiritual fire of self-transformation. It is a sacred fire with transformative spiritual energy that can help us move through many obstacles and challenges. It is believed that violet flame can heal many issues, including physical ailments, strong negative emotions, negative thoughts, and even relationship problems.

  • Forgiveness Practice Tools 

Step 4:  forgiveness involves changing your perception of what happened. We suggest using the Sedona Method technique; Use the statements of Could I FORGIVE ________ / Would I FORGIVE ______ /  WHEN!”.  We recommend using this tool three times on each negative emotion, event, or person. We can also recommend using the tapping method for releasing. One must differentiate between forgiveness of Others and forgiveness of Self, with both being necessary.

  • Releasing Practice Tools

Step 5: we suggest using the Sedona Method technique; Use the statements of Could I RELEASE ________ / Would I RELEASE ______ /  WHEN!”.  We recommend using this tool three times on each negative emotion, event, or person. We can also recommend using the tapping method for releasing. Combine all three practice tools; Transformational Breathing, Focus on inhale, then use the Forgiveness & Releasing tools on the exhale. 

The QIGONG PRACTICE: We suggest the practice habit of Qigong, taken from the 3,000 yr Taoist Energy Teachings. This clears all energy blocks and helps focus your intentions.. A Key practice habit to elevating your vibrational frequency

Can TAPPING REALLY bring peace, mindfulness, and healing?  Or is it just woo-woo? It may sound like it, but there’s actually a lot of science to back it up. Tapping is a remarkable blend of modern psychology, Chinese medicine, and neuroscience. In this video, the world-renowned tapping expert Jennifer Partridge explains exactly how tapping works and how it affects your energy and your mind, especially since your emotions are there to tell you something, even the negative ones.

A few minutes a day of tapping is all it takes to bring more calm and serenity into your life. Sounds amazing? You’ll discover how to release your traumas, soothe your emotional wounds, and make peace with your past through tapping. In her video, you’ll get an Emotional Mastery Self-Assessment and an incredible healing exercise. Check it out to start tapping your way out of your traumas and towards freedom one day at a time.

  • Elevating Vibrational Frequency 

Step 6: after going through the tools above, sit quietly for a few minutes, allowing your energy to return. You will begin to feel a lightness, soft sense of wellbeing, 5D vibrational awareness of space, and an overall complete state of calmness returns. Notice creativity and inspiration returning. Focus returns to the NOW…

  • Positive Mental Atmosphere

Step 7: now step back into your daily routine and activities. You will naturally hold a state of kindness & respect for yourself and others. A renewed faith in your guided path and positive choices manifesting your intentions. Look for synchronicities, healings, spiritual gift activations, expansion of intuition, telepathy, telekinesis, new conscious downloads and uploads of new information.

VOLUNTEERING; There is no better Positive Mental Atmosphere Practice than giving back through volunteering. In fact, research has consistently shown that volunteering can have a multitude of benefits for mental health and overall well-being. Not only does volunteering provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment, but it also allows individuals to connect with others and develop meaningful relationships. The act of helping others can also give people a sense of control and positively impact feelings of self-worth. In addition to the personal benefits, volunteering can also have a ripple effect on society as a whole. By giving back to the community and supporting important causes, volunteers can help to create a stronger, more connected community and promote positive change. When it comes to volunteering, there are countless opportunities available. Whether it’s helping out at a local food bank, volunteering at a shelter, or even just lending a helping hand to a neighbor in need, every act of kindness and generosity can make a real difference. So if you’re looking to boost your mood, improve your mental health, and make a positive impact on your community, consider volunteering your time and skills. Not only will you be making a difference in the lives of others, but you’ll also be reaping the many personal benefits that come with giving back.

“I devote a portion of my time to helping others. It is good for my own health.” — Louise Hay


Positive Mental Attitude, defined as comprising the ‘plus’ characteristics represented by words as faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, initiative, generosity, tolerance, tact, kindliness and good common sense.

W. Clement Stone 


These 7 Steps to your daily practice are key to attaining and maintaining your ascension vibrational frequency. Our template is designed as a guideline for you to follow and will act to RESET you back to your higher frequency. Once practiced, you will come to rely on these 7 Steps to remove all negative reflexes, emotions, and reactions. The work will open pathways to new beginnings and, if needed, restoration of family and career relationships. The healing process is now complete with positive thoughts, words, or deeds returning you to your higher vibrational frequency.

Action Steps / Daily Journaling / Meditation / 5D Awareness / Vibrational Frequency

7 Steps for an Emotional Reset

During the course of your day, when you experience emotional triggers, a resurfacing traumatic memory or recall of negative experiences, use the following 7 steps to reset of your emotions. This process should not take more than 5-minutes on issue, trauma and experience; Add both the forgiveness & releasing practice to the exhale portion of your Transformational Breathing practice, then repeat until emotional release is confirmed. Returning you to your calm state of higher vibrational frequency. 

  1. Be the Observer of All Negative Thoughts
  2. Work from Your Heart Space Awareness 
  3. Begin with Transformational Breathing 
  4. Add Forgiveness Practice Tools
  5. Finish with Releasing Practice Tools
  6. Confirm Higher Vibrational Frequency 
  7. Maintain Your Positive Mental Atmosphere 


Spiritual Awakening; Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, and Hearts to Know


the spiritual experience

PHASE III: The Experience

Journey Home / 5D Awareness / Spiritual Gifts / The Event / Ascension 

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” ― Bill Keane


Our 3D experiences are the primary tools used in aiding us as we move through our incarnations in 3rd Density lessons. The souls choice and decision to ascend is based on that soul’s completion of its 100s of 1000s of lessons and experiences. The Games represent unique lifetimes tailored to each set of experiences lived in The Grand Experiment. At the end of each 26,000-year cycle of incarnations, it is the soul’s opportunity to advance into a higher range in frequencies and vibrations. Once the collective awareness of one’s soul, spirit, and higher self has exhausted, self-examined and mastered a satisfactory number of lessons, then and only then, does the soul choose to move on. Following is a series of 7 unique experience that verify and emphasize the soul’s choice to ascend.


  • Exiting 3D Movie Matrix 

Your awakening experience will expose the 3D movie-matrix lies and false constructs. Once the hologram is exposed and the true reality is discovered, there is no turning back. Known as “crossing the truth bridge of no return”.

  • Synchronicities

Random connections or crossing paths with like-minded individuals. Creating in-the-moment learning experiences that change the course or direction of your life. Being “Present” is communicating with the Universe.  There is no such thing as coincidence, everything is connected. Take note of signs / numbers. 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44

Consecutive Numbers / Crossing Paths / Conversations /  Articles & Videos / Intuitive Knowing
  • Living from Your Heart | Heart Expansion & Awareness;

Living and experiencing from the heart is a challenge or better yet a mystery. We are taught from childhood that everything inside relates to our brain, mind, or on the outside. The heart space is connected to the universe, the infinite creator, and all consciousness life. Live from your heart instead of your mind/ego. (conversations with the universe)

How to be of Service to Others. “The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.”

Conversations With the Universe; The key to engaging the Universe is the “Art of Observing” and synchronistic listening. One method is to ask three questions before falling asleep, then holding those as an intention over the next few days while looking for responses from the Universe. This is where synchronicities and “Being the Observer” come into play. Responses from the Universe could be in the form of a conversation, article, video, email and/or downloads as your heart space and awareness expands.

  • Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts; 

When you are able to attain and retain the higher Ascension Frequency, a whole new world of Spiritual Gifts begin to activate and flower with the intention of the soul.

Spiritual Gifts / Telepathy / Telekinesis / Healing / Intuitive Empath / Miracles / Downloads
  • Ascension Resonating Frequency 

Once the mind/body/Soul complex masters its basic practices and becomes the conscious observer, the soul complex begins to resonate or vibrate at the Ascension frequency.  (Source Frequency from the Center of the Universe)

Attitude of Gratitude / 52% more Positive than Negative Mental Atmosphere /  Unconditional Love
  • Mapping Your Personal Timeline

Finding Your PATH…. Purpose, Mission, Contracts, etc… Pole Shift, Solar Activity, Sun’s CMEs & EMPs, Thinning of the earth’s magnetic field, Compression Breakthrough, 2 Ascension Waves, Galactic Solar Flash, MiniNova

  • Finding Your Tribe  

The last step in the Awakening Practice is finding your way to your true home or your tribe. Any 3D tribe represents a gathering of Souls transitioning to the new earth. This requires relocation and moving to safe zones, especially during coming times of isolation and challenging times for humanity.

Experiencing Levels of Realization

Realizing who we are and what our essence is can help us live the lives we were created to enjoy and participate in. Creator consciousness constantly expands and enhances all beings. We have forgotten this to the extent that we have eliminated our innate creator consciousness from our awareness. We must live in ego-consciousness in the awareness of duality and degradation through entropy.

We can learn to read the energy of everything in any situation. We can learn to transform negative energy to its positive counterpart or resolve it into another dimension. Our situation can consist of grateful and joyous experiences in interaction with all that comes into our awareness. We can direct these feelings to our awareness, establishing a high-vibration state of being. In any situation we can intentionally interact in alignment with our heart-consciousness, knowing that we have infinite creative power.

Threats to our well-being or so-called accidents do not exist in the heart-consciousness dimension. We can be completely and intentionally creative in all aspects of life. We can learn to direct our attention entirely to the kinds of situations that we love. As we pay attention to how we want to imagine everything that we are aware of, we can intentionally modulate the energetic patterns around us into alignment with our intuitive knowing. We can be affected only by energies that we accept into our awareness and pay attention to. We are energy modulators and experience creators. This is what we do all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. We are constantly creating the qualities of our experiences by how we choose to be in every moment.

Where we are and what we are doing matters on an energetic level, but not necessarily on a physical level. It is our vibratory level that determines how smoothly our life goes. It is not important if we have a job or a business or any socially-acceptable style of life. What matters is the vibratory spectrum of our energetic signature. Our sustenance comes to us naturally at the level of our vibrations. This level is completely subject to our personal direction and choice. How we choose to feel in any moment is important for our creative direction.

When we are Self-Realized, we are infinitely powerful creators with our intentional visionary and emotional abilities. We can realize that the experiences that we love the most are the ones in alignment with our heart-consciousness. With all of our needs fulfilled, we are free to create a world of experiences that express the energy of our heart. Since these vibrations are unknown to ego-consciousness, we must open our awareness to heart-felt feelings and thoughts about everything and everyone. Heart-felt energy is life-enhancing in every way. It is true creative energy that we can be aware of within our greater consciousness.

By Kenneth Schmitt

  • Testimonials 
  1. 1st Testimonial

My awakening was abrupt, as if a light turned on. Granted, I needed a slight nudge but the peace I have in reconnecting to my soul is indescribable.  I’ve been on this journey since spring of 2022 and I can definitely say my life my life has changed in such a positive way. There have been great days and many challenging days as well, but through it all, there is an inner peace and knowing that this is the correct path in my soul’s journey. Having a strong framework of tools with the Great Awakening Report has truly been invaluable. I began with the 12-part series, The Awakening Journey, which allowed me the structure to decide where I wanted to go – based on what resonated with me. Honestly, the areas that didn’t resonate with me initially are now areas of focus. “Connecting the Dots” is an ongoing process and doing the “Work” (being the observer, heart-consciousness, forgiveness, releasing, meditation) is now a part of my daily life. I’m grateful to be on this journey and I hope to be a positive force through the Work. The “Bridge” (to truth and awareness) was crossed and there’s no turning back. – Lorie

  1. 2nd Testimonial

    I cannot pinpoint what exactly sparked my awakening, but the seed was planted when I was young.
    My creativity confirmed the existence of another ‘aspect’ of myself that was guiding me. I trusted that voice.
    I saw the world differently from the people around me. I was surprised that they had no questions about life. I always wanted to know Why?
    Living in the energy of that question kept me curious for richer experiences and set me on my quest for truth, which over my lifetime has exposed me to a wealth of modalities.
    A personal awakening journey is as fascinating as it is frustrating. It’s often 2 steps forward and ten steps back, yet my resolve will never die.
    For so long I could not understand why I always felt like an outsider however at this point in time I see every event in my life was necessary and perfectly timed.

    Awakening is more than being red-pilled to the machinations of the control grid in this world. That is the first base.
    Once you start to see what the world is and is not, you will realise that the change you desire in the world can only be created from a change within yourself.

    And then the endless work begins.
    Carol Mae Whittick

Spiritual Awakening; Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, and Hearts to Know

New Sources, Article & Video Post




The 3 C’s of Life: “Choices, Chances, and Changes”,

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.  – Zig Ziglar 

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